In the end after review of the Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Staff Bag you should be familiar with its unique and exciting features which makes them a great bag to invest on

Today’s golfing do have in great offer amazing and classical golf bag and one of such reputable and well known brand makers is no other than the famous Callaway brand, if you are looking for classic then this bag will suit you perfectly

Are you in search of the Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Staff Bag and not knowing whether to buy or not? don’t worry we have got you covered

Many things makes the Callaway Golf w020 Mavrik Staff Bag a ‘go go’ bag for golfers who know and appreciate quality plus efficiency

Lets look at the Overview of this bag

Brand Callaway, being so known and trusted have unveiled series of bags from the likes of Callaway Golf Org 7 Cart Bag to Callaway Chev Stand Bag to Callaway Hyperlite Zero Lightweight to Callaway Org 14 Cart Bag and many more

Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Staff Bag, Overview

This Callaway bag, ”Callaway Golf Mavrik Staff Bag” is great as it features tour branding which is frequently seen among professional golfer worldwide and without mizing word, ‘this smells quality and durability’

Here is the big giveaway: you aren’t just buying a golf bag, you are buying quality, this bag is constructed in a way that they are very spacious giving rooms to accommodate all that you will be needing to be successful on course

On reviews, this bag is seen to be 10 inches with a 6 way top for club organization and 9 pockets of which is an inclusion of a valuable pocket(Velour lined) coupled with a close range finder pocket which is magnetic

This bag stands out as it does have mouth watering and mind boggling features that you will surely and definitely love

This features make it a must have for any golfer-Umbrella sleeve which is integrated, apparel pocket full length, Magnetic GPS pocket, Tour branding and many more

By the end of this reviews, you will have no option than to go for this amazingly gorgeous and well comfortable and spacious golf bag

By the end of this review you will be placed in a better judgment to determine whether this n[bag is right or wrong for you

Having said this , we are going to be considering the specification of the Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Staff Bag

This specification will reveal to you the weight of bag, if it can be returned or not, bag Type, Number of divider, Pocket and material used in the manufacturing process

Without further wanting of time here is the list in tabular form


Callaway 2020 Mavrik Staff Bag, Specifications

Callaway Golf Mavrik Staff Trolley Bag 2020

  • Number of pockets: 9
  • Divider: 6 Way
  • Type Of Bag: Staff Bag
  • Weighing: Approximately 5lbs
  • Return: No

What Are The key Features Of The Callaway 2020 Mavrik Staff Bag On Review

  • Top diameter: 10.5”
  • Full Length Divider: 6
  • Callaway Tour Branding
  • Top Divider: 6 Way top
  • Padded Optifit Comfort Strap Design Provides Increased Carry Comfort


  • Accessory pocket
  • Magnetic rangefinder/GPS pocket
  • Full Length Apparel Pocket


  • Fully integrated umbrella sleeve
  • Two full year warranty on manufacture
  • Rain hood
  • Weight: 11lbs
  • Height: 35
  • Perfect balance base
  • Velour wrapped cuff

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Callaway Golf Mavrik Staff Bag, Pros

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  • Fully integrated umbrella sleeve
  • Callaway Branding
  • Matching rain hood
  • Solid and stable balance base
  • 9 pockets which does include a velour lined pocket and magnetic closure rangefinder/GPS Pocket
  • Logo ready
  • Vey spacious and made of quality material
  • Soft and well cushioned handle for comfort and unmatched feel

Callaway Golf Mavrik Staff Bag, Cons

  • No drains in cooler pocket and this can make water get into bag easily
  • Bag zippers should be used carefully to avoid damage

Callaway golf 2020 maverick staff VIDIO REVIEWED


Things To Consider When Choosing A Golf Bag

As a golfer who knows his bag, when choosing a golf bag there different thing you must put into consideration so as to be able to make the right selection and choice

As we can all agree, your bag is an integral part of your game, this is because it is the house for your expensive equipment and so choosing hastily but blindly can mean vulnerability for your hard earned money used in purchasing this equipment’s

When choosing a golf bag here are some important consideration you should be looking out for


No one loves stress, everyone loves ease, when choosing a bag for golf you must put into consideration weighing especially when you are considering a carry bag

As a too heavy bag can lead to fatigue and tiredness even before the game gets started and this will usually mean a bad experience for your game

There must be a proper balance between sizing and weight so that you do not end up burning your self out

Sizing And Storage:

Another important factor is sizing, how big or small your bag is, while some bags are very bulky others can be less bulky for portability sake

The size of your bag is dependent on how many pockets or how big and deep pocket is, golf bags with lots of deep and spacious pockets tend to be more bigger than the one with less pockets

Golf bags with lots of pockets gives you an advantage as you will be able to pick up extra items that you might be needing later on as you play on course

