In the end, you should be able to list the features which do make the Caddytek Explorer V8-SuperLite Wheel Golf Push Cart a great cart to invest on

Today’s golfing have in great offer golf pushcart of different types and branding, and in today’s blog post we are going to be reviewing the CaddyTek Explorer V8-Superlite 4 Wheel Golf Push Cart

Looking for the CaddyTek Explorer V8 Golf Push Cart? We’ve got you covered

The brand well known as CaddyTek has been long into the production of cart for golfing, so they know what it takes to make the right golf cart which will serve you well

Having produced several series of Push Cart, they are perceived as not just a great but well-trusted brand for your Push Cart

In this blog post, we are going to be giving a though review about this great and exciting push golf cart for brand CaddyTek

Having said this we head to the overview of this pushcart


CaddyTek Explorer V8-SuperLite 4 Wheel Golf Push Cart Reviews, Overview


Caddytek Cart, Push Cart, Review Cart, Golf Cart
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On reviews, it is confirmed that the CaddyTek Explorer V8-SuperLite 4Wheel Golf Push Cart weighs less than 15lbs and amazingly they are designed with a mechanism such that they are foldable for un-matched portability and easy transportation

This device can be folded in two simple steps so that they are easily stored in the trunk of a car, if you are looking for a highly roll able golf push cart then you can well settle for the CaddyTek Explorer V8-SuperLite 4 Wheel Golf Push Cart as it wheels is 10.5” for the rear and 9.5 for the front

It doesn’t matter the terrain as you can push your cart effortlessly and stressless as it does come with a stable 4 wheel design, handle position which is multiple, and a ball bearing wheel that does roll smoothly

With this pushcart comes a basket, this basket contains a cooler built-in and with other amazing features that every golfer wants

These features include a holder for the umbrella, Score cardholder which does come with a storage compartment, beverage/cell phone, GPS holder, and on the handle a mesh net

Simple Folding Mechanism

Cart is being folded o compact size via the patented simple two latched mechanism

Bag Holder Patented

Your stand bag is fitted with perfection so this helps in keeping your gears secure and in safe condition via the patented bag holder

Position Which Is Adjustable

The Adjustable position or position which is adjustable all meaning the same thing, this cart does come with a multiple handle position of which is included a holder for score card, storage compartment, beverages holder(integrated) and mesh net

Simple Quick Braking System

This mechanism is constructed in such a way that it does operate in this manner and for a simple and quick control Push to break and push to release foot break design


CaddyTek Explorer V8-SuperLite 4 Wheel Golf Push Cart Review, Key Features

Caddytek Cart, Push Cart, Review Cart, Golf Cart

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  • Umbrella holder
  • Very easy to roll brought about by 9.5”  front wheel and 10.5” rear
  • 14lbs weighing
  • Score card holder with storage compartment, beverage holder and mesh net
  • 11.5 to 12.5 Adjustable distance of front wheel for added stability and so that it fits any size of golf bag
  • Wide body design 25.5” for an easy and effortless push
  • Foldable to compact size via the two lathced mechanism
  • Maintenance free wheel for extra balance and added stability across all terrain


CaddyTek Explorer V8 4 Wheel Push Golf Cart Reviewed, Its Pros


Caddytek Cart, Push Cart, Review Cart, Golf Cart

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  • Highly foldable for un-matched portability as they are ,ad of patented folding design
  • Made out of strong durable aluminum frame structures so that they are vey quality and long lasting
  • Very lightweight, weighing only 14lbs
  • Easy to push through as they are made of very actionable and easy to roll ball bearing wheels
  • Well recognized and trusted brand
  • Wheel does come with break
  • Maintenance free wheel
  • Adjustable front wheel so that it can fit any golf bag sizing
  • Umbrella holder with integrated score card, beverage holder and mesh net


CaddyTek Super-Lite Explorer 4 Wheel Golf Push Cart On Review, It’s Cons

  • Difficult to unlock break in some occasions
  • Into 2 parts its handles are divided


