In the end you should be able to list the best the best driver for high swing speed(women)

Today’s golfing do have in great offer the best driver for high swing speed

In golfing swinging is all about the game, if you aren’t doing any swing, it’s most likely you aren’t playing golf

Swing speed can be generally classified into three categories, this categories include the fast swingers, average swingers and low swingers

Thanks to technology who ha made it way easy to calculate the swing speed of a golfer

Using some technological equipment’s and utilities, you can calculate a golfers swing speed by evaluating several shots using a particular club driver and taking into record the average

What Is A Swing Speed

A swing speed in accordance to golfing s the force at which the golfer hits the ball using a club well known as driver and taking into record and observation the distance travelled

In today’s blog post we are going to be listing the best for women driver for high swing speed

For men’s driver for high swing speed lease refer here: Best for men driver for high swing speed

Are you a woman and looking for the best high or fast swing speed driver that will aid you in serious game improvement? We’ve got you covered

prior to this era there were little to n driver dedicated for women or females who are high swingers

The story is different now as there are many ones available for women who are high swingers

Our picks are based off intensive, research, reviews and feedback all with an effort to bring you the best on the market

As a general rule, swing speed as related to golfing is categorized into 3 groups

Fast swing speed, Average swing speed and Slow swing speed, each and every golfer falls into this category

Fast Swing speed

This are swing speed of 100MPH and above, although it varies from men to women, a woman who can swing as fast as 90MPH is categorized as a fast swinger and for men 100MPH and above

Average swing speed

This are swing speed of 60 to 70 for women and 70 to 90MPH for men, there are more average swingers than any other swing category

Slow Swing speed

This are swing speed below 50MPH for women and below 60MPH for men, Senior golfer well fit into this category, with the fact being when you get older your swing speed tends to dwindle

Without further delay we bring to you the list of golf driver for high swing speed

What Are The Best Women’s Golf Driver For High Swing Speed

Cobra Women’s 2018 F-Max Offset Driver

golf driver, women driver, swing speed, high swing speedWith the Cobra Women’s 2018 F-Max Offset Driver you are in for more distance and speed than you have ever imagined

This is a great driver for that woman whose got a high swing speed, with this driver adding distance and speed to your game is no made easier than before

You will get more higher ball launch and draw bias for straighter and more accurate shots as a result of the offset hosel design

And since they are very lightweight which is brought about by the lighter shaft and weight redistribution, you are in for maximum club head speed and ball distance travel


Best for fast swing speed

Good for the money

Forged titanium face insert for more speed and distance

Ultra lightweight shaft for unmatched forgiveness and feedback

Offset design hosel for straighter and more accurate shots

Highly responsive with the best of feel and ball control


Not available in left hand orientation


Cobra 2018 Golf Women’s King F8 Driver

golf driver, swing speed, high speed, high swingWhen it comes to quality golf driver designed for high swing speed female golfers, this is a great choice, as you will hit longer and straighter shots with this drive club

If you are a fast swinging female whose got great taste for quality and efficiency then this is a great choice for you

Get the best of distance and sped brought about by its 360 aero innovative polymer, you will also get higher trajectory and launch angle as they are very lightweight and exceptionally responsive

Amazingly, this is an adjustable driver, this makes it possible to fine tune your shots and distance for better game improvement

The presence of the Dual roll technology makes them exceptionally loveable as you will get lesser spin and well streamlined ball roll for better forgiveness and feedback on every single hit


Optimized E9with sweet spot technology for more forgiveness and feedback

Great for quality and efficiency

Dual roll technology for more optimized ball roll and less spin

Easy to hit with the best of feel and ball control

Ultra lightweight carbon fiber which helps for higher ball launch and trajectory


Someone complained of being sent the wrong club


Taylormade 2018¬† Women’s Kalea Ultra lite Driver

fast swingers, female sswingr, golf driver, fast speed, swing speedIf you’ve got a low budget and looking for a great driver that will¬† give you more distance and control, then the Taylormade 2018 Women’s Kalea is a great choice you can make

Designed for ultimate distance and higher ball flight trajectory made possible through the ultra light shaft and speed pocket

How about the low deep center weighing which makes it easy to get the ball into the atmosphere without much hassle

This driver promised you the best of feel and feedback as it does have a soft, comfortable and light grip

This is one of the best driver for ball control and higher launching and even on a mishit you get corrected

It does come with a head cover for club protection and you will surely love his club as they are very attractive and charmy


Attractive and charmy

Soft and comfortable grip for the best of feel and feedback

Insanely forgiving and highly responsive

Easy to hit with un-matched control

More distance and speed brought about by speed pocket technology

Comes with a head cover for club protection


Very good quality even though not the best


Callaway X Hot Driver(Best Valued)

swing speed, golf driver, high swing, women's driverOne of the most highly valued golf driver for females who are high swingers is no other than the Callaway X Hot driver

In the Callaway X series this is one of the best for the value golf driver for that woman who is looking for ultimate distance and speed on every single hit

This driver boost of one of the latest technology which will help make you golfing more fun and improve on your game

Such technology include the VFT face technology which does help for more speed and distance

Amazingly, whether you are a fast swinger or an average swinger this driver club is just right for you as you will hit with accuracy and forgiveness unmatched

You will be able to get consistent launch brought about by the chemically milled face and well streamlined head


Very quality so that they are very lasting

VFT face for faster ball speed and distance

Adjustable features to optimize your driver settings

Good for the money

Maximum response and forgiveness due to proper weight balancing and positioning


Someone complained of club being a little stiff


Taylormade Women’s RBZ Driver(Best For Low Budget)

The Taylormade RBZ is quite loveable due to it’s amazing features, one of such is it’s well and solidly built in adjustable features which allows for optimized launch and trajectory

Another is the ultarlite titanium core which is strategically placed and positioned for higher ball launch and trajectory

How about it’s legendary speed pocket which does helps to maximize distance and optimize rolls for better forgiveness and unmatched feedback

With this driver you will be able to hit longer and straighter distance and most importantly with great consistency


Legendary speed pocket for more distance and speed

Higher ball launch and lowered spin due to strategically positioned mass

Adjustable loft sleeve for optimized launch and trajectory

Great for low budget

Easy to swing since they are lightweight with ultimate response

Better control and great feel at impact


Might take sometime getting used to



In golfing swing speed is the name of the game since for all part of the game you are going to be swinging

There are generally 3 swing levels in golf sport, which are Fast swing seed, Average swing seed and Slow swing speed

Making a choice on driver depends on your swing seed as there are many drivers out there and each designed for a particular swing speed

In this article we have listed the best driver for high swing speed, this driver are best suited for ladies or female golfers










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