In the end you should be able to list the exciting feature which makes up the Click Gear Golf Push Cart on reviews for better pre-informed buying decision

Are you looking for the Click Gear Golf Push Cart? Worry no further as we give you an unbiased and undiluted review of this Push Cart

Today’s golfing offers on sale great golf Push Carts so that you can easily and quickly move your bags which does contain all your gears and other related golfing equipment’s to the course and off the course stress free

There are many Golf Push Cart brands on sale today and now it is the Click Gear 4.0 Golf Push Cart on Reviews, the Clickgear is a well known, trusted and reputable brand when it comes o the manufacture and design of your carts for golf

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Bag Boy Compact 3 Push Cart

Clicgear having manufactured and designed so many great and classic golf cart to its name knows what it takes to make a great and satifiable golf cart

The Clicgear may not be a well known brand in many golf product but you see for Carts, they are one of the best place to put your bet on and the Clicgear 4.0 Push Cart reviews is no different

The Clickgear is a great and fantastic golf push cart that has gained so much traction and attention among golfers, with the Clicgear 4.0 Push Cart your colleagues and friends will become Cart envy

Looking at this Cart you can tell that they are of high quality, even the reviews says a lot about that, weighing about 21lbs, this golf cart is extremely lightweight for the best of portability

Having sad this we move over to the reviews of the Clicgear 4.0 Golf Push Cart on sale


Clicgear 4.0 Golf Push Cart Reviews, Its Overview

Clicgear review, Push Cart, Model 4.0, golf cartClicgear review, push cart, model 4.0Check Price On Amazon

The Clickgear comes with lots of huge assortment accessories which makes them a great Cart to invest in, aside from that as did earlier they are incredibly lightweight, weighing only but 21lbs, this makes them great for portability and ease to carry around

One amazing feature which makes me envy this Cart is the fact that it fold very ruthlessly in a compact way so that you can be able to get them inside your Car without it covering the whole space

You will be able to secure your bag brought about as a result of the infinitely adjustable silicon bag strap system, how about the upper saddle which is adjustable and this makes it possible that it fits any golf bag no matter the sizing

Amazingly tires are free from maintenance and cart is very quality as they are made high quality materials

The Clickgear 2020 version(4.0) is an improvement to its previous version, the ”3.5”, this 2020 version offers more storage option with more developed and comfortable strap system


Clicgear Model 4.0Push Cart Reviews, Its Specification

4.0 model, push cart, Clicgear review, push cart

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  • Net for storage with scorecard built in, golf ball, pencil and tee holder
  • Lots of accessories which include umbrella mount and cup holder
  • Extra accessory tab so that more clicgear can be added
  • Lightweight, weighing 21lbs
  • Silicon bag strap which is infinitely adjustable so that it fits any bag no matter the size
  • Lower saddle support which does prevent rubbing of bag on the rear wheel
  • XL Cup holder which does provide space to keep your drinks
  • Number Of Wheels: 3
  • Breaking System: Hand break
  • Folded Dimension: 13” x 15”x 23”
  • Tires: Maintenance free and airless
  • Included accessory mount: 4


Clicgear Model 4.0 Push Golf Cart Reviews, Its Key Features

Clicgear review, push cart, model 4.0

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  • Lightweight and roller friendly

The Clicgear 4.0 is incredibly lightweight, weighing only 21lbs, they have been widely adapted as they are very easy to roll due to its well developed wheels which makes maneuvering easy and quick

Unlike other golf Cart which performs similarly some can be quite weighty especially if it offers all the incentive which is made readily available in the Clicgear golf push Cart 4.0 model

  • Hand Operated Breaks

The Clickgear boost of a solid and easy to operate hand break which is well developed and stays steadily across any terrain, with this Hand break parking of Cart becomes easy and you would not have to panic as they remain steady and infinitely stable no matter the terrain

  • Accessories

On reviews the Clicgear 4.0 Push Cart does come with lots of accessories to meet your needs, this accessories well include a standard cup holder, umbrella mount which does prevent the harsh weather from getting directly on you and your equipment’s, space for additional accessory tab for other items storage

  • Extra Storage

If you are in search of a Push Cart which offers additional storage capabilities and tendency, then this is a smart option to choose, it does come with net for storage and full console and scorecard built in, golf ball, pencil and holder for your tees

  • Easy to Maneuver

The Clicgear golf cart is one of my favorite to go for golf cart as it does come with a well developed wheels which makes it very easy to maneuver

With this Cart you will notice how easy and quick it will be for you to swaver pass all terrain whether be it rough or smooth

  • Ruthlessly Portable

Clicgear review, Push Cart, Model 4.0, golf cartOne of the key features that attracts me to the Clicgear is its ruthless compact sizing when folded, this Cart folds so well and perfectly so that when put on the Car it occupies very small amount of space

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  • Maintenance Free Airless Tires

It does come with an airless tire which is maintenance free and this means you will not be spending money on tire maintenance and tires are going to be very long lasting because airless tires are usually quality


Clicgear Model 3.5 VS Clicgear 4.0 Golf Cart Push, What’s The Difference?

