In the end you should be able to list the features which does come with the Clicgear Push Golf Cart to help you make a better pre-informed decision before ever buying

When it comes to your Cart for golf, Brand Clicgear is a well reputable, trusted and reliable as they have been into production of your Carts for long

They know what it take to manufacture or produce the right Push Cart, looking for the Clicgear Model 8.0+ Golf Push Cart? We’ve got you covered

Today’s golfing do have in great offer the best on sale Push Golf Cart so that it becomes very easy to carry your heavy bags which does contain all your gears and other items down the course in a stress free manner and grandeur styling

In today’s blog post we are going to be reviewing the Clicgear 8.0+ Model Push Cart, brand Clicgear having produced so many Cart series to its name

This series well include the Clicgear Model 4.0 Push Cart and many more and now we have on review the Model 8+ from this same exotic brand, ”the Clicgear

The Clicgear 8.0+ model unlike the 4.0 push cart is a four heeled golf push cart with an extra wide base which makes them very stable and well balanced

This golf cart from Clicgear model 8.0+is one un-matched and un-rivaled, they aren’t just solid and stable, they are also very stunning and well attractive this makes them great for golfer who likes classic and being fashionable as well

In the front wheel comes a neat break system and with the amazing powerful tires you will be able to navigate different terrain be it rough or smooth

The easy mode fold down system makes them very compactable as this saves your from space of storage, with this cart comes a singe built in accessory for your mount for you umbrella so that you are well protected against harsh conditions and weather

1  standard cup holder, 1 XL cup holder, Storage for scorecard so that you can easily and quickly sort your card without doing a random search

If you are on a hunt for a Golf cart on sale , do not hesitate for the Clicgear 8.0+ is just the right bargain as they are very quality and offering all the features that you will be needing and even more


Clicgear Model 8.0+, Its Specification


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Name Of Brand: Clicgear

Fold Dimension: 15” x 17” x 27”

Color: Available in various color options

Weighing: 28 Pounds

Tires: Maintenance free airless tires

Included Accessory mount : 6

Break System: Hand break

Wheels : 4


Clicgear model 8+ Golf Push Cart New And Amazing Features

Clicgear Cart, Model 8.0+ 8.0+ Reviews

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  • Designed to fit most Standard Cart Bags
  • Upper Saddle new and roboust
  • New front break lever which does help in powering the double front wheel breaks
  • Handle bar adjustment which is independent
  • Storage console(Large)
  • Scorecard and pencil strap(New)
  • Large storage net for personal items and accessory storage such as tees and many more
  • Umbrella tube strap and Upper Strap(New)
  • Heavy duty frame 22lbs
  • Step Guard which does help in


Clicgear 8.0+ its smart features

Clicgear Cart, Model 8.0+

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  • Long wheel base which is extra wide
  • Double break wheel break system with lock for hand break which does prevent cart from rolling
  • Extra accessory tab for more accessory inclusion
  • Aluminum tubing for long lasting Cart
  • Folds very compactly (15” x 17” x 27”)
  • bag strap system which is well improved and developed
  • Break handle which is upgraded
  • new scorecard board and pencil holder
  • Umbrella strap which are enhanced
  • Adjustable two front wheel for straight and easy pushing
  • Slide to close features
  • XL cup holder so that you can keep your oversized drink container
  • Wheel Cart cover to protect your wheels
  • Angle adjuster for umbrella


Model 8.0+ Clicgear Golf Push Cart, Its Pros

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  • Highly convertible due to well structured compact system for the best of fold ability and portability
  • Very stable and well balanced as they are four wheeled
  • Very attractive and good looking so that your colleagues or friends become Cart envy
  • Easy to maneuver due to well developed and structured wheels
  • Come with lots of accessories
  • Maintenance free airless tire
  • Lightweight and quality
  • Well trusted, reliable and popular brand
  • Height adjustable handle
  • Dual wheel alignment


Clicgear Push Cart 8.0+ Model, Its Cons

  • Phone holder is a separate accessory


Clicgear Model 8+ Model Video Review
It is worthy of note that when you want to reach that buying decision on your golf cart you should be well aware that golf carts are in five category and which ever you choose depends on you and what you hope to be achieving with it

