In the end you should be able to list the best women’s golf driver for 90 to 95MPH swing speed

Surprised, oh you don’t have to be, some women have got a swing speed of up to 90 to 95MPH, with this reason we have decided to make thing easy for

By listing the best golf driver for women whose got a swing speed of up to 90 to 95MPH for better pre-informed buying decision

Through the introduction of computerized technology camera’s which does capture slow motion it is now possible to know the exact swing speed of a golfer

In golfing, swing speed is the game, your swing speed will determine the choice of driver that you will be using

Thanks to technology who made it way easy to calculate the swing speed of a golfer

Today’s golfing offers the best on sale women’s driver for 90 to 95MPH swing speed

There are specified characteristics in your golf swing and this affect the way your equipment perform

There are three categories of swing speed in golfing

Types Of Golf Swing Speed

As earlier said, swing speed are usually categorized into three different categories

Fast Swing Speed

This are golfer who are able to hit the golf ball using the club called driver as far over 100MPH

This is common among pros as they hit the farthest the farthest of distance as a result of fast swing

Average Swing Speed

The average swing speed of a lady golfer is quite different from that of men, due to strength and agility, male golfer’s have got more swing speed than females

Average swingers for women can be seen above 60 to 70MPH and for men it could range from 70 to 90MPH

Slow Swing Speed

A golfer who hits the ball below 60MPH for women is regarded as a slow swinger and for men below 70MPH

In today’s blog post we are going to be listing the best women’s driver for 90 to 95MPH swing speed

Are you a woman whose got a swing speed between 90 to 95MPH and looking for the best suited driver? We’ve got you covered

For men’s driver for 90 to 95MPH swing speed please refer here: Best men’s driver for 90 to 95MPH swing speed

Without further delay we bring to you the list, our list are based off intensive research, reviews and feedback all with an effort to bring you the best

Best Women’s Driver For 90 To 95 MPH Swing Speed

Taylormade Women’s RBZ Driver(Best For Feel And Responsiveness)

golf driver, best women, womens driver, 90 to 95MPH,swing speedThe Taylormade women’s RBZ driver is one of the best for the money golf driver utterly designed for women

This driver is very easy to hit which exceptional lightweight and response which ill add up to your over all performance on course

Large titanium headed driver with an adjustable loft sleeve and this allows for well optimized launch and trajectory

The legendary speed pocket is one of the most outstanding and unique features of this driver as it helps to boost ball speed and distance

They are made of ultralight weight materials this makes it very easy to go airborne and to control

You will love the adjustable loft features as they are way way easy to work with and this will change your game by offering you straighter shots and with consistency


Good for the money

Well built adjustable features for driver setting customization for better launching

Lightweight driver this helps for higher ball launch and accurate trajectory

Highly forgiving and responsive brought about by lightweight features and large sweet-spot

Legendary speed pockets for more speed and distance


Not for left hand orientation


Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Max Driver(Best For Quality And Forgiveness)

golf driver, women's driver, best women, 90MPH, swing speed, 90 to 95MPHThis is not just driver, this is quality, for that woman whose got a great taste for quality and superiority, then this club is a great one for that

If you’ve got enough bucks to spend on club, this is great as it does what it meant to

Its expense is drawn from the fact that they are very highly efficient and ultra durable

Features two internal jail breaking bars which connects the sole and crown for faster ball speed promotion which equals to more distance

The larger MOI and strategically placed low CG creates room for exceptional response and forgiveness

Hoe about response and feel brought about by lighter carbon crown which allows for weight redistribution

This driver comes with a head cover for club protection and with it you will be able to fine tune your spin and optimize your launch angle for better result on course


Best for quality and efficiency

Easy to hit and very responsive brought about by lighter carbon crown

Insane responsiveness and feedback as a result of it’s unique weighing

Two interchangeable weight for maximum forgiveness and launching

Jail breaking bars for more speed and distance




Taylormade Golf M6 Women’s Driver(Best For Forgiveness And Response)

This is another great for the quality golf driver designed for women whose got a swing speed of 90 to 95MPH

Just as the Callaway Mavrik, this driver offers the best of quality and durability

Comes with a speed injected technology which does help to promote ball speed and distance

Even if you’ve got a slow swing speed this driver is here to compensate you for such weaknesses

Driver features a twist face technology which does help to reduce spin and optimize rolls and launch angle

How about aerodynamic features which does allow ball to go easily airborne with a fine tune distance on every single hit

This golf driver does boost of the largest sweet-spot allowed in golfing, this results to more forgiveness even on a mishit


Twist face technology for spin reduction and roll optimization

Easily go airborne with accurate launch trajectory brought about by aerodynamic features

Quality so they are highly durable

Insane forgiveness and responsiveness brought about by large sweet-spot and strategically positioned CG and high MOI

Maximum feedback and ball control brought about by proper weight zoning and placement


Be the first to review


Cobra 2018 Golf Women’s King F8 Driver(Best For Feedback And Forgiveness)

golf driver, best women, 90 to 95MPH, swing speedThe Cobra is one of the famous golf club manufacturers out there, little to no wonder they have remained as one of the most sought after

The Cobra King F8 is no different from that, with this driver you will get maximum club head which is made possible through the feature known as 360 aero innovative polymer aero trip

They are lightweight and does have an ultra carbon crown save discretionary weight this supports for higher ball launch and trajectory

You will be able to fine tune your shots and distance through the F8 adjustable features, this will also help you to manage trajectory and optimize your spin for more forgiveness

When it comes to feedback and feel, this driver offers the best and with a large sweet-spot which is strategically placed and well optimized low CG you will get un-matched forgiveness and feel even on a mishit



Ultra light carbon crown for more feedback and control

8 easily adjustable loft setting to help manage trajectory and launch angle

360 aero innovative polymer for easier ball flight and distance accuracy

Good quality so that they are durable

Maximum ball control and feel brought about by comfortable and soft grip

Precision milled face for unmatched forgiveness and feedback

Dual roll technology for reduced spin and optimized rolls


Still waiting to see the cons


Callaway X Hot Driver(Best for Ball Control And Forgiveness)

swing speed, golf driver, best women, for ladies, 90 to 95MPHWith the Callaway X Hot driver you are sure to see an instant improvement on you game

Get the best of distance, speed and straighter shots through the feature known as the VFT face

Easily adjust you loft and lie to suit your playing conditions, one of the lightest golf driver of the Callaway brand which offers un-matched distance and speed is the X Hot driver

Great for average swingers and amazingly even slow swingers as it does compliment your swing by offering you longer and straighter driver

Without leaving forgiveness out, this driver since they are large headed with high MOI, you are assured of more stability and control at impact


VFT face for more speed and straighter shots

Loft and lie adjustability for driver setting optimization

Good for the money

Available in multiple flex so that it fits a wide range of golfers playing style and pattern

Ultimate forgiveness and response brought about by lightweight features and proper stability

Better ball control and feel as they are well balanced and grip is soft and flexible


Someone complained of driver being stiff


What Shaft Should I Use If I Have 90 to 95MPH Swing Speed

Your swing will determine the shaft which will be best suited for you, you should be using a lady flex shaft or regular flex shaft

Knowing fully well that an extra stiff or stiff flex shaft will be too strong for women and with it they cannot be able to swing fast or even control their ball



Today’s golfing do have in great offer the best on sale driver for 90 to 95MPH swing speed

With a 90 MPH swing speed you are around the average swing speed of golfer worldwide

Making a a choice on golf driver is highly dependent on your swing

As there are different driver best suited for different swing speed, the best driver for average swing speed are the ones on the list

Choose from any of them and notice an instantaneous improvement on you game








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