In the end you should be able to list the best single replacement golf club

Today’s golfing offers the best on sale single golf club for 2020

Clubs are an integral part of the game, true to fact, it is actually the most important tool you will be needing to golf it is therefore important that you make the right choice because a wrong one will smell disaster

Clubs are available as a set or individual club, this means you can opt to buying a club separately or as a set

When selecting your single clubs it will be a great resource especially to beginners that there are different kind of golf club made readily available for sale in todays market

Ranging from Driver, to Putter, to Wedge on and on, for those who it may be of benefit we will be giving you a brief definition or explanation on what a club for golfing means

What is a club ?

A golf club is a club used to hit the golf ball in the game of golf, there are several golf club in a golf set

Golf clubs are divided into five categories, they are the Wood, irons, hybrid and putters. each of this clubs have their own specific purpose.


The woods has the largest head and the longest shaft and are known as the club for the longest shots, usually hollow with a few inch extension from side to side and few inch from the back area to the front area


Irons are the club that always come with a numbered set with a range of 3_iron to 9_iron. the club head of iron is always smaller than wood, irons are usually found thin at the front to back

Every club, infact everything manufactured have always had their best price and possibly worst price


When you talk about hybrid, you talk about the newest kind of club in the production, for those familiar with the word ”Hybrid”, it denotes one thing combination or better understanding fusion of two or more things to give you an entirely new specie, a hybrid golf club simply put is the cross between wood and iron. this name are used interchangeably to refer to a hybrid club “utility or rescue club”


The name is a clear suggestion of what this club is used for, they are used by golfers for putting purpose, the last stroke played on a golf hole in the green, they are the widest variety in shapes and sizes among the other clubs. i like to call them the last used club because they are actually used last and for the purpose of driving the ball into the hole when the ball is closer to the hole, probably some few metres away, the putter is initiated, it is struck lightly on the ball so that the golf ball rolls gradually into the hole.

having been familiarized on what a club means and the different kinds of club then we can move on to the best price of senior golf club, best price in the sense that it is of more value when compared to the actual selling price

People buy things and you here them say something like ” good for the price” or something like “good for the money” such product were really fantastic and fufilled the purpose for which it was bought

Senior golf club best price in 2018 solely depends on its functionality and the golf club’s ability to help one achieve to the maximum in his golfing game


  • Taylormade M6


Replacement driver, golf driver, single replacement, best singleThe Taylormade M6 driver boost as one of the best driver for seniors due to its massively forgiving sweetspot and the ease in hitt8ng

With this distance improvement driver you will get maximum distance and accuracy on every single hit even on a mishit

This driver is available in different flexes so that it fits different age or playing level if golfers, you will be able to maximize speed brought about by its speed injected face

With this club you aren’t just buying a driver you are buying quality and efficiency, the present of the twist face technology helps for the reduction of spin for straighter shots with precise accuracy

Taylormade M6 is a game improvement hybrid, its purpose of design “game improvement” is no doubt why it is love-able by senior golfers coupled with the fact that it is moderately expensive and its price range is within the reach of the average man

A very lovely forgiving neutral iron replacement for all golfers

You will love this club for it great accuracy and low mishit as it helps correct hour swing no matter how bad a senior golfer you might be


  • Good at correcting bad swing brought about by large and massively forgiving sweetspot
  • Twist face technology for spin reduction for straighter shots
  • Quality and very durable
  • Light weight and easy to use
  • Aerodynamic carbon sole higher and easier ball flight trajectory
  • Lightweight driver with flexibility in shaft options


  • Quiet expensive for those with low budget



  • Cobra Golf 2019 F9 Men’s Speedback Hybrid


Replacement hybrid, best seniors, single replacementWith the Cobra Golf 2019 Men’s Speed Back Hybrid, you are in for a real deal of speed and un-matched accuracy

This hybrid club features turf interaction which helps for increased launch from every lie and faster ball speed

They are highly responsive and massively forgiving and this is brought about by the thinner forged face which increase flex and responsiveness for an improved distance as you hit

You will get higher ball launch with spin that is reduced and this is brought about by lower and deeper Center Of Gravity (CG)

Go check the reviews and see , this club is worth it and dies exactly what it was designed for , just like the Taylormade M6 this hybrid is available in different flexes for you to choose from


  • Very forgiving brought about by low and deep CG
  • Light weight and easy to carry
  • Low CG for higher launch trajectory
  • High degree loft
  • Nice cripsy sound on contact with ball
  • Comes with a headcover


  • Limited stock



  • Thomas Hybrid Pitching Wedge

The model AT705 pitching wedge is one of the best for the value on sale today, this is a hybrid pitching which replace the difficult to hit traditional irons

They are amazingly available in various loft so that it can suit virtually any golfer with their playing style and abilities

They are easy to hit and very responsive with ultimate forgiveness on every single hit, thus club is available in virtually all degree

