In the end, you should be able to list the features and the benefits of the Boburn Golf putting Green

Important notice: The Boburn Putting green offers free flags and cups, wow! what a great giveaway!!! If you buy

Today’s golfing offers lots of great options on your putting green and the Boburn putting green on review is no exception

Prior to this era, there were little to no option on putting green thanks to technology and innovation which has made this possible

With a putting green, you can comfortably practice putting from the comfort of your home without being compelled to leave your comfort zone for the course

There are lots of golf putting green from where the golfer can comfortably make a choice from

For the best 5 putting green on sale please refer here Best Putting green to buy right now 

Looking for a great putting green, we’ve got you covered, there are lots of putting green brands which includes the likes of  Rukket, Dura-Pro, Big Moss, and here on review is the Boburn brand

The Dura-Pro is no doubt  a great brand similar to the Bouburn putting green, check out this one Dura-Pro Octagon Premium Golf Mat review

One of the very important activities as far as golf is concerned is putting as opposed to the club called driver club, the Putter club is the last hitting club in every round of golf

To putt is simply to hit the golf ball softly and slowly with a club called putter so that it goes into the golf hole

the distance between your golf ball and the golf  hole will determine how you putt, and as said earlier, in putting the stroke is generally gentle and calculated

When putting only your shoulder and your arms should move, there should be almost no wrist movement with your head staying almost still

Every year new models are released which promises more forgiveness and accuracy thus improving the golfer’s experience

Note: How your putter looks in the address position and how it sounds at impact are very crucial and important criteria

It’s probably not good in the bag if a putter doesn’t look good or feels good

Having said this in today’s blog post it is the Bouborn golf putting green on review

Thanks to indoor golf, one of the very important piece of equipment needed for indoor golf is a golf putting green

The term indoor golf is an umbrella term that encompasses golf games played away from the course

With indoor golf, you have the option to practice golf from the comfort of your home, office, balcony, or backyard, or any other place which deems fit for you

The term indoor golf became more prevalent especially during the Covid19 pandemic as golf courses were closed and golfers had no option but to practice golfing away from the course

With a putting green, you can practice more and more putting without having to visit the golf course

Back in the early day of golfing, golfers had no option than to visit the course whether it feels comfortable for them or not whenever they want to practice putting as there were no other option

Bur with the putting green you have the option to practice on improving on your putt from your homes or probably visit the course

Without further aduo, we head to the focal point of this article and it is one of Boburn’s brand Putter


Boburn Golf Putting Green Review

Boburn Golf Green Reviews


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If you are looking for one of the best Putting Green on review on one worth investing in, then the Boburn Golf Putting Green is a smart one to start with

This golf artificial putting green is one that offers the true feel of the course, simply put you get a feeling of putting on a real green when practicing with it as it helps with alignment and speed control

How about the awesome layout and quality of this green which is great, as a matter of fact much better than expected

The number of holes which it offers also is a huge perk, you do not just get two or three with each green but you get the mini holes as well, this is amazing

I would recommend this mat as it is also a very highly portable golf green which makes storage easier, faster, and more convenient

If you are looking for a green which is great for both indoor and outdoor use then you cannot go wrong with the Boburn

When it comes to quality, this putt8ng golf mat is one that offers the best of quality for long-lasting durability and high efficiency

There is the presence of a soft elastic base and this helps to adhere to any surface that it is placed on indoors

What does this elastic base mean for the Bouburn? It simply means that as you swing your club to hit the golf ball you are guaranteed that the mat wouldn’t slide over as many golf putting mats do

How about the stainless steel flag which is present in the two golf holes which come with this putting mat

With this stainless steel flag and cup, you get a pleasant sound when the ball is put into it and as you will expect this adds up to the thrill of the game

Note: This Boburn Putting Golf Mat on review is great for both indoor and outdoor

This putting mat does not take a lot of space, this makes them a great gift for your friends and family who enjoy playing the game of golf

Features a stylish and realistic look and constructed of high adhesive glue so that the grass and rubber bottom can be held firmly and together

You are guaranteed a long-lasting life span of 5 to 8 years when used and taking care of properly

Note: The Boburn golf putting green on review is great for simulators

The multiple distance marker and alignment guide is enough to make anyone fall in love with this awesome golf putting green/mat as it allows you to work on your strokes and setup

They are available in varying sizes giving you a robust size option to choose from and no matter your height there is always one that is excellently geared towards meeting your needs

These varying sizes are 2.5 X 10ft, 3.3 X 10ft, 4 X 10ft, and 5 X 10ft and finally make a choice on any of the sizes that are best suited for you and get a free flag and cup

Note: You get a free flag and cup when you buy from any sizing of the Boburn Golf Putting Green/Mat


