In the end you should be able to make the best selection on Taylormade and Sun Mountain golf travel bag for 2020

Today’s Taylormade/Sun Mountain company offers great and amazing golf travel bag for the golfer to travel with, this makes your voyage with your golf clubs and other golfing equipment’s safe and protected

We have chosen to focus on the Taylormade/Sun Mountain golf travel bag since they make one of the best Travel golf bag as far as golfing is concerned, they are a reputable company well respected and trusted and knowing fully well that they are one of the early adopters of this idea, they know exactly what it takes to make a great golf bag for travelling

Prior to this era, the were little to no golf bag and because of this reason many were afraid to travel with their golf clubs/equipment’s for the fear of damage, they either left their golfing equipment’s behind or was ready for whatsoever the outcome would be and in most cases the outcome resulted in a broken or fractured golf club and equipment’s

This made the golf equipment’s concerned and they sat back and asked themselves what could they do to help safe guard the golfers clubs and other equipment’s while they travel, whether on air or on land and then after much thought, the golf travel bag was born

Now the melody sound very different now as there are vast collections of great and amazing golf travel bag from where you can comfortably choose from and be rest assured that such choices are no other than the best

Before enlisting this great bag for 2020, here is a quick recap on the need for a golf bag and why it is a must own by every wise and smart thinking golfer


The Need For A Golf Travel Bag

As a golfer you will be needing a golf travel bag, A golf travel bag is some sort of bag for travelling designed for your golf clubs and other related golfing equipment’s and utilities

This golf travel bag as the name implies, helps to protect all your golfing equipment’s right down from your clubs to tees to ball and so on, they are constructed in such a way that the outer part of the bag is very strong to withstand any tense and strain which was suppose to affect your golf equipment’s

Inside of this golf bag is a very foamy or well cushioned material where your equipment’s lie on to avoid being damaged maimed while you travel

With a golf travel bag you wouldn’t worry about the health of your golfing equipment’s as they are safe and protected right inside the travel bag, now that you are well armed with the reason to have a golf travel bag, here is the list of this best travel golf bag of 2020


What Are The Best Taylormade Travelling Golf Bag Of 2020?

Taylormade Golf Classic Travel Cover(Best  Spacious and Solid)

travel bag, golf travel cover, 2020 best, taylormdae travel bag, taylormade bagAs earlier portrayed, the Taylormade golf travel bag are undoubtedly one of the best bargain you can get, they make great and insanely Quality golf bag for travelling

Features a full wrap around zippers this makes it well easy an quickly for access to golf bag, the anti -burst strapping system which is regarded as heavy duty makes it quite loveable as well

There is a side padding and a 360 degrees top padding as well, all with an effort to present all the maximum protection and safety your clubs and other equipment’s will be needing to be in a good shape

For the purpose of stabilization as well is an interior strap inside the bag as you travel, it does also have a pocket for your  Oversized shoes and garments

The durable, smooth and over sized smooth rolling in-line skate wheels makes bring portability and quick easy maneuvering at your door step


Quality golf bag for maximum durability

Very portability and easily moveable

Well padded inner to protect all your gears and other items

Solid and well built in zipper system

Foamy and soft handle

Accessory pockets for your garments and shoes


Not available in many colours

Someone complained of a broken wheel



Taylormade Performance Travel Cover(Best Quality And Portable)

golf cover, best golf cover, 2020 best golf bag, best brand, taylormade brandunbeatable quality at this price, with a lightweight material for easy movement and portability, it stiches are well done, they work perfectly and will fit all your clubs including cart bag and with ease

Features lots of pockets with roomy compartment for more storage, the present of then Ripstop nylon construction make it a durable golf bag

Custom well made zippers pulls and premium quality zippers for better golf travel bag closure and protection, the bottom of this bag is also reinforced to make them sturdy, solid and well balance


Very room and lots of pockets

Well made and gorgeous custom zippers for safer closure

Reinforced bottom to make them sturdy and balanced

Ripston nylon construction for better quality which equals better durability

In-line skate wheels we designed for quick and fast movement

Well padded inner top and bottom for maximum club protection


Shipping restriction

You would have to buy poles for additional club protection



What are The Best Sun Mountain Golf Travel Bag Of 2020?

