In the end you should be able to list the features of the Callaway Golf 2019 Epic Flash Staff Cart Bag so as to be able to make a better pre-informed decision

Today’s Callaway Golf Company offers on sale great and amazing golf bag and the Callaway Epic Flash Staff Cart on review is no different

In today’s blog post we are going to be reviewing the Callaway Golf Epic Staff Cart Bag, listing all its features plus overview so that you can determine whether this bag is right for you or not

Bags are an integral part of your game, this is because it is host for your clubs and other golf related item, you have spent enough money on your gears, its time to do the same for your bag

Bags are worth the investment as it does help in protection and covering of your expensive gears and equipment, this is why you should consider getting one of quality as well

As a golfer you will be made to understand that there are different types of golf bag and before we enter fully into review of the Callaway Epic Cart Bag 2019, its best to give a detailed explanation on the different types of bag made available for golfing today

When choosing your golf bag you will be met with five different types, this might seem strange to you but not to worry after giving you the complete list and explaining to you the primary function of each of these bags you would have known which one is best for you

Types Of Golf Bag

Your bag for golf can be categorized into five section-Staff Bag, Cart Bag, Stand Bag, Carry Bag and Sunday Bag

Staff Bag

The Staff Bag is the biggest and most spacious kind of bag and used often by tour pros, the Staff bag is the largest kind of bag as they are so roomy with lots of pocket which will tempt you to carry  ore than you will be needing

When ever you see the Staff bag, it is some sort or kind of advertisement bag as it is used to create brand awareness, the manufacturing company of a Staff bag has its name crested boldly on the body of the bag, this is to create awareness

In most cases you often see a Staff bag, business deal has been made, about to be made or almost concluded, gofers who come accompanied will find a golf bag too be well helpful

However the only draw back to a Staff Bag is its weighing and price, Staff bag are the most expensive golf bag out there and they are usually very heavy when compared to other bag types

A perfect example of a Staff golf bag is no other than the one being reviewed, Callaway Golf Epic 2019 Flash Staff

Just as its name goes, ”Cart Bag” this bag is designed for the Cart, they aren’t meant to be carried on hand, Cart bags are usually the second largest type of golf bag

Since they are designed for the Cart, Cart bags usually come with a strap which makes it possible to be tie to the golf cart to prevent falling or slippage while on transit

A perfect example of this bag type is the Callaway Epic flash bag on reviews, this is a hybrid golf bag as it is a Cart and Staff Bag

Stand Bag

A stand golf bag is quite different from the Cart bag in the ensure that they are designed with a stand, Stand bag are designed in a way that bag are able to stand on their own

A Stand bag does come with a leg that can be protruded or retracted, Stand bag bridges he go between a Cart bag and a Staff Bag

They are often more usually smaller than the Cart and Staff Bag, If you are a golfer who loves walking down the course, a Stand bag can be a great option

Carry Bag

From its name, ”Carry” this bag depicts what it is used for, the Carry bag is a golf bag meant to be carried, with this reason manufacturers pay lots of attention on its strap

This is why Carry golf bag does come with dual strap that are very comfortable and foamy, so they are very comfortable

The dual strap makes them very comfortable on shoulder as weight are spread across shoulder for comfort and better feel

Carry bag and Staff bag are usually the lightest bag for golf as they are made from light weight materials, Carry bag does come with a side reinforcement materials that are lightweight and soft

Pencil Bag

From its name,” Pencil, the pencil golf bag is slim like, this is the lightest and most portable kind of golf bag and are designed for carrying only but few clubs

The Pencil golf bag is also known as Sunday golf bag, if you are a golfer who would prefer participating in only a few aspect of the game like maybe driving the range or focusing on putting alone on a certain day then the Pencil golf bag is  great choice to invest on

The only limitation to the Sunday golf bag is that they aren’t able to carry many clubs like the other types of golf bag mentioned above

Having said this here is the overview of the Callaway Epic 2019 Flash Staff Bag on reviews


Callaway Golf 2019 Epic Flash Staff Cart Bag On Review, Overview

2019 Callaway, Epic bag review, 2019 epic bag

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If you are looking for  solid and well structured golf bag then the Callaway Epic 2019 Staff Cart Bag is here to do you good, this bag are very solid and very spacious with large pockets so that you wouldn’t have excuse not to carry all your belongings

This golf bag which is of great quality features the Epic tour branding, if you want to stand on the golf course then this bag is ideal

The color combination of the Epic Callaway 2019 Staff bag is one which looks vey attractive and surely will make your friend become bag envy

This bag is made up of a 10 inch 6 way top, with divider(Velour lined) as it does give your expensive club maximum protection

