In the end, you should be able to list the amazing features of the Callaway Org 15 Cart Bag

Bags are an integral part of your game, this is because it serves as the storehouse of your expensive gears and equipment’s

This is why making a choice on your bag is not to be taken with laxity, you need good for quality golf bags with more than enough room to store your gears and items

You need a bag with lots of large and many pockets so that you do not get lean on space, you want a bag designed to organize your equipment’s in a classical and easy way to find

Then the Callaway Org 15 Cart Bag is here to do you good, in today’s blog post, we have on review Callaway Org 15 bag

After this, you will be able to place a better judgment on the Callaway Org 15 bag cart

Having been long into the manufacture of golf gears, equipment’s and utilities, the Callaway have several known and quality series of golf bags from where you can make a choice with no regret

This series well include Mavrik Cart Bag to Chev Stand Bag to Callaway light zero lightweight golf bags to Callaway Org 14 Cart Bag to Callaway Org 7, and many more



The Org 15, What Does It Signify

Callaway has been into the business of golf sport-related items ranging from clubs to bags to tees and so on

Have several series of the well-known golf bag to its name, this is why they are considered among the top brand in the industry

And now it is the Org 15, What’s this Org 15 all about? I know you are very curious and wanting to know what’s  this Org 15 is all about

Well, ”Org” is like a trademark for the Callaway brand, for whatever reason they decided to use the word ”Org”, hey I don’t know! but one thing I know for sure is Org in full means ”Organization”

But how about ”15”? the word 15 depicts the number of dividers that this bag comes with, as an example, this golf bag comes with 15 dividers, thus the word, ”Org 15”

For this reason, you can organize your golf gears into 15 different slots, isn’t that amazing, every individual club has its own space


Who Are They Meant For, Callaway Org 15 Cart Bag Review?

On review, we found out that the Callaway Golf Org 15 bag is the most highly organized golf bag brought about by its massive number of dividers, A whooping ”15”

This means a separate slot for each of your gears, since they are highly organized they are easy to sort out and identify

This bag due to massive organizer cures the problem of having to pack more than one club together in one slot which can lead to dent or probably breakage due to them hitting each other

Prior to this era, a whole lot of manufacturers have tried to see how possible it to limit the number of clubs packed into one slot


If you are Among these Three Category, Then This Bag Is Definitely For You

Golfer Whose Top Priority Is Classical And Spaced Organization

Having said this, am sure you should know who this bag is meant for? this bag is meant for golfers whose top priority is the proper organization of their gears

If you’ve got a 15 club then it is a great choice for and if you have less, it means you will have extra space to store other equipment’s, you see, its some kinda, ”Win-Win” Scenario.

Golfers Who Love Spacing

If you are a golfer also who have love for space then this bag is also a great option, bags that come with 15 dividers are usually big sized, because of this reason they are also great for golfers who love spacing and many pockets

Golfer Who love quality

Quality is everything, if you love quality then this should also be a choice to invest in, Quality means durability and efficiency

It means getting value for your money, so if you are a lover of quality and looking for a golf bag, then come on board

You will be impressed with the quality and performance of this bag especially with a well trusted and guaranteed brand like the Callaway

With this bag comes ample space for your refreshment and range finder

Having said this, here are the key features of The Callaway 15 Org Cart Bag


Key Features, Callaway Org 15 Cart Bag Reviewed





Org 15 Cart Bag, Callaway Bag, On review

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This is massive and great, creating an individual hole for every gear, as said earlier this is the best golf bag for organizing and getting all your equipment’s well structured and easy to sort

Golf bags with 15 full-length dividers are quite difficult to come by, even though they are available they are usually very expensive

However this bag isn’t just great for quality but the best for the value bag out there, they very sturdy and hold up firmly

Its good to have enough space for storage especially when you’ve got a lot of club and accessories, with this golf bag comes a holder material that is very sturdy and of good quality, which means durability and high efficiency

Sorting out your gears can be very easy and stress-free as any club misplaced can be easily noticed and replaced

With this bag, you have space for 15 clubs with a separate Putter well and an umbrella slot, the Putter well is well built and offering maximum protection for your putter shaft

Your wedges are able to sit flush as this helps to eliminate club clunking around when you move with a golf bag

No worries for entanglement as gears are allocated one to each slot

Carry Strap And Weight

The Callaway Org 15 Cart Bag boost of massive and well-structured Carry strap which are so comfortable and foamy so that they are easy to carry

When I am thinking f a golf bag I love the fact that it will be easy to carry around, this bag strikes the perfect balance between weighing and sizing as the Callaway Org 15 weighs about 7 pounds

The handle which is very durable, soft, and foamy makes short lifting very easy so that it can be placed on the cart


The Callaway Org 15 Cart Bag offers a massive number of pockets, this bag is known for its laborious and flamboyant spacing

On review we found out that this bag does have 15 large sized pockets, it has got for your water bottles a large cooler pocket so that your drinks can remain cool all day long

