The objective of this post is to help the child golfers make the best of selections of used golf sport clubs whenever they want to, whether new or used so they can better improve in their games.

There are assorted golf club set on sale for which the young golfer can choose from, whether new or used golf clubs, today’s golfing offers vast and amazing collections of fairly used golf sport club set which are good as new, all to meet the needs of the child golfer who may not have enough money to afford a new one

Looking for the best golf clubs that has been fairly used and in the best conditions in 2020, we have you covered, as this article is geared extensively on revealing the best golf sport clubs well suited for the children golfer

As 2020 is still on its beginning, Junior golfers have been so inquisitive on knowing the best golf clubs, though used but still very in good shape, for used they are cheaper and inexpensive when compared with the new ones

For the benefit of those who probably might be encountering the word golf sport club for the very first time, Golf clubs are used to play golf balls by hitting the golf ball to a target being the hole in the green.

Many golfers especially amateur have one common problem, the ability of making the best selection of fairly used golf clubs and this piece is bent on putting an end to such difficulty

It dosent matter if its brand new or used, the ability of this club to perform at it’s optimum best is what will actually make the difference, it’s ability to satisfy and meet the pressing challenges on course, is what you should be concerned about

A good golf club set, used or new must have all the feature’s required to surmount all or most pressing challenges one may encounter on course so you can remain relevant as you play your game.

Buying a used golf sport clubs is common among young golfers and upcoming golfers, who do not have enough money to spend on new clubs, this can help save money because of its relatively price friendly nature when compared to buying a new one

For those who have the money, a new one might be the best option for you, since you are the first person that will be using it and e might all agree in general that nothing is good as new

Be reminded as always these used clubs have been tested severely and intensively so as to keep the list accurate and true, These test and experiment has proven that this golf sport clubs are in the best condition possible to enable golfing or intrested golfing children get the best out of their golf experience

The best of used golf clubs for the year 2020 is always cheaper than getting a new one and would be a great start for young golfers who do not have enough money to start with a new one

Just as in the case of buying anything, some used item sometimes are even more valuable and have proven to deliver better and more accurately than new ones

So wether you have money for new club or not as a junior golfer you can always get the best out of your golfing experience by keying into the best

The clubs that top our list are characterized by great accuracy, Forgiveness, Easibilty of use, balance and lightweight and ultimate responsiveness with unmatched feedback plus control


Best Used Golf Sport Club Complete Set For Kids Of 2020-Best Condition


  • Wilson Profile Complete Junior Golf Set Golf Bag(Best For Feedback And Forgiveness)

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These clubs is best suited for children and teens.

Very nice best used golf club for children to start with. They also have new ones.

Smart looking kind of used and new golf clubs for junior golfers.

After buying one set for a grandchild and seeing the quality a customer bought again for another grand child.

You will receive the stand/bag with back strap, one driver, one hybrid (with head cover) two irons labelled long iron and short iron, general purpose wedge and a putter.


  • Good budget starter kit,
  • diameter of grip designed for young player,
  • well made with quality material and light weight,
  • durable carry stand bag with adjustable double shoulder strap


  • Sizing,
  • not terrebly good



  • Tour Edge HT Max-J Junior Golf Set(Best Responsive And Forgiving)

Clubs for sale, best of golf clubs, 2018 used best clubs, club sale 2018Offers high flying technology that makes golf a fun game thus making this junior used golf clubs among the best for sale in 2018.

This golf bag has a dual strap. This best of used and new golf club for junior golferd have 7 clubs_ 3 wood, 3 iron and a putter, driver, fairway wood and a hybrid.

These set have everything you need and would be great for those who is recently taking up golf.

Feautres a very powerful iron driver which is 350cc and a mallet style putter that boost the putting accuracy of every child golfer.

Its fairway wood are made of stainless steel with a hybrid and iron which offer first class performance and feel.

This outstanding qualities puts this clubs among the best of junior fairly used and new golf clubs for sale in 2018.