Thus bag include a total of 9 pockets, which does include full length and small pockets, this means that you wouldn’t run out of space

And with the full length dividers your club wont be entangled again as this bag does come with lots of dividers for classical and better organization of our equipment’s

This bag also features a magnetic closing GPS Pockets so that you have got a safe golf technology, h0w about the umbrella sleeve which is integrated so that your bag can be preserved from the sun


Overview In Tabular Form , Callaway Golf Epic 2019 Staff Bag On Review

  • Pockets: 9 Pockets
  • Perfect balance base
  • Umbrella full integrated
  • Branding :Callaway
  • Divider : Velour wrapped
  • Dimension : ”8.5” 6 way top

Having listed the Overview we move right on to specification


Callaway Golf Epic Flash Cart Bag Reviewed, Specification

  • Branding : Callaway
  • Gender: Men
  • Material: Leather
  • Dimension: 35.0 inch (H) * 11.0 inches (W) * 15.0
  • Weight: 11lbs which equals (5kg)
  • Size Of Cart For Bag: 15.5 * 11 * 35.4 Inch; 11 pounds


Callaway Golf 2019 Epic Flash Staff Cart Bag Review, Key Features?

  • Matching rain hood
  • Umbrella Sleeve Fully Integrated
  • 9 Pockets
  • 10 inch 6 way top
  • weight 11lbs equivalent to 5kg
  • Callaway tour branding


Callaway Golf Epic Staff Cart On Reviewed,Pros

  • Extremely lightweight and easy to move around
  • Soft and foamy handle for easy and comfortable carry and feel
  • E-trolley base system for easy attachment on cart
  • Very spacious and comes with lots of pockets
  • Solid and balanced
  • Great for the cart
  • Very colorful and attractive
  • Well structured umbrella slot

Callaway Golf Epic Staff Cart On Reviewed,Cons

  • Zippered system has to be used carefully as they might be quite disappointing


Callaway Golf 2019 Epic Flash Staff Cart Bag Vidio Review

Things To Consider When Choosing A Golf Bag

As portrayed earlier its very indeed to invest on a good for the quality golf bag as it serves as the house of your equipment’s

When in an attempt to make a choice on your bag there are some certain condition you must put into consideration before making a choice so as to prevent making the wrong decision

Here are the things you should consider before ever reaching s buying decision on your bag for golf


Not all bags are of same sizing, while some bags are infinitely large others are small or of moderate size, you going to be asking your self, what kind of bag do I need or would I be needing

This should be the first step, if you are looking for a golf bag that will contain your 14 clubs and other related item then definitely you will be needing a golf bag that is very big and spacious enough

However if you seek for a golf bag for few clubs and item then you go for bag that aren’t spacious enough as they are usually lightweight and that adds as an advantage to you

Number Of Pockets

While some bag do have few pockets other do have lots of pockets, you are going to be asking yourself the number of pocket that you are comfortable with

As we can all quite agree that more number if pockets indicate better organization of our gears and other related items

More pockets can also mean more space g for your gears and other equipment’s


Your bag for golf varies in design, while there are some bags with very gorgeous and solid design others may not be great in design with this you are going to be asking yourself if you prefer a bag great with design or not

We all have our preferences so you are going to be making that decision, if you are comfortable with a great for the design golf bag then look for one with such characteristics


Even without mentioning quality, everyone loves quality, quality entails durability and efficiency, when choosing a bag for golf go for quality as they will last you longer

However quality is usually more expensive than less quality so when choosing your bag its is very important you consider quality even if you have low budget


Even though this isn’t as crucial as the one mentioned above coloring can be such a great consideration for many some would rather decline in investing on an item as it does not meet their color

So if you are the color type then look for a bag that you are very well comfortable with the color, while some prefer a mix of color other prefer just one single color which ever s comfortable with you then go for


When choosing your bag for golf you should be aware that golf bags vary by dividers, while some golf bags does have up to 15 length dividers other have less

The purpose of a full length divider is to help you better organize your bag, bags with more numbers of dividers are usually the most organized type of bag

If you are a golfer who is looking for a golf bag with first class organization then then you should be looking for bags with lots of dividers

If you are in search for the best for organization golf bag then the 14 or 15 length dividers should be a great choice for you

When making a choice on your bag you should be sell aware that there are two types of dividers for your golf bag, the first being the full length divider and the second being the hale length dividers

Full Length Dividers:

Full length divider golf bag have the dividers running from top to bottom of bag, one of the very advantage of a full length divider golf bag is that your clubs and other related item are prevented from entanglement

This prevents club from getting dented or maimed as clubs are prevented fro  hitting or colliding with each other

