At the end you should be able to define a wedge and know the best golf wedges for high handicappers

You should be able to know the best golf wedges for beginners

You should be able to make the best selections of this club wedges when called upon

A wedge is a subset of the iron family specially designed for specific purpose in golf sport, You cannot really define a wedge until you list the four types of wedges

These wedges include the gap wedge, lob wedge, pitching wedge and sand wedge.

  • Lob wedge

Are used to produce shots from a very high arc and the shortest hitting clubs with the most loft.

It is also known as the L-wedge or better put Lofted wedge and it function is as the name suggest.

They are the most used for shots on hazard terrain and obstruction

  • Sand Wedge

Are used to hit shots on sand easily and more quickly, it is denoted  as S_wedge

  • Gap wedge

Also well know as an all wedge, you use the gap wedge to hit shorter and higher trajectory in comparison to a pitching wedge and longer and lower trajectory in comparison with a sand wedge

  • Pitching wedge

Pitching wedge is designed to hit shots with lower and longer trajectory than a gap iron and higher and shorter trajectory in comparison with a 9 iron

Now that you know the four kind of golf wedges and their uses, we can now list the top rated wedge picks for high handicappers and beginner golfer

Our top pick of this best wedges for beginners and high handicappers are based on top reviews and how well they perform their own job specification

Most of this wedges are not included on a standard golf club set, you buy them separately

These wedges are listed in random without the specification of the wedge type, we list this wedge on a generalized form based upon the fact that they are the best specification for beginners and high handicappers

Before delving into this wedges, we need to have a clear explanation on what a beginner and a handicappers mean in golf sport.

Who is a beginner golfer? A beginner golfer is someone who just started of play golf for the first time with little or no prior knowledge on how it is best played

In accordance to statistics by the National Golf Foundation about 45 percent of golfers average more than 100 stroke in a single round

108 is considered to be a good score for beginner golfers


Who is a golf handicap? A golf handicap is the measure of a golfers potential abilities it can also be seen according to (USGTF) as the measure of a golfer’s current ability using a number over an entire round of golf

With these term a handicapper in golf sport is simply the person whose potentiality as regard to golfing playing is measured numerically.

Handicap in golfing is categorized into five

Category 1 plays a handicap of 5 or less

Category 2 plays a handicap of 6 to 12

Category 3 plays a handicap of 13 to 20

Category 4 plays a handicap of 21 to 20

Category 5 plays a handicap of 29 to 36

A high handicapper is any golfer who plays a handicap of above 18 and are usually considered as an Ok golfer, the lower the number of handicap the better the golfer

These are the five categories of handicap in golf sport, sorry for taking you out of our main topic, I only wanted to give you a broader grasp of what being a handicap implies

Having understood the concept of a beginner and handicap we thus list the best of golf wedges 2020 top picks for beginners and high handicappers

What Are The Best Wedge For Beginners And Higher_Handicappers

  • Cleveland CBX Wedges(Best Forgiving And Responsive)

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Cleveland created a cavity to meet the need of the masses thus the CBX wedge was born

It does have one of the best spin technology which aids players to perform at their optimum best

Cleveland CBX has a clean and classic shaping that you will love

Engineers worked relentlessly on this club to produce a technology to boost forgiveness, accuracy, ball speed and distance control

Ckeveland also feautres a dual V_Sole which feautres a V_Shape on the sole from front to back for incredible and efficient turf interaction

Cleveland TMs feel balance technolgy which removes weight from the hosel and enables the Centre of gravity to less toward the heel and the feedback is improved feel at impact


  • Optional spin on every shot
  • Comes stock with a choice of a true temper dynamic gold 115 steel shaft
  • They are bendable up to 3 degree up and 2 degree flat
  • This 60 degree wedge comes with a grind of 10
  • Very consistent distance
  • Provides more bounce
  • Nice balance and very forgiving


  • Heavy bottomed club with no feedback


  • Cleveland RTX_3(Best For Feedback And Controls)

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RTX_3 of Cleveland holds the record of many award such as the best golf wedge on tour, top rated golf wedge of the season and the most forgiving wedge with a stunning classical appearance

The new Rotex face is the back bone for it more speed rotation

The V_Shape is featured by three proven tour grind

This club has a centre of gravity very close to the impact zone

The new Rotex face increases spin, with the black shape design wedge all round performance is fully maximized

A refined groove face known as the new rotex micro milling pattern helps in the frequent optimization of spin performance by loft

This golf wedge is designed to help golfers easily get the ball out of the hole

With the relocation of the CG this club from the hosel to somewhere close to the club face, feel have been improved and stability have been enhanced


  • V_Sole grin for more consistency and control
  • Tighter shots dispersion
  • Improve turf interaction
  • Long lasting finishes
  • More precise yardage on ball hit
  • Great feel and dispersion


