In the end you should be able to list the 10 best women’s golf shoe for wide feet ladies and its unique features and characteristics that makes them quite unique from each other for a better smarter pre-informed buying decision

When considering buying a golf shoe, you must consider the size of your feet, your feet size determines the size of shoe that is best suited for you, some have wide feet others do have narrow feet

Hey! Are you a lady golfer with large feet, wide feet or you have a well expanded phalanges and you have never been satisfied with your shoes because they don’t fit you well, because they aren’t wide enough to accommodate your wide feet, here is the best golf footwear with wide toe box that will fit you perfectly

Golf shoes are either wide footed or narrow footed, the purpose of a wide footed golf shoe is to give the large footed an option of footwear that best fits them, same goes for golfers with narrow feet

Golfers can either have a wide foot or a narrow foot, this begs for the manufacture of golf shoes for either wide or narrow feet, if you are a female golfer looking for a golf shoe to fit your broad feet then you are at the right place

In this post we are going to be listing the best recommended Women’s golf shoes for the wide footed lady, this best golf shoe for ladies with wide feet have wide toe box for better comfortability, durability and fit

With this ladies shoes you will have more comfort and ease playing on course, the top priority for a wide feet shoe is comfort, I have come in contact with many complains from golfers complaining that a particular shoe is too narrow for their feet

A narrow footwear can be very uncomfortable for a wide footed individual, narrow footed golf shoe when put on by a golfer who is wide footed can cause pain, stress on foot and un-comfortability

Females with wide legs need the best of shoe for comfort and maximum playability on course and at such well spacious shoes is the real deal for such women

What Are The Best And Comfortable Women’s Golf Shoes For Wide Feet?

Sketcher’s Women Max Golf Shoe(Best Lightweight And Solid)

golf, shoes, wide, feet, big, footed, women, footwear, ladiesLooking for a golf shoe to suit your big leg? here is a great golf footwear for that female who is in search of a comfortable shoe, this footwear is very light due to its ultra lightweight responsive ultra flight midsole cushioning and mesh fabric upper

They are water resistant so there is no fear of using it in water or moisture, they are awesome and breathable and your feet will be dry and, this shoe is well balance as it helps stabilized your legs even on the most regular terrain

The good support and traction for golf is another amazing features about this golf shoe for the wide footed woman, they are the go to shoes and they do not sleep on course due to its extensively designed grip ability features that keep every woman firm


Very spacious and stable

Extremely comfortable and lightweight

Awesome support and traction

GOGA Max insole for exceptional cushioning

Price friendly


Might have little ankle support for some

Adidas Women’s W Tech Response Golf Shoe(Best Spacious And Quality)

foot, golf, shoe, wide, womens, females, feet, bestFeaturing innovative and powerful design which takes golf footwear to another level, you can remove and replace the spikes of this awesome golf shoe when you desire to

They are sturdy and fit through to size and are highly cushioned for optimum comfortability due to the presence of a cloud sole insole, This Adidas shoe is well stable with the best best of traction and balance

Providing durability, lightweightness and easy on and off, a go, go golf shoes for the money as they have proven to be price friendly, armed with this shoe you will concentrate better on your game without distraction


Cushioned and super comfortable

Light weight and very stylish

Water resistant and durable

Excellent for wide feet

Good for the money

Great at traction and very sturdy


Runs a little large

Might not be the best for wet conditions

Adidas Women’s Adipower 4Orged Golf Shoe(Best Comfortable And Flexible)

wide, footed, big, best, women's footwear, golf, shoe, largeThe Adidas Women’s 4Orged golf shoe are the best for that large footed woman looking for an extra comfy shoe that is built to last and very sturdy, the responsive boost midsole is geared towards extra comfort and foot relaxation

You will love this shoe because they are very lightweight which is made possible with the lightweight forged micro fiber upper, they are highly sturdy offering you one of the most advanced gripability mechanism through its low profile 6 cleats TPU outsole

They are easy to maintain, made of quality so highly durable and stylish for women who loves style and classic looking shoes however they fit on the larger side so do check for the one that fits you perfectly


Made of quality so the fear of not being durable is eliminated

Stylish and classic

Nice grip and well balanced

Easy to maintain and well vented

Best for the large footed ladies

Well cushioned for extra comfort


Someone complained of shoe being ok but how ever she didn’t like the style

Ecco Women’s Soft Low Hydromax Golf Shoe(Best Spacious And Quality)

big, feet, ladies, best, golf, shoe, footwearThe hydromax has claimed the number one spot when it comes to durability and comfortability, for women with large for whose priority is targeted at comfortability and premium lasting shoe this is what you have been looking for

For exceptional performance both on and off then green this hybrid golf shoe is made from naturally tumbled leather, it does have a water repellant features to make sure your feet are always dry and cool

They bare highly supportive and well balance due to its anatomical well constructed and designed shape, time to feel and play great, they are designed to how your feet relate to every part of your swings on course

Lightweight golf shoes which will make you golfing more fun and enjoyable such that you have never seen and with its high end traction you are ensured of stability as you do your swing


Waterproof and lightweight

Extreme cushioning for optimum comfort

Great support and traction on feet

Well spacious enough for wide feet

Great adjustability lacing system

Removable insole and breathable


Someone complained of color mismatch

New Balance Women’s Minimus SL Breathable Spikeless Comfort Golf Shoe(Best Solid And Quality)

The Women’s Minimums SL is a well structured golf shoe with great traction and gripabilty for women, this spikeless golf shoe is built for optimum comfort for the wide footed

They are highly flexible thus making it possible to move your legs around the toe box area and the side, for cushioning and support there is the Revlite midsole, made of high end breathable, soft and stretchy material to ensure premium comfort while you enjoy your game

It does have a roomy toebox and is probably one of the best golf shoe you have ever bought, highly recommended and with them you wouldn’t have anything to worry about, you will only have a smooth ride golfing, however some lady complained of it being wider than expected


Very lightweight and durable

Well cushioned for optimum comfort

Rubberized out sole for the best of traction and grip

Sturdy and well built

Spacious and flexible especially in then toe box area

Good for the money


Someone complained of it being too mushy


The Need For A Wide Footed Golf Shoes For women

The need for golf shoes with wide toe box for the ladies all stern from women who are interested in golfing but had no shoe to fit their feet, thus this prompted sport shoe manufacturers to seek alternatives by creating and manufacturing footwear’s that will compliment this wide footed females

While some are narrow footed other are wide footed, This creates a gap between the shoes they wear, for the narrow footed it makes sense that a narrow footed shoe is manufactured for them and for the wide footed a wide footed sport shoe, so everyone can actively participate in sporting activities, in this case golfing


Today’s golfing offers the best of golf shoes with wide toe box that are highly comfortable and exclusively targeted at the females who are wide footed or who have wide feet

Here is a quick recap, Golf shoes are either wide footed or narrow footed, as a golfer who is wide footed or who have wide feet you will be needing the best golf shoe that will suit and fit your feet size

As a wide feet female golfer, a narrow feet golf shoe will do you no good, you will feel pain and most of all you will be uncomfortable, but with a wide footed shoes you will be positioned for more comfort and focus as you hit or walk on the green
















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