In the end, you should be able to list the best Women Petite Golf Clubs for beginners-Complete Set

Are you a petite lady and you are just a beginner or starting your journey with golfing? You are probably a novice, starter, newbie

And looking for the best club set that is best recommended for you, this is the right place to do that

Golf sport has been so revolutionized that it does offer the best on sale golf clubs for a petite beginner

In today’s blog post we are going to be listing the best club set for beginner/starter/novice/amateur petite that will help you improve on their game

But before listing that, here is some information we think might be of help to who it may concern

We will start by defining the term Petite & Beginner

Who Is Referred To As A Petite

Petite according to the dictionary means, an attractive smallish woman, that is, women whose got a small body or small-sized women

It became necessary to have a club highly targeted at the smallish woman since they cannot use clubs meant for big golfers

Using a club for a big golfer by the petite lady will mean oversize and as such it will be a bad fit


This is simply a golfer who’s just getting started with golf, they are also referred to as newbie, starters, novice, or amateurs

And when you put the word ”Petite & Beginners” together, this is what this blog post is all about, it talks about the best set of club for beginner petite

Note: This clubs is for the newbie petite golfer and not for intermediate or professional petite ladies

For club set for intermediate to a professional petite female golfer, please refer here: Best petite club set for women

Without further ado we present to you the list of this club set, our picks are based on intensive research, reviews, and feedback all with an effort to bring you the best

Best Women Petite Golf Clubs For Beginners Reviewed

Wilson Golf Profile SGI Women’s Complete Set(Best For Forgiveness And Responsiveness)

club set, best beginner, beginner petiteAs a beginner, with the petite Wilson Profile SGI Complete set, you will learn very fast

This set contains all that you will be needing to stay on top of your game, designed with lightweight graphite so they are extremely light for the best of result on your swing

This set does come with a high lofted driver which is large sweet spotted, this will help the beginner for better ball speed and great forgiveness even on a mishit

Features a very low perimeter weighing on iron for this purpose you will have maximum feedback and feel on all your hit

In terms of quality, this is great for the quality club set for beginners or starters, clubs come with a lightweight quality premium cart bag which does feature a dual padded shoulder strap for better comfortability

And with the sand wedge which is very easy to launch brought about as a result of low CG and wide sole you are assured of more streamlined ball flight and control

Wilson Golf Profile SGI Women’s Complete Set Video Reviews By Wilson Golf



  • Lightweight graphite shaft on clubs for the best of feel and response
  • Sand wedge featured low weighting and a wide sole for better ball control
  • Cart bag which s lightweight and comes with lots of pockets for more storage options
  • Driver wit large sweet-spot for insane forgiveness and accuracy even on a mishit
  • Available for both hand orientation
  • Comes with a quality matching headcover


  • Not a stand bag


Aspire X1 Ladies Women Complete Golf Club Set(Best For Feel And Ball Control)

Beginner clubs, petite beginners, best petite, beginner petite, club setThis is a gorgeous and highly attractive club set with a matching headcover and one that is best suited for beginner petite

You will get to discover how easier it is to play with this set as they are made of lightweight material

Well built for a lady’s swing strength and speed seeing it is made of the ultra-light graphite shaft, this creates room for the best of feel and comfort at impact

This set includes Driver, Fairway Wood, Hybrid, 6-PW Iron, Putter, Stand bag, headcover, and rain hood

You will love this set as it does come with a lightweight bag as well, this bag features a stand and strap for better comfort and mobility

When it comes to forgiveness and responsiveness, from woods to club, hybrid to wedge this will offer you one un-matched and un-rivaled

Aspire X1 Ladies Women Complete Golf Club Set Video Review By Jeep Wham



  • You can put the bag in the cart due to stand which retracts
  • Quality and spacious golf bags with a retractable stand
  • Solid and quality clubs built with one of the finest of material so that they are long-lasting
  • Best for beginners Petite
  • Easy to hit putter due to properly structured alignment features
  • Hybrid which replaces difficult to hit iron clubs
  • Insane forgiveness with and responsiveness on all clubs
  • Large-headed driver for better ball drives and control


  • Not for left hands


Precise M5 Ladies Women Complete Golf Club Set(Best For Feedback And Forgiveness)

beginner petite, best beginner, club set, complete setWith the precise M5 ladies club set on your hand you will be able to have high accuracy performance

This set does have built-in features that enhance the beginner overall performance on course

If you are looking for one of the most colorful and attractive sets that will give you tons of compliment from friends and colleagues then this one will do you good

Set include a 460cc large-headed Driver for maximum forgiveness and ball distance travel, 3 wood, 21 hybrid, 5 all through 9 Iron, PW Iron, stand bag, and 3 headcover

Woods and irons are of graphite shaft material this makes them excessively lightweight for a more calm swing accuracy and control