  • Feautres a powerful driver,
  • Graphite shaft helps get the airborne easier,
  • The driver has a headcover,
  • light weight and are made up of top quality


  • Not very light,
  • shipping restriction



  •  Callaway Boys XJ Hot Junior Kids Golf Club Set(Best Forgiving And Easy)

Childrens best club, best used club, clubs for sale 2018

Designed to provide everything a junior golfer needs to taste victory on course.

This clubs is specifically for young golfers between 5 to 8 years old.

It has a driver of 360cc light weight with a large hitting point for forgiveness and long ball drive.

With this fairly used and new club it becomes no big deal for juniors to get the ball into the air with the use of fairway wood and hybrid.

If as a junior golfer you seek the best of used or new clubs for sale in 2018 and have not bought this club you probably are missing out.

It has a stand bag which feautres a 5 way top, a 5 zippered pocket, water bottle holder, rain hood and a double strap.


  • Stand bag feautres a 5 way top,
  •  specially designed fairway wood and hybrid for easier launch of ball into the atmosphere quickly,
  • Great quality clubs with a high end look and feel


  • Knock off clubs inside,
  •  Quite pricey



  • Callaway Golf 2018 Junior Set(Best Forgiving And Easy)

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This used or new club set is one of the best ever for young golfers.

It contains a driver, fairway wood, 7- iron, 9 – iron, sand wedge and putter.

This junior best used or new club set for sale has great forgiveness and with the XJ line young golfers can hit solid shots with excellent contact with the ball using the club.

Very easy to swing makes it the best club for sale in 2018 for growing children.

Buy this club set for your child and its a promise you would be glad and thank yourself you did.


  • Perfect size for 8 to 12 years old
  • Ease in swinging and highly forgiving
  • XJ line provides the best junior equipment for young golfers.
  • This set is ultra light weight
  • One year guarantee on a purchase


  • Limited stock



  • Golphin Kids 728 Golf Club Set(Best For Quality And Lightweight)

Used and new clubs, best club set, used and new, best used club, best new club

When it comes to light weight, no club for juniors beat this one.

It is greatly admired for its lightness, 22 percent lighter than any other junior club set.

Thus making it easier for juniors to carry around no matter how weak or strong that junior can be.

It is built using aero-space alloy and has 35 percent larger sweetspot for a faster and longer ball drive.

Highly forgiving i must note, the larger blades gives every child a better contact and help boost confidence on every child.


  • Larger blade for better and improved contact
  • Lighter than any other club set
  • Highly forgiving and durable
  • Built using aerospace alloy
  • Can be shipped outside the U.S


  • Only few left in stock



  • Precise XDJ Junior Set(Best Forgiving And Lightweight)

Used and new, best golf clubs, clubs for juniors, junior club for sale.

If you have children of ages 3 to 5 this is the best club for them.

The best time to train a child in anything be it sport, language, character, conduct and so on, is when they are still very little and very young.

This club both old and new are designed for very young golfers who tommorow becomes a professional and world class adult golfers.

Buy this club for your children, you never can know the star you will groom from doing that.

This club have large sweet spot for greater forgiveness and longer speedy ball distance travel.

There is both the new and used of this club set and they are among the best for children.

Its hybrid has the most recent high launch technology for straighter and longer shot.

The iron of this club set have a wide sole design to help junior get perfect result out of their swing.

XDJ Junior is proudly the first to incoporate special reflective material on golf bag to ensure extra protection for children.

Very sturdy and a great gift for kids, with the presence of a rain cover and club cover.


  • Comes with a rain cover and club cover
  • Reflective material for extra protection
  • Wide sole design for wrong swing correction as best as possible.
  • Hybrid has latest high launch technology


  • Limited stock
  • Shipping restriction.



  • Cleveland Golf Junior Set(Best Quality And Easy)

Used best club, new best club, club for sale, junior golfers club, 2018 junior club.

The best junior club both old and new you can find anywhere. This club set makes every child happy and excited.

This clubs come in a bag with five pocket which ensures enough space for junior to keep their equipments and accessories safely.

Both the new and used of this club are the best for in sale for junior golfers.

