In the end you should be able to list the features and components of the Callaway Golf Hyper-Lite 2 Double Strap Stand Bag so that you can decide if it is right for you or not

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Today’s Callaway offers great and amazing golf bag and one of such is the Callaway Golf Hyper-Lite 2 Double Strap Stand Bag on reviews

Brand Callaway having been long into the manufacture of golf bags have come again with the Callaway Golf Hyper-Lite 2 Double Strap Stand Bag

If you are in search of the best place to buy your bag f0r golf, its smart to consider the Callaway as they have so many great and quality bag series to its name reang8ng from the likes of the Callaway Mavrik to Callaway Hyperlite Zero Lightweight to Callaway Epic Flash Staff to Org 15 to Org 14 to Org 7 and now it is the Callaway Golf Hyper-Lite 2 Double Strap Stand Bag

Having said this here is the overview of the Callaway Golf Hyper-Lite 2 Double Strap Stand Bag that is reviewed in this blog post today


Callaway Golf Hyper-Lite 2 Double Strap Stand Bag Review, Overview

Overview bag, Callaway bag, Hyper-Lite, Double Strap

One review we found out that the Callaway Golf Hyper-Lite 2 Double Strap Stand Bag is larger in size and storage capacity when compared with its predecessor

This bag does boost of 17% increase in volume yet they are very lightweight, this bag does have 8 large pockets which does include magnetic valuable and easy to access cell phone sleeve

For self balancing of bag on shoulder does come with a new X-Act fit strap system and this helps for easy carry and portability


Callaway Hyper-Lite Double Strap Stand Bag

  • Brand: Callaway
  • Gender: Men
  • Material: Leather
  • Weighing: 4.7 pounds
  • Condition: New
  • Sizing: 15.5 * 11 * 35.4 inches
  • Dimension: 35.0 inches for height(H) and 11.0 inches for width(W)

Having said this we go over to the key feature of the Callaway Golf Hyper-Lite 2 Double Strap Stand Bag


Key Features Callaway Hyper-Lite Double Strap Stand Bag On Reviews

This golf bag does come with rare features which makes them a very great option for you, are you still confused on whether you should buy this bag or not, here are its features

  • Ultra lightweight carry golf bag
  • 5 pocket which does include a tee
  • Single or double strap availability
  • Large and strong zippered for increase protection
  • Individual cell phone sleeve
  • Full length divider four way top
  • Self balancing X Act Fit strap system
  • Customizable logo option
  • Optifit comfort strap well padded
  • Attractive color combination


Callaway Hyper-Lite Double Strap Stand Bag Review, Its Pros

    • Very lightweight and extremely portable due to slim like design

  • Exceptionally easy and comfortable to carry brought about by well designed strap system plus nice and thick padded shoulder strap
  • Lots of spacious room and pockets so that you can store all your gears and other items
  • Nice insulated pockets for your drinks
  • Soft mesh hip top plus 3 way top for great organization of your gears and other items
  • 5 Pockets with an inclusi0n of a full length apparel pocket
  • Foots pad(non slip) this prevents slippage on turf
  • Very colorful so that your colleagues becomes bag envy
  • Side pockets for easy access of items


When choosing your bag for golf you should be well aware that there are five types of bag, which ever you decide to choose will depend on your preference and what you hope to be achieving with it

Here are the five types of golf bag available in the market today-Staff bag, Cart bag, Stand bag, Carry bag and Sunday bag

Types Of Golf Bag

Staff Bag

The Staff bag is the most largest and spacious golf bag, this makes them very heavy and quite difficult to carry around, they are often used by tour pros for deal purpose

Staff bag is usually a type of golf bag used to create awareness about a particular brand in the market, some sort of advertisement bag as logo of brand is boldly crested on it

If you are a gofer who come accompanied then then the staff bag can be a great choice, Staff bag are so spacious that it contains everyth8ng you will be needing on course including that which you might not be in need of

When choosing a Staff bag be very careful as you will always be tempted to carry or pick up what you will not be needing as a result of too many space availability

Cart Bag

Just as the name suggest, A Cart bag is designed for the cart, If you are a golfer who prefers carrying your bag on a wheel then the Cart bag is a great option for that

Cart bag are also very large though not as large as the Staff bag, A cart bag is designed so that it comes with a strap which makes it possible to be tied to the cart so that it doesn’t fall off on transit

Stand Bag

The Stand bag just as it name suggest is a bag which is designed with a stand, a Stand bag does come with two retractable or protractible legs

This helps bag to stand, Stand bag are a great for any terrain as they remain balanced and stable, Stand bag bridges the gap between a Staff bag and a Cart bag

If you are golfer who 0refer walking to the course a Stand bag can also be a great option for you