  • Shipped to select countries


  • Mizuno S5 Wedge(Best For Forgiveness And Easy)

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If you want to stand out the muzino is what you need

The S5 wedge is available in 25 loft and bounce offerings so all distance gap is covered to the maximum

The high bounce version and the low bounce offering carries a 15 degree and 25 degree respectively

With these grind the high bounce version is aided to play higher and the low bounce is aided to play lower

This wedge the S5 of Mizuno is great at spin and solid feel, it has a softer version of enticing silhouette and of the popular teardrop shape that makes it possible for player to open and close the wedge for a proper profile target

Mizuno is not just a great wedge for the perfect spin but also the most known forgiving wedge, it has been tested on several cases by the manufacturers and neutral testers, golfers are yet to discover the magic behind Mizuno

its reviews are yet to build up and soonest this cheap for the price golf club wedge could become the most sought after and expensive. buy now that it is still price friendly and experience golf game on another new whole level


Harmonic impact technology

Elite feel and shots control

Aligned profile to target

Versatile sole grind

Eye catching and attractive outlook


Shipping restrictions


  • Adams Golf Watson RC14(Best For Response And Control)

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Newely introduced but i most note that these wedge club as of versatile characteristics is the number one

It does have a technology known as the TMX that initiates a lot of spin on a hit

The TMX maximises the Fiju principles of forgiveness line breed to give every golfer that soft and exceptional contact om with ball

Tested and experimented several number of times by handicappers and complete beginners, it does help to correct swing deflection

With this wedge you wouldnt be needing another due to it sustainability and efficiency on delivery

Very forgiving

Great at efficiency and ball control

They are good in correcting mistakes

Increased ball speed


A little bit difficult to master

  • Titleist Vokey SM4(Best For Controls And Feedback)

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Bob vokey, where this wedge name was derived since the year 1990 workd relentlessly and effortlessly to create  club to help golfers achieve maxinum control on spins

He had created the titleist vokey wedges and a wonder technology CG that gives players the opportunity to exercise control on the club

Vokey spent too many resource both time and money speaking with amateurs and professionals to get the best of incorporated ideas to make this club one of the world top wonder wedge club

Titleist make use of a micr edge technology known as soft spin mill 8260 carbon steel to make the club head more forgiving

With an extra texture you can easily control you back spin shots


  • Taylormade Ef(Best Easy And Forgiving)

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They, “Taylormade” started by making wood out of iron and have the highest engineering pedigree in the production and maufacture of wedges

That is why the are highly trusted for good quality and affordable delivery of the top rayed picks 2018 wedges for high handicappers and beginners

Taylormade has an Electroformed nuclear cobalt 1025 carbon steel wedge finishes

One most admirable feautres you will find in this EF grooved face is it life span durablility

Always does the EF produce a great spin no matter how many times you play


Exxeptional forgiveness

Trusted by professional golfers

Durable Ef face plate

Classic and appealing shape


Not many grooves


  • Ping Glide(Best For Feedback And Control)

Beginners and handicap wedge, best golf wedge, top rated wedge, high handicappers wedge, beginners wedge

Available in three differnt sole design for your own use, the ping slide does have an added bounce gorge groove that is loft optimized to help pop up the ball quickly and easily into the atmosphere

Ping custom are the ones responsible for glide wedges from grip to sole (hand down) with a special wedge grip, shaft amd head for spin and control maximization with the intent of improving your short game performance

The glide wedge are pings most consistent and versatile club line in moisture ever with the fact that chrome repels water

Scientist found out ping glide satin plated was 220 percent more consistent in humudity


Increased spin and consistency

Available in three versatile sole design

Presence of a 431 SS

More added bounce

Water repellant


Varieties of option



The Need For A Golf Wedge For High Handicappers And Beginner

The need for a golf wedge is quite simple and straight forward, A golf sport wedge club is used to hit out of obstacles such as the bunker, sand, fairway wood and many more obstacles, with a golf club wedge it becomes easy to hit out of tough lies easily and quickly , this is the need of a golf wedge



Today’s golf sport offers great and excellent golf club wedges for the beginner and intermediate golfer looking to becoming better at their game, many handicapper and beginners find it difficult to perform with the wedges for pros and so a special golf club wedge was thus created to compliment the beginner and high handicapper

Prior to this era there were not so much variety on golf wedges for high handicapper and the beginner golfer, but every thing is different from now as they are vast collection of club wedges solely designed and suited for the high handicapper and beginner golfer of 2020

Looking for the best golf sport wedge ultimately suited for the high handicapper and intermediate golfer? you are at the right place as this article is bent in presenting to you the best and the updated list of this club wedge that will ensure the beginner and intermediate become better at golfing in 2020

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