In the end, you should be able to list the best Women’s Driver on sale so as to be able to determine which one is rightly suited for you

One of the very important club for golfing is that club known as driver, the driver club just as its name suggest is used to perform a drive, i.e hitting the golf ball a long distance so that the ball goes closer to the hole as much as possible

The driver club is usually the first hitting club as it is used to hit off the tee, driver club are of great assets to any golfer as it determines how well or badly you perform

There are lots of women’s drivers on sale in today’s market and making a choice can be daunting and sometimes frustrating

This is why we have decided to help take this burden off your shoulder by listing this golf driver for women, our picks are safe and true as it is based on intensive research all in an effort to bring you the best for 2022

As technology continues to evolve the current model gives a far better chance of hitting more consistently good tee shots

Looking for a list of the most recommended Callaway driver for women? here is the best Callaway golf driver for females 


Best Golf Drivers For Women


  • XXIO Eleven Driver 460cc

Best Golf Driver for Women

If you are looking for a great golf driver that women will love and come to appreciate then the XXIO is your best best

This driver is so amazing as it helps you to hit straight like an arrow as said by a one time buyer who goes by the name ”Top Soldier” on July 15, 2021

This driver definitely and guaranteed will improve your driver adding not just more yardage but accuracy as well to your distance with less effort

Note: Available only in right-hand orientation

Thye are very lightweight although it takes some time to get used to but once used to, you will come to enjoy every bit of the moment using it

We love the fact that they are highly forgiving even on a mishit, available in 2 different loft, which is the 12.5 and 11.5 degree


  • Brand: XXIO
  • Weight: 2 Pounds
  • Dimension: 48 x 5 x 5 inches
  • Color Option
  • Flex: Ladies
  • Loft: 12.5 & 11.5 Degree
  • Hand Orientation: Right Only

XXIO Eleven Driver 460cc Video Review By Gaijin Golfer



  • Very forgiving and easy to hit
  • Lightweight and responsive
  • For right-hand ladies
  • Beautiful and attractive


  • This is not an offset driver



  • Callaway Golf Mavrik 22 Driver

Best golf driver for women

The Callaway Golf Mavrik is firstly a brand which is well known and respected as they have been into the business of manufacturing go,f driver for clients both men and women

This is a great club that helps you to hit further and straighter, the Callaway Golf Mavrik  is so sweet as it is able to add a whopping 20 yards to your distance as said by a one time buyer which goes by the name Joseph LeBouef on April 12, 2022

This is a great driver which offers an amazing feel and very pleasant feel sound which you will love

For exceptional speed and unconventional forgiveness, this driver offers a flash face technology  

Note: Available in both hand orientation

Amazingly this driver offers a large variety of flex options from stiff, regular, ladies, and light


  • Brand: Callaway
  • Weight: 0.4kg
  • Dimension: 44.3 x 4 x 3 inches
  • Jail Breaking Technology
  • Flash Face Technology 
  • Loft Option: 3



Callaway Golf Mavrik 22 Driver Video Review By Rick Shiels Golf 



  • Flash face and jailbreaking technology for more speed even on a mishit
  • Extremely forgiving and easy to hit
  • Lots of flex options to fit a wide range of audience
  • Amazing sound and a great feel on every single hit



  • Does not come with an adjustment tools



  • Taylormade Stealth Driver

best for women golf driver

If you are looking for one of the most highly recommended clubs, one that has gotten first-class reviews, then you cannot go wrong with the Taylormade Stealth driver

The Taylormade Stealth can be described as the right driver to upgrade to, this is because it feels different and the technology behind it is superb

This technology which includes the 60x carbon and twist face helps to increase forgiveness and precision

Note: A great option for senior ladies as it does not come with the ladies’ flex

Taylormade comes through again with a great product so said a one time buyer which goes by the name Richard Taylor on May 12, 2022

Have your total distance optimized regardless of playing condition, thanks to the nanotexture cover which is used to fine-tune launch spin

The speed pocket design another technology helps to maximize ball speed and produce additional forgiveness on low face strike

Note: Its a guarantee, that you wouldn’t be disappointed with this driver 

How about its great feel and pleasant sound on every single hit, we cannot also deny the fact that they are so easy to use and intuitive as well


  • Brand: Taylormade
  • Weight: 0.59 Kilogram
  • Dimension: 48 x 6 x 6 inches
  • Color Option: 1(Red)
  • Loft Degree Option: 3
  • Flex Option: 3



Taylormade Stealth Driver Video Review By Rick Shiels Golf 



  • Speed pocket designed for maximum speed and forgiveness
  • Nanotexture helps to fine-tune launch and spin
  • Easy to hit with a pleasant sound 
  • Great feel and maximum response on every hit
  • Great option for senior ladies


  • Does not come with a headcover 
  • No ladies flex option



  • Callaway Epic Max Golf 2021(Best For The Value)

Best driver club for ladies

The Callaway Golf Driver is another superb one for the ladies as its boost of an amazing review best described as 5 star

This driver uses AI to engineer a new formula for ball speed, the presence of A.I create toom for stability in the horizontal and torsional direction 

Don’t worry if you are prone to slice your ball as this amazing driver club does help you to your shots beyond your expectation

Amazingly with this driver, you have the option to change the degree of loft and add a draw as well to this club

Note: We highly recommend this driver for women, especially for the price.

