In the end, you should be able to list the best golf tires for lifted carts

Today’s golfing does have in great offer the best on sale tires for lifted carts, looking for most recommended and reviewed tires for carts that are lifted? We’ve got you covered

These tires are of high quality and great for lifted carts, When it comes to the height of golf cart tires

There are the lifted cart tires and the non lifted cart tires, in this blog post of today we are going to be listing the lifted tires best for golf carts

There are many benefits to using lifted golf carts and here are the benefits before giving you the list


The Need Of A Tire For Your Lifted Golf Cart

Any lifted cart owner is likely to tell you that being a proud owner of a lifted cart is more than having the largest rigs or the biggest tires

When it comes to off-road use there is a great need for a lifted golf cart, the reason being owning a lifted cart is that off-road requires a higher ground clearance as this helps you transverse uneven terrains and ground

Having a lifted golf cart isn’t just enough, oh yes, you would have to get tires that your rig is capable of driving over rugged and uneven terrain

Here is the difference between lifted and un-lifted carts, while un-lifted carts can fit tires that are up to 33”, lifted carts can carry tires higher and larger than un-lifted carts

When you have a bigger tire helps in giving your vehicle all the smoother ride it deserves

Having said this, we bring to you this long-awaited list, for all-terrain golf cart tires, please refer here: best for all-terrain golf cart tires

Can I Put Bigger Tires On My Golf Cart

Lifted golf carts can fit any 8” tire, whether low profile or all-terrain, in addition to all that has been said any high profile tire with a measurement of 10′-, 21” and 14” will do just fine on lifted carts

Lifted carts can be able to take about the range, 20” to 23”and in some rare cases 24” all-terrain or high profile tires

Our picks are backed by intensive research, reviews, and feedback all with an effort to bring you the best on sale today

Here Is What You Should Know Before Lifting Your Golf Cart

There are many factors you must put into consideration before ever coming to the conclusion of lifting your golf cart and here are the most important consideration

In today’s golfing, lifting your carts is now popular than ever and it is now even easier due to all the advancement in technology

There are a wide range of options when considering a golf cart lift kit and deciding which is best for you

Giving your golf cart the lift it deserves gives it a more classical and improved look

As said earlier when lifted, it does give you the clearance needed to navigate through tough and un-pleasant terrains and situations

When a cart is lifted it does affect the speed, torque, and ratio of gear, but you must be well aware that lifting your cart can be quite expensive and time-consuming

When lifting your cart the quality of material used is gonna play a huge role in how your cart performs

When buying a lift kit, you shouldn’t cut corners, it is well advised to go for the best of quality or do not at all

Without further waste of time, here are some key consideration before ever lifting your cart

If the benefit of a lift outweighs the cons: What is the sole purpose of lifting, you should be asking yourself this question? and if it seems tangible and outweighs its consequences then its best to do a lifting

If you desire more speed: There is a good sense of connection between speed and lift, when your cart is lifted speed is increased

Safety: When your cart is lifted it does adds to overall safety this is because you will get an increased center of gravity this, in turn, will help for clearance and quick navigation in difficult terrains

If you’ve got a lifted golf cart, here is the best-recommended tires to suit perfectly your cart and quickly make you navigate rugged and even smooth terrains without stress or time waste


Are Lifted Golf Cart Dangerous And Why

Lifted golf cart, from the word” Lifted” denotes height, it is usually higher than the traditional cart

One of the disadvantage of a lifted golf cart is that when moving fast and you turn over it can risk being ripped

This means when approaching a corner that you will have to turn, you need to slow down on your speed so you do not have an issue

Another consideration is the wear and tear problem which does come along with a golf cart which is lifted, this is brought as a result of the cart having to work harder as it does not use the standard tires


Best Tires For Lifted Carts Reviewed

14” Vampire Machined Black Aluminum Wheel And 23*10-14” Dot All Terrain Golf Cart Tires Combo(Best For The Money)

Lifted carts, best tire, Carts, for lifted, for cartOne of the best value tires for lifted cart is the no other than the Vampire DOT All Terrain Cart Tires

If you’ve got a cart that is lifted and looking for a tire that will suit it perfectly, then these tires will do just that

Check the reviews and be convinced, with these tires you are in for real durability as they are made of quality and efficiency

Its thread mill pattern stands out as one of the best designed and effective due to the amount of traction you can get

This makes them also stable and well balanced on your cart, with this tires you will be able to wobble all-terrain whether rugged or smooth

Wheels are very sturdy and tires thread is thick enough to withstand all pressure

14” Vampire Machined Black Aluminum Wheel And 23*10-14” Dot All Terrain Golf Cart Tires Combo By Your Deal World


