In the end, you should be able to list the features which do come with the Cobra Golf 2019 Ultradry Cart Bag On Review so that you can determine whether they are right for you or maybe not

Right from inception, the Cobra just like its competitors- Taylormade, Callaway, Sun Mountain, Titleist and so more has been a well perceived and loyal brand among golf enthusiasts, Yes! you heard that right

Brand Cobra makes excellently and highly crafted Bags for the Golfer, they do not just stop at that they make great golf club, accessories, cloth lines, and many more

Brand Cobra knows exactly what right for you and they will ensure they give you the best so that you will always come back

In today’s blog post, we have on reviews the Cobra Golf 2019 UltraDry Golf Cart Bag which is absolutely similar to the Cobra Golf 2020 Ultralight Golf Cart Bag

This bag is amazingly very sturdy and highly developed with a well sturdy and balanced base system for the best of support and stability

Using an ounce as a measuring criterion, this bag weighs only but 16, she is classical and comes with lots of pockets and spacing with a rugged and solidly built zippers system which gives added protection to your equipment’s

Bag feature a massive number of divider and all being full way length divider for thorough and classical organization of your item which prevents club crowding or entanglement

There are a whole lot of golf bag type in the market your golf bag falls into five categories which are Staff Bag, Cart Bag, Stand Bag, Carry Bag and travel Golf Bag

We are going to be explaining this different bag type but for now, let’s focus on the Cobra Golf UltraDry Cart Bag

This bag features tons of pocket with the inclusion of many specialty pockets as well for your special belongings

They are moderately lightweight and features a Cart Strap through which ensures the bag is kept secured on Cart to prevent slippage during movement

You will love them as they are waterproof and it does come with a rain cover for protection in a case of a sudden downpour

If you are looking for a Cart bag which is perfect for all condition then the Cobra UltraDry Cart Bag is one you should be considering


Cobra Golf 2019 UltraDry Cart Bag Review, Its Specification

Cobra UltraDry 2019 Cart Bag Reviews

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  • Brand: Cobra
  • Year: 2019
  • Type: Cart
  • Strap: Single
  • Material: Polyester
  • Divider: 15 way top
  • Full length: 15
  • Weight: 16 ounce
  • Pocket: 7


Cobra UltraDry 2019 Cart Golf Bag, Its Smart Features

  • Fleece-lined range finder pocket
  • Waterproof seam-sealed zippered pocket
  • Fleece-lined valuable pocket
  • Dual oversized apparel pocket with clip for key
  • External Putter pot
  • Car strap pass-through for quick access to pocket
  • Pocket for balls


Cobra UltraDry 2019 Cart Golf Bag, Its Overview

Cobra UltraDry Cart 2019 Bag Reviews

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This is a 7 pocket golf bag and lots of specialty pocket for your valuable including your cooler

This pocket includes the apparel pocket with key clip, Fleece lined valuable pocket, Ball Pocket, and Range finder pocket

It is  Cart Bag type and weighing only but 4.6lbs, I love the bag due to its sturdy nature so that when they are full they still stand upright

And similar to this bag you will find great Cart bag like the Taylormade deluxe Cart Bag to the Callaway Org 7 Cart Bag to the Callaway Org 15 many more


Cobra Golf 2019 UltraDry Cart Bag, Its Pros

  • Lots of pocket for more storage
  • The solid and well-structured base system for stability and balancing
  • 15way top all full-length divider for club crowding prevention
  • Waterproof seam-sealed zippered pocket for protection just in the case of a sudden downpour
  • Good for the money


Cobra 2019 UltraDry 2019 Cart Bag, Its Cons

  • The opening is small due to 15 full-length divider



Type Of Golf Bag

A whole lot of time, golfers jump into making a choice on their bag without having a proper understanding of the different types of golf bag available in the market today

Your bag for golf is broadly categorized into five section- Staff Bag, Cart Bag, Stand Bag, Carry Bag, and Travel Bag

  • Staff Bag

The Staff Bag also well recognized as the Tour bag is the most luxurious bag type for golfing, this Bag type stands out in terms of quality, price, sizing, pockets, and storage space, and as you should expect this means them being heavy

This is why they aren’t great for walking golfer rather they are best suited for the Caddie, load them on the Caddy and simply drive down the course

You should expect a typical Staff Bag to weigh 10 pounds and above. This bag type is usually common among tour Pros as they are the most quality and efficient

The draw of the Golf Staff Bag is the fact that they can be very bulky, heavy, and expensive

For a more robust choice on your Staff Bag if opting for one becomes necessary we recommend this Best Staff Bag

  • Cart Bag

Cobra Cart UltraDry 2019 Bag Reviews

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The Cart bag simply put are bag designed for the Cart, you do not carry this bag on your shoulder as they are meant for the Cart

Cart Bags are also known as Trolley bags and offer generous spacing and lots of pockets but on a smaller scale when compared with the Staff Bag