When it comes to shot accuracy the Thomas Pitching wedge is well known as the number one leading and this is brought about by its alignment technology

Amazingly it does have an auto correction gear which does help for shots correction, they are also very forgiving and not just very forgiving a highly forgiving one at that of which is brought about by special weight distribution

This single senior club is the top admired in golf sport, It has a large face for versatility and forgiveness

They are great set for the price, they are rated high because you are getting exactly what you paid forWith this wedge in your possession in each swing you will be getting amazing result

Well referred to as the game changer wedge, this hybrid iron can be used on any lie where irons are used or can be used

This club is very forgiving as a result of the larger hollow head which distributes more weight to sole and perimeter

It doesn’t matter your playing abilities whether as a junior or senior this wedge this club will just do you good




  • Eye catchy
  • Large face for versatility and forgiveness
  • Low CG
  • Flexibility to help increase ball speed travel


  • Not very light


  • Odyssey O Red Ball


Replacement putter, best seniors, seniors replacementQuality golf putter which is alignment friendly, this makes them a great choice for all golfing level, even though they might be quite expensive especially if you’ve got low budget, they are undoubtedly one of the best for the value putter for senior

The red ball which does come with this putter helps for easy and quick alignment for better putting accuracy on hit

With this putter, you will be forced to line up and this is a great factor to an excellent and classical putting

This club has an optimized alignment for straighter and more accurate shots coupled with an optimized face milling for easier launch of the ball into the atmosphere and at a precise trajectory

Know as a bad swing corrector, it is a highly forgiving club and with it your game is dramatically improved

What more can you ask from such a great club like this, it is one of the best senior club and sold at the best of price


  • Improve alignment brought about by O-Red ball
  • Optimize face improves hit performance
  • To help improve focus an optimal a higher contract sightline was developed
  • Improve speed and more distance ball control
  • Comes with a nice stock grip


  • Does not come with a headcover



Tour Strike Pitching Wedge

Pitching wedge, replacement club, best replacementThe Tour strike pitching wedge is one which teaches you to deliver the sweet spot to the golf ball, with this wedge you will notice a massive improvement on your game

Apart from its responsive power the Tour Strike Pitching Wedge is very quality, this makes them a great option for anyone looking for a single handed separately sold golf club

They are easy to use , if you are a beginner to intermediate the  this club would be a great choice for you as they are very forgiving even on a mishot


Moderately weighed and well balanced for proper and accurate shot dispersion

Easy to hit and very quality

Highly responsive with maximum feedback and control

Would be great for beginners to intermediate

Highly forgiving even on a mishit

Low CG for easy and quick lifting of the ball


Someone complained of no customer support

Who Are Single Handed Club Fitted For

Looking for the best single handed clubs, We’ve got you covered, Single handed club is suited firstly for anyone who wants to buy a single handed club

Secondly and the most important, single handed club is best suited for that golfer who is trying to complete his/her set

Either because it was broken, or isn’t functional as it used to be or probably it was misplaced whether consciously or un-consciously


What Are Single Handed Golf Clubs

Single handed clubs are club that are sold separately or ”single” unlike when sold in a set which involves selling more than one at the same time

While some golfers having broken a single club decides to buy a whole set there are also golfer who having broken a single club buys a single replacement for that club

Which ever way, but buying a whole set is very expensive than buying a single club, this is why only golfers who have enough money to spend on clubs can do this

Golfers with little to no budget aren’t able to do this because of cost, whether single club replacement or full replacement, ”replacement is replacement”

Having said this in this blog post we are going to be listing the best single replacement golf clubs, ranging from putter to driver to wedges

So that when ever you feel like replacing your single club it becomes easier than ever and without much hassle

Single handed golf clubs are well known as replacement clubs, they are created separately to fill in the gap between club at present and club missed in your bag

Having said that, single golf clubs are of two types, namely Single Used Golf Clubs and New Single Golf Clubs

Single Used Golf Clubs:

Single used golf clubs are referred to as fairly used, meaning this club have been used by someone before who then decides to sell

Single used golf club is usually less expensive than used even though we will put the brand into consideration as well

One of the greatest disadvantage to a used golf club is that it is not often guaranteed of durability, even though there are some exception to that and it all depends on the level of use

A great place to outsource used golf clubs whether single or complete include E-bay, Jumia, Amazon, Alibaba and many more

Used clubs are usually identified using dents or scratches on its surface whether the head or the body of club

Used golf club single or complete set is best suited for golfers with low budget and want8ng to get a high quality single club that might compete closely to a new single club on course

Single New Golf Clubs:

From its name, this club suggest a single un used golf club, the single un used golf club popularly refereed to Single New Golf Clubs are much more durable with guarantee than a single used golf club

Because of Quality and assurance in the form of warranty, they are usually more expensive, whether single used golf club or single new golf club

Go for what you are able to afford, visit a reputable store for safety and guarantee of club instead of ordering it randomly from any shop


Can Seniors Buy Golf Club Separately?