  • Very quality and long-lasting
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Fits cart greatly
  • Awesome look and attractive, giving your carts a new and improved look


  • You will need a lug nut adapter socket


14” MODZ Assault Black Ball Mill Golf Cart Wheel And All Terrain Tires(Best On Reviews)

Golf cart, lifted vart, cart tires, cart liftedThere is something about this so exotic and that is drawn from the fact that they are the best for the value golf cart tires for lifted carts

With these tires, your cart is ready to plow any terrain with an increase in speed and center of gravity for a more and fun experience while driving

When it comes to a well known and established brand of tires then this MODZ is one un-rivaled

Take note you aren’t just buying a tire, you’re buying from a well known and reputable company

The thick treadmilling pattern is strategically designed in a way that it does offer additional traction and balancing of a cart

This tire requires a 6”lifted golf cart to fit so if you’ve got a cart that is 6FT lifted then this is a great one

Wheels are awesome and rims and tires are awesome for the street, it does come with ET-25 Offset, 4 center cap, and 16 black lung nuts for stability and for proper alignment

14” MODZ Assault Black Ball Mill Golf Cart Wheel And All Terrain Tires By Amazon Product Review



  • ET-25 Offset
  • Very quality so that they are long-lasting
  • Easy install
  • Thick and rugged tread with a strategically woven pattern for unmatched traction and balancing


  • Still Waiting to see the cons


14” MODZ Fury Chrome Golf Cart Wheel And All Terrain(Best For The Value)

Lifted cart, golf tires, best lifted,best cartHere are the two reasons why this cart tire is great for golfers who like classy and quality, firstly this is a popular tire made from a well trusted and guaranteed brand

Secondly in the MODZ series, this is one of the most cherished and wished for golf cart tires brought about by the smart engineering design on the thick and tough tread for un-matched traction with exceptional response

You must have a lift kit of 6”to use this tire as this combo will fit no lifted carts

This item offers exceptional durability and is very easy to use and you will love them, make your friends wheel envy with these tires which do come with attractive and shinny rims

You aren’t just buying quality you are buying a tire that will fit perfectly and improve the look of your cart

14” MODZ Chrome Golf Cart Wheel And All-Terrain By Golf Cart King



  • Very quality with high efficiency
  • Beautiful and well attractive rims which will make your friends get wheel envy
  • Easy on and off
  • Thick and well-woven tread strategically designed for unmatched traction and friction
  • Full 16 chrome nuts and 4 center caps
  • Easy to steer and roll


  • Does not fit non lifted carts


Performance Plus Cart 12” Night Stalker Black Golf Cart Wheel With 23” All Terrain Tires

2020 tires, lifted cart, cart tires, best liftedThis is a complete set of mounted 4 tires built for aggressive terrain, it is a great fit ” fit lift kit well sturdy and balanced

If you seek maximum traction tires built for speed and easy quick maneuvering over uneven terrain then this might just be a smart option

The alum9nium wheels are of high quality so that they are built for maximum durability and response un-heard off

Tires and wheels comes mounted for free so that you do not have to spend extra fees on mounting this ensures you save your money for something more important

They are quality, very easy to roll so that steering becomes easier and quick, exactly as described if not better so said a one time buyer

If you’ve got a gas golf cart this one will do you just well as well they are built for a perfect fit and improved look


  • Fast and prompt delivery
  • Durable and highly efficient
  • Un-matched grip-ability and traction
  • Easy roll easy steer tires
  • Improved look and a more pleasant height for more speed and better terrain navigation
  • Save money on mounting tires and wheel coms already mounted for you


  • May not be a great fit for any lift kit less than 6”


10”BullDog Black Wheels And 22*11-10 All Terrain Golf Cart Tires

2020 carts,lifed carts, best tires, tires for cart, liftedJust as strong and solid as a Bulldog, these tires are one of the most wished-for tires well suited for lifted carts

With this cart comes with a warranty on durability so that the fear of non-durability is eliminated

Having this tire handy, you will notice an improvement in speed and shock absorber due to proper air pressure and quality

They are also great for off-road use brought about by aggressive and tick thread with strategically placed and planed pattern so that the best of traction and contact is guaranteed

Experience a whole new level of fun and easy as this tire is well able to surmount and stay above every terrain so that you get a smooth and awesome ride

They also come mounted and aired up to the proper pressure so that you wouldn’t have to spend extra money doing that

10”BullDog Black Wheels And 22*11-10 All Terrain Golf Cart Tires Video Reviews By Amazon Product Reviews



  • Very quality and highly efficient
  • Great fit for virtually all lifted cart
  • Easy to install and uninstall
  • Very rugged and strong brought about by strong and thick thread plus woven pattern
  • Offers un-matched traction and grip on any surface
  • Lightweight and an easy steer tire


  • Fits all golf cart even though a lift kit is required


How Can I Make My Lifted Golf Cart Go Smother?