Best for junior 44″ to 53″ tall. This club is made up of a 6 piece set_a driver, hybrid, 7 and 9 iron, wedge, putter and a stand bag.

Clubs are solid and bag are very sturdy coupled with great quality make.


  • Bag have multiple pocket
  • Solid club with sturdy bag
  • Great forgiving for straighter and accurate shot.


  • Shipping restriction
  • No guarantee on a purchase



  • Young Gun Zaap Ace Junior Kid Golf Club Youth Set And Bag(Best For Feedback And Control)

Best golf clubs, golf club for sale, new and old club, 2018 best used club.


Do not hesistate to purchase this golf club set used or new as they have proven to be among the best for sale and for junior golfers.

Solid looking and very well fitted for juniors, offering vast club selection variety.

These club was bought for a 6 years old and because it was a perfect fit he loved them greatly.

Greatly looking set new and old with great feautres you list expect from a junior club.

It has a low CG for a greater ball flight and a light weight bag with rain hood.

Lofted 350cc titanium driver for confidence build up with easibility of getting the ball into the atmosphere as quick as possible.


  • Dual strap bag for easy transportation
  • Guidance line to achieve sweetspot contact
  • Presence of a kick stand
  • Great quality and value for the price
  • Quick delivery


  • Limited stock
  • No warranty



  • Nitro Blaster Kid’s Golf Club Complete 8 Piece Set(Best For Responsive And Easy)

Used and unused, junior golf club, best club sale, 2018 best club, club for sale

A wonderful set of clubs available as fairly used or new, depending on what you want and in no doubt is the best for junior golfers at anytime.

Forget about some negative talks some buyers say about this club set.

Probably because it doesnt suit them doesnt mean it isnt one of the best and we all know that no product on earth can be accepted or favourable to all.

A buyer bought this set of club for his 9 years old and he confessed that it was good and recommends it greatly to anyone out there seeking the best of junior golf club for sale wether used or new in 2018.

This is the best. It comes with tge first five clubs a beginner young golfer will be needing.

Have kids and want to invest minimally to get the best of clubs wether used or new? Then this us highly recommended.

The club bag has an extra for ball storage, tees and water bottle, nice set for the price and are PGA certified.


  • PGA certified
  • Great in forgiving
  • Quick delivery
  • Highly forgiving
  • Strong and durable
  • The back pack carrying feautre is really great


  • Absence of a pitching wedge
  • No guarantee



  • Intech Future Tour Junior Golf Set(Best For Control And Feedback)

Junior best club, golf club for juniors, junior club for sale, 2018 best junior club

Intech is there to serve you wether you want a used or new one.

To become a good and proficient golfer one needs to start very young this is the motivation behind this design for children and the best of club for sale both the new and used version.

These kid club comprises of a fairway driver, a 5- iron, 9- iron, bag, putter and headcover to give these children age 2 to 5 all the support they need as a starter.

Intel include all club your child needs to become a super star golfer.

For greater distance since this children have a very weak swing, it is equipped with an oversize 20 degree driver for farther ball distance travel.

Also its oversized wide sole 5 and 9 iron helps handle the fairway situation.

It is also light in weight with an easy to control composite graphite shaft.

Great club for the next Jordan Spieth, your kids will love this and see you as a great parent or guide if you buy this club for them.


  • Perfect for learning golf basics
  • Great quality and at good pricing
  • Headcover for driver and a collapsible nylon carrying bag
  • Easy to control composite graphite shaft
  • Right sized bag with a padded carry strap for better comfortability
  • Flexible and high lofted clubs
  • Comes with an extra iron, other clubs for starters only come with one.