Full Length Dividers:

Golf bags offer full length dividers as this helps to prevent your gears from entanglement which might result in breaking or dent

While some bags comes with lots of divider other comes with few full length dividers, some bags come with as much as 14 full length dividers and this means every individual club has a slot on its own

Some others come with as few as 5, 6, 7 and so on, bags with few dividers are great for beginners to intermediate as they require they would not be needing a complete set to play, they are also great for golfers who would like to carry a few clubs in their bags

Quality Stand

If you are a golfer who choose o settle for a stand bag, then it is very important you go for bags with solid and well structured stand

The Stand must be balanced and well weighed as this helps prevent bag from falling due to weight of golf related items

The stand must be easy to retract and collapse for easy and quick use when needed, most stand bag come with a dual stand and this is usually the best as each stand act as a support to each other, weight are being shared between both stand legs and this gives you the proper balancing and stability across all terrain


Strap System

As insignificant as this might sound for golfer who prefer a cart bag or staff bag, this Carry strap is exceptional of great importance to golfers who prefer the Carry bag

Comfortable and well structured strap system strikes a balance between weight and balance as they are placed on shoulder and this makes them very easy and comfortable to carry due to proper weight distribution across your shoulder

Strap system have to be soft and well cushioned because one that is too hard might lead to irritation which might lead to injury on your shoulder


Types Of Golf Bag

When in a hunt for a bag for golfing, you will be overwhelmed with the all too many types, design and brand out there, this become quite a daunting and difficult task when trying to make a choice

Golf bags can be categorized into five different types which include Staff Bag, Stand Bag, Carry Bag, Sunday Bags and Cart Bag

Having given you the list of the types of bags available for golf we would have to give a detailed explanation on each to help you determine which might be right for you


Staff Bag:

Staff golf bag are often used by professional golfers as it is usually used to show case or create brand awareness, it is some sort of like an advertisement bag

The Staff bag is usually the biggest and most spacious type of golf bag, they boost as the best bag for quality material this makes them the most valuable and expensive on the market

Most Staff bag has a bold logo embodied on them show casing or creating awareness about a particular brand, if you are a golfer who come accompanied then a staff bag is a great option

With a Staff bag you can pick up extra items including towels, shoes and amazingly items that you might not be in need of as they are very spacious

However the only draw back to a Staff bag is that they can be very expensive and heavy, a perfect example of a staff bag is the Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Bag on reviews

Stand Bag:

From its name, ‘Stand’ this bag does come with  stand which can be protruded or retracted, even though the stand bag can be spacious as well it is however not to be compared with the Staff Bag

Cart bag bridge the gap between a Cart bag and a carry bag, one of the advantage of a stand bag is that since it does come with a stand , it can balance and remain stable on any terrain

The stand legs which are usually dual in nature helps bag to sit upright and straight and this prevents it from getting easily stained or dirty

Cart Bag:

Name is coined from the ”Cart”, this bag is designed to sit on the cart, they are usually bulky and heavy though not as heavy or spacious as the Staff bag

A Cart bag due to its weight is designed to sit on the cart while your ride, push or pull, if you are a golfer who doesn’t not fancy carrying your bag but prefer moving them on a machine then the Cart bag would be great

Cart bags are usually big in size this gives you enough room to store your gears and other related item and move them down to the course using a cart

Cart bags does come with  lock features which is tied to the cart to prevent bag from slippage or falling as you are on motion

They are slightly smaller and noticeably lighter than a Staff bag for golf

Sunday Bag:

Sunday golf bag is also well known as pencil golf bag due to its design, a Sunday golf bag derive its nature from its pencil like structure

This bag are constructed in such a way that they are slim and straight, even though some carry as many as 14 clubs, they rent design for that

Sunday golf bag are designed for strictly your essential gears, like your putter, driver and probably one or two clubs, if you are bent in focusing on just a few aspect of your game like maybe driving the range or doing a putt then the Sunday or pencil bag should be a great option

Due to limited functionality and few space for storage, Sunday bags are usually the lightest and most portable kind of bag

Carry Bag:

Carry bag from its name depicts, a bag designed to be carried and if that is what you though, you are right, this bag are best suited for carrying

This is why they are usually moderately weighed, since this bags are made of soft and light material they are great for carrying

Carry bag is designed with soft and foamy ergonomic handle well structured for comfort and feel, they are great for gofers who loves to walk all day the course and if you are one then the Carry bag is a great choice

Despite them being lightweight, they have considerable amount of spacing and pocket so that you will be able to carry all that you will be needing to play


Do Staff Bag Fits On A Golf Cart?

