In the end, you should be able to list the best waterproof or water-resistant golf bag on sale for men

What a great relief does it feel to know that you can comfortably play your round in the rain or wet conditions without the fear of your golf bag getting soaked?

Sound great right? this is what a waterproof golf bag can do, as more and more golfer gets acquainted with the benefit of a water-resistant golf bag nowadays it turns out to be the norms

Golf bags are trendy knowing fully well that it is a house for your gears and other related items for golfing

The way golfers put serious consideration for clubs, so should you for your bags, you will be needing a bag which can help protect your clubs maximally

There are many design and style for your golf bags and each of these stylings is made from different materials

While there are many golf bags made readily available in the market, there are mainly of two types and being Waterproof and non-waterproof bags, also known as Water-resistant and non-water resistant golf bags

In this blog post of today, we are going to be listing and focusing on the best waterproof golf bag on review for men

These golf bags are great for men golfers looking for a water-resistant bag for golfing


The Benefit Of A Water Resistant Golf Bag

There are many benefits to owning a Golf bag that is water-resistant and these include


It is no new news, that Waterproof golf bags tend to be stronger and in this case more durability and highly efficient when compared to non-waterproof

One of the core benefits of a waterproof golf bag is its ability to last long for more than that on non-waterproof

Secondly, a waterproof bag is also known as ”water resistant” does not allow for the penetration of water as it does, ”Repel” water, that is why it is known as, ”Water-Proof”

If you live in an area where there is so much downpour or wet conditions then a waterproof golf bags is one of the be investment you can make for your clubs

Remember this bag houses your gears and other items of which when soaked might affect the functionalities of the equipment’s inside

Having said this, here are some of the important factor one must consider before ever reaching the buying decision of a water repellant golf bag

For best waterproof golf bags for women, please refer here: Best waterproof golf bags For Ladies


Factors To Put Into Consideration When Making A Selection On Golf Bag For Men

Check If Bag Is 100% Waterproof

Remember, the primary aim is buying a golf bag that is resistant to water, so that should be your very first consideration

You are to do this because not all bags are made of waterproof, as earlier stated, while some bags are made of waterproof others aren’t

So this should be your first criteria when trying to sort for the best golf bags which is water-resistant


When buying a golf bag, you must well consider weight, this is because  too heavyweight golf bag might prove of a great burden, there must be a healthy and proper balancing between weight and sizing


When picking a resistant to water golf bag, another serious consideration should be spacing, are you looking for a golf bag that does offer more spacing or you are simply looking for a bag with moderate spacing

Whet you prefer will determine the bag you are buying and the one you should leave out

Having said this, our pick is based on intensive research, reviews, and feedback all with an effort to bring you the best on sale for 2020

Best Waterproof Golf Bag For Men Reviewed

Golf Stand Bag Organizer Nylon Waterproof(Best Valued)

Men's bag, golf bags, waterproofing, for menNo doubt the ”Golf” Brand is well featured on our list, the ”Golf” is a well established and trusted company well into golfing equipment’s ranging from clubs to bags of different shapes and sizes

This is the ultimate waterproof golf bags with a stand, designed in such a way that they are very lightweight for easy carry

Thanks to its designers who paid close attention to quality, this bag is one of the best for quality golf bag for 2020

With this ”Golf” brand bag, you aren’t just buying a waterproof bag, but rather, you are buying quality which means efficiency

With this bags comes un-matched comfort brought about by the padded comfort soft and foamy strap design

They are also very spacious thus allowing for more equipment’s carry,  this is an ultra-light stand bag as the name implies

The perfect blend of color makes them great for men who fancy attraction and look


  • Very quality for the best of efficiency
  • Unisex bag, that is both for males and females
  • Very spacious that you can store your umbrella, clothes, shoes, towel and more
  • Ultra stable bracket which does also have a wide base for stability and balancing
  • 14 split area at the top for un-matched and classical organizing and easy sorting of items
  • Lots of zippered pocket for maximum protection


  • Be the first to review


Taylormade Deluxe Waterproof Cart Golf Bag

Men's bag, best waterproof, waterproof bags, 2020 bagsWhen it comes to golf bag sorting, the ”Taylormade” is a great source to start with, this is  golf bag with plenty of space of storage which does make it possible to pick up more items or golfing equipment’s

You will be really pleased with this bag as they are easy to carry about and around and this is made possible through its lightweight nature and foamy shoulder strap

Moreover, this self-adjusting strap is also easily adjustable so that you can customize it to your own specification

The bag comes with a fletch stand so that they can stand alone and refer to as a stand bag

The color combination and mixtures make them perfect and very attractive to the eyes such that your friends and colleague will be bag envy

This is a lightweight and well constructed water-resistant bag for golfing and it does come with 6 pockets including 5 waterproof welded seam and one pocket dedicated for your drinks

This is a 15-way top golf bag with 3 full-length dividers for proper and well-structured organization of gears and equipment’s

How about the large enough putter well and the key lock base which does make it very easy to keep the bag firmly on the trolley