Boburn Golf Putting Green Review, Its Spec

  • Brand: Bouburn
  • Weight:
  • Package Dimension:
  • Year: 2020 first available On Amazon
  • Size: 2.5 X 10ft, 3.3 X 10ft, 4 X 10ft and 5 X 10ft


Boburn Golf Putting Green Review, Its Features

  • True roll surface so that it feels like the real green
  • Soft high elastic base so that it can adhere to any surface
  • Stainles steel flag and cup 

Boburn Golf Putting Green Video Review By Pro Review TV


Boburn Golf Putting Green, Its Pros

  • Very quality and highly efficient putting mat
  • Comes with a free flag and cup
  • Stainless flag and cup for the best of feel and pleasant sound 
  • Available in varying sizes for a robust choice option
  • Well known and trusted brand
  • Great for both indoor and outdoors


Boburn Golf Putting Green, Its Cons

  • A little on the heavy side


What Should I Consider When Choosing A Putting Green?

Golf Green Reviews Boburn


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Making a choice on your golf putting green can be an exciting task or adventure especially if you haven’t had such an experience before

however, do not allow you joy becloud your sense of reasoning as there are some important criteria that ensure you make the best buying decision on your putting green

Lots of golfers especially beginners make the wrong choice on their putting green because they fail to take this important criterion into consideration

Because we do not want you to be among these individuals we present to you what it takes to make the right choice on your putting mat in 2021

Without further delay here are the criteria that one must put into consideration if you want to make the right choice on your putting golf mat

This is especially true with the abundant number of mat available to choose from

  • Yarn Type

Golf putting green is known to have two types of yarn which include synthetic yarn which can be straight textured or straight yarn which as its name suggest does have a straight fiber

The textured yarn is great for mimicking the grass on real great green and because of this they are often preferred among a large number of golfers

It is very advisable that you opt for a textured yarn when looking or in search of the best artificial putting mat or green

You can also use straight yarn especially if you want to form the fringe grass( Longer grass that surrounds your area)

the straight yarn type of putting green is best suited for chipping and preventing the golf ball from rolling on the green

  • Pile Density

What is the pile density like, this should be one of the very first things that you should be looking for as you make a choice on your golf putting green

Note: The denser the pile the better

The denser the pile the better provided it is not so dense that it prevents the installation 0f an infill material

Anything around the 80,000 stitches per square meter performs best and is the most recommended

One of the greatest benefits of a denser pile is not just that it is only more hard-wearing which means it is capable of withstanding many hours of practice rather it also helps replicate a true ball roll speed

On the opposite piles which are sparse are known to flatten very quickly and you lose the realistic ball roll

  • Pile Direction

As you make a choice on which putting reen or mat which is deemed best for you, make sure you make a choice on one which has the most realistic ball roll speed possible

Remember you will get the best feeling and experience when your putting green feels like the real green

look for one which offers the best minimal pile direction, this is because all domestic putting green does have a pile direction and what does this mean? it simply means that the fiber lean slightly in one direction for the best result and gaming experience

unrealistic ball roll most often can be traced to excessive pile direction, depending on which direction that you are putting the putting grass performs differently

Note: When the ball goes with the pile direction then it means that the ball will roll faster and when it doesn’t it rolls slowly

You can check this by simply requesting that a samp0le of your artificial putting green and then observe very closely if the pile leans in one direction uniformly

  • Microns Matter

When we talk about micron matter it is simply a unit of measurement which equals a millionth of a meter

Note: Synthetic fiber is measured in microns 

How your artificial grass will perform is greatly influenced by the micron measurement so you have to be careful and very observant as you make a choice

You are advised to check the manufacturer specifications to find micron thickness of your artificial putting green yarn

For best all-round performance and longevity it is highly recommended that you search for a thicker fiber

  • Aesthetic Count

Oh yeah, you will definitely want you putting green to look good and attractive no matter how well it performs, this is where aesthetic count come into play

You should ensure that it looks very realistic and so that it blends with your garden surrounding especially as it is likely to be a key part of your outdoor space

The subject of aesthetics is more of a preferred option, to check for the appearance of the turf you choose all you do is to request samples and look for pictures of the real-life installation, or if you can probably see them in the flesh

  • Ease Of Maintainance

You might want to consider how easy it is to maintain your golf putting green as not all putting green have the same maintenance creation

While some are very easy to maintain others can be quite tedious, its best to stick to one which you are able to maintain so that it lasts you for a very long

  • Portability

One of the very considerations when choosing golf putting mats is how portable they can be, as you all know, everyone loves portability no one loves weighing or something which is very difficult or heavy to carry

  • Spacing

You do not buy a golf mat when there is no space to install, it is frustrating, before making a choice on which mat is best suited for you it’s great to put into consideration the storage spacing

To make it much easier you can use tape to measure the amount of available space where you putting green is going to be installed


Putting Green, What Are They Used For?