When in the phase of making a choice on carts many golfer gets confused especially beginners, this is due to lack of proper information on the different type of carts available and what factor must be put into consideration before ever reaching  buying decision

There are five types of Carts which can be used to transport your heavy bags containing your gears and other golf related items down the course stress free and in  grandeur styling


Types Of Golf Cart

As sad earlier your Carts are well categorized into five and that being Push Cart, Pull Cart, Electric Cart, Gas Cart and Luxury Cart

Each if this cart just as its name suggest depicts what it is actually used for

  • Push Cart

The Push Cart also known as traditional cart , Push cart are usually three wheeled even though there are some exceptions which does come with four wheel

Push Cart is operated by pushing, having load your golf bag on your cart, the golfer stands behind the Cart and Push, the Push Golf Cart is a non motor manned golf cart and great for golfer who prefer waking down the course rather than driving

The Clicgear 8.0+ Cart is a perfect example of a thoroughly well designed and implemented Push Golf Cart on sale today

This Cart stand out many many other due to its well balanced, weighed and solid nature, aside from that it is very attractive and does come with a well developed and wide base wheels which will definitely make your friends and colleagues become Cart envy

Further more the Push Cart is divided into three types and we will be discussing that later, for now let us stick to the 5 types of carts for golfing

  • Pull Cart

Just as it names implies, the Pull golf cart is the direct opposite of the Push Cart, this cart type operates by pulling, you stand behind cart and instead of pushing away from you while you walk, you pull towards you while you walk

Its some kind of internal energy instead of external energy, the Pull golf cart are often two wheeled even though there are some exceptions which are three wheeled

The Pull golf cart just like the Push Cart are also known and recognized as traditional carts, they are non motorized golf cart as they are manned by man

The Pull Cart are also great for golfer who prefer walking down the course instead of riding, all you do is load your bag and pull

  • Electric Golf Cart

The electric golf cart are electrically manned, this cart type are run by electricity, the electric golf cart does come with a motor which propels it to move, electric golf cart are usually riding cart even though there are some exceptions as some electric carts are push carts

For electric push golf cart please refer here: Best electric push golf cart

Electric golf cart are especially great for gofers who prefer riding than walking down the course, all you simply do is get your golf bag loaded at the back of the cart and off you ride down the course

The electric golf cart took the world by storm as it took away the stress on having to rely on pushing as they are motorized

They are more convenient, time saving and energy saving as well, electric cart runs on battery either 36 or 48V battery in most cases

  • Gas Golf Cart

This Cart type operates through the use of gasoline, the gas golf cart is the strongest and fastest type of cart as it can travel farther distance than any other cart type

The Gas Golf Cart are strong enough to navigate every terrain whether smooth rough, Gas Cart are powered by combustible engine which is either 2 cycle or 4 cycle

For golfer driving over log distances then the Gas Golf Cart is a great option or choice to invest on, the as gas golf cart can cover 5 x more distance and speed than the electric Cart can do

Gas Golf Cart also due to its relative strength is able to pull heavier loads in comparison to the Electric Golf Cart

However the Electric golf cart are environmental friendly as it does not emit carbon dioxide into the atmosphere like the Gas Cart which does and are very noisy

  • Luxury Golf Cart

Depicts from the word, ”Luxury”, this cart type is luxurious, Luxurious golf cart are the most comfortable, entertaining and most fancy golf carts

This Cart types does come with premium and exotic features not made available in any other Cart type and of course this all come with an expense

The Luxury golf Cart are often the most expensive and great for ”show off”, every thing about the luxury cart is premium and reserved

Some of the features which does come with the luxury golf cart and is not made available in other Cart type include shiny and classical rims, exclusive leathered seat, space for electronics and many more

The Luxury golf cart are highly customizable, if you have enough money and want a Cart that brings more fun and relaxation then you should plan getting the Luxury Golf Cart

Having said this I Remember promising to list and explain the different type of Push Cart, having listed the types of Golf Carts, its worth adding this up to your knowledge

