In the end you should be able to know the features and qualities of the Callaway Org 14 Cart Bag and why it stands out as one of the best golf bag to buy today

Golf bags are an integral part of your game, this is because this is where you will be storing your expensive golf gears and equipment’s

A golf bag helps you better organize your equipment’s in a classical and orderly manner with most bag having a separate slot for each club to avoid entanglement of gears and other related items

There are many brand makers of golf bags, from the likes of the Titleist, Callaway, Ogio, Tour Edge and many more

Today’s blog post will be focusing on Callaway Org 14 Cart Bag Reviews

The Callaway Org 14 Cart Bag is one of Callaway Best selling cart bag as of 2020, this bag as the name suggest is the lead organization golf bag as of the time of writing

How Does A Callaway Golf Bag Work?

Callaway brand is one of the foremost designer of quality and highly efficient golf bags with lots of storage space for your gears and equipment’s

Callaway golf bags are designed in such a way that it work with electronic cart or pull cart, similarly, Callaway stand golf bag is designed to be carried on shoulder and walking around the course

Having been into the manufacture of golf sport product and utilities like bags, they have manufactured  a lot of what I will like to call, ”Callaway series” bags

Ranging from Callaway Golf Hype-Lite Zero Stand Bag to, Callaway Golf Mavrik to Callaway Golf Epic Flash Staff Cart Bag to Callaway Golf Chev 14 Cart Bag To Callaway Org 14 Cart Bag and many more

Basking so many award to its name, as one of the well known and trusted brand makers of the finest golf bags on sale in today’s market

And here comes ones again one of the greatest of all, ”Callaway Org 14 Cart Golf Bag”

Looking for reviews on the Callaway Org 14 Cart Bag? to determine if it is worth buying or not? We’ve got you covered as you can get all the latest and true information that will help you to make a sound buying decision


What Is The Weight Of A Callaway Org 14

The Callaway Org 14 being one of the most well known bag due to its quality and adequate storage is one of its finest bag

Despite the amount of storage capacity that the Callaway Org 14 is known for they rare considerable lightweight, weighing just about 6.1 pounds

This means no one would have to worry about this weight as they can be easily carried, this bag will not disappoint as it does have enough storage capacity which makes it possible to carry everything you will be needing


The Callaway Org Cart Bag, Who Should Buy?

Enough Storage Compartment:

When buying a golf bag, space is everything, if there aren’t enough space to keep up all your essential, then it is not worth buying

You know how frustrating it feels and how intimidating it can be when you are not able to pack all that you will be needing in your bag due to space factors

You simply how painful and worrisome it could feel like getting to the course and seeing that you are just the only guy without every single item or equipment that will aid you advantage over your competitor, the Callaway Org 14 has cone to take that away

As portrayed earlier, lots of storage comes with this bag so therefore if you are seeking for a bag which offers more storage capacity then the Callaway Org 14 cart bag is great

Every storage compartment, this golf bag does provide from storage department for clubs, tees, rain gear, shoes and other valuables


Lightweight And Easy To Handle

Couple of bags out there are lightweight but quite difficult to handle due to a poor quality or under cushioned handle

There is a well known saying and I crafted it, it says, ”It doesn’t just to be very spacious, it has to be lightweight and easy to handle

This features, exactly what the Callaway Org 14 will do, despite being very spacious, there is a healthy balance between storage and lightweight

This bag for golf is incredibly lightweight and easy to handle as well, with this bag you will see how comfortable and easy it is to go with you golf bag

And as for ease in handling, this is brought about by it well cushioned handle so that it becomes well easy to carry and handle



Quality cannot be forgotten, everyone loves quality, and so do you, and am not asking for your opinion, lol, If it isn’t quality enough then it is not worth buying

There is a deep correlation between quality and durability as a matter of fact when an item is quality is in no doubt durable and highly efficient

Tired of buying a bag which does not last you very long? then it might be well agreed that its not quality, all you need do now is go for quality and you will see a difference in longevity

The Callaway Org 14 is a well off quality golf bag offering exceptional durability and efficiency so that you will have no need of getting another bag very soon



When it cones to functionality, you will be well wrong without mentioning this so exotic, the Callaway Org 14 is very well ,loveable and made famous due to its functionality and flexibility

There is just about every slot for your gears and related items, it does come with lots of full length dividers as this helps to prevent entanglement of gears and other related items


To every Callaway golf bags there is an exception and the Callaway Org 14 is no different from that, you might fairly count the Callaway out of any golf product but when it comes to bag, they are one of the un-matchable brand

This reviews highlights this exceptional functionalities and qualities of the Callaway Org 14 Cart bag and by the end of this reviews you will have enough reason why this bag should be among your top choice golfing bag for this year

The Callaway Org 14 cart bag features amazing and classic design which does makes holding a complete set of club easier and quicker than ever

There is a space for every individual club, you heard me right, every individual club has a special slot to prevent entanglement which can cause denting

Great idea, do you have a golf cart and looking for one of the bag which does provides exceptional fitting then you aren’t far from the truth for the Callaway Org 14 cart bag will help you achieve that