Caddy Tek Explorer V8-Superlite 4 wheel golf push Cart, video Reviewed

Golf cart are vehicles is a small vehicle which is designed to carry golfers and their of clubs around a golf course or on a rugged terrain which is more favorable than taking a walk

Golf Cart prove to be quite beneficial for golfers, with a golfer Cart a golfer can easily focus on their game without the need to carry their bag which might lead to back pain or ache

If you have heavy load of golf equipment’s and find out transporting them on shoulder would causes you pain, the a golf cart is save the day

There are a whole lots of golf cart in the market today this makes it even more difficult than ever in making a choice on which golf cart is best suited for you

With this reason we are going to be giving you the list of the different types of cart available for golfing with a thorough explanation of each type so that you can better make a smart- intelligent pre-informed decision on which is best suited for you


Types Of Golf Cart

Your Cart for Golf can be categorized into Push Golf Cart, Pull Golf Cart, Electric Golf Cart, Gas Powered Golf Cart, Luxury Golf Cart

Four best four wheeled golf carts, please refer here: Best four wheeled golf cart

  • Push Golf Cart

Just as it name suggest, the Push Golf Cart is designed in such a way that it can be pushed, the Push Golf Cart is the most commonly used kind of Cart

They are referred to as Push golf cart as they have no motor so can only be moved by pushing, they are designed in such a way that they do have only but three wheels with one being at the front and two at the back

This doesn’t mean they aren’t four wheeled Push Golf Cart, just that they aren’t common as that of the three wheeled, this type of Cart favors all terrain be it grassy terrain or sandy bunker

The CaddyTek Explorer V8 Super-Lite Golf Cart on review is a perfect example of a Push Golf Cart

  • Golf Pull Cart

This is the exact Opposite of the Push Golf Cart, the Pull Golf Cart moves by pulling, at least it name suggest that, this is the smallest type of Cart among the other types

The Pull Golf Car does have similarities with the Push Golf Cart, but unlike the Push, the Pull does come with only two wheel

One of the distinguishing characteristics in this Cart is that they do have simple construction and because of this they are lightweight in comparison to other types of Cart

  • Electric Golf Cart

The Electric Golf Cart as the name suggest is manned by electricity, this Cart type operates through the use of Electricity

There are much electric golf cart in the market today and it becomes even more difficult to make a choice on which is best, for electric golf cart, please refer here: Best electric golf cart

This Cart is a lot easier than any other type of Cart, this is why they took the World by storm when they came into existence

Electric Golf  Cart are well known for its motor which takes the stress of pushing or pulling of you for un-matches ease

Prior to this era they were designed to accommodate only but a single passenger but today it does makes provision for two or there golfers

When it comes to an environmental friendly Cart, the Electric is the best as Gas Golf Cart isn’t environmental friendly via the emission of poisonous gas into the atmosphere which is well dangerous to human and animal system

  • Gas Powered Golf Cart

From its name, ”Gas Powered”, you should have a pre-ambo of what this Cart type is all about, the Gas Golf Cart is being manned by Gas

This Cart type function similar to the Electric with a difference that it is being manned by ”Gas” while Electric cart, ”Electric”

This Cart type is noisy with high maintenance required to keep them up and running even though they provides better option in moving among fast greens

  • Luxury Golf Cart

If you are a golfer who loves carrying your golf cart in style then the Luxury Golf Cart is a great option to invest in, this is because it does have everything that you will be needing

It only draw back that you can expect is that they are often expensive, nevertheless you get what your pay for as they do have features not available in other kind of Cart Types

A great example of this features include a Fog light, premium leather seat, snazzy rims on the wheel and shiny chrome grills

This Cart type are very unique as they are highly customizable

Having said that we move over factors to consider when selecting a Cart for Golf


Factor To Consider When Buying A Golf Cart(CaddyTek Super-Lite Explorer 4 Wheel Golf Push Cart)

Have you been thinking of buying a golf Cart? without knowing hoe to go about it, like not knowing some of the criteria which can help you in making a right decision? don’t worry, we will help you solve that