A perfect example of  golf stand bag is the Callaway Hyper-Lite Double Strap Stand Bag on review in this blog post

Carry Bag

The Carry golf bag is meant to be carried, its name suggest that, a Carry golf bag is a great option for golfers who prefer walking down the course

Cary golf bag are usually very lightweight so that it doesn’t become so heavy on you which means inconveniences, Carry golf bag are designed in such a way that manufacturers pay very close attention to its carry handle, its carry strap are made in such a way that they are very soft and foamy for utmost comfortability and feel when carried

Carry bag unlike Stand Bag or Cart bag is made of softer and lighter material so that they are very easy to carry as you move down to the course

Sunday Bag

Sunday golf bag also known as Pencil bag, this bag type is usually the lightest of them all and they are called Pencil golf bag due to its design, ”slim like pencil”, Sunday golf bag are usually slim constructed

Thus bag is not designed for carrying all your clubs even though some are able to carry up to 14 clubs, Pencil golf bags are designed to carry only but few clubs

It is great for golfers who plan on focusing on a particular aspect of their game one at time , for instance, if you want to focus only on putti g and driving the range on a particular day, all you do is pick up your driver and putter, put them inside your Sunday golf bag and off you go

Or you might focus on hitting out of the bunker and obstacle in this case you pick up only your wedges leaving other clubs behind

Having said this before choosing a golf bag there are some certain criteria that you should put I to consideration so that you can be able to make the right choice

Many golfers find it daunting and confusing when in a hunt for golf bag, this is brought about by all too many option out there in today’s market

With this reason, it is well important that we give you the list of the factors to consider before reaching a buying decision on your next golf bag

After listing this factor you will be well ready and prepared and confident to get your next bag for golf and be rest assured that you will be making the right choice


Types Of Golf Bags Video Review



How To Choose A Perfect Golf Bag

  • Branding

When choosing a bag for golf to wade of confusion and to narrow down your search so that it becomes easy for you to easily make the right choice

As an advice you should settle for a specific brand, there are are many golf bag brand out there today, todays golfing offers great and well trusted and recognized brand

Right from the like of the Callaway to the Titleist to the Cobra to the Taylormade 

  • Number Of Golf Bag Dividers

The number of dividers in your golf bag is also a great determinant on which bag is best suited for you as not all bags come with equal number of dividers

While some golf bags comes with few length dividers other come with lots of divider, and an example some golf bags do have up to 15 divider while others have less than that

The more dividers your bags have the more organizing your gears and other golf related item can be, for instance a golf bag with 15 length dividers is said to be more organized than one with 7 dividers

There is a great advantage of having a golf bag with plenty of dividers, we will consider the benefit of golf bag dividers later on in this article but for now let us focus on the type of golf dividers

Golf bag dividers can be broadly categorized into two-Full length dividers and half length dividers

Full Length Dividers

As the name suggest, Full length dividers have the dividers running fro top of bag to the bottom, this is perceived as the most cherish able kind of divider as clubs are and item are full separated from each other

Half Length Dividers

As its name also suggest half length dividers runs half length, in half length divider clubs are also separated but not as completely as the full length divider as top or bottom of club might still come in contact

  • Prefer Walking Or Using The Cart?

This is a vey important factor to consider, are you a golfer who prefers walking down the course or you prefer the cart, the choice is up to you

If you prefer walking down the course then the Carry bag or stand bag is the best option for you as they are designed so that they are lightweight which makes them easy and comfortable to carry

The Carry golf bag or the Stand bag are designed in such a way that it does have a very comfortable carry strap so that they are easy carried

As an instance if you are a golfer with high preference for walking then the Callaway Golf Hyper-Lite 2 Double Strap Stand Bag on review can be a great choice for you as they aren’t just lightweight but very portable

On the other hand if you are a golfer who prefers the Cart then the Cart bag is what you should be looking out for

  • Weighing

Golf bag are of different sizing and made from different material, when choosing your bag would you prefer a more weight bag which offers more spacing or you would rather prefer a bag which is very lightweight

If you want and extremely lightweight golf bag then the Sunday golf bag or the Carry bag might be the right option for you

  • Pockets And Sizing

Not all bags are of same size and number of pockets, while some bags are of little to moderate sizing with few pockets others come in large size with many number of pockets

Are you in search of a massively spacious golf bag with lots of pocket or you are looking for a smaller portable bag with few pockets

If you are comfortable with large sizing with more number of pocket so that you can be able to pick up more items than you will be needing then the Staff bag can be a great choice, like for an example the Callaway Mavrik Staff Bag

And for smaller bags with fewer pocket number for portability sake you can consider the Callaway Hyper-Lite Double Strap Stand Bag