Boost of 10 fully blown and spacious pocket to help keep all your belonging save and secured

Still confused on which bag is best for you? You don’t have to be, here are three big reasons why you should consider the Callaway Org 14 Cart bag as a great option

By the end of this article you will have no doubt or confusion on which bag is best suited for you


3 Big Reasons To Consider The Callaway Org 14 Cart Bag As Top Choice For Your Golf Equipment’s


Actually there are far more than three reason why you should consider investing o the Callaway Org 14 Cart bag, this vast reasons are being summarized under three because we want to make it simple and straight forward

Lightweight To The Extreme

Oh! yes, you heard it right, the Callaway Org 14 Cart bag is best known for its amazingly light nature which makes them very portable and easy to carry around the course

Since they are very lightweight and still fits greatly on a cart, you have the option to carry on shoulder or use on cart

Compared to other cart bag of its kind with all the amazing and mouth watering features that it does come with, this is a great for the value, if not the best to bet your investment on in 2020 and be rest assured that you get value in excess

Stand Bag Which Stand Fully Straight:

This bag is built in such a way that they are made of tough materials which makes them able to stand up full straight, this means  when bag is full or empty, you don’t have to support with any externals to make them stand straight

Comparing the Callaway Org 14 you see that there are lots of great bag with one common weakness and that being the being the ability to stand aright and fully straight, this is one of the areas where this bag is made unique from brands of similar characteristics and quality

Great fit on carts

Amazingly, the Callaway Golf Org 14 Bag are great in the cart, whether electric or manual cart, they can easily fit in

Having said this, here are the specification for the Callaway Org 14 Cart bag

Type: Cart bag

Carry System : Single Strap

Gender: Males(Men)

Length Dividers: 14 full length

Top Dividers: 14

Rating System: Above 4.7 out of 5


We are going to be taking into consideration the smart and amazing features which does make this bag a great choice to invest in


Callaway 14 Org Cart Bag, What Are Its Smart Features?

The Callaway Org 14 Cart Bag boost of amazing and mind blowing reviews as it offers exceptionality and specialty on this


Having spoken earlier on storage compartment, we are going to be giving a broader elaboration and scope of this bag

It is very common that when you want to buy a golf bag you often look into spacing with the different types of useful and exclusive pockets

If you are looking for a highly organized golf bag then look no further, for this is one of the best for the value, comes with a 14 way divider system and with a lots of pockets, to be specific 19 of them to store wide arrays of other useful and related items

They are water resistant, isn’t that amazing, that your golf bag is able to resist the rain? no fear for your bags getting soaked as tis means added protection for your expensive items and gears

How about the velour lined valuable pockets with two insulated cooler pockets to keep your drinks cold and chilled all the day long

With the insulated cooler pocket you are assured that your drinks remain very cool to help quench your heavy taste and keep your vibrant as you enjoy your rounds

Bag does come also a comfortable and well cushioned duo integrated handles for easy carry and handling off and on cart

There is an e-trolley system plus trolley lips this helps for adjustment with push cart for better safety and protection of your bag which is fastened to cart

Since bag has a well assured fastened system you are rest assured that bag will not fall from cart


Sizing And Weighing:

This features is one of the most valuable when you are making the next enquiry on bags, no one enjoys the stress of having to carry heavy and bulky bags on shoulder while walking down to the course

Heavy bags will end up burning your strength and might cause fatigue, imagine the feeling of tiredness and exhaustion even before your round

This means  bad day as you will not be able to perform as desired or to the optimum and all this started as a result f a heavy and bulky bag

You do not want to drain your strength, you simply want to reserve it for the course, the Callaway Org 14 Cart bag is built in such a way that they are less weighty

It does have a perfect balance between weighing and sizing so that you can be able to lift bag down to course without feeling exhausted

Weighing about 5 pounds or 5lbs, they are better described as feather like, how about sizing which is 30.5 * 88.9 * 25.4 making them a moderately sized golf bag


Slot For Umbrella

Yes! there is bound to be harsh and unfavorable weather conditions on the long run, this can create discomfort for your gears and equipment’s

In this case the Umbrella slot features helps in protecting your club against harsh weather like the sun and rainfall

This slot is designed in a way that Umbrella is able to fit in as this will help prevent not just clubs and items but bag itself from harsh conditions

Without further delays, here are key features of the Callaway Org 14 Cart Bag Reviewed


Key Features Of The Callaway Org 14 Cart Bag

Comes with a 14 way top dividers

2 Full length divider 14

14 individual full length divider which does provides enough storage space for each of your gears to help prevent entanglement

Large putter pocket which can fit oversized grip perfectly

Well cushioned and solid top grab handles for easy carrying

Secure and safe riding on cart brought about by cart strap pass through

E-Trolley base system designed for push/pull cart

Velour lined valuable pocket with inclusion of 19 pockets for storage

Integrated umbrella sleeve on bag

Valuable pocket are all made of waterproof material to help prevent the action of rain

Insulate pockets, two, to keep drinks cool all day

Quality material so that they are very durable and long lasting

Very lightweight so that they are carry friendly, weights 5.6lbs

Stand firmly and uprightly due solid materials

Two year warranty by manufacturers


Similar to every other product which has it’s Pros and Cons, the Callaway Org 14 Cart Bag is no different, having said this, we will try to give the full list of its Strength and weakness


Pros Of Callaway Org 14 Golf Cart Bag

Very lightweight that it is described as a ”bag that is light as feather”

Easy to carry and handle brought about by its soft and well cushioned dual handle grip

For quick and proper fastening of bag to cart it does come with an E-Trolley system and Trolley lip

When entirely or fully loaded unlike most bags out there, it stands straight and strong without needing support

Umbrella slot which is well organized and structured

Attractive looks and design

Lots of spacious pockets and two velour lined pockets which include a whooping 19 pockets, imagine that!!!