Taylormade Deluxe Waterproof Cart Golf Bag Video Review By Ting & Tang TV



  • Very quality and lightweight so that they last long and very easy to move around
  • Colorful and attractive
  • Bag comes with a solid stand which does make it possible for bags to stand without support even on rugged terrains
  • Wide and spacious pocket to help organize your equipment’s in a highly organized manner
  • Well known and trusted brand
  • Key lock base so that bag stays steadily and firmly on trolley
  • 15 way top with 3 full-length dividers


  • Someone complained of broken zippers


Sun Mountain 2020 H2NO Superlite Golf

Waterproof bag, men's bag, bag for golfThe Sun Mountain 2020 H2NO Superlite offers you a classy and shiny quality waterproof golf bag built for optimum durability

This golf bag is designed for optimum durability and comfort, does come with foamy handles which are very comfortable and built to last

This a 14 way top with an individual full-length divider, this helps for classical and well-structured bag arrangement for easy sorting

It does come with 6 pockets and a dual strap system for more fitting and comfortability

How about the specially designed putter compartment to help keep the putter club safe as it prevents it from intermingling with other clubs

This bag is designed for the cart and  well can be carried on the shoulder as it does have a dual strap shoulder

For easy and quick accessibility all pockets are front-facing, this also adds to the overall beauty of the golf bag

The well constructed and standard legs make them very great for every terrain as they are able to stand on their own

Sun Mountain 2020 H2NO Superlite Golf Bag Video Review By PGALIFE 365



  • Very durable due to quality
  • Easy to access as all pocket are front-facing
  • Solid and well-constructed Waterproof
  • Standard and solid legs so that they can stand on any terrain
  • Dual strap system for un-matched comfortability
  • The bumper stop keeps the bag more secure


  • Someone complained of it being only 4 dividers, not 14


Category Forte Torrent 14 Hybrid Waterproof Golf Bag(Best On Review)

Waterproof, best waterproof, men's bag, golfing bagsGorgeous and incredible golf bag, there is something about this so exotic and that being they’re very spacious and does come with lots of pockets

This is one of the coolest and most practical golf bags you can ever own, for the quality, the cost s good as they are very durable and long-lasting

Bag coating is ultraviolet resistant with materials that are cold/ heat resistant, this ensures there is a zero temperature effect on the bag

The overall pocket which is eight in number use a wider top-grade waterproof zipper with hide way slot and rubber U pulls

If you seek one of the best for the value golf waterproof bag for men, this is it


  • Very gorgeous and spacious so that it accommodates more gears and items
  • Lots of zippered pockets for protection
  • Solid and standard legs which are very stable across all terrain
  • Quality and very efficient
  • Great for the value and bag does come with a cooler pocket
  • Come with a matching waterproof hood


  • Still waiting to see the cons


PearlGolf Liberty Stand Bag(Best For Low Budget)

The PearlGolf Liberty Stand Bag is 100% waterproof so that they are highly resistant to water or humidity

This golf bag boot of a 14-way full-length divider so that clubs are well protected and highly organized

With this bag you are in for real and un-rivaled quality, this bag is very loveable as it does come with a comfortable cross carry strap

Offer maximum functionality and impressive design with a nice front pocket which does adds to overall look

There is a black coated metal tower ring and this at the same time serves as a bottle opener

How about the breathable and ergonomic back cushioning  which makes them well comfortable to carry over long distance

They are also very lightweight, this bag also comes with  big stand which makes them very solid across all terrain


  • Very lightweight and so exceptionally portable
  • Breathable ergonomic back cushioning for un-matched comfortability
  • Very quality nylon well built for long-lasting durability
  • Extremely quality and durable zippers for gear protection
  • 14 length divider for proper organization and easy sorting of clubs and equipment’s
  • Colorful and attractive
  • Well structured cross carry strap


  • Still waiting to see the cons


Are Waterproof Golf Bag For Men Worth It

If you think waterproof golf bag isn’t worth it, you have to think again even though you end up paying a little bit more than usual

Oh Yes, they are worth it, especially for an environment with continuous rainfall or snow, Waterproof golf bag are designed so that they are resistant to water

In a case of a sudden downpour, your waterproof bag saves the day by guarantying that no water gets into your bag which contains all your gears and accessories


Are Sun Mountain Golf Bag Waterproof

There are lots of well known and trusted company in the manufacture and production of very quality and highly efficient golf bag that will last for years, these brands include the likes of Callaway, Taylormade, Sun Mountain, Titleist, and a few more

To put this straight and clear, Sun Mountain is a well trusted and reputable company when it comes to the manufacture and production of your bag for golf, especially waterproof

Having been in the business for long they know what it takes to make a great golf bag that will meet the needs of the golfer when there is a sudden downpour

Brand Sun-Mountain does manufacture both water-proof and non-waterproof golf bag, so they offer both to meet the need of a wide range of golfer

One of the great for the waterproof golf bag is the Sun Mountain H2N0 Lite as they are very solid and very quality and having the best of waterproof material so that you will have nothing to worry about when there is a downpour