Thye are also a great option for the senior golfer as you gain more distance with less effort

Your shots assuredly are bound to improve due to its massively forgiving clubface which will help your game 

Note: This is a smoke shaft version

The driver is well balanced and feels really good, this improves the length and straightness of your shots even when not hit well

We love the fact that it does come with a headcover which helps you protect your driver from dirt and dust, it also comes with a wrench as well


  • Brand: Callaway
  • Weight: 0.59 Kilogram
  • Dimension: 48 x 6 x 6 inches
  • Color Option: 1(Black)
  • Configuration option: 3
  • Flex Option: 4


Callaway Epic Max Golf Driver Video Review By Rick Shiels Golf 



  • Available in both hand orientation(Left and right option)
  • The presence of Artificial intelligence helps to improve stability 
  • High forgiveness of exception and comes with a headcover
  • Balanced and comes with an adjustable slide weight 
  • You can change the degree of loft 



  • Does not come with a Wifi Connectivity
  • Might take some time to get used to



  • Callaway Golf Mavrik Driver

Women's driver club

The Callaway Golf Mavrik Driver is one that is better experienced than said as it offers amazing distance and forgiveness even though it might take some time to get used to

Note: Great for handicap as well 

This is an amazing driver with a lightweight shaft which gives you more distance and offers more control of your shots

If you are looking for a driver which offers a nice click sound and great speed with little effort at contact then you can rarely go wrong with the Callaway maverick on review

Note: Comes with a whopping 2-year warranty, that’s awesome and should be emulated by other brands 

You are assured of a nice, solid, and straight shots on all your hits, made of FS2S titanium which is not just a stronger but lighter material than the traditional titanium, and all this is in an effort to give you more speed on your hits

And for higher MOI(Moment Of Inertia) it does come with a carbon crown which is lightweight 

Note: Comes with a headcover


  • Brand: Callaway
  • Weight: 0.57 Kilogram
  • Dimension: 48 x 6 x 6 inches
  • Flex Option: 5
  • Loft Option: 3
  • Internal Jail Break Bar: 2
  • Cyclone Aero Shape



Callaway Golf Mavrik Driver Video Review By TGW-The Golf Ware House



  • Produces optimal speed due to the significantly lighter FS2S Titanium 
  • Deeper and highly satisfying sound as a result of the sophisticated internal titanium rib system which fine-tunes the head
  • Very forgiving and comes with a headcover
  • Easy to hit with an adjustable loft



  • A One time buyer by the name jlang complained of a terrible experience as seller does not communicate, that’s really bad, customers are supposed to be treated with all respect 

Sorry about that jlang. 



  • Callaway Golf 2022 Rogue ST Max

Women driver for sale

The Callaway ST Max Driver is one that has an amazing blend of technology and stability

And when it comes to massive forgiveness and high MOI, gives you a long and straight shot even on a mishit

This is a high tech driver although it does not come with an adjustment tool which many people find useful 

Note: No adjustment tool

If you are in search of one of the fastest and most stable drivers then you can barely go wrong with the Callaway Rogue which is been reviewed

More forgiveness is added to the driver due to an added launch and spin to ball optimization

Constructed with a titanium unibody which does in turn provide an amazing level of stability and a lowered center of gravity


  • Brand: Callaway 
  • Weight: 0.5kg
  • Dimension: 48 x 6 x 6 inches
  • Color Option: 1(Silver)
  • Flex Option: 5
  • Configuration Option: 3
  • Tungsten speed Cartridge 
  • Titanium Unibody Construction


Callaway Golf 2022 Rogue ST Max Video Review By



  • Well built and great stability for 
  • Longer and straighter shots even on a mishit
  • Comes with a headcover for protection
  • Easy to hit and lots of flex options to choose from



  • Does not come with an adjustment tools 



What Is The Easiest Driver To Hit For Women?

The easiest to hit driver for women should have a lightweight design and even boost swing speed, all this without sacrificing accuracy and feedback

There are lots of golf drivers which are designed to be hit easily by women, this spans across brands like the Callaway, Taylormade, XXIO, and many more

Al the driver club which makes this list is easy to hit yet without sacrificing these three key component-Speed, Forgiveness, and Distance


What Is A Good Driver For Women In Golf?

A distance report dated back in 2019 concludes the average driver for a female amateur is 147.9 yard

And for handicap higher than 29, you should usually expect them to hit up to the 119 yardage 

For women who hit between 90 to 95 mph, you can refer here for the best driver for you


What Degree Of Drive Should A Woman Use?

When compared with the men, women hit slower, women golfers do typically have a slower swing speed than their male counterpart

With this driver for women are designed to have higher loft degree to help the ball get into the air with less effort

Note: The lower the loft the lower the trajectory will be so its makes sense that women driver does have a higher loft angle 


What Is The Average Swing Speed For A Woman?