Sun Mountain ClubGlider Pro Travel Cover(Best Spacious and Quality)

brand Sun Mountain, travel bag, travel cover, best cover, 2020 bestWhen it comes to Golf bags for travelling, the Sun Mountain golfing company makes terrific and exceptional travelling bag like the Taylormade or even better

The Sun Mountain CludGlider Pro Travel Cover is amazingly one of the very best travel cover any golfer can bargain for as they are very solid and constructed from premium material for the best of durability

Features four internal pockets with useful features all geared toward a maximum club safety and protection, it does have an integrated legs set which prevents or stops repeated bending and lifting of bag

For easy maneuvering there is pivoting caster wheels, there is a leg which retract into molded tray shape for a secure and highly portable travel

There is a well cushioned foam padding inner bag for better club protection, the assist handle which is well cushioned and soft as well makes loading fun and quite easy


Internal cinch strap to help secure the bag

Intense foam padding for maximum protection of clubs

Well fitted and solid roller coaster wheels for swift and quick movement and maneuvering

Very spacious and roomy for additional items

Solid and very quality


Quite expensive

Absence of multi choice colour option



Sun Mountain ClubGlider Meridian(Best  Quality and Sturdy)

golf travel bag, golf cover, best brand, 2020 travel golf bagOne of the quite impressive thing about this bag, is its availability in multi colour choice option, this bag is amazing and loading your club is very easy

It is so spacious that it can accommodate a stand bag, 14 clubs, ball and shoes, features a solid two way zippers running the full length of the bag for easy loading and off loading

For easy maneuvering there is a Pivot caster  wheels which are well designed, sturdy and balanced, the dense foam on other hand makes your club very safe

It does come with a lot of pockets to help keep other equipment’s that you will be needing, they are very solid and lightweight for better portability and movement


Very room and spacious

Two way zippers for easy foe easy on and off loading

Internal cinch straps secure system

Dense foam padding for club protection

Lightweight and sturdy


Main zippers is not designed for lock

Quite expensive



Sun Mountain 2018 ClubGlider Tour Series Golf Bag(Best Quality and Balanced)

sun mountain brand, golf travel bag, best travel bagGreat golf bag with a lots of storage space and pockets, they are easy to move around and are very sturdy and balanced, this golf bag is well padded inside this helps protect your golf club from damage or dent

If you are looking for one of the most valued golf travel bag then this is the best choice you can make, they are very portable due to the roller coaster wheels that are well built and sturdy as well

It does come with extra pockets to store other equipment’s that you will be needing, check the reviews and be convinced, they are made from high end material s then fear of durability is eliminated

You will love them due to its lightweight, there is a fold for storage which allows more space for storage and a TSA approved lock, you will love them


High Quality so very durable

TSA approved lock

Pivot wheeling for portability

Insanely and full padded inner for club protection

Full length heavy and solid zippers for more protection


Quite expensive




Today’s Sun Mountain and Taylormade golf company offers great and amazing golf travel bag for the golfer, with this travel bag your golf clubs and equipment’s are safe and protected

As a golfer you will be needing a Golf travelling bag since it’s most certain you are going to be travelling form one place to another and you might be taking your clubs along with you

This is the reason behind the creation of a golf bag cover, as you go on a voyage, this travel bag will help protect and keep your clubs and equipment safe and protected

Sun Mountain and Taylormade golf travel cover are the best in the market and so we choose to focus on this two awesome brand of golf travel bag which are the best of 2020

This aforementioned  golf bag above are the best anyone can bargain for in 2020, all you do is choose the quality that you most prefer or that is best suited for you


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