In the end you should be able to list the best Sunday Golf Bag on sale in 2020

Here comes another Sunday and off you are dressed and quickly you are on break fast with a cup of well prepared coffee, oops!just immediately after then you are headed to the course to begin your round


What Is A Sunday Bag In Golf?

Sunday golf bag is a bag that is designed to be very lightweight as they are meant to be easier and more convenient to carry

Sunday golf bag are usually smaller than the standard golf bag as they are constructed to occupy only but a limited number of clubs with few accessories

This bag type can also be referred to as a pencil golf bag if it does come with one rigid support, Sunday Golf Bag are designed to be straight and slim, the name Sunday golf bag came into existence when people observed the Sabbath and so working or engaging in any serious activities was kind of prohibited or like not allowed

Even Caddies which is meant to Carry your heavy bags were also not allowed, because of this golfers who insisted on playing had to carry their own heavy bags which was usually very stressful and uncomfortable

This problem gave birth to a smaller/lighter bag, which can be easily carried without stress and inconveniences, Sunday golf bag have smaller diameter top, fewer dividers for your clubs

It does not also have a side base or side support except for exceptions which is referred to as ”pencil bags”


The Benefit Of A Sunday Golf Bag

There is no need of packing all your clubs when you actually not going to use them all, Sunday Golf Bag gives you the advantage and opportunity to play on a par 3 course or a quick 9 hole or playing at an executive

Today’s golfing offer the best on sale Sunday golf bags so that it takes away stress and strain from your shoulder due to them being ultra lightweight and exceptionally easy to carry as they are designed for few clubs and accessories

It is great for beginners or leisure golfer(men and women) and that is drawn from the fact that a typical beginner usually do not need full set of clubs since they will not be using them and also beginners do have less to do with caddies and cart

Sunday golf bag also work well for aged golfers who still want to participate in golfing

In this blog post of today, we are going to be listing the best on sale Sunday Golf Bag

For hybrid golf travel bag, please refer here: Best golf hybrid travel bags on sale


What To Look Out For In A Sunday Golf Bag?

In recent years there has been a Surge in Sunday Golf Bags as a result of adults wanting to exercise and not being able to carry the heavy/ standard type of golf bag like the Cart bag or the Stand Bag or probably the Tour Bag

Since there are many Sunday golf bags on the market today, making the right choice seems to be of great challenge to many golfers out there

  • Weighing

Yes! Sunday Golf Bag as you will expect are lightweight, even at that some are even more lighter, the lighter your Sunday bag the better it is

Remember the primary aim of owning a Sunday golf bag is because of its light weighing which makes them very comfortable and convenient to carry around, this makes this factor a very important one

Sunday golf bag are perfect for golfers who want to enjoy walking freely and pleasantly without worrying about the effect of a 50 pounds golf bag  weighing

Sunday golf bag weights less than 20 pounds, I mean when they are fully loaded

  • Sizing

This bag are meant to be small and compact for un-matched portability and ease carrying around, as you can agree with me, if it is bulky it defeats its own purpose as being a designed for portability and ease

  • Dividers

Your Sunday Golf Bag should have at least 2 or 3 dividers as this helps to better organize and keep your club, it also makes them very easy to sort out

  • Strap System

You should be looking at a soft, foamy and well developed strap system for the best of comfort and feel when they are placed on your shoulders

This strap system should also be very solid and quality for un-matched durability and efficiency

  • Pocket And Storage

Sunday golf cart though general small and in compact size however some does contain more space or storage than other, you should be looking for one which have maximum storage space especially if you are used to the standard golf bag which does offer a lot of spacing and storage

  • Stand

Sunday golf bag are available with stand and without stand, while some golfers might prefer one which does come with a stand others might be well comfortable with one which offer no stand, its a matter of preference/choices and what you hope to be achieving with it

  • Durability And Quality

You want one that will last as everyone loves durability, we can well agree that durability is often linked to quality, so go for quality as this offers the best value for your money