Great for the ”carts”, whether push or pull carts

Exceptional quality and two year guarantee

Cooler pockets to help keep your drinks cool

14 way full length dividers so that each club has its own slot to help prevent entanglement


Cooler pocket does not come with a drainage

Zippered pockets isn’t that strong so use carefully

Callaway Org 14 Cart Bag video Reveiw

What Are Callaway Golf Bag Made Of?

Callaway the well known and famous golf brand  makes its bags from weather resistant material which are very durable and can withstand different weather condition


How Do I Organize My Cart Golf

Well, how you organize your cart golf bag is a personal thing however there are proven ways to arrange your golf cart bag so that your gears and related item is well organized and kept orderly for easy sorting

If bag comes with slot of which recent bags do, place all clubs in descending order, you can achieve that easily by starting with the driver then other clubs from left to right

On doing this you can easily see and sort out clubs as fast as possible


Cart Golf Bag And Staff Golf Bag, What’s the Difference?

While making a choice on your bag for golfing you should also be aware that there are lots of bags in the market from brand to brand and Cart to Staff

What’s the difference between a Cart Bag and a Staff Bag, looking at the staff bag or cart bag one can easily spot the difference

Cart bags are slightly smaller and quite lighter than Staff bag, the Cart is a great option for you if you walk the course with your cart, whether push or pull  Cart


What Are The Different Types Of Golf Bag?

While being over excited as you head to purchasing your bag for golf, you should have known well the importance of your bag

As it’s primary purpose is to house and protect your expensive gears and items from damage or harsh conditions, apart from that, it is through this means ”Golf Bag”, you equipment’s are being convoyed from one place to another

There are different types of golf bag in the market and as a golfer, you are open to make a choice on any which best resonate with you and your playing formulae

Having said this we bring to you the different types of golf bag made readily available in todays market

Staff Bag:

The Staff Golf Bag is often the luxurious type of bag with lots of storage compartment and rooms for your items and equipment’s

This makes them more expensive, the Staff golf bag is used mainly by Pro, the staff Golf Bag is designed to create awareness and visibility of brand

It is some sort of what I call, ”Advertisement” Bag, this is brought about by the huge logos which does not go un-noticed as they are very bold enough

It is very easy to customizes this golf bag type to your specification or taste, if you want to execute business on the golf course, then the staff bag is great

Since they are highly used by tour pros using one will make you appear  to be a pro at golfing

Golf Cart Bag:

Thus bag type is smaller and lighter than the staff bag, but if you walk the course with your cart bag especially regularly, then cart bag is a great option for you, its name, ”Cart Bag”, it derived from the fact that they are designed to be transported on a golf cart

Cart bag bridges the gap between professional golfer and personal golfer, cart bag is also known as hybrid golf bag

Its name, ”Hybrid Golf Bag” is bent from the fact that it carries the attributes of a sophisticated bag like stand bag and the functionality of a golf stand bag

Stand Golf Bag:

Best recognized by it’s name, this golf bag does come with an inbuilt support known as bag stand, this stand bag features a duo retraceable legs

With this stand, golf bag can either stand completely or partially upright by spreading out retraceable legs, all depends on how you want it

The retraceable legs takes simile in mechanism like the Swiss knife when retracted or pulled out, this bag is light enough and easy to carry

Carry Bag:

Carry bag tells you what it is designed for, the Carry bag is meant to be carried this make them much lighter with a well designed ergonomic handle for easy carry

They have a highly developed carry handle for easy vary and maximum comfortability and amazing feel, if you usually carry fewer than 14 clubs, then this bag should be just right for you

The Carry golf bag is best described as a ”Sunday Golf Bag” thus bag is designed for carrying only your essentials and are very small and extremely lightweight but not as lightweight as that for the juniors

Junior Golf Bag:

The Junior golf bag is designed for the junior golf players, this is why it is important to find a golf bag that fits the junior well

This is usually the lightest kind of bag for golf as juniors aren’t strong enough to carry something weight, this bag just contain only the essential club


Today’s Callaway stands out as one of the finest brand makers of bag for golfing and here comes one again, ”Callaway Org 14 Cart Bag” one of the best it its series

Looking for a golf bag with amazing reviews or you are a Callaway golf bag addict and looking one that is very suitable and classy? then this is exactly what you have been looking for

If you are looking for the best Callaway golf bag single reviews, then you aren’t far from the Callaway Org 14 Cart Bag, happy Golfing!!!

















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