The Clicgear model 4.0 golf cart push is the most recent version, it was manufactured after the Clickgear 3.5 model, there are many differences between both and one of such noticeable difference is

I would say whether the 4.0 or 3.5, I can bet both are great, the major difference can be seen in the strap and the tie down, the 4.0 has an adjustable upper saddle aside from that there isn’t much difference


Clicgear 4.0 Push Cart Reviews, Pros

  • Extremely lightweight and easy to push golf cart for portability sake
  • Folds compactly extremely well so that they are easy to carry and for space minimization
  • Very easy to maneuver brought about by well developed and highly structured wheel
  • Lots of storage accessories such as the storage net, golf ball, pencil and tee holder
  • Solid parking hand break which makes cart great for any terrain
  • Maintenance free airless tires which are long lasting as well
  • Lots of accessories which does include an umbrella mount for harsh weather, standard cup holder to hold your cup and an extra accessory tab so that you can add more clicgear accessories
  • Available in multiple color option to choose from


Clicgear Model 4.0 Push Cart On Review, Its Cons

  • Does not come with a cover for tire when putting it in a car

Golf Carts are vehicles designed to carry our bags which does contain your gears and other equipment’s down the course without the need of having to carry them on your shoulder

Golf Carts is especially a great option for gofer who have heavy bags like the Cart bag, Staff Bag and probably the Stand Bag

Carts are part of your game especially if you have a heavy bag, now imagine having to carry your heavy bag on your shoulder and getting exhausted and stressed up even before the game gets started, you can agree with me that this will have a negative effect on your game

With a Cart you will be able to focus on what matters the most and that being your game, having said this, when choosing your cart for golf, you will be met with five different choices

Types Of Golf Cart

Your cart for golf is broadly categorized into five and they are-Push Golf Cart, Pull Golf Cart, Electric Golf Cart. Gas Golf Cart and Luxury Golf Cart

  • Push Golf Cart

The Push Golf Cart also known as Trolley is a Cart which is designed to be pushed as they do not have motor, this cart type operates by pushing

Push Golf Cart are often three wheeled though there are some exceptions to that which might include four wheel, however just like every other golf cart type it is designed to carry your bags which does contain all your gears and other expensive items down the course, all you need to do is put in your bag and push down to the course

As a perfect example, the Clicgear 4.0 model golf cart on review falls under the cart type ”Push Cart”

  • Pull Golf Cart

Its name suggest how it is manned, the Pull golf cart is the direct opposite of a Push Golf Cart, Pull golf cart are designed to the pulled which involves putting inward pressure so that Cart comes towards you while you move

Pull Golf Cart are also known as traditional golf Cart similar to the Push Golf Cart, Pull Golf Cart are well recognized by its two wheels even though some exceptions does come with three wheels

  • Electric Golf Cart

Just as its name suggest, the electric golf cart is being manned by electricity, the electric golf cart took the world by surprise, offering better incentives and ease of use

Since they are being run by electricity and not through manual effort, all you do is seat and take a ride, today’s electric golf cart is able to accommodate more than one passenger as it does make provision for more than one passenger seat

  • Gas Powered Golf Cart

The Gas powered golf cart just as its name suggest are Carts which re being manned by gasoline, unleaded gasoline to be precise,

They work similar to the electric golf cart but as said it is manned by gasoline, Gas Golf Cart are usually noisy and requires high maintenance, this is its weakness

And for its strength it does travel far more distance than the electric golf cart and is able to navigate rugged terrain that is usually difficult for the electric carts

  • Luxury Golf Cart

The Luxury golf cart depicts what it is for, from the word, ”Luxury” you should be able to depict the goal of this cart and yes of course it was built for luxury and this comes at an expense

One of the benefit of a luxury Cart is that it does offer more features that other Carts aren’t able to offer, they are also highly customizable

If you want to carry your golf cart in style, the luxury cart will do just that, when you take Luxury Carts into consideration, here are some of the top of the line features which does come with a luxury Cart

Premium leathered seat, Shiny Chrome Grills, Snazzy rims on the wheels and many more, having listed this different type of carts for golfing and you having a deep understanding on each of them you will be able to make a better and smarter pre-informed buying decision


The Benefit Of Using A Push Cart

Push Cart can help contribute in lowering your scores, in a case study it has been proven that through the use of a Push Cart a golfers score can be lowered to 2.5 shots over 9 hole in comparison to carrying your bag

It has also been proven that when compared to riding a Cart, golfers who use a Push Cart performs better than those riding on a Caddie

This is a big subject of debate as it might not really hold water, as for my own opinion and experience your play level depends on how good you are as a golfer and not Cart based in any way


Things To Consider When You Want To Buy A Golf Push Cart

Buying a golf cart, whether a Push Cart or any other Cart type listed above especially for beginners seems to be an un-easy and confusing task

To effectively make the right choice on your Cart, this are some of the factors you should be looking out for, one of such factor have been mentioned above and that being knowing the different type of Carts

  • Cart Type

When making a choice on your cart for golf, you are going to be asking yourself which of the Cart type is best suited or comfortable by you as there are different types of golf carts, this Cart type are 5 in number