It is a popular notion, ”everyone loves quality” quality is everything, with quality you can be rest assured that your bag is built to last and are highly efficient

No one wants inferior items, drawn from the fact that aren’t durable and not long lasting, material used should be of great quality, else it is not worth it

With this reason here are key factors you must put into consideration when trying to purchase a Sunday Golf Bag

  • Name Of Brand

There is a well known adage, that says, ” What is better than a good name, not even silver or gold”

When searching for a Sunday golf bag, there are ell trusted and known brand names, this names have proven themselves well capable and efficient

They are a house hold name, bent in the production of not just quality but highly efficient golf bag built to satisfaction

So firstly, you are going to be making research on the top brands available on the market before anything else as this helps you make a better decision on which bag to pick or which appeals to you


Having said this, it is worth knowing that your Cart for Golf are broadly categorized into five


Types Of Golf Bag

As a golfer, bags are an integral part of your game, this is especially true because it is a house for your expensive gears and items with this reason it is well important to take into serious consideration the type of bag you make a choice on

As a golfer you will be choosing from a Staff Bag, Cart Bag, Sunday Bag, Carry Bag or Sunday Golf Bag, any of your choice is a matter of preference and what you hope to be achieving with it

  • Staff Bag

The Staff Bag is the largest and the most spacious type of golf bag, this bag type is often common among tour pros as they are do come crafted with big and bold logo for advertisement

The Staff Bag is seen as an advertisement golf bag in the sense that it is used to create awareness about a particular brand in the market

This is also the most expensive golf bag as they are made from high quality leather and heavy material, Staff bags are also well known as Tour Bags

If you are in search of a quality and highly efficient Staff Bag, please refer here: Best Mavrik staff Cart Bag

  • Cart Bag

The Cart Bag just as it name depicts is a type of bag designed for the cart, if you are a golfer who like or prefers moving down the course with your cart, then in o doubt the Cart bag is a great option to invest on

Cart bags are often very large and heavy but not as the Tour or Staff bag which is usually the heavies type of bag, since Cart bags are often very heavy, they aren’t designed to be carried on shoulder , rather they are designed to be placed on Cart

Looking for a quality Cart bag, from a well reputable and trusted brand company, please refer here: Bag Boy Golf Chiler

  • Stand Bag

The Stand Bag is the third largest type of bag and are often quite heavy as well, Stand bag are different from other bag types in that it does and definitely come with a double self activating stand, this stand can be protracted or retracted and are often duo in nature

At least you can see where the name, ”Stand” originated from, the stand bag is great for any terrain as they are well balanced and stable brought about by its legs

Stand Bag bridges the gap between a Staff Bag and a Cart bag, they are great also for golfer who loves walking down the course

The Stand bag does come with lots of pocket and decent number of divider for a more classical storage and easy sorting of your gears and other related items

  • Carry Bag

This bag is designed to be carried little to no wonder that manufacturers placed deep concentration and carefulness in the designing face of its strap handle since they are meant to be carried

Carry bags does have a more developed and strategically placed carry strap which are often better and more reliable than any other bag type

Carry bag is known to come with dual strap handle for proper weight distribution across shoulder as you carry them, this offers more option for comfort and great feeling

  • Sunday Golf Bag

And now finally, it Is the Sunday golf bag, this bag type are often the smallest and most portable bag type as a result of how small and compact they are built

They are built small and portable as they aren’t made to carry all your clubs even though there are some which are able to carry 14 clubs

This bag type is great for golfers who choose to focus on a particular aspect of their game, maybe driving the range or on putting or maybe hitting out of the bunker

A Perfect example of a Sunday golf bag is all what this post is all about, the listed bags above are all Sunday golf bags and are great for portability and ease


Sunday Golf Bag VS Standard Golf Bags, What’s The Difference

Sunday golf bags are designed to be lighter in weight when compared to a standard golf bag