When searching for your Cart for Golf they are couple of consideration that one must bear in mind

  • New Vs Used

It is your choice to choose whether you will be buying a used Golf Cart or a New one, Used golf Cart as we all known is a golf cart which has been used, this makes them more cheaper than getting a new one

If you want a used golf Cart then you should go for something that is very healthy and still strong

However as an advice, I would prefer you get a new Golf Cart as this will be of greater values for the money than used and you are assured of better and flexible guarantee

Used Cart are usually price friendly while the new one can be much expensive to buy, even at this, there are used Golf Cart which are great

So it is a matter of decision and pricing as you goanna be deciding if you are comfortable with a used or you prefer a new one

  • Pricing

Golf cart varies from price to price as they are many available in the market and of different quality, when choosing a golf Cart or trying to buy one, you re going to be making a decision on how much you are going to feel comfortable parting with

While some Carts are quite cheap other might be very expensive and we can all agree that the expensive ones are usually the most quality and come with lots of accessories

If you are a golfer whose got enough money to spend on Cart is if great advice to go for the best for quality as they tend to be more long lasting and engaging

  • Brand

Your Cart for golf are made available in various brands, there are various well known and trusted brand which are well into the production and manufacture of your golf cart

One of such great brand is the Tangkula golf push cart

This grand makes excellent and long lasting Cart that will serve you well and is a great value for your money, having said this here are some examples of this great Cart brand made readily available in the market today

Armed with any of this brand you are sure in for real deal of quality and efficiency, these brand includes and is not restricted to the Yamaha to the Club Car to the EZ-GO to the CaddyTek

To clear the confusion of not knowing which brand to choose from, any of this brand is great, as you can see in this blog post of today we have the CaddyTek Explorer-V8 Super-Lite 4 Wheel Golf Push Cart on reviews and this is a great one to invest on

  • Golf Cart Type

We have mentioned the difference type of golf carts available on sale today, you have the option to choose from the Pull Cart, Push Cart, Gas Cart, Electric Cart and the Luxury Cart

If you want a Cart which does offer a wide array of features and comfort then the luxury Golf Push Cart then the luxury Cart is one you should invest on

For golfers who loves a simple and less expensive Cart which do not require high maintenance then the Push or Pull Golf Cart is a great option

If you are a golfer who do not enjoy the stress that comes with pushing then you can go for the electric or the gas Golf Cart

What you hope to achieve with your Cart and the mode which you prefer in conveying them would determine which Cart type will suit you well

  • Distance

Distance also play an important role, for over long distance, the Gas Cart is the choice you should look up to as they travel farther distance than any other Cart type

A good Gas Cart should be able to travel as far as 250 miles but as usually you are going to be spending much on gasoline

In the case of an electric Golf Cart with a full charged battery you can only travel but 25-40 miles, so you are going to be looking at distance

  • Weighing

When choosing your Cart for Golf you should take into consideration weighing as Electric golf Cart tends to be slower when there is excessive weight on it unlike its counterpart which is the Gas Golf Cart which are more weight friendly

  • Cost Of Maintenance

Maintenance is one of the very consideration as you shouldn’t invest on something you wouldn’t be able to take care of, else it is a waste of money and resources

The tires, breaks, light, oil, and other engine will require maintenance for a smooth run and operation, if you are a golfer who is looking for a Cart which requires less maintenance the Gas Golf Cart should be the last option you should be looking at as they require high maintenance cost

  • Weather

You should also take weather into consideration before purchasing you Cart for Golf, if you are in an environment where there is constant rainfall or very cold weather condition then you should go for a Cart with enclosure

On the other hand if you are in an environment where there is too much of heat its best to sort for Carts which offers Air Condition(AC) as this helps to keep you cool and calm

  • Replacement Part Sorting

When choosing you Cart its wise you put into serious consideration replacement parts as not every Golf Cart part seems easy to come by

This means if your Cart does have a problem replacing parts becomes a challenge even with your money, as an advice you goanna take into consideration your environment and know which Cart barns parts is readily available or easy to come by so that in case of a failure or break down you would have problem replacing parts so that you Cart is up and running again

