In the end, you should be able to list the features and the components of the Country Club Golf Elite Mat 2021 so as to determine whether they are right for you or maybe not

In today’s golf and especially indoor golf, the mat has been an integral part of the game which you can barely do without if you want to always practice and remain fit

The need for indoor golf became in very high demand due to the COVID-19 Pandemic and one of the prerequisites for setting up an indoor or outdoor golf game  is the golf mat

Golf hitting mat helps you to practice golf right from the comfort of your homes, office, balcony, etc without having to visit the course

All thanks to technology and innovation, prior to this ear or during the early day of golf there were nothing of the sort called golf outside the course

Now there are individual golf game utilities and accessories which mimics the actual real course


Country Club Elite Golf Mat Reviews

Country club elite golf mat on review

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With the Country Club Elite Golf Mat, you will be able to practice from your homes and improve on your game whether you are practicing long drives, chipping outdoor or iron swing in a simulator

There are many golf mat brands out there and making a choice can be very daunting and confusing, in this article whether you want to buy or get information on what it takes to make the best choice on your golf mat, you are simply at the right place for that

Some of this well rusted and known brand for your golf mat includes the likes of Country Elite, PGM Emerald Golf Mat, Rukket Tri-Turf Golf Mat, Champkey Premium Turf Hitting Mat

In today’s blog pose we have here on review the Country Club elite golf mat

The Country club elite golf mat can be one of a very great golf mat worth an investment even though they aren’t very cheap but you get the best of quality and efficiency and that is what matters

The Club elite is one of the very few known golf brand mats which offers amazing and highly efficient golfing mats,

This golf mat mimick the real course and you will be definitely impressed with that, you will be even more impressed by how thick and sturdy it is

Note: You do not get a false return like you do using other golf mats

You do not get false return as with many other golf mats, this makes this the Country club elite golf mat on review one of the truly amazing mats out there to invest on

They are thick and quality and takes the real tee this gives you the advantage of teeing the ball anywhere on the mat

You get to choose across three popular size portions for this golf mat which are

  • ‘4 x 5;
  • ‘5 x 5’
  • 5′ x 10′

Amazingly on purchase, you get a whopping 3 years warranty!! that is awesome and fantastic as this signals a true company willing to stand by their own brand

With this golf, mat comes a free turn and lock adjustable practice tee and base included

I love them as they are also very easy on the wrist and elbow thus preventing you from getting a fatigue or wear out on time this gives you more time to practice your swing

Note: Mat is gentle on the wrist and elbow 

If you are looking for which solves the bounce problem then the Country club golf elite mat is a real deal and one that is worth investing on


  • Dimension: 60 x 12 x 12
  • Weight: 45 pounds
  • Holes: 2 on every side
  • Manufacturer: J.R. Mat
  • Size: ‘5 x 5’

Country Club Elite Golf Mat Video Reviews By Jay McGrath



  • Very quality and highly efficient for the best of experience
  • Easy on the elbow and joint thus saving your energy for more practice
  • Great for the home and backyard
  • Mimick the real course due to it being very thick
  • Hol.d record as one of the introduced mat at the National PGA show
  • Solve the bounce back problem


  • Someone complained of the mat being very hard on the joint



What Are The Things I Should Put Into Consideration When Making A Choice On My Golf Mat?

Club Elite Real Feel Golf Mat Reviews

5×5 Country Club Elite Real Feel Golf Mats

Making a choice on which mat is best suited for you will involve a whole lot of factors, such as budgeting, brand, spacing, quality and efficiency, and surface

Based on our experience with golf mat it is sometimes easy to identify what we do not want that’s great!!! but how about the first time buyer/ newbie who does not know what to put into consideration which ensures they make the right selection on their golf mat

Today’s golf mat mimick the real course, thanks to technology and innovation, mats have gotten better in design and functionality than it used to

  • Branding

There is this well know adage which says a good brand will speak for itself! oh yes, great brands aren’t difficult to recognize, check review and rating, do some research, and you will get to find a well reputable, established, and trusted brand out there

As an example, the country club golf mat is one of the very best mats from J.R Mat, making an incredible and very efficient golf mat that mimick the real course

To easily spot out or be on the safe side when making a choice on your mat for golfing, look for the well trusted and recognized brand then make a choice around that brand

This is especially true because they are a strong correlation between quality and branding and as we all know nothing beats quality as it ensures not just durability but efficiency as well

  • Spacing

Golf mats are available in different shapes, sizes, and dimensions, while there are smaller mats there are also very large ones