Push Cart being one of the Golf Cart type can be further divide into three


Types Of Push Golf Cart

  • Manual Push Golf Cart

The manual Push golf cart are Carts operated manually, this push cart type solely depends on pushing for it to move, As an example the Clicgear model 8.0+ is a manual Push Cart

  • Remote controlled

When choosing your push cart, you should be well aware that there are Push Golf Cart which also does offer remote controlled option

This Push Cart type has an added advantage as you either choose to push or control from a distance using a remote controlled feature

For remote controlled golf cart, please refer here: Best remote controlled push golf cart

  • Electric Push Cart

From the word electric, this cart though not remotely controlled but have many of the features or a remote controlled Push Cart

You can se this cart in two ways, either by pushing or your turn it on by pressing a button so that it goes forward or backward depending in choice

This cart comes with features so that you can instruct it to move ahead, having almost the same size as the  electric Push Cart but less expensive

For electric push cart please refer here: Best electric Push Golf Cart


Clicgear Model 8.0+ VS 3.5 Whats The Difference?

  • The Clicgear 3.5 is a three wheeled push cart whereas the 8.0+ is a four wheeled cart and simple the most advanced
  • Clicgear 3.5 is very stable but Clicgear 8.0+ is even more stable brought about by its four wheel and wide base mechanism
  • Clicgear 3.5 is lighter weighing 18lbs and the Clicgear 8.0 heavier weighing 22lbs
  • Clicgear 3.5 with a height of 47 in and Clicgear 8.0+ 57 in
  • Clicgear 3,5with a height of 47 in and Clicgear model 8.0+ 49 in
  • Clicgear 3.5 comes with lesser feature than the Clicgear 8.0 one of such features not made available in 3.5 model is the large storage net or step guard


What Is Clicgear?

Clicgear is a brand which does offer great and the finest innovative technology for your cart designed and support, they also offer the largest and most robust collection of replacement parts and accessories for your golf cart


What Prompted The Design Of The Clicgear Model 8

The Clicgear model 8 was thus born when there were a whole lot of request from customer that the Clicgear designed a four wheeled Golf Push Cart

This was as a result of most of its loyal customers wanting to upgrade to a better and more refined version which offers un-matched stability and efficiency than what they already owned

The two major design which makes the Model 8 a unicorn is the dual front break and dual wheel alignment in front, with the dual front break allowing for easy and quick maneuvering around the green  and the dual front wheel alignment for adjustment so that it is straight


Where The Clicgear Golf Cart Made?

The company Clicgear is a Hong Kong based company well into the design, production and distribution of high quality sport products

They have established themselves as a reputable and well trusted brand in the golfing world as they produce exceptionally quality and highly efficient caddies and other sport related items


Clicgear 3 Wheeled Cart VS 4 Wheeled Cart, Which Is Better?

Before answering this question, it is well worthy of note to say that Clicgear 8.0+ model Golf Cart on review is a 4 Wheeled Push Golf Cart which offers un-matched balance and exceptional stability

Whether 3 Wheeled or 4 Wheeled Clicgear Cart, its all a matter of choice, as each presents its benefits and weakness, However as a general rule in the Cart kingdom

4 Wheeled Push Carts are often more stable and well balanced brought about by its four legs which provides wider base and stability than the three wheeled Cart

Aside from that the four wheeled Push Cart folds more compactly and neatly when compared to the three wheeled, however the four wheeled cart are quite difficult to maneuver or push when compared to the 3 wheeled Clicgear which are very swift and easily rollable

Three wheeled Clicgear are also more roller friendly and lighter in weight in comparison to a 4 wheeled Clicgear Push Cart


What Are The Clicgear 8.0+ Model Wheels Made From?

Clicgear makes superior wheels, the Clicgear have its cart made from fiber reinforced plastic which is one of the lightest and most quality material

Its design is made from the spoke design( 3 x 3) and this makes them very mould balanced and because this ones they are out from the mould they are really strong and reliable



Who Are The Clicgear Model 8.0+ On Review Not Meant For?