  • No spring loaded legs for bag
  • Bag has no stand


The Need For A Used/New Golf Club Complete Set

Need? whether you are getting a new or used golf sport clubs it’s all dependent willing to spend on having one, one thing we cannot deny and that is golf clubs are one of the most important materials and equipment’s you will be needing to play

You need a good golf club , a club that is in the best of conditions,  new fine, used fine, all that matters is that this clubs are in the right shape and condition


Should You Buy Used Golf Clubs

While it is always advisable to get your own new golf club set buying a used golf club set isn’t a bad idea either, especially for people on a budget

There are many Used golf club available on sale in the market which are very goof and efficient, just like new

Having said that, it is of very great importance you choose carefully second hand clubs as they can be counterfeited, someone might end up selling to you un healthy club pretending to you that it is very healthy and on your first round it gets dented or spoilt or broken

If this hsppens, it becomes very difficult to take it back to the merchant as most will never accept it and will end up saying, weren’t you aware that it has been used

You must take proper measures to scrutinize club even if means having to test them for some few rounds


Where Can You Sell Or Buy Your Golf Clubs

There are several sites where you can have your club sold or even buy new ones and one of the very best place for that is  from Callaway, Ebay, Amazon and so on


Key Consideration When Buying Used Clubs

When ever you want to buy used club , firstly check the club head

Club Head:

It is well observed that when the golf club gets older you can easily known from  its club heading fading or wearing off brought about by action of ball and ground

A new golf club comes with a shiny head, not a faded or wearing one

Shaft Consideration

The shaft should be another serious factor as a used golf club will usually have a shaft with worn areas or indention, and can be one of the signal that club could break anytime soon

If there isn’t serious resistant after twisting grip then surely this is a weakness sign

And for graphite shaft look down the shaft, this is to make sure it hasn’t been bent back into shape due to action of the golf ball which makes them loose over long period of time


Consistently Check Set

Sometimes all you need to do is just observe set consistently as sometimes it take time to figure out if it is a good used golf set, hit ball on set continuously and take close observation

Some clubs seems to look very sound and fine but after hitting and observing for long time you can determine if they are good or bad

If good they will usually stand the test of time, however if bad it will only last for some tome before it is revealed


Test, Test, Test

You can decide to test the clubs for various round to see how it holds up, as a matter of fact this can be one of the best and  most effective way to determine whether the sued club is good enough or bad enough

Most club that aren’t good would be noticed just hitting few round, you must be conscious while you do this so that you can be able to notice no matter almost un-noticed it wants to turn out to be


Junior Golf Clubs, What Size Is?

It is of great importance that as you choose your club set to consider one best suited for your height, as a too tall or short golf club makes you to stay too upright or too bend and this can have a negative effect on your swing

Look for a club that well fits your height even if it means gong to the fitting center to get your clubs fitted correctly and properly

According to age Junior golf club are being are typically manufactured making them much shorter as you do nit use a golf club exactly your height

It should be a little lower so that you can place your hands, Junior and kids golf club range for putter ranges from 20.5 to a driver 41 inches


What Is The Height Of A Golf Club?

Clubs are created slightly shorter than the intended height since it gives you the opportunity to hold the club grip properly

For 5’9” player a standard golf club is made, this does not mean that if you are taller you should add any more inch to your club if you are 6’3”FT

Thus is because a large number of tall golfers do have tall hands which does help to compliment their height


How Long Should My Golf Club Be?

As stated earlier, categorically, your clubs should be shorter than you so that you can be able to put your hand at the center of your grip top comfortably bending slightly being the right position when performing your swing

If you happen to be a golfer who is 6FT 6 and taller then add two inch to the standard height of the club so that it fits them perfectly

And for golfer who are 6FT 5 add an inch and a half to standard length to standard length, 6FT 3 inches to 6ft 5 inches an inch to standard length of club


How Often Should Golfer Regrip The Club?

In most cases you will have no reason to re-grip your club except when necessary, you will have to re-grip your club when it is worn out or looking old

This worn out grip occurs most of the time as a result of action of hands which sometimes may cause sweat, on an average you should try to replace your grip ones every year especially for regular golfers



Today’s robust golf sport offers great and amazing used and new golf club set for kids, this clubs are in the best conditions and are good as new

Whether you seek a new set of golf club or used for children/ young golfers be rest assured that the golf club set in our list are in the best of conditions, this are the best for sale in 2020 and with it every child has a tendency to become the next tiger wood.



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