In the end you should be able to understand the concept handicap-ism and it’s level in regards to Golf sport, understand what a Golf Wedge entails and be able to list the 10 best wedges for high and low handicappers for the year 2020

Times without number, people ask what is handicap, what level of handicap-ism do we have and for novice they might probably ask, what is a golf wedge?

I understand that this might be the first time someone might be coming in contact with terms associated with golfing, but not to worry we have you in mind m

In this article before being tempted to list the best golf sport wedges for men’s high handicapper we will firstly discuss all golf term relating to this topic

The United States Golf Association introduced this term ”Handicap” far back as 1911 with the motive of gauging players ability against difficulty of course

According to the game of Golf, what is a Handicap? A handicap according to golf sport is simply the measure of ones golf playing ability, it is a measure of one’s flaws against his strength in golfing

In a more refine terms and in accordance to golf sport standard, A handicap is a certain number of strokes which a player is allowed to remove from his total score from a round

In golf sport just as in every other game, there are different level of plays, simply put some play better than others and vice-versal

The measure of one’s playing strength is termed handicap-ism and in golf sport there are three levels of handicap-ism, this are the level of handicap in golf sport_the higher handicap, the mid-handicap and the low handicap

Someone with a single digit handicap, from 1 to 9 is a low handicapper and is considered a skilled golfer,

the lower a golfers handicap the better golfer he is considered, take for instance a golfer with a 2 handicap is considered a better golfer than a 3 handicap though they are all classified as low handicappers also known as skilled golfers,

this is the best kind of handicap level(low handicap) it simply depicts perfection

even in low handicap-ism there are also even the more preferred as illustrated using the 2 and 3 handicap level as earlier buttressed, the 2 is better preferred to the 3 though they are all low handicap(skilled to the teeth)

How about the mid-handicappers, they simply are an average golfer,i.e not the best and neither the worst, they some sort of fall in between good and perfection, mid handicapper falls between 11 and 20(number)

from 21 and above is best considered as high handicapper, i.e they are not good at golfing, they some sort of are still in the learning process,

in simile to our grading system, someone with a test score of 30% of 100% is a failure just as another who has a test score of 40% of 100, looking at this two individuals, they are categorized as failures but different failure intensity, so it is with the three golf levels

high handicappers aren’t good in golfing, they are simply babies in the game and this post is meant to target this set of individuals

We all need wedge in our bag so we could play shorter shots and also from the bunker(obstacle), the average golfer plays with two wedge but that is not a stipulation, Wedge do have a loft degree of 45-46 on the average

If you are a baby golfer, HERE, are the best Wedge to help improve your game, this club(wedge) would help you as best possibly can

What Are The Best Wedges For Men’s High And Low Handicappers In 2020?

High handicappers can simply be termed as baby learners, everyone who starts out in a journey hopes to become better as he or she moves further, no one wants to remain stagnant, this is directly target to to high handicappers who are in search of the best suited wedge for them in 2020

mind you the best wedge for high handicapper(baby learners) in 2020 has undergone different testing protocol yet proven to be the best wedges for men’s high handicappers for the year 2020

this test was based on this 3 distinct qualities most needed by a high handicappers but which they lack, they are consistency, forgiveness and easy of use, this qualities was as best as possible made part of the characteristics of this wedge

here is our take on the best wedges for male high handicappers for the year 2020

  • Mizuno S5 Wedge(Satin Steel Wedge)(Best For Forgiveness And Control)

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The Mizuno S5 is some what larger than it’s previous version. this helps greatly in correcting error that the previous couldn’t do

it does come in two finishes_the standard satin and the blue finish, all your choice, you can settle for the one which best suits you

comes with versatile loft which ensures the right amount of spin to suit your playing style, great club with exceptional feel, whether in the bunker or in the green, it is a winning club for every high handicapper and it’s beauty lies in the fact that it is a club for all golf levels and not simply for high handicappers alone

comes in deg 58.08 and 58.12 with a shaft material made of steel, there is a slightly rounded edge designed to allow the club to be opened and closed yet still properly aligned to target

it delivers un-matched feel and control on a whole new level that is enticing and fun, it’s a classic with exceptional beauty and adding this wedge to your set gives you great feel and better control-ability on ball