It is meant to be easier to carry and usually smaller than the standard golf bags, this is as a result of them being designed to picks only the essential gears or items


How Many clubs Can Fit in  Sunday Golf Bag

Sunday golf bags are actually small and they are designed for ultimate portability, the goal is to pick up your essentials as said earlier instead of picking up what you will not be in need of

Even though many golfer fits up to ten clubs in their bag, a Sunday golf bag on an average can take roughly about six to eight golf clubs,

Our picks are based off intensive research, reviews and feedback all with an effort to bringing you the best on reviewed today


Best Sunday Golf Bags Reviewed And Rated

Sun Mountain Golf Leather Sunday Bag(Best Valued)

Sunday bag, golf bag, best sundayThe Sun Mountain Golf Leather Sunday Bag isn’t just a house hold name well recognized and trusted, rather they are one of the rarest

This golf bag aren’t just great for quality and efficiency but amazingly it is a leather golf bag, made of tough and rugged skin for long lasting durability

Features a 4 way top for  critical organization and arrangement of your gears and other valuables

The four full length dividers does help prevent clubs from entanglement which might cause dent to your gears

The top to bottom of bag does features a built in lift assist handle for easy carry and comfortability

This is surprisingly a amazing lightweight golf bag, featuring large pocket well for your gears and items

Bag does come with three pocket including a velour lined valuable pocket which is very deep

The solid and well structured zippered pocket adds to over all protection of your equipment’s


Sun Mountain Golf Leather Sunday Bag Video Review By Mc Glof Custom Clubs


Very quality and exceptionally efficient as bag s made of leather material

Solid and well structured zippered pocket for added protection

Deep pocket so that your essentials can be fully accommodated

Shoulder strap which is  adjustable

Four full length dividers to prevent entanglement of gears

Solid and stable for un-matched balancing


Single shoulder strap


Vessel Sunday 2.0 Golf Bag

Sunday bags, golf sunday, best sunday, best bagThe Vessel 2.0 golf bag is one immersed in quality and efficiency, the premium material with tour grade synthetic leather makes them a very durable and long lasting

One of the top characteristics of this golf bag which does make them exceptionally unique is its weather resistant nature, this also makes them easy to clean

With this two way full length divider golf bags you are assured that your expensive gears will be well organized and neatly arranged so that it prevents them from entanglement

It does come with a magnetic pocket which does have a velour lined interior which does keep your golf valuables well protected

Quickly access you bag using the easy grip handle which is well soft and foamy for un-matched comfortability and feel

The stand are also solid and very well balanced as they are made of ultra lightweight carbon fiber which is extremely durable

This bag does boost of a well solid and structured zippered pocket which runs long from the side and short from the front for extra protection


Vessel Sunday 2.0 Golf Bag Video Review By Dp Golf Tv


Stable and well structured stand made of ultra lightweight carbon fiber

Magnetic pocket with velour lined interior

Solid and well built zippered pocket running short and long for added protection and beauty

Two way full length dividers for un-matched organization of your gears and equipment’s

Made of tour grade synthetic leather for the best of quality and durability

Easy to maintain and weather resistant


Only comes with one strap, if you need two strap, you re going to buy that seperately


Helix Golf Stand Sunday Golf Bag(Best Reviewed)

Golf bags, bags, sunday bag, sunday golf, best sunday, best bag, best sundaySave yourself by spending a few extra bucks and getting such an upgraded bag like this, the Helix Sunday golf nag is one un-matched and un-rivaled

This bag will satisfy you as they re made of extreme quality, tired of getting the wrong type of bag and looking forward to getting a Sunday golf bag which will give you peace of mind, then this is a great option for you

This bag does boost of amazing and upgraded features which does include the up graded handle which can be easily pulled or push thus making it very convenient for travelling

How about its waterproof pocket which is multi functional or its additional storage space which does come with 6 slot for your balls and spikes

Amazingly, this bag does come in various attractive color combination so that you are left with varying options to choose from