There are few things that can cause a golf cart to go bumpy or rough

  • Worn Out Shock And Struts

Best golf tires for lifted carts

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You should replace your shock and struts when the need arises as this can prevent your golf cart from going smooth

Although this is not a common occurrence even at that you should check if they are wor out so that they can be replaced

You can easily know if your Shock and Straut needs replacement by simply visiting the local golf cart center store to help them check for you

To rest if your Shock and Straut is still good simply get on the bumper of the cart pushing down a few times, if there is a notice of squeaking then it should be replaced immediately and if not, it is still viable

You should also see how the Cart bounces back up to its original height, your Cart should be able to bounce back up immediately

Fluid And Tires

You will want to check fluid or filter if you have a Gas Golf Cart, this is very common as you should check regularly for that

A dirty or old filter can cause your cart to malfunction and this causes the Cart to offer an inconsistent ride this makes things feel bumper

  • Clutch Replacement

Yamaha Golf cart clutch reviews

An old Clutch could result in your cart not responding as suppose, in many cases causes the Cart to vibrate

Feeling the Cart is moving at all times then it is  most likely that your Clutch need emergency replacement

It’s great to visit a local golf cart shop to have them replace your old clutch as it becomes easier to figue=re out other things that might be causing your cart not to run smoothly

A bad or poor clutch will cause a change in speed, sometimes you feel as though your Cart is about flying and at times you feel as though your Cart is running very slowly

Buy Now On Amazon

  • Damaged Or Worn Out Tires

Worn out tires does not encourage friction and this will definitely cause your cart not to run smoothly

You can easily see if your tires are worn out by simply taking a look at them, Golf Cart tires are either base model or Premium

That is cheap and less quality or extensive but very quality, and as you will expect the more quality your tires can be the more durable and highly efficient it’s gonna last you

Great tires will cost you more but you will get the best value for your money, as you are guaranteed a smooth ride


How Much Does It Cost To Put A Lift On A Golf Cart?

Depending on the quality of the lift and its durability, you can spend as much as $250 and that is if you install it yourself without paying for installment

However, if you look for someone to help you lift it you are sure to spend an extra $75 per hour

Lifting a golf cart is a task that will last for hours, you should note that the cast of tires far outweighs that of the lift kit itself


Is Installing A Lift Kit Something I Can Do On My Own?

It isn’t a difficult task to have a lift kit installed for your cart, however, it will require some level of expertise to be done effectively and right on time

You should also be armed with the right tools to help you achieve that, this is very important because it almost becomes impossible when using the wrong tools

Aside from tools, another important aspect is the high-quality flood jack as this ensures that your lift kit goes on properly


Types Of Lift Kits

There are varying types of lift kit for your Cart, these include the spindle lift kit, Drop axle lift kit, long travel lift kit

  • Spindle Lift Kit

The spindle lift kit is quick to install and the easiest lift kit has been the most popular and known type

They are also budget-friendly when compared to the other two, the spindle lift cart function simply by replacement of the factory spindles and this lift your Cart

This type of lift kit falls under the $250 to$300 price range

  • Drop Axle Lift Kit

The Drop Axle Lift Kit does replace the entire axle on your cart, this makes them more expensive and requires installation by a professional as they are more difficult and technical

Aside from that, the drop axle lift kit is more quality so automatically does have a better durability life span than that of the Spindle Lift Kit

  • Long Travel Lift Kit

The Long Travel Lift Kit is the newest in golf lift cart production, they are more advanced so they are well costly above the other two mentioned above however they provide the most versatility  of them all

There is an independent front suspension that does come with the long travel lift kit, furthermore, there is even more stability with this kit even at a higher speed

its only drawback is that it is way expensive than both the spindle or axle kit

Buy Now On Amazon


Is Lift Kit Bad?

Lift kit does come with its own advantage and disadvantage just like every other thing, if you have ever ridden on a truck that is very high off the ground

If you will love to go off the roads, lift it would give your tire more clearance while factory suspension geometry and alignment is still retained

Lift kit on its own isn’t bad, just that it is time-consuming and that being its own greatest advantage

An even bigger downside to a lift kit is that its frame is visible than before and that gap can be seen in the fender wells

Frame visibility is the common problem with a lift kit, to take care of this gap guard is needed



While there are tires best suited for lifted carts, there are also tires best suited for non-lifted carts

Making a choice on any is going to depend on your budget and what you will be achieving with them

However, this all too many tires for lifted cart has been of great confusion to many and through this article, you’ve got the best and they are what has been listed above

With these tires, you’ve got a perfect all-terrain tire able to maneuver and surmount any terrain

























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