So before making a choice on your mat, you should consider spacing, do you have enough spacing in your backyard, balcony, or wherever you feel is deem fit to put your mat

We all know the frustration that comes with buying something and finding out there is no space to install what has been bought, so be sure to check out for available space for installation on your mat

  • Surface

The surface you plan to practice on is a very important consideration as you make a selection on your golf mat, the reason being there are different types of surface_ Grass, Wood, Concrete, Tiles, and Carpet and not all surface is suitable for your golf mat except you buy a high-end golf mat

High-end golf mat(Those rated 5 stars) does have a ”5/8” base pad and this makes them perfect for any surface

As long as this surface is flat these mats would perform as they are designed to do and for the low-end mats, they aren’t usually designed to be played on every surface, rather limited surface

Note: When buying your mat please do not forget to check out what surface is best suited for your golf mat

  • Height

You will have to put your height into consideration as you make a choice on your hitting mat, the reason? not all mats are of equal length, there are shorter golf mats and there are longer ones as well

To determine the size of the golf mat which is best suited for you based on your height you will have to take this into consideration

  • If you have got a height of ‘5ft to ‘5ft3”, then you should look for a mat with a sizing of 3 x5
  • If you are ”5ft 4” and taller then the mat size 4×5, 5×5, or 5×5 octagon and larger is the best suited for you

You can also determine which size golf mat is best for you by simply

Using a masking tape and measure tape

Go to area or garage where you can tape off the area of your given mat

Measure and tape off a square or rectangle the size of the mat that you are thinking of buying

Take a few swings by standing inside the tapped area taking note of how it feels, if you struggle to shorten your stance or swing then it is an indication that you need a larger mat

  • Wrist And Elbow

There are mats that are quite difficult to hit and this can result in injury to your elbow and wrist

You should consider your wrist and elbow as one of the key factors when making a choice on your golf mat

The Country club elite golf mat on review is one of the very recommend golf mats for golfers who have experienced injury on their elbow and wrist before as they are easy to hit and the ball rolls off easily and quickly

  • Tee Preference(Rubber or Wooden)

There are two types of tee, rubber or wooden and the type you choose to use would have an overall impact on your mat

It is a personal preference whether you choose to use a wooden or rubber tee. most people would prefer to put their own wooden tee into the turf just as they would on the golf course other on the other hand do not like to pick up tees during and after practicing so at that they prefer the rubber one

  • Simulator

If you are looking to get a golf simulator set up in your homes, it is recommended that you get a mat of the size ‘5 x 6’ larger, this is especially useful as it provides lots of spacing and room for your simulator without sacrificing the space need to swing your longest clubs

  • Practice shot

You should consider the types of shots that you want to practice as there are different shots, any legitimate mat should be able to handle driving and chipping, many but not all can handle iron

This means you should include your practice goal in mind when considering what mat is best suited for your game

  • Feel

You should consider the feel and feedback that you would love your mat to exhibit as not all golf mats exhibit the tough like feel which feels as exact as the real course

Some mats feel so so real like the course while others feel less like the course, for the best practice experience its best advisable to look for mats that have the actual feel of the real course and an example is the Country Club Elite Golf Mat

As you evaluate each mat look for answers to these four questions

  • Can you use a wooden tee?
  • Is there any feature that offsets unnatural bounce?
  • Any variation on the hitting surface?
  • Can you hit down and through the mat?


Is It Worth Investing On A Golf Mat?

Country elite golf club mat on review

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The course isn’t always at your beck and call, the weather isn’t your friend, COVID-19 isn’t a companion, all this can place restrictions on the course, and imagine having to practice

But with your golf mat, there is no restriction as you can play to improve on your game right from your comfort

One of the very great ways to build your swing is by hitting from a golf mat, a golf mat gives you an opportunity to practice right from your comfort without having to visit the course

If you are willing to improve on your game and become better at golfing by practicing when necessary or needed and not having to visit the course then a golf mat can be one of the smartest investment


What Size Of Golf Mat Is Right For Me?

Mats that are ‘5x 5’ are common among most driving ranges, pone of the greatest consideration when making a choice on which mat is best suited for you is your height

And fo those who plan on owning or owns a golf simulator the best-recommended mat sizing is the ‘5 x 6”


Is It Bad To Hit Golf Ball Off The Mat?

Without using a tee creating a divot is impossible when hitting off the mat, real grass allows a golfer to make a divot

Mats also can cause soreness and pain on the player’s wrist, arms and shoulder, golfers can drive the ball perfectly from each swing of a mat

Mat is a great way to practice without having to visit the course, there are mats that mimick the real course and this arent bad for hitting


Are Golf Mat Bad For Your Clubs?