The Push Cart, Pull Cart, Gas Cart, Electric Cart and Luxury Cart-If you do not know the difference between this five Cart type please refer above to the sub-heading which explains about Cart Types

  • Maintenance Cost

When choosing a Cart is of great importance you put the subject of maintenance into consideration, a lot of people go into buying what they aren’t able to maintain and at the end its all packed up

You should consider maintenance cost as your cart definitely will require maintenance, as a reference, manual Carts will require less maintenance cost than motorized Carts

As an example if you are looking for a golf Cart which requires very low cost on maintenance then you should be considering the Clicgear model 4.0 Golf Push Cart

Manually manned Carts such as the Push Cart or the Pull Cart requires less maintenance than motorized Carts like the Gas Cart, Electric Cart or the Luxury Cart

Gas Cart requires more maintenance cost than any of the Cart type although it travels farther and is able to navigate rugged and uneven terrain than any other Cart types

Electric golf cart are also a great cart which requires less maintenance too, for electric golf push cart please refer here: Best electric golf cart

  • Quality/ Brand

Quality is everything, of course no one loves inferior product as quality is very relatively tied to durability, you should be all means go for quality so that you get the best value for your money

It doesn’t have to be the best especially for those who do not have enough purchasing power however go for some Carts wit some degree of quality

While branding isn’t among the top most consideration yet even at that it is still worth considering as there are many golf Cart brand out there today and choosing from the best of them helps reduce the confusion and task it takes to sort for your Carts

There are a handful of well known, trusted and reliable Golf Cart brand, this brand are very valuable due to their due diligence to quality and close attention to efficiency, with this attributes this brand are able to stand among out

Apart from that this brand have been long into the production and manufacture of your Carts for golf so they are very well aware what it takes to make a great golf Cart

  • Part Availability

When choosing your Cart for golf, duty calls that you should be smart and wise enough, you should be considering how readily available spare parts of Cart are

As you can quite agree with me, some parts might not be easy to come by, its normal and you should accept it that with time your Cart is going to have problem and will requires changing some parts

Imagine not being able to find parts as quick and easy as possible and you end up parking your expensive Cart which has cost you so much to invest on

As you buy your Cart you can sellers or make enquiry yourself on Parts to determine if it is easy to come by or difficult, with this you can better place judgment on whether Cart is worth buying or not

A lot of golfer out of excitement fail to put this factor into consideration, the excitement of owning their first Cart (for those who do not have before) and for those who have before (another Cart) cripples their imagination and thought and all they do is hit the buy button

Later on when the problem of part availability arises they remember, oh yea! what came over me? I should have though about this before buying

As you choose your Golf Carts out of excitement make sure you are not among the many golfers who have made this mistake

  • New VS Used

Are you comfortable with a used Cart or you prefer one that is new, this is relatively on in most cases tied to your budget, however nothing is as good as new

Whether new or used, what matters is that you go for a well functional and lively Cart, not one that will give you problem

As an object of personal decision and all things being equal, new Carts by all means is the most preferred than used Cart

However new ones comes with a price as they are usually more expensive or cost more than one that has been on use, as an instance the Cicgear Golf Push Cart 4.0 on reviews is a new Cart and not used and is a smart investment for golfers in search of the Cart type(Push Cart)


What Is The Clicgear 4.0 Model Golf Push Cart?

The Clicgear 4.0 model is a three wheeled Push Golf Cart designed to carry your golf bag which contains all your gears and other related items on and off the course, this ease the stress of having to Carry your heavy bag on shoulder which might lead to fatigue and poor performance

With this Push Cart, Your strength is preserved and reserved for your round

The Clicgear 4.0 Push Cart is an upgrade from the 3.5 model, the Clicgear 3.5 weighs 18 pounds in contrast to the 4.0 which weighs 21 pounds


How Did The Clicgear Get It’s Name?

One unique goal of the Clicgear which makes them to stand out is that they produced Carts that folded up accurately and smaller than anyone else, this remains one of the hall mark of the brand

The Clicgear Cart is made to fit so very compactly and easily in the trunk of a midsized Car, the name Clicgear originated from its ability to make high compact and exceptionally portable and quality golf carts



Clicgear Golf Push Cart Model 4.0 Reviews, Its FAQ

Q: Will it carry a stand bag?

A: The Clicgear push golf cart is designed to carry any golf bag type


Q: Does the front wheel swivel?

A: The Clicgear model 4.0 push cart front wheel does not swivel


Q: What seat can be used in the Clicgear model 4.0 cart?

A: The Clicgear seat


Q: Can the Clicgear work with a disc golf bag?

A: This bag does adapt to fit any golf bag as it comes with an adjustable upper saddle



The Clicgear is a three wheeled golf cart designed with the best of compatibility system as they are easy to fold and folds up very perfectly

This golf cart is an upgraded version of the 3.5, this cart does features a lot of accessories which include and not restricted to standard cup holder, umbrella mount, extra accessory tab and others

It does come with extra storage which does include storage net and full console which does come with score card built in and many more

If you are looking for a highly effective and efficient golf push cart then it is most certain that you will not go wrong with the Clicgear Golf Push Cart Model 4.0


























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