In the end you should be able to list the best Sun Mountain Golf Bag today and the unique characteristics of each of this bag for a better and smart pre-informed buying decision

The Sun Mountain golf bag are one of the greatest golf bag you can own, they are well constructed and made of first grade quality, unlike some other brand, The Sun mountain focuses on versatility and design with classy and simplicity

Whether you seek for a spacious or quality  golf bag, solid or lightweight golf bag, highly organized and portable golf  bag, this is just the best of what you seek, The Sun Mountain Golf  Bag is just the right choice to meet your demand

If you are looking for the best golf bag, no doubt you are at the right place, the Sun Mountain bags are just the best golf bag to store and keep your equipment’s in 2020

They have long been into the production of golf bags and so they know what it takes to make a great golf bag, it’s bag due to top quality is one of the best choice for the Tour Pros

Sun Mountain is a great pioneer in the golfing industry, revolutionizing and restructuring golf bags, this no doubt has made them the top golf bag company in North American and beyond, basking so many award for the category of the best golfing bag

Here in this article we will be giving you the Latest and greatest golf bags from Sun Mountain from where you can comfortably choose from which best suits you

What Are The Best Sun Mountain Golf Bags Of 2020

Sun Mountain  Golf 2019 4.5 Ls 14 – Way Stand Bag(Best Lightweight and Sturdy)

sun mountain, bags, golf bags, 2020 sun mountain bagAvailable in varieties of colour, it has a 14 dividers full length which prevents your club from entanglement, it do3es have a cart friendly bottom and a leg lock system for the best of stability

It does have a 9 Pocket, one of which is a clothing pocket, dual velour -lined valuable pocket with a single pocket which is water resistant and multiple accessory pocket for other equipment’s which you might want to carry

This bag has a perfect behind of colour and style such that captivates the heart and beats your imagination, comes with a dual tall and elegant stand made of high quality material for long lasting durability

The dual strap is easy to adjust for custom fit and they are very comfortable as well due to its foamy and well cushioned construction, they are lightweight as well and it does come with a rain hood to cover and protect your clubs from harsh conditions


Tons of storage space

Well built nice and comfortable grab handle

Full length divider, 14 of them

Great quality so durable

Comes with a dual stand

Solid and sturdy


No dedicated space for putter however you can put them among other clubs


Sun Mountain 2019 3.5 Ls Stand Bag(Best Portable and Lightweight)

best bag, golf bag, sun mountain brand, best 2020, 2020 brandGreat golf bag with dual and sturdy long stand, this bag feature’s a 9 deg top diameter and a 4- way top divider, 7 Pocket, then carbon leg which is made of carbon fiber are made so for optimum durability

Available in more than 7 colours for you to choose from, the 3.5 Ls is constructed with non fabric which is very lightweight, the addition of a pound on its weight makes it possible for the Sun Mountain to use a thicker strap and a high pad which is well cushioned for the best of comfortability

The X-Strap system is easy to take on and off, it does have a full length apparel pocket, pocket which is water resistant, velour lined, beverages pouch and a matching rain hood

One thing quite loveable about this bag is the one year assured guarantee attached to it and the bag hands are well cushioned for best of comfort and fit


Made of quality so highly durable

Water resistant pocket

Easy to take on and off X-Strap system

One year guarantee

Dual stand which is made of carbon for durability and sturdy

Available in multiple of colours


Be the first to review

Quite expensive



Sun Mountain C-130 Cart Bag(Best Solid and Spacious)

golf bag, sun mountain brand, best brand, 2020 bagFeatures a whooping 14 full length dividers to prevent equipment’s from quirky entanglement, it is available in variety of eye catchy and glittering colour

It does have enough pocket, up to 10 in number and of the 10 an apparel and cooler pocket is included, two valuable pockets(velour lined) and one of them is water resistant

There is a strap system which attaches the bag to a riding cart and to stop the bag from getting twisted there is a two Velcro strap, this bag comes with a matching rainhood to prevent bag from getting wet

Thought they do not come with a stand but if you ever want a truly quality golf bag built for optimum durability with a classic style fitting then this one is for you

It does have a divider which is made of cloths and not plastic, you will be very happy with your purchase as this bag have great reviews to feed your curiosity before ever reaching a buying decision


Lightweight and tons of storage

14 full length clothing divider to prevent equipment’s from entanglement

Quality so very durable

Tons of colour options

Great fit on cart

Extremely well design3ed club separators

Fur lined little zipper beneath the logo C-130

Good for the money


Does not have a stand



Sun Mountain 2020 Teton Cart Bag(Best for Quality And Spacious)

Great golf bag for 2020 and beyond, the Sun Mountain Teton Golf Bag were made of high quality materials which were built having  optimum durability in mind

It does feature a 15-way top divider and to protect and organize your club also preventing them from entanglement there is a 14 individual full length dividers

The cart bumper also gives you assurance of more durability and stability, it does have a well spacious multi pocket which are 7 in number, there is also a forward facing pocket for easy access, cooler pocket which is well ventilated, range finder pocket and a velour lined valuable pockets, it odes also come with a rain hood to prevent equipment’s from harsh conditions


One year warranty

Well built and balanced

Multiple and well spacious pockets

15 way top divider

Strong and excellent zippers

Carry strap

Highly Durable

Made of high quality waterproof material


Availability only in few colours



Sun Mountain Golf 2019 Sierra Women Cart Bag(Best Spacious and Balanced)

golfing bag, golf bag, sun mountain, best 2020, best brand, bag brandVery lightweight golf bag with plenty of storage pocket, it features 7 spacious and large pockets of which a range finder pocket, cooler pocket, multiple accessories pockets and a velour lined valuable pocket is available

They are available in different colours though it does not have vast colour variation to select from,  for easy comfort and portability, there is a 3 lift handle which is built inside the bag this makes it well easier to get the ball on and off the cart

A total of 14 full length dividers are available with inclusion of a specially dedicated compartment for you putter club, it does also come with a matching hood to protect your equipment’s from harsh weather

Although this bag does not come with a stand but it is of high quality leather material which assures you of durability in tough weather and also below the Sun Mountain Logo is a handle pocket



14 full length individual divider to prevent entanglement

Quality tough material for durability sake

Dedicated compartment for putter club

Comes with a rain hood

Sturdy and balanced

Price friendly


Does not come with a stand

Available only in few colours


The Need For Golf Bag(Sun Mountain  Golf Bag)

Every golfer needs a golf bag, a golf bag is like a house for your club, it is a place where your golf clubs and other going related equipment’s are kept safe and handy

As a golfer you will be needing a golf bag for mobility sake and to help organize your equipment’s so you can easily and quickly sort them out, you would have to carry your equipment’s to the course and off the course as well and you will need a bag to do that

Looking for the best quality or solid or spacious golf bag? this is just the right and updated list of the best from brand Sun Mountain, they will do just that for which they are intended and you did thank yourself later for getting to know them from this blog



The Sun mountain makes great and amazing golf bag for golfers, the sun mountain company is a great place for your golfing bag, basking so many awards, this makes them the number one choice of those seeking a tough, quality, portable, spacious and long lasting bag

Revolutionizing and re-engineering great and amazing golf bag that fits your equipment’s properly  and makes it easier to move your equipment’s from one spot to the other stress free








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