One of the very common complaints among golfing bodies is that mat can have an adverse effect on your club especially when used wrongly

Mats are known to come with rubber or concrete under them, your club may come in contact with the underneath surface as you try to hit, this mistake can increase the speed at which your club deteriorates

So the best way to reduce the chances of your club deteriorating when using a golf mat is to hit and hit rightly, prevent by all means so that your club does not come in contact with underneath


How To Secure Your Golf Mat

One of the frequently asked questions is how do I secure my golf mat? some even go further to ask if they can live their mat permanently installed outside of their homes

Your mat or rug becomes slip-proof when dry regardless of the floor surface, you can secure your mat using vinyl glue or high-quality rubber

The Vinyl glue or the high-quality rubber also prevents your mat from slipping or movement

Note: For a smarter decision Contact your local hardware store for the best rubber, vinyl/ silicon glue 


How Long Does A Golf Mat Last?

Just as with every other thing, the life span of your golf mat will depend on its quality, maintenance, and how frequently you use them

There are three perimeters that you can use to determine how well your mat last, there is no direct answer to this question, however, your mat can last you up to 5 years or more for quality and well-maintained mats even when used often


Do You Need A Golf Mat To Set Up A Golf Simulator?

Golf simulator is the general body that depicts perfect indoor golf, a complete golf simulator is the mother of indoor golf

Golf mat is one of the prerequisites to have a complete simulator set up

The complete golf simulator is the combination of different pieces of equipment which include

Hitting net-used to practice hitting from home without taking a trip to the range for your golf hitting net please refer here Best golf hitting net on sale today

Projector- Project the ball flight and simulator onto the screen, for your projector I recommend this Best golf projector on sale

  • Hitting mat-
  • Simulator
  • Launch Monitor_ A device that helps to measure different aspects of what happens to your ball at impact. for your affordable launch monitor please refer here best launch monitor on sale 
  • Projector screen_Provides a nice surface for you to use the projector on, for your projector screen we recommend this Best Projector screen to buy right now


Golf Feel Mat, How Thick Are They?

The long dense fiber is bonded to 5/8” thick polyethylene foam using a urethane stabilizing layer which is specially engineered

This dense fiber system incorporates spring set heavy denier monofilament grass fiber which is packed in so compactly that it can hold a real wooden tee


Is a 3 X 5 Golf Mat Big Enough?

It is well agreed that your practice sessions may not feel real if you have got a small golf mat this means that your progress would be based on the mat but not on the course

One of the very important to do when making a choice on your mat is to consider your height

  • <5’3 a mat of 3′ x 4′ , 3′ x 5′ or 4′ x 4′ is a great option
  • ‘5’3” – 6′ a mat of ‘4 x5” or ‘5 x 5”
  • 6′ of for use in the simulator ‘5 x6” or 5’ x 10”


Fiberbuilt Golf Mat How Thick Are They?

The Fiberbuilt Golf Mat features a ”1 thick proprietary fiber technology, this type of mat is usually the most quality and are in use at premium golf facilities around the world including GolfTec and Club champion


What Kind Of Mat Are Used For Golf?

Most of the hitting golf mats do have rubber bottles and this ensures that the rubber is very thick to absorb more shock for the best of practice experience


Are There Golf Mat That Stimulates Real Grass?

Lots of golf mat in today’s market tries to stimulate the real course however not all are able to do it to perfection as you get what you pay for

The higher-end golf mat offers the best of quality and efficiency and so are the ones which have a real feel and look like the real grass



One of the very important prerequisites to set up indoor golf is your mat, golf mat helps you to practice on improving your game

In today’s post, we have one of the very quality golf mats and it is no other than the Country club elite golf mat on review

The Country club elite golf mat features free turn and lock adjustable practice tee and base, they are so thick that it takes a real course tee

I love it as it is very quality for the best of durability and efficiency, if you are looking for a golf mat that solves the bounce problem which is not common to other mats


Note: The Golf mat on review solves the bounce problem and if you have been looking for a mat that solves this problem, this is it

Indoor golf has grown popular especially in this pandemic period(COVID-19), This growth was as a result of golfers not being able to go to the course due to the fear of the further outburst of this disease and this prevented them from practicing

And with a golf mat, you can practice indoor golf right from the comfort of your homes, office, balcony, backyard, wherever deem fit to you instead of being at the mercy of the golf course


If you find this very helpful, please endeavor to share!!! Thank you and cheers






































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