This bag is also retraceable which does help for club protection in all direction, amazingly and surprisingly it does come with a new lock wheel technology for easy travelling


Helix Golf Stand Sunday Golf Bag Video Review By Helix Helix


Great for travelling as it does come with a lock wheel which re very easy to roll

Varying attractive color combinations to choose from

Made of extreme quality for durability sake

Retraceable golf stand bag for added protection

New and up to date handle grip device for easy pull and push

Additional storage space which does include that for umbrella and marking pen

Strong and sturdy bag made of waterproof zippers


For those with very low budget, this might be quite expensive


Taylormade Quiver Stand Bag(Best For Low Budget)

Sunday bags, golf bags, best sundayThe TaylorMade Quiver is truly one of the most versatile golf bag, having a uniquely woven shape which makes them very classical and highly portable and simple to use

Features a top divider and a 3 way full length dividers for a clean and classical organization of your golfing gears and equipment’s

They are so very lightweight, weighing about 3lbs, amazingly, the 3 way divider are able to hold a full set of 14 clubs

For stability and comfortability this bag does also come with a self adjusting strap system

You aren’t not just buying a golf bag, with this Sunday bag you re in for real quality, at the side of the bag is a 6 split side pocket, accessory pockets, Ball pocket which does come with a zip off panel, embroidery

You are also guaranteed a one year on warranty on durability, this makes them exceptionally great for quality and efficiency


Taylar Made 2020 Quiver Ultra Lite Golf Stand Video Review By Zeik Jibe


Very quality for long lasting durability

Highly portable and simplistic style bag

Lots of pockets, including accessory pocket and ball pocket

Versatile bag with a super comfortable carry strap

Very lightweight and easy to carry

One year warranty

Very spacious enough with lots of pockets that it accommodates up to 14 clubs

Self activating stand bag and great for walkers


Still waiting to see the cons


TOURBON Canvas Leather Pencil Style Golf Club Carrier(Best For Portability)

Unisex bag, Sunday bags, golf bags, sunday unisexDo not get intimidated with a half bag, this seems to be one of the very best for portability golf Sunday bag

You will feel no stress as this bag does holds the record of one of the most lightest and extremely portable golf bag on sale today

This is an extremely durable golf bag seeing that they are made of tough leather and glaring leather

This is a six pocket golf bag with which is designed to contain all your essentials

Your club are being protected on transit as bag does come with a padded soft case, with this bag comes an umbrella holder which does help your clubs to stay safe on wet or rainy conditions


Tourbon Canvas Leather Pencil Style Golf Club Carner Video Review By Alfredo Arenas


Best for portability and lightweight

Made of leather so very quality and highly efficient

Lots of pockets for your essentials

For club protection they are heavily padded at the top

Shoulder strap which is adjustable

Pocket for your golf balls


Shouting color so might require lot of maintenance


Sunday Golf Bag, Are They Worth Buying?

Actually whether or not buying a Sunday Golf Bag is worth it is a matter of preference and based on circumstance, Sunday Golf Bag is great for gofers who want to focus on a particular aspect of their game, may be driving the rad, Putting, or hitting out of the bunker

They are also great for older golfer who wants to still play or participate in golfing but re too weak to vary a heavy bag, if you are a leisure golfer too, the Sunday golf bag is worth an investment



There are many occasion when all you need is a few clubs, here a Sunday golf bag comes into mind aside from that due to the push for adult to exercise more in their daily life a Sunday golf bag has grown in popularity

This is true especially for the older golfer, knowing fully well that it is very stressful to carry the big golf bags which might contain things you might not be needing

The Sunday golf bag was created to fill that gap between portability and bulkiness as it allows you to pick basically the essential gears you will be needing to play on course with usually no need for the less essentials

Sunday golf bags due to being lightweight and very sleek for the best of portability, is a great choice for the beginner golfer, older golfer or leisure golfer































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