Boburn golf putting green review


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Putting green, what are they made for, the grass under putting green are specifically developed to have a fine texture and high plant density this enables the golf putting mat to have a smooth playing surface so that golfers can have the best of experience


How Easy and How Do You Maintain A Putting Green?

Maintaining your putting greens shouldn’t be difficult and in fact it is not because you do not do it all the time, you do it anytime is it used

To maintain a putting green you should simply

  • Brush clean using a rake
  • Hose and rinse clean the turf
  • With a power broom perk up artificial glass blade


For more information on how to clean and maintain your putting green please refer here how to clean my artificial putting green


What Is A Good Sizing For Backyard Putting Green?

Putting green is available in varying sizing and each of these sizings is good as it satisfies a particular audience so that no one is left out

However, the standard sizing of a putting green would be around 500 square feet for residential feet spaces

While for that of commercial purpose is 1,500 square feet


What Kind Of Grass Do You Use For A Putting Green?

Over many years it is great to know that putting green has improved dramatically, thanks to technology and innovation

Today’s green is made of Bermuda, Creeping Grass, and Poa annua

They are the most managed turf grasses on putting green by the United States


What Golf Putter Is Great For The Boburn Putting green?

Golf putter is the club used or designed to be used on the putting green, in fact putting green was built for the putter club

There are lots of putters in today’s market of which the best suited or the Bouburn Green is any putter from this list

Please refer here for the best golf putter club for Boburn Putting green on review


Boburn Golf Putting Mat, Its FAQ

Golf Green Reviews Boburn


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  • Q: What happens if my dog pee?
  • A: Firstly you should be careful enough not to allow your dog to pee on your golf putting mat, but in the case where you dog pee you do not have to worry as golf putting green/mat generally have a squishy rubber backing                                                                                                                             If your dog happens to pee on it what you should do is simply soak it with a garden hose or probably put it in the rain so that it washes away


  • Q: Can this be installed permanently outside?
  • A: Yes absolutely, this golf at is built for both indoors and outdoors so you have no problem with that 


  • Q: Do the ball drop in the holes or just stay in the cup?
  • A: The cup is the depth of the turf itself so this means that it may drop a little more than a quarter of an inch


  • Q: On this putting mat, what is the realistic longest putt that you can take?
  • A: At the maximum, you can take 7ft as the long grass usually gets in the way, it is important that you take this into mind


  • Q: Is there an inclusion of a foam hill?
  • A: Absolutely, there is an inclusion of foam hill 


  • Q: Is the flag replaceable?
  • A: Absolutely if you want to replace the flag it is very replaceable


  • What is the weight of this putting Green or mat?
  • The Boburn Golf Putting Green has a weight of 26.8 pounds


  • How sturdy is the bottom base of this putting mat?
  • The bottom of the of this putting mat is very sturdy this makes them very geat and worth an investment


  • Q: Is this golf putting mat a great option for iron shots off of into a net and as well as putting surface?
  • A: With this mat comes a rubber backing with a relatively tight weave 


  • A: How portable is the Boburn golf putting mat on review?
  • Q: Very portable as it is easy to roll 


  • A: Can you gift out this golf putting green to men?
  • Q: Oh yea, if you are looking for a great gift for your golf lover whether man or woman the Boburn putting mat can be a very great option for you as they will love it 


  • Q: How many flags and holes does this putting green come with?
  • A: This mat comes with 3 flags and holes each


  • Q: Is it possible that you add slope to the putt?
  • A: Absolutely, you can add slope to the putt if you find that very comfortable


  • Q: When putting does this green move around?
  • A: Absolutely not, these mats are heavy and very sturdy so that when you perform a putt it doesn’t move


  • Q: Can the steel cup be replaced with real golf cups?
  • A: This will require raising the mat by four-inch or you can do this by cutting the golf cup to one inch


  • Are the holes big and what is the sizing?
  • The holes of the Boburn putting green are large enough, the holes are 4-1/4



Golf Green Reviews Boburn


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But the Boburn golf putting mat today and get free flags and cup, this is awesome and amazing

Golf putting green gives you the option to improve on your putting right from your comfort zones without having to visit the course every now and then, all thanks to technology and innovation

The Boburn Golf putting mat is one which you should consider investing in if you are looking for a classic and quality golf putting mat which would last you for long and feels so realistic like the real green


If you find this very helpful please do endeavor to share!!! Have a wonderful day Golfer!!!
















































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