In the end you should be able to make the best selection of the Callaway brand Petite Golf Club Set For Women for the year almost ended

A whole lot of factor comes in play when we try to make a selection on club set, such factor might include age, sex, stature and brand, although we cannot deny the fact that there are more factors to this, but this is the generally known factor

The Callaway set of golf club as we all know have for years been known as one of the most reputable golf club manufacturers out there in the market, they are an established brand well perceived as the best

Golf club sets are an integral part of your game because without them you wouldn’t be playing golf, before moving further, what do the word ”Petite” mean in our context, Petite simply means ”small”, so petite women simply mean, women who are smallish in size or small sized

When considering buying a golf club set, you must take into consideration your size, you don’t have to use a too big or too small club, there is always a perfect club fit for your statue

There has been a whole lot of complain that involves golf club being too big or small and this sometimes spark anger and regret from the customer, to make this simple, here is it, there is always a golf club set for everyone, whether you are big or small, tall or short, old or young, beginner or pro golfer, there is always a club for you

One of the best golf brand known to make the best golf club set for women of all sizes are the Callaway, they have been in the business for decades, and have proven to be at the fore front of best club set for all the smallish or small sized bodied woman

On an everyday bases we encounter women who are confused on what club set is best for them, the Callaway golf brand set have proven to be the best for Petite ladies

This petite set of Callaway golf clubs is for that woman, smallish in nature and looking for the best suited club that will fit perfectly to her body size and weight as well

There have been a whole lot of queries concerning the best petite ladies Callaway golf club set, this article seeks to redress such issue with an updated list of the best Petite Callaway golf club set for ladies

What is the best Callaway Women’s Petite golf club set?

Callaway Women’s Strata Plus Complete Golf Set(All Time Best Petite Women’s Set)

Give it up for the Callaway Women’s Strata they have proven to be one of the top best choice for that petite woman who seeks a golf club to fit her size and weight

This club is made with perfection, thanks to its engineers who through cooperation made this award winning club set, that has been of help and will be to that smallish or small sized body ladies who wants to golf

They are very forgiving and easy to use and each club is built with a thinner, lighter and more robust surface for the best of feedback speed and ball control

Designed with the best of distance and forgiveness technologies which features a 460cc over sized driver head with large sweet-spot for more distance, they are highly flexible this makes them easy to hit with top notch response and feedback control


Best club for small sized women

Very durable and forgiving’

Easy to use

Well balanced and weighed


Quite expensive

Callaway Women’s Strata Ultimate Complete Golf Set(16 Piece)

petite, ladies, goolf set, golf clubs, callaway, callaway sets, golf setThe Strata ultimate is a great set designed with ultimate distance and precision in mind for the female golfer out there, with its modernized golf technology you are covered from tee to green

It does have a driver which is completely mad of titanium for more forgiveness to easily and quickly bomb off the tee, the putter as well having a precise face milling helps to give you the best of accuracy and ball control

Grow your confidence with this petite set, hit longer and straighter shots with ease, the club looks really attractive and flashy and its loveability will make you buy them again

It does also have a great spacious dual strap bag for better arrangement and protection of your clubs from dirty and debris, this bag is also very durable and fanciful as well as the club


Bag has great pocket that is well organized

Highly forgiving clubs

Nice grip plus flexible shots for more feedback and feel

Very comfortable and easy to use

Made of quality so it is easy to use


Quite expensive

Limited stock

Callaway Women’s Solaire Complete Golf Set

Smallish, women, golf club, small bodies, The Callaway Solaire is a quick choice for the lady golfer in search of a petite set of club, they are one of the easiest, simple yet greatly forgiving golf club

Get great and more accurate distance with better ball control and well optimized speed as you use this clubs, made of lady flex steel shaft for exceptional responsiveness, feedback and feel

Armed with this club your game is bound to change for the good, if you have been struggling with your game for so long, then with this club you will have peace

The Callaway Women’s Solaire is also  a highly comfortable golf club set, they are light and you will hit further and straighter shots using its perfectly engineered driver


Very forgiving golf club

Great spacious bag with dual strap

Very comfortable club

Excellent balance and weighed for maximum feedback



Quiet expensive

Callaway Women’s Strata Tour Complete Golf Set(16 Piece)

small, women, golf, club, club set, petite clubHere comes another great  club for that small sized woman looking for the best Callaway to suit her stature, they are right handed with a lightweight 460cc oversized forged driver head with large sweet-spot for the best of forgiveness

There is also a provision of a lightweight standbag that comes with a wide enough pocket, cooler pocket, rain hood and backpack strap system

Thus is much  better than the current generation  of club sets, you did probably fall in love with this et as they are easy to use and with them right from your drive to your putt you will see exceptional improvement

Built with the latest technology as regards golf for better feel, responsiveness and feedback and they are of high quality, with this awesome set all your days of struggling in the bunker or green is over

They are highly flexible thus offering great comfortably on every single shots


Very comfortable and easy to use

High MOI of increased forgiveness

Maximum response and feedback


Exceptional ball flight and better control

Perfect size for the petite lady

Great and gorgeous bag with enough pocket to keep your equipment safe and handy


Might be little bit heavy for some ladies

Callaway 2016 Solaire Petite 13 Piece Complete Set

female petite, golf club, bestEngineered for more distance and better ball distance control and a perfect choice for that petite lady looking for the most responsive and high demanding golf club set for better ball game improvement

Hitting frequently, consistently and with ease is now easier than ever, the perfect fit and huge sweet-spot will get you all thrilled when you use this club, the clubs are light and are of the proper length and off course this will help increase your distance

Drive more accurate distance, do m or excellent putt, hit out of the obstacle faster with ease and in a grand style using the is highly forgiving and durable golf club highly targeted to meet the small woman owns need at all times


Well balanced and structured for the best of response and feedback

Highly forgiving golf clubs

Easy to use and very durable

Lightweight and attractive

Higher and more accurate ball ball speed, flight, distance travel and accuracy


Some people complained of poor love for the bag

Why use the Callaway Petite Club Set

As a Petite lady, you might be forced to ask Why use the Callaway  Petite club set? there are great club set out there that are not of the Callaway brand, oh yes they are, but one of the best makers of club set that highly considers the small statured women is the Callaway

The Callaway makes amazingly great club set for small sized, small bodies or smallish women, if you ever want the best picks of club set perfectly suited for smallish women then the Callaway brand is your go, go brand, this is the reason every female smallie would be needing to use the Callaway petite club for golfing


The Callaway brand makes one of the most amazing complete set for petite ladies, are you are smallie lady looking for the best golf club bran that will fit your stature? then you must with all conviction turn to the Callaway golf club

The Callaway have been proven to be in the fore frontier when it comes to the design of great clubs set for petite ladies, they know the exact size and perfect match of club that will suit the smallish or small sized women interested in golfing








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