No doubt the Clicgear 8.0 model is an exceptionally quality, innovative and well attractive Push Cart for anyone who loves being classy and sexy

However Despite its grandeur and attraction this Cart aren’t designed or meant for everyone, here are the list of individuals who this Cart may not be suited for

  • If your are a golfer who do not like the Push Cart
  • If you are a golfer who prefers three wheeled Push Cart
  • If you are a golfer who prefers a much lighter cart, weighing below 20 pounds( the Clicgear 4.0 Model is available )

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6 Amazing Consideration That Will Ensure You Make The Right Selection On Your Cart

Having seen how often many golfer especially beginner get confused as they try to make a selection on which Cart is best suited for them we feel that this information would be of utmost importance to you and your buying decision

  • Storage

When choosing your golf cart, whether the Clicgear model 8.0+ being a Push Cart or any other Cart type you should consider storage, some golfer out of excitement and without much though on storage blind fully make a decision on Cart

As a matter of fact you should be choosing a golf cart that that folds very compactly especially if you have a small room or a car with small storage space

Some carts are designed to fold accurately compactly, others do not fold up that compactly, so determine what you want after putting this factor into consideration

  • Comfortability

It makes no sense buying into a produce which do not offer you all the comfort you deserve, oh yes! you deserve comfort

You should go for a Cart that offers very well padded and developed handle especially if it is a Push Golf Cart as that is the point of contact always when you are ready to move down the course

  • Features

Carts with lots of amenities are great as it offer additional incentives in the form of features, just as there are different types of golf cart each offers varying features

You are going to be looking out for features that your are well comfortable with, make sure your cart offers at the least the basic features which would ease you off stress

  • Availability On Parts

Its so unfortunate that a whole lot of gofer miss out on this, they fail to ask themselves the simple but very important question, ”How available are the parts of this cart?”

You should ask yourself this, so that you do not get stuck on the long run when your cart develops has an issue with spare parts and need to be changed

Taking the Clicgear 8.0 model as a case study you should ask yourself if I should make a choice on this exotic Push Cart, how available its part should my Cart need replacement on part

  • Cart Type

Just as we have listed the different golf cart type and given an extensive explanation, we aren’t going to be repeat8ng that again

However that is an important factor when considering what Golf Cart you should buy, as a navigation if you are a golfer who prefers walking down the course or a golfer who wants a near zero maintenance golf cart you should consider opting for the Push or Pull Golf Cart

With that being said and on the other hand if you are the type that prefers to ride then the electric or gasoline manned Golf Cart would be a great option

Further elaborating, if you are a golfer travelling to a far distance course or an environment with rugged terrain then the Gas Golf Cart should be a great option

Golfers who loves grandeur, styling or extreme comfort or if you are a golfer whose have a great  addiction to customization then should opt for a luxury golf cart as it does offer exclusive features and are customizable friendly

  • Maintenance Cost

The Gas Golf Cart is the most maintenance cost golf cart type than any other Cart type, you are gong to spend more maintaining the Gas Golf Cart than any other Cart Type and with this reason you should put this into consideration before buying it

Do you prefer the Gas Cart and having it do you have what it takes to keep it maintained? you can place your bet on tis that it is goanna cost you a lot of money to keep it running

In contrast to this the Electric Golf Cart though requires maintenance also but wouldn’t cost you much Like that of the Gas Golf Cart


Clicgear 8.0+ Model Push Golf Cart, Its FAQ

Q: Does this model accommodate the stand bag

A: It should definitely, you can always give it a try


Q: Is there a phone accessory?

A: Oh yea! The Clicgear 8.0 does have a phone accessory that will fit it perfectly only that it is a separate accessory


Q: Does the seat from Clicgear 3.5 model fit?

A: Not at all, you have to order that for model 8.0+



The Clicgear is a great and well reputable brand for your Golf Push Cart, if you seek for a quality and well extensive Cart which offers amazing features and incentives which will enhancing your movement down the course with your bag then its safe to choose the Clicgear model 8.0+

They fold aggressively compactly and accurately so that space is secured and with an airless maintenance free tires you are sure in for real value for your money

This a 4 wheeled Push Cart and offers stability and balance to the maximum and with its well developed and highly structured hand break system your cart s solid across all terrain without a fear or a slip






























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