In the end you should be able to list the best Toe Balanced golf putters

There are generally two types of balanced putters known in golfing, we have the face balanced putter and toe balanced putters

One of the big decision you are most likely to encounter in an attempt to make a choice on putters club is whether you will go for a toe balanced or face balanced putter

However your choice is bent more on your putting stroke, whether it is a straight back and through or a slight to a bigger arc

This is a great determiner on which putter will be best suited for your game, generally players with a straight through stroke would use a face balanced golf putter and slight to bigger arc is best suited for toe hang putters

Having said this, here in this blog post today we are going to be focusing on the best toe balanced or to hang golf putters utterly designed for men with a arc playing style

Looking for the best toe hang putters on sale today? We’ve go you covered, our top picks are based off intensive research, feed back and reviews all with an effort to bringing you the best

Toe Balanced Putter Explained

The term Toe balanced putters means one whose toe when the putters is balanced along its shaft so that it rest parallel to the ground, so that it points toward the ground or angle downward

It is also very well referred to as tow down putter or toe weight putter, so incase you see this terms being used exchangeable, it does mean the same thing

How To Identify A Toe Balanced Putter

In other to decipher if a putter is toe balanced, here is the simple test to do, on your index finger, balance the shaft of he putter in such a way that the putter lies in a parallel position to the ground

Take a look at the club face at that moment, if you find out that the face of the club is pointing or at an angle facing the ground or probably and the toe hanging in a down ward position, then you’ve got a toe balanced putter

Without wasting much of your time we bring to you the list of this best toe balanced putter highly targeted at the male golfers

Best Toe Balanced Putters For Men

Cleveland Golf 2019 Huntington Beach Soft Putter(Best For Forgiveness And Feel)

toe weight, toe balanced, golf putter, best toe balanced, for menComes with a speed optimized face technology this makes them great at producing consistent distance on every putt amazingly even on a mishit

It does provide soft feel brought about by the deep groove which does also produces a true roll which starts on the line

How about the presence of an optimized CG weighed strategically for stability and straighter putting, this is a quality toe balanced golf putter and bet suited for arch stroke

It dos offers great feel and exceptional feed back and forgiveness, due to perfect weight to balance distribution, you will be pleased with this as they are high quality this makes them a great option for someone wanting a durable club

The grip are very soft and foamy and the face of putter easily and quickly offers a true roll off surface, someone described it as easily as the most accurate putter ever used


Well balanced and weighed for the best of responsiveness

Soft and comfortable slightly oversized grip for the best of feel

Speed optimized face for the best of ball control and distance

Suits any golfer playing style and stroke due to 6 tour proven shape

Deep groove offers true roll and a soft feel

Highly forgiving and exceptionally responsive

Made of quality and available for both hand orientation


Someone complained of grip being short



Taylormade Golf 2017 Tour Preferred Collection Soto Putter(Best For Response And Feedback)

toe hang, toe balanced, putter club, best toe hangThis putter will do you good as it does have an additional weighing in the sole with his you can consistently repeat a smoother and more accurate stroke

The adjustable sole weighing do ensure playability and responsive  to meet your playing criteria and styling, hit longer straighter shots with consistency

They are greatly balanced and your putting will improve faster than you can imagine, highly forgiving and responsive and still offers maximum feed back and feel

Get the best out of your rolls and spin all made possible with this easy to hit yet aggressively responsive club, they are very attractive and durable due to the milled stainless steel head and tour stain finish

Easily and efficiently align your ball for the best of putting and with unbelievable consistency, it grip is long and comfortable for the best of feel at impact


Straighter and accurate shots

Adjustable sole weighing for the best of response

Ultimately forgiving and highly responsive brought about by proper weight distribution

Easy to align and hit due to well solid and structured alignment aid

Made of quality

Consistent ball control plus distance

Attractive and good looking

Two stock grip with tour validated grip options


Might take some time getting used to



Odyssey  Works 2020 Putter(Best For Forgiveness And Response)

toe hang, toe weighed, golf putter, best toe hangToe balanced putter well designed for forgiveness and response, armed with this club your putting will improve dramatically, your strokes will reduce and you will have better accuracy on every singe hit

Even on  mishit, this putter seems o be a swing corrector brought about by the micro hinge insert which des also offers un-matched roll

They are very easy to hit yet as said earlier massively forgiving with the best of feed back and feel due to well designed and comfortable grip

Amazingly they are available in both hand orientation, the feel and roll you get all by using this is second to none, get better ball control and speed on your distance and be greatly admired on how well you putt

Made of quality and beautifully attractive as it is made from black finish which is driven by tour feedback, get ready for a confident boost as they are easy to line up for better accuracy


Made of quality and beautifully attractive as they are made from black finish

Confidence boost due to easy line up for a greater putting accuracy

Easy to hit and very forgiving brought about by perfect ration between weight and balance

Un-matched feed back and roll due to well crafted and streamlined head shape

Micro hinge face insert for better ball control and distance

Highly responsive with a comfortable grip for the best of feel


Be the first to review



Ping Golf Sigma G Men’s Putter(Best For Forgiveness And Ball Control)

toe hang, putter clubs, best balanced, best toe balancedGreat toe balanced golf putter for men that you will come to love as hey are well made and crafted with the finest of material for long lasting durability and attraction

One of the outstanding features about this putter is how well ball rolls off face nicely and the excellent spin you get combined with an exceptional feel when on contact with ball

You will never come to love this club less as they are highly responsive with then best feed back and forgiveness brought about by perfect weight distribution and low CG

With this club your putting skills will become better with little effort, take a bold step into becoming better on your putting which is very crucial for your game

Get better ball over your ball plus distance travel with consistency, designed to hit straight and comes with  an oversized grip for the best of feel and comfort on contact


Quality club this ensures they are long lasting

Easy to hit and keep straight for better hitting accuracy

Exceptional ball roll and spin as ball comes off face easily and quickly

Highly responsive with maximum feed back and feel brought about by even weight distribution

Comfortable and soft oversize grip for the best of feel

Better ball control and distance with consistency

Aggressively forgiving and does come with a head cover


Might take sometime getting used to



Odyssey EXO Indianapolis Putter(Best For Feedback And Forgiveness)

best toe hand, golf putter, toe hang, best puttersThe Indianpolis is one of then very few exceptional putters for men, this exceptionality is brought about as this club offers both toe hang and face balanced option

Meaning you can switch from face balance to toe balanced when ever you wish, however this is a certified refurbished putter with 100% functionality

Backed by 90 days guarantee, offers maximum forgiveness through it’s multi material construction and with the white hot feel you will get exceptional feed back and response on your hit

It does come with a micro hinge technology for the best of roll and spin at impact, get the best of feel and exceptional ball control on your ball, they are lightweight and easy to use


Quality club this makes them durable

Very forgiving and exceptionally comfortable

Highly responsive brought about by proper weight to balance distribution

Micro hinge insert  for better ball roll and spin

Easy to line up for the best of putting accuracy

90 days guarantee

Good for the money and well designed soft grip for the best of feel

Offers both face balanced and toe hang option


Refurbished, not brand new



Putter when it comes to balance can either be to balanced or toe weighed, whether toe balanced or face balanced putters, it all depends on your playing style

If you are a straight through back stroke kind of golfer then the face balanced putter club is best suit and if you are a slight to big arc kind of golfer then then toe hang putter club is best suited for you

Today’s golfing offers the best of both putters on sale for men, however this article focuses on the best toe balanced golf putters for men that will help them become pretty better at the skills of putting

For men face balanced golf putters, please refer here :Best face balanced golf putters for men for a super game improvement



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