For the LPGA female player, the average swing speed using the driver is 94mph, and with the 6-iron 78 mph

This is in contrast to the PGA Tour Women’s which hits 113mph on an average using a driver and 92moh using a 6-iron 


What Is The Longest Women’s Golf Drive?

The longest women’s golf drive in history stands to be a whopping 406 yards, she holds the female record for the longest ball in WLD

For more on this please refer here 



Women’s Driver, How To Choose?

Choosing a golf driver isn’t about merely looking at them and saying ”oh yeah” this looks great, I think it’s the best for me” no. no-no.

And again, just because some drivers cost more doesn’t mean they are right for you, as you select your driver here are things that you should really consider 

  • Loft 

One of the very first things that you should consider when buying a driver s to choose one which offers the right amount of loft 

Most golfers think that a lower lofted driver equals more distance than a higher lofted driver but the opposite is actually the case

You should have a driver of about 12 degrees if you hit the golf ball a long way.

And if your swing speed is less than 90mph then a more lofted driver will be the best choice, this is because it increases the backspin so that the ball is kept aloft

  • Trajectory

The second thing you should consider is the trajectory, Trajectory can simply be seen as the ball height and the angle of flight after is it struck

As an example, if you hit the golf ball low off the tee then you should look for a driver with a higher trajectory 

  • Forgiveness

All drivers are forgiving but some can be very well forgiving than others, beginners to intermediaries need a whole lot of forgiving drivers to increase their accuracy even on a mishit

Simply put you need a driver who offers maximum forgiveness if you hit a tee shot often than missing the sweet spot

  • Shaft Length

Drives are available in varying shaft lengths with lots of professionals having a shaft length of 44.5 long 

The rule of thumb is that you should find a driver who helps to hit the golf ball very conveniently and efficiently 

  • Shaft Flexibility 

the material and flexibility of your shaft should be well observed, for a high handicapper flexible graphite can be more suitable in order to achieve more distance 

  • Specific Issues

While there are lots of drivers on sale in the market, these drivers are usually designed to offer specific issues which can be to prevent slice with a closed face and a design that is contoured 

Other drives are designed to come with an aerodynamic sole for less drag and more distance ball travel and speed

And drivers with high MOI(Moment Of Inertia) are designed to offer a stronger downswing speed

  • Club Head

The size of a club hed is measured in volume by cubic meters, with the maximum size allowed or approved by the governing body being 460cc 

Driver seat between 440cc to 460cc, if you love to shape the ball more into the air then the 440cc is what is recommended for you

And if you are the type of golfer who is seeking more forgiveness on your shots then the 460cc is the best option

The 460cc driver is the best choice for beginners due to the level of forgiveness it provides even on a mishit 

  • Material

The material used in the production of a driver matters a whole lot, back in the earlier days of golfing persimmon wood or metal wood made of steel material were the norms, but one thing limits this type of material, and that being they were heavy

This heaviness had a very negative experience on your game as it become more difficult to control your ball 

Now the story is different now and thanks to technology today’s golf drivers for women are made from soft and subtle materials like the titanium, carbon composite head, or from a combination of both

Golf drivers made of titanium are of more advantage as they aren’t just stronger but they are lighter thus giving you better control on your shots and with this accuracy is improved and guaranteed

  • Center Of Gravity (CG)

The Center Of Gravity can be described simply as a single balanced point of your club driver, with different brands having different views on where to have this thing placed

Thye can be moved in different ways-Vertically, horizontally, forward, and backward all  this is achievable by moving adjustable or fixed weight inside the head

  • Sound & Feel At Impact

The feel and sound at impact is something that many golfers have come to enjoy and appreciate, this is what keeps many golfers coming back for more


Where Can I Buy A Golf Driver?

When searching for a golf driver you have got two options, you either do it the traditional way by visiting a golf shop nearest to you


You buy from an E-commerce store, there are lots of E-commerce stores which include Amazon, Alibaba, eBay, Jumia. etc. this store offers Driver club 

But when it comes to the biggest giant where you have got lots and lots of options to choose from, then no one comes near Amazon


How Much Does A Golf Driver Cost?

Driver varies by price, this club can cost anywhere from a $100 for beginners to thousand for the expensive ones which are common among professionals and those who are really serious about the game 



What Is The Standard Length For Women’s Golf Club

Woman club are generally 1 inch shorter when compared to the male counterpart, this is because men are usually taller than the women on an average




One of the most important clubs that can have maximum impact on your game whether positively or negatively as a lady is the driver club

This is why it is crucial you are slow but extremely calculative as your make a choice on your club

You do not want a driver who is not forgiving or one who happens to be on the heavy side 

The rate of golf drivers manufactured in today’s market is at an all-time high, this is partly due to a rapid shift in technology and the demand for this product as more and more people get engaged in this interesting sport

In this blog post, we have listed the best golf driver who is well suited for the female golfer 


And thank you for engaging, if you find his piece helpful do endeavor to share , if there is another driver which you think should be part of the list do not hesitate to let us know

Do have a wonderful day from Team Legit Cushion!!!














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