The deluxe stand bag also is one un-matched as they are made of quality, attraction and very spacious with lots of zippered pockets

The set is high quality and comes with three matching headcovers for club protection

When it comes to forgiveness and control count on them as the proper weight distribution and balance does help to achieve maximum stability through impact

Precise M5 Ladies Women Complete Golf Club Set Video Reviews By GolfBestBuy



  • Oversized club head for better ball speed and flight
  • A stylish and attractive set
  • A solid and well forgiving hybrid club
  • Great quality for the price
  • Great and comfortable feel and feedback on all clubs
  • Very lightweight and easy  to hit


  • Someone complained of lob wedge


Precise M3 Ladies Women Complete Set(Best For Feedback And Ball Control)

Beginner set, petite beginner, petite clubsFull and complete club set right out of the box and designed for the beginner petite in mind

The irons and wood do offer maximum forgiveness and feedback on impact, you will love them as they are easy to hit and very responsive

Its responsiveness is brought about by proper weight ratio to balance distribution across the clubface

Through the aerodynamics design on wood, you will hit a straighter and more streamlined shot on course

Nice and lightweight brought about by the composite shaft this ensures better playability and better control on shots

You will love the quality stand bag as it does have lots of pockets, they are quality as well for long-lasting durability

Precise M3 Ladies Women Complete Golf Set Video Review By Jeep Wham



  • Well-aligned putter for the best of targeted putting
  • Quality club set this makes them superior
  • Aerodynamic on wood for better ball flight and control
  • Very forgiving and highly responsive
  • Rain-hood included for protection


  • Someone complained of it being a little bit heavy


Golf Girl FWS2 Petite Lady Hybrid Club Set And Cart Bag(Best For Feedback And Forgiveness)

Beginner club, petite set, best beginners, This is made up of an eleven-piece set and great for a beginner, it doesn’t matter how poor or bad you are at golfing

With this set, you will improve quickly and for the better, set include driver, wood, two-hybrid, seven iron, putter, and cart bag

Driver does come with the highest sweet-spot allowed for golfing, this makes them insanely forgiving as you will drive longer range shots and with better ball control

Graphite shaft on 3 wood, 3/4 hybrid, and a headcover for protection of clubs

The 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and PW irons are deep cavity and made of graphite well for an optimum response since they are very lightweight and support your swing

Multi-pockets and a quality deluxe stand bag make it great and you will love and it does come with a straightforward and easy to hit club

Clubs are easy to hit with unmatched forgiveness and response brought about by low CG weighing and high MOI on driver

Putter does have a back blade design for easy, quick, and accurate alignment for the best of putting tendencies

Golf Girl FWS2 Petite Lady Hybrid Club Set And Cart Bag Video Reviews By Chloe Bachman



  • Oversized driver with largest allowed sweet-spot for better ball distance and control
  • Made of quality for the best of functionality and durability
  • Plenty of pockets which include valuable and clothing pocket which is of full length on quality deluxe bag for club organization and proper alignment
  • Deep cavity on irons for the best of response and ball flight
  • The bag fits a pull cart
  • Comes with a headcover, three large ones as that are all you will be needing
  • Very weighed and balanced club  set for top-notch responsiveness
  • Irons are great for arthritis sufferers
  • Well built 3 to 4 hybrid club which is very easy to hit and highly responsive


  • Not for left hands


The Reason For A Specially Designed Club For Beginners

We all know that beginners lack experience and as such, they will be needing an extremely forgiving and responsive club set

Get the point, ”extremely forgiving and responsive” thus are the key features as it will help greatly the beginner to improve on their game

This extremely forgiving club set is capable of correcting their imperfect swing as quick and accurate as possible

Essential Golf Club For Beginners

What are the essential golf clubs for beginners? to make this clear, we will start by saying there is nothing as good as a complete club set

However, you may not be using all these clubs until you get better at golf

For beginner golfers, the essential clubs must include a hybrid that does replace the difficult to hit iron, a putter with the best of alignment features, a driver very with a large sweet-spot for the best of forgiveness even on a mishit, 3-wood, and 9-iron

In summary, s a beginner these are the most essential clubs you will be needing: Driver, Putter, 3, 5, 7 and 9 Iron, 3 Wood and 5-Wood clubs and you are good

How To Identify A Petite Golf Club

In golfing there is the standard length of the club and above or below standard, a club for women marked -1 inch is usually best for petite

As it is -1 inch shorter than the standard length, on the other hand, clubs set marked +1 above standard length is best suited for tall ladies

As a petite who wants to make the best selection on clubs that will be a perfect fit for you, you must have to scout for clubs that offer -1 inch shorter than the standard club length for women


How To Measure Golf Clubs For Women

Prior to this era, there were little to no options on clubs, Women were definitely at the receiving end