And now no more worries about your drinks getting hot as they can remain cool for long hours, how about the provision of space for chocolate bar which makes bag a big bang for the bucks

This bag is easy to access as it does come with a dedicated range finder pocket and this helps makes bringing out your binocular very easy and quick

You also have a pocket for your balls and tees, rain gear, and amazingly an iPhone pocket if you are not comfortable keeping it in your jeans

The bag does also come with a fully waterproof pocket

Colour And Design

If you are looking for a great for design golf bag then in no doubt this bag is great, as they are well made and exceptionally attractive

But for color, they aren’t that attractive as they come only plain, this bag comes only in plain black color and even at that it still looks attractive

This bag is very gorgeous

Callaway Org 15 Cart Bag, Key Features Listed In Tabular FormOrg 15, Cart Bag, Callaway reviews

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  • Top Divider: 15 Way
  • Top Diameter: 10.5
  • Type: Cart Bag
  • Divider Slot: 15 Way
  • Material:
  • Large  Cooler Pocket: 1
  • Range Finder Pocket(Magnetic): 1


  • Ball Pocket:1
  • Tees Pocket:1
  • iPhone Pocket: 1
  • Water Proof valuable pocket



  • Carry System:
  • Gender: Male
  • Weight: 7 Pounds
  • Dimension: 12 * 36 * 13
  • Top Dividers: 15


Pros, Callaway Org 15 Cart Bag

  • Very spacious
  • Lots of pockets, (15)
  • Individual slot for every club for easy sorting
  • Quality and efficient


Cons, Callaway Org 15 Cart Bag

  • Heavy, weighing 7 pounds


Callaway ORG 15 Cart bag VIDIO REVIEWED

Types Of Golf Bag

When on a hunt for your golf bag you must bear in mind that your bag for golf is broadly categorized into five

When choosing your bag you will be making a decision from this 5 bag category-Staff Bag, Cart Bag, Stand Bag, Carry Bag, and Sunday Golf Bag

Staff Bag

The bag well known as Staff bag is the biggest, heaviest, and usually, the largest type of bag, well known among professional’s, it is a bag used to showcase or create awareness about a particular brand in the market

Even though they are often common among Professionals, they can also be used among the everyday golfers

If you are a golfer who comes accompanied then the Staff bag is a great choice, Staff bags are very large, containing every single item you will be needing right from gears to towels

They are so roomy and spacious this makes them also a great option for that golfer who loves to pack more than what you are supposed to

Staff bag is some kind of advertisement bag, used to close a deal, in most case when you see a Staff bag a deal is near or has been concluded

There are lots of Staff golf bag that you can choose from, here is one we recommend Best Staff Bag to Buy right now

Cart Bag

Cart Bag depicts its name from the Cart, a Cart is designed for use on the Cart, this bag comes with a lockable feature which does make them lockable to the Cart to prevent falling on motion

Cart bag is about the second-largest type of golf bag second to Staff Bag, The Cart bag usually contains lots of pockets and spacing so that you will be able to carry all you will be needing

If you have got a Cart, then you should be having or plan to have a Bag for your Cart

For Cart bag variety option to choose from please refer here Best Cart Bag to Choose from

Stand Bag

This bag comes with usually two retractable or protractible legs, which can be easily pulled in or out, this stand ensures the bag remains steady and balanced no matter the terrain

Stand bag bridges the gap between a Cart Bag and Staff bag, stand bags can also be a carry golf bag for some golfers

As it also usually comes with a comfortable dual carry shoulder strap which offers optimum comfort and feels

Carry Bag

The Carry Bag is meant to be carried at least that is what it is designed for, the Carry Bag depicts what its name represents

This is why manufacturers pay closer attention to its carry strap system than any other golf bag type, this is because they are meant to be carried

Stand Bag is well known for its double strap system as it does create more comfort by weight distribution across shoulders

The Carry Bag is also a very spacious bag and quite lightweight as it does not contain metal or heavy casing wall for club protection

They are great for the golfer who likes to walk d0wn the course, there are lots of Carry golf bag in today’s market, and making a choice for many seems to be time-consuming and confusing

Here is our recommendation Best Carry Golf Bag on Sale

Sunday/Pencil Golf Bag

This bag is designed to be very slim thus the name, ”Pencil” the Pencil golf bag is the most portable and lightweight bag for golf available on sale today

Sunday golf bag is not designed to carry your complete clubs, rather the essential, like the Putter, Driver and a few more

They are great for golfer whose aim on a particular day is to focus on just a particular segment of their game, for instance, a golfer focusing on Putting skills and Driving should go with a Putter and a Driver

Or focusing on hitting out of the bunker on a particular day you will be needing only your wedges

For this reason you can see why it is good every golfer knows his bags and define what they should be achieved with it so as to be able to make the right selection

What Is The Lightest Golf Bag?

As of the time of writing, the lightest Car bag is no other than the Taylormade Lite Cart Bag weighing just five pounds

This bag is usually regarded  and recommended as the best golf bag for beginners due to its weighing, e can trace its lightness to its name ”Lite Cart” Bag


Golf Cart Bags, Do They Come With Strap?