Loft specific groove to suit your playing style

Harmonic impact technology for better feel and hit

Improved ball control

Price friendly

Eye catchy and durable

Easy to use

For men handicappers


For now it is only available in left hand

  • Cleveland Golf 2018 Men’s CBX Wedge(Best For Feedback And Control)

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Men’s CBX Wedge is designed precisely for the cavity back iron player and the average golfer of which most golfer fall into this category

Built to provide you all the spin technology needed to spice up your game, No one dare mess with the “CBX” when it comes to the best wedge makes, as a high handicapper you definitely lack skills to play the game

But with the CBX, yes there are bound to be a whole lot of errors, i do not promise it will change your game but one thing i do know, it will cut mistakes and minimize every flaws

Cleveland created this premium cavity back wedge with an attempt to meet the needs of the masses

It does have a clean classic shape and it’s for sure, you gonna like it, it is a forgiving light weight wedge and comes in versatility of loft_46, 48, 50, 52, 54, 56, 60 all engineered to suit all playing style

this is the best wedge for golfers of all levels, the CBX Wedge feautres Clevelanda TMs feel Balancing techy to help remove weight from hosel and enable Centre of Gravity(CG) to be well positioned  in line with the centre of club face and less toward the heel this gives it an a tighter shot dispersion


Rotex face technology for optimal spin impact on your every shot

Designed with precision for the cavity back player and the average golfer

Dual V sole for exceptional Turf Interaction

Re-positioned weight to perimeter of club head for optimum forgiveness

Great for male high handicappers

Available in versatility of loft


A bit on the heavy side

  • Cleveland Golf Men’s Smart Sole 3 Wedge C(Best For Responsiveness And Feedback)

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With the Cleveland Golf Men’s Smart Sole 3 Wedge C you shots are simplified and your scores are lowered all this are made possible with the wider sole and feel balancing technology

Specially designed for males of all handicap for specialized extremely high angle shots such as from the ”lip” of a bunker

this wedge presents you a Three Tiered Sole, all refined for more turf interaction with this you are assured of a cleaner, crisper contact from all lies and increased playability

How about the feel balancing technology? it is one of a kind such that you have never seen, it works by redistributing weight from hosel toward toe area of club, all thanks to its manufacturer, its CG has been smartly re-engineered and moved closer the centre of the club surface thus resulting in a better improved feel plus a tighter shot dispersion all with the effort of getting you closer to the hole

If you aren’t using or have never used this wedge before then you haven’t have a taste of what real wedge entails, the smart sole C is typically made for bumps of close range and run shot around the green

it is designed to help people who struggle around the green and inside 100, use this club and watch how better you become a better golfer, you will love it, i bet you


Three tiered sole

wider sole and feel balance technology for simplified shots

Optimized loft and lie for better accuracy

Highly durable and easy to use

Super game improvement wedge

Great for men’s high handicappers


Club parts are made from different location

  • Ping Glide(2.0 Wedge)(Best For Forgiveness And Response)

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Great one from the ”Ping”, and kudos to it’s engineers, a lot of effort went into the manufacture and development of this wedge, Alas, this great wedge built to better help high handicappers is born

built to last is it known for and offering you all the forgiveness you need to stay alive in your golf game and relevant, the precision milled groove was tirelessly worked upon for better optimized compression and spin for better and improved performance in all conditions

this wedge can be configured personally using the multiple bounce angle offering for personalized result, the stunning appearance is made possible due to the hydro pearl head finish which also enhance Turf Interaction

looking for a durable and easy to use wedge? then in no way can you shy away from this Ping Glide, add it to your arsenal and experience golfing in a whole new dimension


Milled face and groove for more advanced ball angle optimization

Quality make so highly durable

Light and easy to use

Price friendly

Classic and stunning appearance by hydro pearl head finish

Enhanced Turf Interaction

Highly recommendable for Men handicapper


No reviews

  • Taylormade (Men’s M2 Wedge)(Best Responsive And Forgiving)

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Graphite shaft produces faster ball swing of great consistency and control, the M2 iron is absolutely reliable and will help every high handicapper improve immensely in their golf game

love this club so a testimony goes on a high handicapper who ones improved tremendously in his golf game that it was noticeably seen, friends came around wanting to hear the secret, ”how did your suddenly improve tremendiously on your plays?” and he answered, well just pratice and the right wedge.

