In the end you should be able to list the best Sun Mountain Golf Travel Bag for airline travel in 2020

Looking for the top golf travel bag on sale? There are a lot of them to choose from, Today’s Sun Mountain golf company offers one of the best and top Golf Travel bag on sale, long before this time they were little to no consideration of golf travel cover

As more and more golfers complained of a broken or maimed clubs and equipment’s as they travelled, then the thought for the manufacture of golf travel bag came into existence

Golf equipment companies began taking the subject of travelling bag very seriously, Looking for the best travel golf cover for 2020? you are at the right place

And now there are vast and amazing collections on golf travel cover and we are not just looking for a golf travel cover, what we seek for is the best

We have chosen to narrow down our search to the best golf travel bag for brand ”Sun Mountain”, this is due to the fact that brand, ”Sun Mountain” makes one of the best and top golf travel bag for the golfers out there

That’s not all, for preference sake, some may prefer the Sun Mountain travel golf bag over other brand, Whether you seek for the best golf travel bag or the best Sun Mountain Golf travel bag our list is just the right choice for any of those queries

The Need For A Golf Travel Bag

The need for a golf travel bag cannot be underestimated, as it is required by every wise and smart thinking golfer, see a golf travel cover as a safe house where your clubs and other golfing equipment’s are kept secured and protected

A golf travel bag is like a ware house where you store your golfing equipment’s for maximum protection, as a golfer it is most likely that you will be travelling from one place to the other

This might require moving with your equipment’s, to safely move with your club without a fear for damage or destruction, then you will needing a golf travel bag to achieve that


What Is The Best Golf Travel Bag-Sun Mountain Travel Cover?

Sun Mountain 2018 ClubGlider Tour Series Golf Travel Cover Bag(Best Spacious And Quality)

best travel bag, travle cover, sun mountain brand, 2020 best, top golf travel bagOne of the Outstanding feat of the Sun Mountain Golf bag when compared to other golf travel bag is the feature of TSA lock, it is a lightweight, weighing about 7 to 8 pounds

Features an internal dimension which of 52 * 14 *14 inch, well spacious enough to accommodate a larger cart bag, the well structured wheel makes it well easy to glide effortlessly

Made of quality material for the best of durability, there is an internal strap which helps to hold and support your golf bag in the carrier, the leg mechanism extends and retracts in one easy motion and secures into the molded tray for easy portability and transportation


Spacious enough to hold a single or large cart bag

TSA approved lock system

Easy maneuvering due to well built in Pivoting caster wheels

Easy to load due to the two way zippers which run from up down the bag

Internal cinch which help secure your bag

Well padded inner top and bottom for club protection

Very durable


Quite bulky





Sun Mountain ClubGlider Meridian(Best spacious and Quality)

travel bag, golf travel cover, best brand, 2020 bestAn absolute pleasure golf bag cover to travel with, Available in multi choice colour, giving you variety of colour option to choose from, through the top of the bag is a dense foam for your club protection as you travel

There will be no more kneeling down to load your clubs as there is a leg mechanism which is extended and retracted in one easy motion, this bag comes with a two way zippers which run the full length of the bag for easy and quick loading

The presence of the pivoting caster wheels makes it very portable and easy to maneuver, there  is also a two exterior access pocket for more equipment’s

So So easy to maneuver as it has the strong, thick, well built in wheels for the best of portability, it is spacious enough to fit the c130 bag. they are also lightweight too


Quick easy roll and maneuver

Great Quality

Two way zippers which runs down up for easy on and off loading

Extended and retracted leg mechanism

Available in many colours

Sturdy and balanced

Spacious and lightweight

Very well padded for club protection


Quite expensive




Sun Mountain ClubGlider Journey Wheeled Travel Covers(Best Quality and Portable)

golf travel bag, golf cover, best brand, 2020 travel golf bagDimension: 52 x 15 x 12 which is well spacious to accommodate two golf bag, comes with two exterior pocket to store your equipment’s, thought it may not be available in many colour variation, it is a great and quality attractive golf bag

This is the best selling Sun Mountain design golf bag, for extreme durability and performance it is made of 1200D Polyester, roll effortlessly through the airport with the wheeled pivot caster created for easy maneuvering and portability

There is a leg mechanism which retracts and extends so you wouldn’t be bending down when you want to load or off load your clubs and equipment’s

With this bag comes with a  one year full warranty on damage that is not caused out of carelessness, they are easy to load and off load with the heavy way zippers running the full length of the golf bag


One year manufacturer warranty

Inside cinch strap for bag protection

Spacious bag with Interior access pockets

Pivot caster wheels for easy movement and portability


Extending and retracting leg mechanism

Quality and durable


Does not come with a stiff arm




Sun Mountain Kube Travel Cover(Best Quality and Sturdy)

Features a tough plastic and optimally dense foam padding for the best of club protection, Ballistic style nylon fabrics for the best of durability even in tough conditions

For easy loading it does have a heavy duty 2 zippers running the full length of then bag, the in- line well built in skate wheels creates rom for easy and quick portability and movement

Tis is an A Proto-type golf bag which means they are one of the most classy and colourful  golf bag from Brand Sun Mountain, they are well spacious and will contain even the c-130 golf bag and an additional bag as well it also have a 2 interior pockets for extra storage

When not travelling you can your bag using an in built features known as fold compact, it does also come with a one yea full bag warranty


Dense foam padding for the best of club protection

In-line skate for a smooth roll

Ballistic style  nylon for the best of durability

Spacious and wide enough

Well built and sturdy

Two ay zippered for quick and easy loading and off loading

1 year full bag warranty


Not available in many colours

Limited stock





Sun Mountain 2018 ClubGlider Journey Golf Travel Cover(Best Quality and Tough)

solid, best, travel bag, sun mountain brand, 2020 bagThis a streamlined version of the ClubGlider Meridian, features an integrated leg set which support 100% of the weight of the travel cover for better movement and portability

Travelling with your golf clubs is now easier than ever, two way zippers which runs the full length of this bag makes easy load of clubs in and off bag

Looking at this golf bag you will see that the exterior have a bit of padding and with this you can transport a tripod stand, looking for a solidly built golf bag? here is your top pick

On then bottom of the bag where the caster are mounted is a hard plastic protection, the extended legs makes this bag stands on its own without external support

This is an amazingly grate product which you will love as they are lightweight and for travel and storage the leg is built to retract into a moulded tray for storage and travel


Adjustable strap for tight golf bag security

For excellent mobility is a high quality caster wheels

Quality exterior for durability sake

Two way zippers for easy loading in and off equipment’s

Very spacious and roomy

Soft and comfortable carry handle

Soft and well cushioned inner for club protection


Not available in many colours



Every golfer need a golf travel cover to help protect your club and other equipment’s while you travel, a golf travel bag helps keep and secure your golfing equipment’s while you travel on air or on land

Today’s Sun Mountain golf company offers great and amazing golf travel bag or cover on sale, if you are looking for the best golf travel cover on sale, then in no doubt get the Sun Mountain brand as they are a well known brand and in arguably make one of the very best of golf travel cover

Prior to this ear there were little or no consideration of golf travel cover, the need arose as golfers complained of a broken or maimed club as they travel, this prompted the golf equipment company to go into the production of golf travel cover

And now there are great and vast collections of golf travel cover from which the golfer can choose from and such great brand can be found in then Sun Mountain brand



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