  • Customizable Features

While there are many Golf Cart in the market today some are easily customizable and some are quite in-flexible for customization

You goanna be asking yourself if you have great love for customization and if you do, its best to go for Carts which offers the flexibility for customization

For an instance you might decide or want to add music to your Cart for Golf, light or enclosures, extended trailer system at the back, this requires Cart that offers great flexibility for customization

While choosing your cart for golf, amazingly some of this cart does offer remote control features while other do not, if you want to easily control your Cart sitting from a particular position then a remote controlled golf cart can mean a great choice for you

For remote control golf cart please refer here: Best remote controlled Golf Cart


  • Warranty

In most cases it has been observed that products which does come with warranty tends to be more authentic and customer satisfying than ones which might not offer, with this reason you might have to consider warranty if need be as a sensitive features

Company which offers product which come with warranty tends to be more honest and straight forward about their products


Are Golf Push Cart Worth It?

Golf Push Cart lift up the burden of having to carry your gears and other items in your golf bag on shoulder, all you do is simply have the bag placed on your Push Cart and off you push

This can help elevate the pain and stress it might cost you in having to carry your heavy bag, having said this, its up to you, and I throw the question back to you

Its Push Cart Worth it? or you prefer Carrying your bag which is usually heavy on shoulder? in my own point of view, it is very much worth it


Which Is Better, 3 or 4 Wheel Golf Push Cart?

On comparison it s very well observed that the 4 wheel push Cart is very easy to fold this makes them have portability advantage over the 3 wheel Push Cart Type

Aside from that, the 4 wheel is known to be space friendly and are more balanced and stable as they have 4 tires which creates strong balance and weight distribution

As an instance the CaddyTek Explorer V8-Super-Lite Wheel Golf Push Cart on review is a great example of a 4 Wheel Golf Cart


Is It Better To Push Or Pull A Golf Cart?

Actually this tends to be a great subject of debate among many golfer, there is no direct answer to that as each does offer its own strength and weakness

However in most case scenario it is of a matter of choice and preference, some might prefer a Push to a Pull Cart and vice for various reasons and objectives

Even at that we cannot deny the fact that pushing is way easier than pulling and is less taxing in the muscles, aside from that Push golf cart are way easier to roll straight than the Pull Cart

As an example the CaddyTek Explorer V8-Super-Lite Wheel Cart on review is a perfect example of a Push Golf Cart you can count on


What Is CaddyTek Explore?

With the stable 4 wheels design, multiple handle positioning and smooth-rolling ball-bearing wheels golfers can effortlessly push this cart across all terrain

Most of the features that golfers want is equipped in the CaddyTek, this include Umbrella holder, scorecard with storage compartment, Beverages holder and the mesh net located on the handle position


CaddyTek SuperLite Explorer 4 Wheel Golf Push Cart FAQ

Question: What are the tires made of ?

Answer: The Tires are made of rubber

Question: Does this fit the stand alone bag?

Answer: CaddyTek are so well designed that it fits all the stand bag and most importantly bags are secured

Question: Is there a seat attachment?

Answer: By next year CaddyTek would begin selling the detachable seat

Question: My Cart did not come with Umbrella holder

Answer: You have to attach as it is separate like a cup holder




Today’s golfing do have in great offer Golf Cart to help you easily and more conveniently convey your bag which does contain all you expensive gears and other related item to the course

One of such great Cart for golf is no other than the CaddyTek Explorer V8-Super-Lite Wheel Cart reviewed, this Cart offers all that you will be needing as they are very lightweight ad very foldable

This is a 4 wheel Push Cart which is highly roll able and very easy to maintain brought about the free maintenance bearing wheels

Aside from that they are of high quality so that they are long lasting and offering you un-matched feedback and feel




  1. Hi, Gaius! I love everything about this cart from the cool cooler to how quick and easy it is set up and break down. Also love the umbrella holder & beverage holder, adjustable height handle, and easy pushing. Awesome deal all around!


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