Golf bag does have different types of pocket ranging from standard pocket, insulated pocket, velour lined pocket, apparel pocket and specialty pocket

Standard pocket

The standard pocket is also refereed as the average pocket you will find on your golf bag, these pocket can also be refereed as the general pocket as anything can be stored in it


The insulated pocket is a specialty pocket designed to keep your drinks cool all day, it also some time provides rooms for one or two beverages with cooler built in

For golf bag with built in cooler, please refer here: Best golf bag with built in cooler

Wool lined or velour lined pocket

The velour lined pocket is also a specialty pocket designed so that you can be abo to store your valuables, they are referred to as velour line pocket as they are  lined with wool or velour so that you can keep your expensive or precious item and be sure that they are safe from scratch or damaged such as jewelry

Apparel Pocket

The apparel pocket is built for the apparel like your clothing’s and wears, they are often the largest since they are built very wide as they are built to hold your golf clothing’s and pair of shoes in some cases even your towel


  • Strap And Handles

Golf bags strap handles varies, while some offers extreme comfort other might offer less comfort, the two handles is the most preferable as they are more comfortable due to weight distribution

Strap on your bag is something you want to pay close attention on because whether it is a carry bag, Staff bag, Stand bag or any other bag type you will have to grab it firstly before putting it on your back or the Cart

For those who prefer a Carry bag as it will be hung on the shoulder you should go for bag with double carry as weight are being distributed across both shoulder for more comfort and feel


Do The Callaway Hyper-Lite 2 Double Strap Fits The Trolley?

To be simple and straight to the point, not all golf bag fits a trolley, the best suited golf bag for the Trolley is the Stand Bag of which the Callaway Hyper-Lite Double Strap on review is an example of a Stand bag

Trolleys are perfect for Stand bags just like the one on review, ”Callaway Hyper-Lite 2 double strap Stand bag, when you carry your stand bag on a Trolley ensure you tie the bags very well so that it doesn’t fall off

Not all bags are designed for the Trolley, Trolley are designed specifically for Stand Bag even though many a people like to use their carry bag on them

Despite that the Trolley is not designed for any other bag type than the Stand Bag, you can also use you carry bag on it

The only challenge most people fear of using a Carry bag on a Trolley is the stigma


Stand Bag Pros And Cons

Stand bag adds extra element of exercise to your golf round, carrying it for long can burn out fat with an increase in endurance

Apart from that the Stand golf bag is well known to be able to stay balanced and solid across any terrain whether rough or smooth

However the disadvantage of a stand bag is that if it is overweight then carrying it becomes very difficult as it turns out to be expected


Who Are The Callaway Hyper-Lite 2 Double Strap Stand Bag Not Meant For

If you are a golfer seeking out for a bag with too many dividers for top and classical organization of your gears and other related equipment’s then the Hyper-lite 2 Double strap Stand Bag isn’t right for you

This is brought as a result of them having few numbers of dividers, on the other hand if you are a golfer who seek for quality and highly lightweight bag for golf with lots of pocket then this bag might be the right choice for you



What Is The Weight Of A Golf Stand Bag?

The Weight of golf stand bag varies from bag to bag and depending on the size of bag and material used in its production

You should usually expect the weight of a golf stand bag to be on an average about 5 pounds to 8 pounds, Stand bag are usually lightweight so that they are very easy to carry

The bag on review in this blog post being the Callaway Golf Hyper-Lite 2 Double Strap Bag have a weighing of approximately 8 pounds

Golf Bag Dividers, What Is Its Advantage

There is great advantage to having a golf bag with dividers, a golf bag with dividers firstly, makes for a classical organization of your bag for golf

Secondly , it makes sorting out your gears and other item very easy and quick especially when each gears have its own individual slot

For an example the Callaway Golf Hyper-Lite 2 Double Strap Bag on review does come with a 3 way top full length divider

Here is the take away, the more divider your golf bag have the more highly organized your gears and item for golf can be

If you are bent on focusing or your top priority is massive and classical organization of your equipment’s than the Callaway Org 15 Cart bag should be  great option for you

The Org 15 is constructed so that it does come with 15 full length dividers which means there is individual slot for every club


If you are looking for the great for the quality golf bag yet infinitely portable and lightweight, weighing only but 4 kilogram

If you are in search of a weight friendly and very easy to carry golf bag then the Callaway Golf Hyper-Lite 2 Double Strap bag is great place to place your bet on

They are very comfortable to carry due to thick plus foamy shoulder strap, on reviews we found out that this bag are available in multiple color options with plenty of rooms to store your gears and other equipment’s

Bag does come with 5 pockets with an inclusion of an access full length apparel pockets, this bag boost of a 3 way top for a classical organization of your equipment’s










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