Unlike Carry bag which does always come with two straps, the Cart Bag comes with one strap and do not have a built-in stand mechanism as they re no designed to stand but to be placed on Cart

The Strap usually have a tie-down or sleeve to keep the strap secured and out of the way on a Cart


How Do You Carry A  Cart Bag?

Carrying a cart bag simply entails lowering your dominant shoulder then slipping the carry strap up your arm

You can make it easy by using the handle to help for bag lifting then support by using your leg pull bag in an upward direction


Why Do Golf Bags Have Dividers?

Golf Bags do have dividers as they help for better organization of your gears and items

While some golf bags come with few dividers other come with lots of dividers like the Callaway Org 15 on reviews, it does come with 15 dividers being the Golf bag with the most organizer

The more dividers a golf bag has the more easily organizable your gears and other related items can be, on the other hand, the less divider a bag has the less organized such bag can be

Types Of Dividers For Your Golf Bag

Golf bag is often known for two types of dividers-Full length divider or Half-length dividers

Full-Length Dividers: A Full-length divider is a divider that runs from top to bottom of your bag, the full-length divider is best and perfect for ensuring your clubs are not entangled

Half Length:

Half-length simply do not run full length as they are used to separate clubs halfway, they are shorter and also used to separate clubs from each other so as to prevent entanglement



ORG 15 VS Org 14, What’s The Difference?

There is actually no much difference between the Org 15 and Org 14, this are the two highly popular bags from Callaway

Here is the list of the Difference


The Org 14 is noticeably lighter than the Org 15, I think this is the most noticeable difference, Org 15 weighing 5.6 pounds and Org 15 weighing 7 pounds

This makes them even more portable and easy to carry around


As stated earlier, Callaway Org 15 comes in limited colors, they are usually made of black, Org 14 also comes in various color unlike the Org 15 which does not come in so many color option

This makes the Callaway Org 14 a more preferred choice if you are looking for lots of color option to choose from


The Callaway Org 15 Cart bag takes the lead here, this bag is far more spacious than the Org 14, this makes the Org 15 the best choice golf bag for golfers who wants more space so that they can be able to pack more gear and equipment’s

If you are a space freak, then go with the Org 15, in terms of number of pockets while the Org 14 boost of 12 pockets the Org 15 boost of 15 Pockets and am sure you know that it is a great difference


Callaway Org 15 Cart Bag is a better organizer than the Org 14 as a result of one more added divider, this means there is one additional that the Org 14 doesn’t have

Having listed the difference let us summarize it

Whether you decide to go for the Org 15 or Org 14, it is based on your choice and preferences as both are a very good bag to invest on

Here are the Pros And Cons that differentiate the Callaway Org 15 on review and the Callaway Org 14

  • Callaway Org 15 is a better organizer, however, Callaway Org 14 is lighter
  • Callaway Org 15 does come with lots of pockets however Callaway Org 14 is more portable
  • Callaway Org 14 offers various combination’s of color to choose from whereas Callaway Org is available in only one or two colors

Are Golf Cart Bag Any Good

If you prefer using a Cart then a golf cart is great, however, if you prefer walking then you might consider owning a carry bag

Its also great to buy a bag along as you purchase your Cart immediately, they are good for Cart lovers and bad for walkers

For golf bags best suited for Walkers, Please refer here: Best golf bags for walkers


How Many Club Can You Have In Your Golf Bag

The number of clubs officially allowed in golf sport is 14 clubs, during a round golfer are restricted to carrying over 14

Anything above 14 is usually prohibited and seen as excess



Callaway Org 15 Cart Bag, How Many Cans Of Beer Does It Holds?

On review we found out that this bag can hold 12, this gives you the opportunity to pack up lots of drinks which remains cools for a long time

Is This Bag Able To Stay Upright?

Yes, the Callaway is a solid and upright golf bag even when full, it still holds firmly up of which is as a result of quality and well structured inner rails

Does It Come With An Integrated Umbrella Holder

No, even despite the fact that it does boost of  having 15 pockets


Do Cart Bag Fits On Push Cart

Cart bag is simply designed for the Cart, Cart bag is great for the Cart whether push or electric cart, this is what they are designed for, ”The Cart”


How Do You Attach A Golf Bag To Your Cart

Attaching a Cart Bag to a Golf Cart is very simple and easy, all you do is pick your bag up then have it set up in one of the two slots which are located at the back of the Cart

With a Cart Bag comes a strap, take the strap and pull it around the bag for golf( The strap should be threaded through the handle of your golf bag




Your bag is an integral part of your game, when choosing a golf bag you should be very careful and know what’s right for you

Callaway being well known and respected brand makers of bags for golf makes quality and high-end spectrum bags

The Org 15 Cart Bag comes with plenty of storage space and a massive one at that, if you are still contemplating whether you would like this bag, contemplate no more







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