In the end, you should be able to list the best staff golf bag on sale

Today’s golfing do have in great offer the best on sale golf bag which makes conveying your gears and other related items down the course easier than ever

In today’s blog post we are going to be listing the best golf staff bag on sale right now.

The bag is an integral part of your game for every golfer, be you a beginner, intermediate or professional, you will be needing a golf bag as it is the storehouse of your gears and other related items

A staff bag is also well known as tour bags, they are mostly used by professional golfers as they are very luxurious, spacious and as you will expect very expensive

Staff bag offers luxurious spacing and lots of pockets more than any other bag type do, this luxurious pockets and spacing that the Staff bag offers makes them very heavy and more suitable for the cart

Using this type of bag requires hiring a caddy, but instead of hiring a caddy is best your own one, an empty staff bag weighs as much as 1o to 12lbs

35 to 40lbs when fully loaded, Staff bag is usually made of high-end material so that they are exceptionally durable and built to last

A staff bag is usually very attractive with a wide and solid base which ensures that the bag is able to stand on its own firmly and is very stable

We have on review the five best golf staff bags if that is what you are after

Having said this before bringing the list to you it is very important you know the different types of golf bags, there are five types of golf bags these bags are Staff Bag( the point of today’s discussion), Staff bag, Stand Bag, Carry bag and Sunday/Pencil Golf Bag

We are going to be giving a thorough review of each of these bag types later on but for now, we are going to be listing the best Staff Golf Bag on sale for 2020

Best Staff Golf Bag On Sale

Titleist Golf Tour Cart Bag(Best Portable)

Staff bag, best bag, 2020 staff bagThe Titleist as you can all agree is one of the best and well known, reputable, and trus5ed brands for all your golf bag types, be it  the Staff, Cart or any other bag types

They have been long into the game and know exactly what it takes to build a unicorn and exceptional golf bag that will cater to your needs 100%

And now it is the Titleist Golf Tour Bag, the Titleist golf tour is one of the exceptionally built quality golf bags that is worth an investment however as you should expect this comes with a price that is why they are expensive

Amazing this bag does come with a 3 Point single shoulder strap for extreme comfort and exceptional feel, they are constructed from high-end material and this makes them very durable and long-lasting

If you wish you can easily customize this bag to your own preference, featuring a 10.5 ” top and a 5-way divider for classical organization of your bag for golf

How about its huge number of pockets which totals 10, right in this golf bag is an internal organization found in the apparel pocket for a more classified arrangement of your clothes

This bag is amazingly lightweight when compared with other of its kind as it weighs 10.5lbs so that they are portable and easy to transport

Titleist Golf Tour Cart Bag Video Reviews By bakbakan PH


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Lots of pockets which are well spacious enough so that you can be able to carry other items that you might be needing
  • Top cuff with integrated handles so that they are easily organized and easy to comfortable to lift
  • Very quality so that they are long-lasting and highly efficient
  • 3 point shoulder strap for proper weight distribution and easy carry
  • Well recognized and established brand


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Guiote 2019 Golf Staff Bag Crystal PU Leather Embroidery 5 way

Tour bag, Staff bag, tour bag review, The Guiote despite it not being a popular brand like the Callaway or Titleist, despite that they have been well able to lift their head above waters as they produce quality and high stand golf tour bag

Thus bag featured lots and lots of color option such that is rarely seen, this varying color is well over 20 for very robust and flexible choice selection

Features a 5way top velour top divider, this divider is of height 10.5” top cuff for easy and well-organized classification of your gears and other related items

With this bag you will be able to store watches, mobile phones, and other valuables, the apparel pocket is velour lined and versatile helps to store and pack up more clothing

The bag comes with lots of pockets which are very roomy for enough storage spacing and easy sorting of your items, there is a separate pocket each for balls

You will be able to personalize or customize your golf bag via the apparel pocket which can be zipped off and on at will

This bag is built that it is designed with a 3 step so that you can easily park and remove gears and other related items from your bag

Guiote 2019 Golf Staff Bag Crystal PU Leather Embroidery Video Review By Maria Trump


  • Very quality so that they are long-lasting
  • Well spacious and wide, it also comes with lots of pocket f0r additional storage
  • Highly comfortable lift handles for easy and stress-free lifting
  • Available in multi-color options
  • 3 step down designer so that you can both replace and remove clubs easily
  • Well hidden water bottle to cuff
  • This bag can be used as a Cart bag and simultaneously a tour bag


  • The skull design which is part of the bag is doesn’t look palatable for many

Mizuno Golf 2021 Tour Staff Bag(Best For Low Budget)

staff bag, golf bag, mizuno bag, 2020 staff bag

The Mizuno just like its Titleist counterpart is a great  rand to invest in when you are un search for a great staff bag to invest in