You should expect a typical Cart Bag to weigh about 6 to 8 pounds, the non-slip base or rubber which prevents the Cart Bag from slippage when on transit makes them quite distinct from any other bag type

They are great for golfer who prefers pushing or pulling than carrying as they are usually very heavy to carry

A perfect example of a Cart bag is the Cobra 2019 UltraDry Golf Cart Bag on review

Selecting a Cart bag seems to be very overwhelming this is due to the many influx of bags, however, through intensive research and feedback this is a great recommendation Best Cart Bag On Sale

  • Stand Bag

Just what its name tells you, this Bag type is designed so that it comes with a stand for support and to help prevent the bag from getting dirty

Stand bag quite fill the gap between the Staff Bag and the Cart Bag, this is the most sturdy and balanced type of bag across all terrain and brought about by its well developed and highly structured dual stand system

A typical stand bag would weigh about 3 to 5 pounds thus making the very lightweight for easy carry and comfort

Stand bag also does come with a well-developed carry strap with some being adjustable so that it fits different body size

There are many golf stand bag that is great to buy but here is a great recommendation Stand bag 

  • Carry Bag

The Carry golf bag is specially designed to be carried, this is the lightest type of bag thus making them extremely portable and easy to carry

The Carry bag does come with the most developed dual carry strap which is usually adjustable or expandable so that it fits different body size

The Pencil or Sunday golf bag falls into the Category Carry Bag, Carry bag is designed to carry only a few clubs even though there are some exceptions which are able to carry 14 clubs

They are designed to carry your essentials

This bag type is regarded as Ultralite and carry-friendly, if you are a golfer who prefers walking down the course then the Carry Golf bag can be your best friend

This bag type is usually a very great option for senior golfer due to its very lightweight nature

They are also great for amateurs as they focus on few clubs and this is what this bag is designed for

As the rush for more carry bag has increased its production making a choice seems overwhelming not to talk more about the right choice for your Carry bag this is our recommendation Best Carry Golf Bag to buy

  • Travel Golf Bag

The Travel Golf bag just as its name reveals, are designed for the protection of your gears and equipment while traveling

The travel bag is designed in such a way that it does have a very hard outer casing and a very soft, foamy, and soft inn for the best protection

Travel Bag is quite distinct from other bag types as they are known to come with a wheel developed and highly structured double wheel tires for easy maneuvering and portability while on transit

With the Travel golf bag, you wouldn’t have to worry about your club and other accessories being protected on transit again

Many travel golf bag has flooded the market and this becomes even more difficult to make a choice on which is best. here is our recommendation Best Travel Golf Bag


What Should I Look Out For When Buying A Golf Bag

Cobra Cart UltraDry 2019 Bag Reviews

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When buying your golf bag there are a lot of things that one must look out for so as to help you make the right decision

Remember your bag is a storehouse for your equipment and gears, it also serves as a means of protection to your clubs and valuables

For this reason, it should be taken with all seriousness as much as you do for your clubs

There are many factors you must consider when making a chive on your bag but we are going to be listing the most essential few as some of this consideration are more of personal preference

Knowing The Different Types Of Bag And To Which Golfer it is Best Suited

Oh, yea! I hope this does not come as a surprise that different golfer would have a different taste for their bags

One might prefer walking and portability so he goes for an extremely lightweight and easy bag in that case he either goes for a Stand Bag or the Carry Bag

For golfer who loves their space and lots of pocket, golfers who own a caddy or plan in owning one then you should consider opting for the Cart Bag or Staff Bag as they are very spacious containing lots of pockets thus makes them heavy and great for the Cart

For a Golfer who wants to travel or is a travel freak then the travel golf bag would be just perfect as it is designed in such a way that your gears and equipment are well protected while you travel

  • Pocket and size

Different Golf bag will usually come with a different pocket, sizes, and features, the reason for this is every golfer does have what they are best comfortable with

While Mr. A loves bag which comes with lots of pockets, Mr. B might prefer portability over spacing thus different bag is suited for them

How wide and big your bags is would determine greatly how many clubs or accessories the bag is able to accommodate

There are some golf bag that offers amazingly as much as 13 pockets, there are also some other which does offer but as low as 3 pocket

  • Hook For Stuff

The Hook for stuff features makes provision for an Umbrella clip or you have a lot of bag tag that you will like to display or probably you want a place for your towel

Then you should be considering a Hook for your stuff, this is a personal choice as some golfer attach real importance and preference to bags with a hook for stuff while other may pay less attention to that

The Cobra UltraDry do not offer a hook for stuff, however, you can opt-in for a custom fit if you find Hook for stuff necessary

  • Price

As you are aware different golf bag quality means different prices, there are lots of golf bag today and the best of quality is usually more expensive

How much you have on a budget can help determine whether you want to opt-out for quality or not