Oh yes! you can golf club separately, most golfer who buy single golf club often do that for replacement purpose

Buyer can opt out to buy a singe golf club, two, three or more even a set, from Drivers to Putters to Wedges, you can buy them separately or individually

Golf clubs are available both separately and in set, it’s all in your choice and what you hope to be achieving with it

Because clubs can be sold separately, this gives you a robust option to choose which and which not to add to your set


Are Golf Club Right Handed?

Clubs are either right handed or left handed, depending on your playing position, there is just the right club for you

Are you a right handed or left handed golfer, never worry as there are clubs specially and specifically designed to cater for your needs

Whether you seek an individual club or a complete set you can always get them in both right and left hand orientation, however there are more right handed golfer to left handed

Statistic put it at the ration of 4 to 1 meaning for every 4 golfers, three are usually right handed while one turns out to be left hand

With this reason, there are more golf club available for righties than lefties, even at that there is no lack of supply of club for the left handed golfer


What Length Are Single Golf Clubs?

Golf clubs single length are just at the exact how they sound, while some single clubs might be longer than other they all perform the same purpose

However , for instance a longer golf iron would fit tall golfer, most especially tall golfer with short arms on the other way round short golf iron would be of a great fit to short golfer, especially short golfer with tall arms

Having said this, a single golf club will always remain single golf club, one of the very well known and common single replacement clubs are irons

For irons each iron in the set does have a variable length, as the number gets higher, irons get shorter


Does Club Length Makes A Difference?

Oh yes, it does a great deal, while there are many golf clubs available in today’s market, this clubs are targeted at a particular height

Some golfer are short while other are tall because of this reason different clubs are created to cater for the needs of each golfers

Using the wrong length of club can have an adverse detriment to your game, a too long golf club will make you stand too upright which will definitely affect your swing

On the other hand a too short golf club will make you bend too low and again your swing will be affected negatively most often than not

This is the reason why it is very important as a golfer that you get a club that fits you best, you can always visit a club fitting center and with just little money you can get your club customized to fit you best


How To Know If Your Golf Club Is The Right Length?

Many golfers, especially beginners gets confused as which club is right for their length, there are measure you can take to determine which club is right for your length

One of this measures include using a tape rule to measure your length from your head to the sole of your feet

Record your height, then look for club which pass your waist line, a well fitted club should have its shaft slightly above your waist line

However if you aren’t still sure, as portrayed earlier, visit a club fitting center where you will be measured and determined what club length is best for you


When Is The Best Time To Replace Your Golf Club?

Wanting to replace your golf club and not knowing if it is the right time? here are some signs which tells you that your is due for replacement

You will know when to have your clubs replaced by its look, feel, performance and sound, even though some clubs might show as if they do not need replacement

You can find out by simply using a metallic brush for the iron as this helps to keep grooves clean and for metal woods use brush made of plastic

Golfers replace their clubs due to some various reasons, this include


Purpose Of Upgrade:

Nowadays golf clubs flood the market place year in and out and with the advance in technology today, many golf club have an added features which helps the golfer perform better on course

As a serious golfer who wants to be ahead of game, it is very necessary that your replace your clubs when necessary

We can see it in our recent clubs, and we notice that this clubs out perform previous version due to some added technology and incentive which makes them much responsive and accurate

However most of your result is largely dependent on your playing ability but even at that you to constantly upgrade your equipment’s and utilities especially when it becomes necessary


Broken Or Dented Club

This happens to be one of the most crucial factor for replacement, this is urgent, If you’ve got a dented or broken club its time to call for replacement

Especially for golf enthusiast, that is golfers who play more often, a broken or dented club could massively affect your game negatively, it doesn’t matter how you are good at golfing, a dented or broken club sucks!!


Personal Choice And Preference

While there are various reason which does calls for the replacement of your clubs, some do it out of choice especially golfers who have enough money and wanting to get another club

In personal choice or preference, you aren’t buying because you’ve got a dented or broken clubs, you are simply buying because you have extra money to some on clubs

Can You Replace Hybrid Clubs?

There is a big answer to this as there is no club that cannot be replaced, from driver to putter to wedges, there is always a replacement option

In fact, there are many specific retail shops which are focused on catering for golfers who want to have their clubs replaced whether single or completely

A moderate lofted hybrid can replace a 5 wood or 7 wood



Clubs can get missed placed, broken or dented, this means if you have a set it becomes incomplete, to complete your set you will be needing to buy or replace the broken club

While some choose to buy a whole new set as they have enough money to spend, others would only pick them singly

Whether you choose to buy a complete set or a single set, it is well worthy of note that this clubs should be quality and highly efficient so that they are durable and long lasting

Choosing or making the right choice on clubs whether single or separate can be quite a daunting task due to so many of them on sale in the market today

In this blog post, there you have it, of you are in search of this club, the best is right before you, from driver to putter to irons
















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