You see this 2021 tour staff bag from brand Mizuno is built for optimum durability and high efficiency, this bag is one of a king as they are very attractive and sturdy

Featuring a 5-way top cuff of height 9.5” for maximum protection of your gears and other related items for golfing when on transit

with this bag comes a molded side panel with an interior organizer pocket for an un-matched and classical arrangement of your equipment’s

You will be able to keep your drink or towel cold all day long through its insulated drink pouch as you enjoy golfing all day long

This bag comes with tons of pocket which allows you to pack all your belongings and still have space reserved for other items that you might wish to go with

With this bag comes an umbrella holder which does help to hold your umbrella firmly and tightly during un-favorable weather conditions

How about the metal accessory ring which does help greatly to hold items, this is a 6-way top full-length divider golf bag which makes prevents your clubs from entanglement and for easy sorting

You will love this bag as it does come with tons of pockets located at the side and front of the bag so that you can easily and quickly have access to your items

Mizuno Golf 2021 Tour Staff Bag Video Reviews By Bakbakan PH


  • Very quality for exceptional durability
  • Attractive and very sturdy
  • Lots of side pockets for easy access to items
  • 6 full-length dividers wh9ch does help prevent club crowding
  • Insulated drink pouch so to help keep your drinks cool all day long while you enjoy golfing
  • Umbrella holder for harsh or unfavorable weather conditions
  • Molded side panel with interior organizer pocket


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Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Staff Bag(Best On Review)

Mavrik bag, staff bag, best mavrik, best golf bag

The Callaway no doubt is a great brand  to invest in when in search of a great bag for golf, taking the Callaway 2020 Mavrik into consideration this bag is ultimate of quality and very efficient

This bag does feature a whooping number of pocket, 9 big and spacious pockets to be precise so that all your gears and other related items can be easily carried

This 9 pocket include a velour-lined pocket for your valuables such as jewelry, this velour-lined pocket prevent your valuables from scratch or dent

It does also include a range finder/GPS pocket so that you can easily and conveniently store your and retrieve them without entangling them with other items

This bag is made un9que due to its 6 way top wrapped dividers which are velour-lined for maximum protection and a perfect base balance for unmatched stability

It does also have a fully integrated umbrella sleeve for your umbrella, how about the optic comfort strap for easy carry and with all comfort and feel

This bag are quite lightweight, weighing about 8.8 for great portability and mobility, the color matching rain hood does ads to the overall beauty and likeability of the bag

Callaway 2020 maverick Golf Bag Review Video by Bakbakan PH


  • Velour lined pocket with zippered closure for maximum protection
  • Perfect base balance for unmatched stability and balancing across all terrain
  • Lots of pockets so that you can be able to pack up a whole lot of items
  • Made of premium material so that they are long-lasting and highly efficient
  • Lots of full-length dividers
  • Well built shoulder strap with a firm handle
  • GPS/Range f8nder pocket


    • Does not have a cooler compartment

Cleveland Golf CG Staff Bag

staff bag,on sale, best 2020, golf bag

Features 9 pockets which do include 2 velours lined valuable pocket to help protect your valuables against scratch and defect

With this bag does come two water bottles packets which are integrated so that you are able to store your water, the 9.5” 6 way top for a classical and easy sorting of your gears and related items

The ergonomic dual-handle which is also stylish are very c9mfortable and creates room for even distribution of weight

The Cleveland Golf CG Staff Bag weighs as much as 14 pounds so they are very heavy but all thanks to the cart or caddies which was created to make things easy and now all you need to is load bag inside Cart or caddies and off you go

With the strap comes with single or three ways connection for easy access and easy carry, or how about the rain cover which does prevent you from getting soaked in the rain

Cleveland Golf CG Staff Bag Video Review By Michael Cook


  • Magnetic top belly pocket
  • Very spacious and lots of storage space
  • Hidden umbrella well for the unfavorable condition
  • 2 integrated water bottle packet
  • Side apparel pocket(vented)
  • Well built and attractive
  • Quality for the best of durability


    • Heavy

Types Of Golf Bag

When a choice on which bag is right for you, it’s of utmost importance to note that there are about five types of them, Without having sound knowledge of the different types of bag for golf you will find it difficult to make choice as there are all too many of them out there

Especially for beginners finding the right golf bag can be a daunting and very difficult task, this is why we have decided to bring this list to you so that you will be able to determine which bag is best suited for you from now on

Your bag for golf is well categorized into five and one of such is the Staff bag which is being reviewed in this article, your bag for golf are Staff bag, Cart Bag, Stand Bag, Carry Bag, and Sunday Golf Bag

  • Staff Bag

The Staff bag is the most luxurious, spacious kind of bag which does come with lots of storage giving you a more than enough option to store all your belongings including extra

Staff bag also known as Tour bags is often seen among professional golfers, this bag is made from high-end materials so that they re long last9ng and highly efficient, this makes them usually very expensive