Types Of Golf Bag

Your Bags are undoubtedly part of your game, come on, you have spent a lot on your gear and accessories, it’s time to spend on its protection

This is where your bag comes into play, you will be needing a well quality and highly efficient golf bag which can help aid maximum protection on all your equiments

Your Golf Bag is the house for your belongings, it is also where all your items are being gathered together instead of being scattered haphazard and with this reason, you should treat your bag with laxity

There are different types of golf bag and to whom t is best suited, this is especially important because a whole lot of golfer makes the mistake of just making a choice on their bag without knowing which is best suited

There are officially five class of golf bag in the market today this includes Staff Bag, CART bag, Stand Bag, Sunday Bag, and Travel Bag

  • Staff Bag

The Staff ag is the most luxurious and spacious golf bag with lots of generous spacing and pocket so that you can be able to carry all your belongings including extra if you want

This makes them very expensive and often common among Tour Pros, this is why they are also referred to as Tour Bags

Tour bags are also great for the golfer who’ve got a caddy or plan on getting one as they are very heavy and bulky due to generous spacing and lots of pockets and accessories

A typical Staff bag weighs 10 pounds or more, they are also great for the golfer who comes accompanied

Staff Bag does have a prominently featured logo on its side as they are a means of advertising a particular brand in the market

For a wide range of variety of Staff Golf Bag please refer here Best Staff Golf Bag to buy right now

  • Cart Bag

Just as its names reveal to you, the Cart bag is designed for the Cart, this bag type is quite distinct from any other bag type as it does come with a non-slip base or rubber which prevents them from slipping off the cart when on motion

Cart Bag is also well-referred to as Trolley bag and is also very generous in space with lots of storage pockets for your equipment and accessories

If you’ve got a Cart whether Push or Pull then the Cart bag is a great choice to invest in, a typical Cart bag will weigh about 6 to 7 pounds, this is why they aren’t designed to be carried on the shoulder due to weighing

There are a lot of Cart bag you can invest in if you that is what you seek, this is the one we highly recommend Best Cart Bag on sale 

  • Stand Bag

Stand Bag is designed so that it comes with a stand as its name suggest, This makes them quite distinct from any other bag type

A Stand bag comes with duo retractable legs which offer it all the support and balance it needs in all-terrain, Stand bag is the most stable and balanced golf bag type as they are able to remain still and balanced in any terrain

Stand bag does come also with a well-developed carry strap so that they can be easily carried this makes them great for the golfer who is looking for a spacious golf bag that is carry friendly

The Carry strap helps from proper weight distribution across shoulder for a convenient and great feel

There are a whole lot of Stand bag this is why we recommend this Best Stand Bag on sale 

  • Carry Bag

Carry Bag just as its names depict is designed so that they are easily carried, the carry bag is the lightest golf bag and less spacious with few pockets

If you are looking for a bag with the most developed dual carry strap then you should be considering the Carry bag/ Sunday Golf Bag

This bag type is designed to carry only but your essentials, they are great for the golfer who wants to focus on a particular aspect of their game one at a time

As an instance, you might want to focus on driving the range and putting, in this case, you pick up your driver and putter club

Or you might prefer hitting out of obstacles, then, in this case, you picked up your few Golf Irons that can help you achieve that

For your Sunday golf bag please refer here Best Sunday golf bag 

  • Travel Bag

The Travel golf bag tells you what it stands out for, Travel bag is designed for traveling, They are great for the traveling golfer who wants to still enjoy the game of golf

The travel golf bag is designed in such a way that it does have a strong outer casing and soft and foamy in for added protection on your gears and equipment

The travel golf bag is quite distinct from other bag types due to its well-structured and rollable wheelbase for easy maneuvering and mobility when on transit

This foamy and soft inn prevents gear from coming in contact with hard material used in the manufacture of golf bag and this makes your equipment well secured

Making a choice on your travel bag can be very confusing this is why we have taken such a burden off your shoulder by recommending this Best Travel Golf Bag



Over the recent years, Waterproof golf bags have become way popular with golfer in search of a bag that can protect their gears and equipment’s even in rainy or wet conditions

And the solution turns out to be a waterproof golf bag, waterproof or water-resistant golf bag does have the advantage over non-waterproof bag as they are lightweight as well in comparison to non-waterproof

If you live in an environment with constant rainfall or you want to play in the winter, a water-resistant golfing bag would be the best alternative

There is the story of this guy who got wet, it all happened when they were enjoying their game and all of a sudden it started raining

This guy ran for shelter so did other golfers as well, but guess what? he had his bag which does contain his costly and very valuable clubs and item well soaked, including the expensive wristwatch his wife bought for him

From that day onward, he vowed to get a golf bag made of waterproof and so did he

Today’s golfing do have in great offer the best on sale golf water-resistant bag which does help you enjoy your game without the fear of your bag which contains your clubs getting soaked in the rain

Looking for the best on sale water-resistant golfing bag for men? whether you have the list, any of this club based on budgeting will do just good for you






















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