But as candid advice, you should be ready to spend a little bit more on quality bag as they are usually more durable and long-lasting than the less quality

As expected with a minimum of at least $200 you can have a well of quality golf bag guaranteed to last you for years to come

  • Dividers

Divider play a huge role in your bag as they help for proper organization of your equipment and this can help prevent club crowding

The number of Golf Bag divider will vary from bag to bag, while some bag offers lots of dividers( as much as 15) other offers very few dividers( as little as 2)

Some prefer bags with lots of dividers so as to give them virtually  separate slot for each of the clubs to help prevent club crowding or entanglement

Others prefer a bag with few lengths divider as they are very portable, less bulky, and very carry-friendly

As an example, the Cobra UltraDry 2020 Cart Bag review does come with as much as 15 length divider, which is huge as it gives you a maximum organization of your belongings

  • Strap System

Golf bag is known to come with double/ dual strap system, the double strap system well resonates with Carry Bags like the Stand Bag or the Sunday Golf Bag

And one strap system is often more common with Cart/Caddied golf bags like the Staff Bags or the Cart Bag type

Different bag with different strap system, every bag type should have a strap system, this is because most of the time you are going to be handing your bag by its strap or handles

Most golf bag does have lift handles for easy carrying to and fro from the course, for Carry Bag you should be looking for a well developed and highly structured and foamy double strap system as this helps for proper weight distribution across shoulder  for the best of comfort and feel

Cobra UltraDry Golf Cart Bag as an example is a single strapped system golf bag so that you can easily lift them into your Cart

  • Weight

The more pocket and sizing, the more weight your bag can be and vice versa, for some golfer carrying their golf bag and walking, is the real deal, this isn’t possible if the bag is too heavy, in this case, it ought to be lightweight

You should make peace on weight, would you rather prefer a heavy bag but with more generous spacing and pockets or you prefer a lightweight portable carry bag with less pocket and sizing, it is your choice to make

Video Review By Golfbidder, Things To Look Out For When Buying A Golf Bag


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Can You Put A Staff Bag On A Cart?

Before answering this question, it is pretty clear that Staff Bag is designed to sit on a Caddy, a caddy is a (driveable Cart)

This is because Staff Bag does have a much wider base than a traditional Cart so the Caddy(Rideable) is designed in such a way that it is wide enough to fit the Staff Bag, thus making it the best for your Staff Bag

However his doesn’t mean your Staff Bag wouldn’t fit perfectly on a Cart, Some Staff  bag has proven to be Cart friendly as well seeing how perfectly sitted they are on the Cart

One of such highly recommended traditional Cart great for your Staff Bag is the  Caddytek 


Staff Bag VS Cart Bag, What’s The Difference?

Staff Bag and Cart Bag falls under the Largest Golf bag type-Spacious, lots of pockets, accessories, and spacing

However, the Staff bag is noticeable larger, bigger, and more elaborate than a Cart bag, Staff Bag is a luxurious bag type having the best of quality so far, this is why they are common among tour pros

It offers more pocket and storage spacing than the Cart bag, this also makes them more expensive and heavier than the Cart bag

If you walk down the course using a push or pull Cart then the Cart bag is the best option for you and if you prefer riding Caddy then the Staff Bag is the best bet for you


Do Cart Bag Stand On Their Own

For the most part, most do, Staff Bags are able to stand on their own brought about by the wide and somewhat rigid bottom

Cart Bag can balance on flat surface or ground but not un an uneven terrain, this is why they are quite distinct from the Stand Bag which comes with a dual retractable stand and can stand efficiently and balanced on any terrain


Are Waterproof Golf Bag Worth it

Absolutely yes, Waterproof golf bag is well worth it especially if you reside in an environment with constant rainfall/downpour or in a place well known for snowfalls

From its name ”waterproof” this bag is meant to prevent water from getting it soaked thus preventing your gears and other important items to you from getting wet and stuffy

But as you would expect you should be ready to spend a little more on your waterproof bag


Cobra UltraDry Cart Bag Reviews, Its FAQ

Q: Does the bag come with a rain cover?

A: Absolutely, yes, the bag does come with a rain cover for protection in case of a sudden downpour


Q: Does the pass-through for the Cart strap squish that top front-facing pocket?

A: zippers to the pocket are a little hard to get into due to tightness so the answer is no



The UltraDry is an exceptional golf bag built for all-weather, there is an external putter with a 15 way top paired with car strap pass-through

This bag is well known for its generous spacing as it features 7 pockets

including dual oversized apparel pocket with key clip, Fleece-lined valuable pocket, Fleece range finder pocket, waterproof seam-sealed zippered pocket

Reasonably lightweight, weighing but 4,6lbs so that they are easy and convenient to load into your Cart

The UltraDry Cart Bag might not have many pockets like the Ultralight Cart Bag but they have all the features which make for a great golf bag and they are of massive quality build


































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