As most of the club then was heavy, long, and stiff, they were typically designed for the male golfers in mind

Thanks to technology and innovation as there are lots of variety of golf club set which the petite beginner can comfortably and efficiently make a choice

As you will expect, the standard size of the women golf club is smaller than that of the men, Women’s standard golf club are designed between 65 inches( 5’5”) and 69 inches( 5’9”)

And for women who fall under 5’5”, golf manufacture have a special club which both shorter and lighter when compared to the standard set

There are generally there steps to measure Golf Clubs for Women,

  • First

As a person to measure you while you stand with socks, this will help for more accurate and precise measurement instead of measuring yourself

  • Secondly

Take measurement of the distance from where your wrist hinge to the ground straight down, this is well-referred to as wrist to floor measurement

Note: You should stand with your hand hanging very loose

  • Third

Last but not the least, use the Golf Measurement guide, On the measurement chart, trace the distance which equals your wrist to floor measurement

Keep on pulling until you have come across the column which fits your height, the value that your height brings is the length of the shaft that is well suited for your height

  • Four

There are varying flex on your golf club, we have the X-Stiff, Stiff, Regular, Ladies, You will have to make a choice on any of this flex based on your swinging capabilities

For fast swingers, you will be opting for the Regular or stiff flex, and for women whose got a swing speed of fewer than 180 yards for drivers the ladies flex will suit you best


Things To Consider When Making A Golf Club Set For Petite Ladies

Whether you are thinking of playing for the first time or you have been playing for long making the right choice on your next golf club can be a one-step win scenario

Your playability will be greatly affected or influenced by the choice of club you make

Do not get all caught up with the frenzy and excitement of purchasing a club set that you forget that there are some laid down rule which would help you in making the right selection on your Golf Club set

Which golf club should you buy? What key factor should you consider when on a hunt for your next golf bag?

Here are some of the things that one has to put into consideration when making a choice on a club set for the Petite woman

  • Shaft

One of the key consideration before you step out to make a purchase n your next golf club set is Shaft

Your shaft will vary based on your weight and strength, the most common type of golf club shaft is the graphite and Iron

The weight of the shaft would play an important role in how heavy, and responsive your club is or can be

Generally heavier shaft would result in a lower ball flight and on the other hand, a lighter shaft would lead to an increase in ball flight and speed

Golfers whose got a lot of swing speed would require using a heavier shaft and golfers whose got a weaker swing speed the graphite shaft is the most recommend as they are lighter

  • Grip

Your grip is as important as your club itself, this is because it is the point of contact between your hand and the club

When in scout for a grip comfort should be your top priority, how comfortable and steady does this grip fit on your hand will determine whether it is right for you or not

There are grips which are best suited for humid condition so are their grips which are best suited for dry condition

The Size of the grip is another factor to consider as grips are available in different sizes, some prefer a small grip while others prefer a mid-sized grip, this is all dependent on the player’s hand size

You will often find out that most grips is tapered, grip choice is based on personal preference, go for what works for you

  • Performance

There are lots of clubs to chose from and this club does have its own different performance, some clubs would give you better ball flight and less spin while others might give you the exact opposite

It all boils down to performance, claims from an added distance for a new club is what makes people often buy them

It is very important you take into consideration the overall performance of a club before ever reaching the buying decision

This performance well spans across distance, forgiveness, and accuracy, overall forgiveness and accuracy should be the top priority on performance

  • Budget

Golf club are available at various prices, the more quality your club set, the more expensive it can be

Your budget will determine what club set that you can purchase, there are a great benefit when you opt for a premium set, however, it doesn’t have to stop you from playing golf as there are also low budget golf set that one can start with especially beginners

  • Styling

In general, styling well favors the ladies than the men, as ladies are far more style-conscious than their male counterpart

Because of this reason style can mean a whole lot for the ladies, this is why manufacturers have taken an extra step to create your club set in different styling so that you can have a variety of choice to make

  • Set Composition

The composition of your set is also a very important factor that shouldn’t be taken for granted, as a more composed set tends to generate the most result

There is no need to use a smaller head as the maximum clubhead driver sizing is 460cc, bigger head will often favor more sweet spot and this means extreme forgiveness which makes it a great option for beginners



All clubs whether male or female are available in a standard length and size, the standard driver length is 43 inch and for it to be considered as one great for petite, it will always be 1 inch shorter than the standard length

To quickly and easily identify this Petite golf club set, many manufacturers indicate this by using the -1 sign

Prior to this era, there were not many options for the petite, thanks to technology and innovation as there are lots of golf club set out there specifically targeted at the female petite to help them get the best out of their game

There are golf club set specially designed for the petite starters or beginners, you will be needing a beginner club set as a golf starter to make your shots easier and improve your game

This club set on our list is to meet the need of the beginner petite woman or lady to help them improve on their game










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