This bag type are extremely heavy due to lots of wide storage spaces and pockets, the staff bag is seen as some sort of advertisement golf bag as it does come with an out wide side surface area where brands are displayed very boldly, this is to create awareness about a new brand in the market

A staff bag is also great for a gofer who comes accompanied, consider pairing it with a caddie if you feel the Staff bag is right for you, a typical staff bag should weigh anywhere from 10 pounds up to 14

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  • Cart Bag

This bag is well designed for the cart just as its name suggests, ”Cart”, Cart bags are very spacious and wide offering numerous amount of pocket for storage purpose

This makes them very heavy for carrying and thus they are best suited for the Cart, Cart bags come second to the Staff bags in terms of weight, quality, superiority, spacing, and pocket

And if you are a golfer who loves to go with the Cart then no doubt the cart option you should look up to, this bag does come with a non-slip base which prevents them from slipping when on the cart

cart bags can be well-referred to as Trolley bags, this bag weighs about 6 to 7 pounds wh9ch makes them noticeably lighter than the Staff bag

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  • Stand Bag

This bag type is specially designed with a retractable or protractible built-in stand so that they can be able to stand firmly on their own, they weigh about 5 pounds or less for easy carry and mobility

This dual stand which does usually come with a stand bag makes them the most stable and balanced across all-terrain, Stand golf bags are also spacious containing lots of storage space but not as much as the Staff or the Cart

This bag is noticeably lighter and great for golfers who prefer to walk rather than push/pull or ride, Stand bag since they are designed to be carried doe come with well developed double dual strap for proper weight distribution across the shoulder when carried for the best of comfort and feel

  • Carry Bag

This bag is designed to be ultimately carried, this is the reason it has the most developed and highly structured dual strap for proper and even weight distribution across the shoulder for an easy and comfortable carry

The Carry bag is wide enough as it gives you space so that you can pick all your gears and golfing item, they are lightweight and great for walkers

  • Sunday/Pencil Golf Bag

This is the smallest, lightest, and less pocketed golf bag as it does only make provision for your essentials even though there are some exceptions which are able to carry 14 clubs, however, most are only able to carry but very few clubs

They are great for golfers whose aim is to focus on a particular aspect of their game one at a time, maybe driving the range or hitting out of the bunker, or probably putting

This is great for older or elderly golfer are they are very lightweight, it is well-referred to as a pencil golf bag due to its straight design instead of elaborate, this bag type weighs about 2 pounds so that they are so so easy to carry

If you prefer waking the course this can mean a great option for you as well, for Sunday Gol Bag please refer here Best Sunday Golf Bag 

  • Travel Golf Bag

Just as its name implies, this Travel Bag is designed for traveling, they are built in such a way that its outer cover is hard to help protect your gears and other equipment’s from damage brought about by gliding or sliding

Its inner is on the other hand well padded with soft and enough foam so that our equipment’s do not come in contact with too hard surface which might result to maiming or scratch of your gears and belongings

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Should I Use A Staff Bag For Golf

Whether you should use a Staff Bag will depend on personal choice and preference or the situation that permit that other than that Staff bags are usually very heavy and expensive even though they are made from the best of material and contains lots of pockets

If you are a golfer looking for a massive storage opportunity then the Cart Bag is a great option to look into, however, this massive storage option makes them heavy

If you are a golfer who has a riding cart or planning towards owning one then you should consider opting in for the Staff Bag, they re great for golfers who consider the sport more than just a hobby, this is why they are used by every PGA Tour Professionals

Do Staff Golf Bag Fits On Cart

Staff Golf Cart as said earlier is the heavies type of golf bag, very heavy and weighing as much as 12 pounds, this can be too weighty to be carried on the shoulder

A staff golf bag can be great for Carts but they are best suited for Riding carts instead of pushing Cart, this is because when placed on a traditional cart whether push or pull, they can often be too heavy and bulky

Staff Carrier Are They Necessary For Golf Cart

Staff Carrier is not that practical since they aren’t that necessary every day especially for beginners and starters, this is brought about as a result of them being too heavy and bulky for traditional carts

Riding Cart large enough to carry your Staff bag is usually often kept in the strapped in during plays, however, if you are in possession of a regular caddie accompanying you then a tour bag is worth investing on


Staff Golf Bag is one out of the different types of golf bags you can choose from, Staff bags are often the biggest, most spacious, and luxurious kind of bag

This bag contains lots of space for all your equipment’s and utilities even for the ones you would not be needed, this makes them the heaviest and most bulky kind of bag

Staff bags due to their weighing is best suited for the cart, they can be used in the traditional cart but are best suited for riding cart as they are often bulky and oversized when placed in a traditional golf cart

If you are a golfer looking for a bag that does offer extreme features and utilities then the Staff golf bag is a great option for you

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