Its shaft material is the graphite reax 65 for the best of lightweightness


Lightweight and easy to use

Made of quality so therefore very durable

High recommendation for male high handicappers

Well optimized Centre of Gravity(placement) for outstanding performance

Cost effective and light weight


If not used properely finish might scratch off

  • Callaway Golf 2018 Men’s (Matte)Black Mack Daddy 4 (Best Lightweight And Forgiving)

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Versatility of Sole Grind is the Men’s Matte Black daddy 4 known for, to give you the playing style that you deserve all with the effort to suit your playing style and attack angle

It does also have a broad loft range bounce combination, when you talk of the Callaway Men’s matte its all about versatility and why? because everyone deserves the best

The Centre of gravity(CG) is situated in a precise location for proper crisp interaction coupled with extreme forgiveness

You will love this club, it’s a promise, gain more spin, do better hits with thr Groove in Groove technology

Roger Cleveland and team worked relentlessly anything wedge of “mack daddy 4” one of the highest performing wedge in golf sport

Built to promote superior performance for high handicappers with a soft feel that is well pleasant and pleasurable to you phalanges


Great club for 80 yard

Groove in Groove technology for better streamlined shots

Versatility of grooves to suit your playing style

Great feel satisfaction from soft carbon steel

Highly durable and easy to use

Dual choice of finish

Quick delivery on order


Ball strike feel very hard

Limited stock

  • Titleist Vokey SM6 Wedge(Best Forgiving And Responsive)

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A wedge built to awesome, helping you maneuver from different challanging lies

The Titleist Vokey is one that cannot be ignored, it’s is a great spinner of golf balls using the 100 percent inspected TX grooves and a new paralel face texture

Well suited to meet the demands of high handicapper

You will love this club when you get a chance to use them and wouldn’t hesitate to get another in a hearth beat

The Centre of gravity(CG) location gives you well defined distance and trajectory control

And for your swing type there is an enhanced shot variety all engineered to meet your needs

This is a highly affordable golf wedge and it’s exceptional forgiveness and quality make makes it on the top recommending wedge for high handicappers, male to be more specified


Centre of gravity(CG) gives you an un-matched feel

Tour Proven Grind from one of the well known brand of golf makers

There is just no better feeling when you strike this beauty, Well recommended for high-handicapper

Funny enough, can be used by anyone who needs to boost his golf game performance

It is durable, light and easy


Limited stock

Takes some times getting used to

  • Callaway Golf 2017 Men’s Sureout Wedge(Best Responsive And Easy)

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Leave up to it’s name, good news handicappers greenside shots have been easier than ever before with the Callaway Golf 2017

Get out and up and down especially from the rough and sand, all your days of struggling with tough lies are over

Tested and proved and concluded, you will love this wedge, at least dozens of testimonies tell us so

Having a new and enhanced camber high bounce sole glide you will generate easy, high soft landing shots

How about the large face area of the wedge which helps promotes better ball contact for optimal distance control sake

The multipe grooves, 17 to be precise with a geometry of aggression encourages fast shot stopping even when the hit is off centre


Lightweight for more responsiveness and feel

17 full faced grooves for fast shot stopping

Wider sole face area of club for better and efficient optimized distance control

Enhanced camber for easy and high soft landing shots

Premium weight specific shaft for durability and flexibility

Specially designed for Men’s high and low handicap


Takes some time getting uses to


The Need For A Golf Sport Wedge

A golf sport wedge club is one of the most important club you will be needing in a club set, A golf wedge is a club usually designed to hit out of obstacles or tough lies, as regarding the sport called golf, there are four types of wedge, each of them having the best situation to be called upon, when golfing some of the obstacles you might encounter are such as the fairway, bunker, sand e.t.c, with a golf wedge it becomes very easy and quick to get out of any tough lies or obstacle which is part of the game



Today’s golfing offers great and terrific wedges for the high handicappers, prior to this era there were little to no provisions of golf sport wedges for the high handicapper but it sounds different now as there are many variety of great golf wedge for the high handicapper from which they can choose from

There are great and terrific golf wedge for the high handicapper which have never been since the early days of golfing, here is what it means, today’s wedges have been so advanced that they are highly accurate and precise¬† all with the effort to help the male high handicapper better and efficiently play golf

Looking for the best golf wedge for men’s high handicapper in 2020? The wedges above listed are the best every high and low handicapper, men to be precise must own


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