On the other hand

Half Length Dividers:

This Bags does have its dividers running half way, it does also helps club from entanglement as club are placed separately too

Whether full length of half length divider golf bag all are meant to prevent clubs or gears from entanglement however the full length divider golf bag seems to be the real deal

Golf bags can come with both, that is the full length and half length dividers other also however comes with one, either full length or half length

Strap System

Golf bags vary in strap system, while some bags are of a single strap other are of dual or double strap, double strap bags are bags with two strap instead if single

None of the accommodation is great if you have a poor strap system, remember you will have to grab you golf bag whether you carry it on shoulder or on the cart, firstly it has to be grabbed

With this reason it is very advisable that you look for a bag with comfortable strap system, your bag for golf generally has two strap system, which include Single Strap and Double Strap

Single strap

Single strap system bags are bags which does have one single strap or what can be referred to as  carry hand, you will be needing a very strong and foamy strap system for the best of comfort and feel when carried

A good and comfortable strap ensures easy in carrying, so you might have to put this into serious consideration


Double Strap

The double strap system golf bag are bags which does come with two carry hand, this are by far he most comfortable as weight are distributed across shoulder

This create a perfect balance of comfort and feel on your shoulder and apart from that strap last longer are each helps to compliment so that the load isn’t too much on one

One of the very disadvantage of the singe strap golf bag is that it can get cut easily as weight of bag which contains all your equipment is just placed on one hand and because of tense and strain hand of bag can get cut


Callaway Golf Bag Series

The Callaway having been into the manufacture and production of bags for golf have been perceived as one of the most trusted and well recognized brand world over and it isn’t a thing of false but truth

If you are looking for a well recognized brand to invest your money on bags with, then the Callaway is a great place to start with

Having do many bag series to its name, from the Callaway Mavrik to the Callaway org 15 to the Callaway Hyperlite Zero lightweight to the Callaway Org 7 to the Callaway Chev Stand Bag

Just like the Taylormade, Titleist and the likes of them are also a great place to invest your money o when you are in search of a great golf bag for golfing

And now it is the Callaway Golf 2019 Epic Cart Staff Bag being reviewed,


What Is The Difference Between A Golf Travel Bag And A Golf Bag

Even though a golf travel bag can be regarded as a golf bag, however there seems to be very quite different in many ways

Here are the difference

A Golf Travel bag as the name suggest is a golf bag designed for travelling, golf travel bag does come with a rollable wheel which makes them roll able apart from that a golf travel bag does have a harder outer casing than a golf bag

A golf travel bag is designed in such a way that your golf bags can be put inside as it does have a harder outer casing and very foamy and soft inn for club protection which your bag does not have, this helps protect your golf bag carrying your expensive gears and items from sliding from one side to another due to uneven terrain as you transit

Inside of this Travel bag is well padded, soft and foamy so that your gears and items remain safe and protected as you journey either by air or land

For travel golf bag, please refer here: Best golf travel bag

In todays market, there are lots of golf travel bag in the market ranging from the well known brands like Taylormade Travel Bag  to Ogio Travel Bag to Sun Mountain


Are Cart Bag Easier To Carry Than Staff Bag ?

Even though Cart bag are designed for the Cart, they are usually more lighter to carry when compared to a Staff Bag, Remember staff bag is usually the biggest, spacious kind if bag, this makes them very weight and bulky to move around

On special occasions is a Staff bag used, it is often used to create brand awareness and for deals, this is why they are very common among tour pros


Disc How Many Can You Bring In A Golf Bag

Sometimes you may not feel like playing golf rather you choose to go for a work out and fun

Just as the name implies, a disc golf bag is designed to carry disc and are very small sized when compared to a Golf bag

This is because this bag is designed for disc own purposes and because of this they are also infinitely lightweight

Your arsenal of disc begins to grow when the moment you start getting  more disk, each of this gift have its own specialization

Many disc golfer at a time play up to 15 disc at a time

What you should know is the amount of room you should get in a disc bag for golf, for a standard Disc disk golf bag it is required that it can accommodate that it is able to eight disc at least especially when it is a small entry level bag




If you are in search for a great golf bag to invest on then considering placing your bet on the Callaway Epic Flash Bag as they are very spacious containing lots of pockets for your expensive gears and other items

This bag does features 9 pockets including a magnetic GPS pocket, E-trolley system, Full length apparel pockets, Umbrella Sleeve

This bag depicts quality to the core, they are also available in different color combination from whether you can make your choice from

When it comes to your bag for golf, brand Callaway is a great place to start with and you will be fully assured that you will get the best for the value

Having said this, its left for you to decide if this bag is right for you or not




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