Cart vary in sizes, while some are very spacious and length others are less spacious and short built

Staff bag also known as tour bag due to its weighing and sizing makes it large to fit on a traditional golf cart, however there are some carts that large enough to carry your staff bag weighing and sizing

A tour bag is a great fit for a regular caddie and if you have one accompanying you then a tour bag will fit greatly , it is great for gofers who come accompanied

Staff bag is used by every PGA Tour professionals

This bag is not restricted to professional only, if you are a serious golfer who plays regularly and see the game not just for recreational purpose then this bag will do you good


How To Determine Whether You Need A Staff Bag

Confused and not knowing which bag is right for you? Should I choose the Staff bag or not? Here are some important consideration to put into thought

How do you prefer to carry your full set of club:

The carry choice will determine whether you will be needing a Staff bag or not, if you prefer carrying your bag on shoulder then the carry bag is one you should be considering

On the other hand if you are looking for massive storage space which does come with features like camera and wallet, towel pockets and lots of miscellaneous space for storage then the Staff bag is what you should be considering buying

Staff bag is also a great choice for regular golfer rather than for leisure


Staff Carrier, Necessary For Golf Cart?

Staff carrier are not practical for every day play this is why they aren’t carried by most amateurs, they are very heavy and bulky this is brought about by massive space and pockets to store more gears and equipment’s which probably includes one you will not be needing

This makes them a poor choice for beginners, as a beginner you will not be needing whole set, this means you are going to start with few clubs and add up as you become a better golfer

Since Professionals used the most clubs and they always come accompanied this is the reason they are often the Staff bag favourite


Staff Bag Carry Bag, What’s The Difference?

Staff bag is the biggest, heaviest, and most spacious bag often used by professionals, they are made from premium materials this makes them long lasting and durable

On the other hand Carry bag was designed to be carried on the shoulder, it’s name suggest that, this bag are less heavy and with fewer pocket than the Staff bag

The Carry bag bridge the gap between the cart bag and the stand bag


What Are The Different Brand Of Staff Bag?

There are many staff bag brand on reviews and one of such is the Callaway 2020 Mavrik Staff Bag, this bag for instance is from the well known and trusted brand, ”Callaway”

There are many like it out there today, from Callaway to Titleist To Taylormade and so on, this brand makes excellent and classical Staff Bag for sale

You can make a choice from any of this brand and be rest assured for quality and functionality, Staff Bag comes in a double or single strap styling

The double strap creates more comfort and proper weight distribution for un-matched feel


Types Of Callaway 2020 Mavrik Staff Bag

When choosing the Callaway 2020 Mavrik you will be meet with two choices, firstly the Callaway Mavrik Staff Stand Bag

The Callaway Mavrik Staff Stand Bag does come with a dual stand which can be protracted and retracted when you need

And secondly the Callaway Mavrik  Staff Trolley Bag, this Staff Bag does not come with a stand, it doe have a solid and strong base so that they are able to stand on their own


Callaway Staff Bag Series

The Callaway boost of not just several but quality series golf bags, if you are in search for a classical and well trusted staff bag series

Then the Callaway is a ‘go go’ brand, this series include the likes of The Callaway Mavrik 2020 Staff bag on reviews, Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Golf Bag(Hyperlite Zero Double Strap), Callaway Golf 2019 Epic Flash Mini Staff Cart Bag, Callaway Epic Flash Star Staff Bag and few more

All this Staff bag series are of exceptional quality and very classical with lots of pockets and amazing features which would create more fun and storage for miscellaneous


What Is A Mini Staff Bag?

This is a full size full featured staff bag that is designed for golfers who loves riding or pushing of their cart,

From the word ‘mini’, meaning ‘small-sized’ or smaller than usual, this bag gives you a fully fleshed and fully blown features of a golf staff bag but in a compact size, this bag have everything you will be needing in a Staff bag but just that they are in a mini size


Should Your Golf Bag Match Your Club?

Your golf bag matching your club is a personal choice or decision, however golf bag which matches club color creates some kind of utility and exceptional coloring and attraction

However there is no rule that says your bag must match your club, so it is somewhat a personal or preference issue

You can always find a golf bag which matches your club all you do is choose either a bag or club then look for a bag which does match


Do Cart Bag Stand On Their Own?

Cart bags many of them balance greatly on the ground even thought they aren’t four out legs which does  create a perfect balance on stability

Cart bag are known to have pockets at every side, both the front and the back, the back is usually more devoid or flattered as this helps for more security on your bag

Most cart bag due to strong and solid base is able to stand on their own



If you are looking for an incredible and easy to carry around the course staff bag, then the Callaway Mavrik 2020 Staff Bag might be a great option for you

This makes it an ideal choice for golfers who like carrying their bag, this bag is incredible lightweight and made from high end material so that they are long lasting

This bag stands out as a unicorn as it does come with lots of pockets plus amazing features that will make your colleagues bag envy






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