In the end, you should be able to list the features and the benefits of the Dura-Pro Octagon Feet Premium Turf Golf Hitting Mat so that you will be able to determine whether they are right for you or maybe not

Golf mat gives you the power and ability to practice golf from the comfort of your homes, offices backyard, etc so that you can improve on your game by lowering your scores

One of the greatest benefits of owning a game of golf hitting mat is that you do not have to visit the course all the time as you are able to practice from anywhere which you deem comfortable

Here in reviews today is the Dura-Pro Octagon Feet Premium Turf Golf hitting mat

Looking for one of the very best quality golf mats to invest in today? we have you covered, the Octagon feet premium Turf mat is just the right one for you as they are great for indoor and outdoor golfing

Golf mat which falls under the umbrella term indoor golf became more prevalent especially during the Covid19 pandemic when virtually all courses were closed and golfers were left with no option rather than to practice golf right from the comfort of their homes

With a great golf mat, you will no longer be compelled to visit the golf course before you can practice on your swing

Thanks to technology and innovation, back in the early days of golf, there were little or nothing of the sort called or known as indoor golf, but now, it is becoming more prevalent than ever

There are lots of golf mats on sale in today’s market, this mat will vary from brand to brand, quality to quality, and design to design

Some of this very excellent golf mat include the likes of the Country Club Elite or the Dura-Pro Perfect Reaction and many more

The Dura-Pro Octagon Feet Premium Golf Mat is a 5 x 5 sizing golf mat which makes them great for golfers who are tall or short

The Dura-Pro is a household name well known and trusted when it comes to the manufacture and production of your mat so they have and know what it takes to make a great and excellent golf mat which will suit your every need


Note: If you are looking for top-rated golf hitting mat, then the Dura-Pro Octagon is the which you should be investing on

I love this golf mat as it can be used in all weather conditions, whether indoors or outdoors, you will not have any worry

This mat come pre-punched with holes for rubber tees, with three free rubber tees for a classified experience


Note: Comes with 3 free rubber tees 

You will not have to worry whether you are a Pro or a Beginner as this mat is built to serve golfers of different abilities

If you are looking for a golf mat with an entry-level option and a premium level of adding then this one is a great option for you

Amazingly, they are 30% denser than ordinary golf mats and made of 100% nylon 3D turf for the best of longevity and to help absorb club shock

While many golfers complain mats not being gentle on the wrist and elbow, the Octagon Dura-Pro commercial golf mat is very gentle and wouldn’t give your elbow or wrist any problem or injury

They are resistant to stain, slip and are thermally bouned for the best of longevity  and efficiency

Note: This mat is thermally bounded not glued

Get the fairway divot to feel when you swing fat or thin,

The component of this three-component sets the industry standard for a commercial driving range golf mat

These three combinations include Turf layer, Stabilizing layer, and Base pad, and this mat meets all the three standard

Note: There are great for golf simulator

With the 3D fiber, you will get the true feel of the course and this gives you a better golfing experience


Dura-Pro 5 x 5 Octagon Feet Premium Turf Golf Mat, Its Spec/Features

Octagon commercial dura pro mat review


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  • Brand: Dura-Pro 
  • Weight: 18.5 pounds
  • Dimension: 16 x 14.4 x 13 inches
  • Material: 100 Nylon 3D Turf fiber
  • Base Pad: 5/8” thick
  • Size: 5 x 5 
  • Thermally bonded not glued
  • 8 year UV Sun protection

Dura-Pro 5 x 5 Octagon Feet Premium Turf Golf Mat Video Review By Gorem Oday


Dura-Pro Octagon 5 x 5 Feet premium Turf Golf mat, Its Pros

  • Very quality and doesn’t mark the club
  • 3D Turf fiber for a real feel of the turf
  • Absorb club shock
  • Easy and friendly on the wrist and elbow
  • Non-slip, non-stain, and thermally bonded
  • Great for indoor/outdoors
  • Comes with free tees


Note: Doesn’t mark up club

Dura-Pro Octagon Golf Mat, Its Cons

  • Quite heavy


What Should I Consider When Buying A Golf Mat?

Octagon commercial dura pro mat review


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As you are very excited to get your golf mat, there are a few instructions that will help you make the best out of your buying decision

You do not just buy a mat, rather there are some guidelines that help you make the most out of your decision

Whether you want to buy a golf mat or looking for a guide on what it takes to make the best choice on your golf mat, you are at the right place

  • Sizing

As surprising as this might seem, one of the very first important considerations, as you go to buy your golf mat, is sizing

Golf mat is available in different sizes and this size suits different golfers, Golf mat is manufactured having a particular height demographics in mind

If you desire to get the true feel of the course then you should be looking for a mat that is well suited for your height

As an example, the golf mat on review which happens to be the Octagon Feet Premium Turf have a sizing of 5 x 5

Golf mats are available in different sizing which includes 3 x 4, 3 x 5, 4 x 4, 4 x 5, 5 x 5, 5 x 6 or 5 x 10


Height                                                                                         Optimal Mat Size

<5’3”                                                                                             3′ x 4”, 3′ x 5” or 4′ x 4”

‘5’3” to 6”                                                                                      4′ x 5′ or 5′ x 5”

>6′ or with use with simulator                                                  5’x 6 or 5′ x 10′

  • Budgeting

There is this popular adage that says, ”it’s all about budgeting” your budget determines what type of mat that you will be able to purchase in the market

The more quality it is the more likely you are going to spend, whatever be the case its best to look for a mat that promises the best within its category

  • Practice shots

Any legitimate golf mat should be able to handle driving and chipping, on the other hand, many but not all can handle iron clubs

What shot you want to be practicing with your golf mat will determine which is best suited as there are some mats which are great for driving the range but might not be great for chipping

Some mats are great for drivers but not iron as they tend to wear out easily when used by iron clubs

Choose your mat with your practice goal in mind so as to avoid making a wrong choice on your golf mat

  • Durability

When it comes to buying a mat or a club or anything else durability seems to be everything, no one wants to buy a single piece of a device multiple times all because the previous did not last

So you must consider how durable the mat is or can be, most mat does have a rubber base but the density of the base and the quality of the nylon plus overall thickness varies

The heavier your golf mat the more durable it tends to be as they are thick and stable, however, if you want a portable and easy to move golf mat then the heavy golf mat should not be what you are looking at, rather you should consider getting a lighter mats

  • Feel

When it comes to indoor golf, it is all about feel, for the best of experience you need to look for a mat that offers the true feel of the golf course of which the Dura-Pro Octagon 5 x 5 Golf mat offers

Here are the four perimeters around how your golf mat feels and you should try to put them into consideration

  • Are you able to hit down and through?
  • Is there a feature that helps to offset shock and unnatural bounce?
  • Is there any variation in the hitting surface?
  • Can wooden tees be used?


  • Tee Type

Whether you choose to use the rubber or the wooden tee is up to you as they are truly personal experience

For many people, they would prefer to be able to put their own tees directly into the turf as they would in the golf course, and for others, the opposite might be the case, as they do not want to pick of tees  during or after their practice so they prefer the rubber tee

  • Have You Heard Injury Or Pain

Golf mat offers different feedback, some mats can make your elbow and wrist hurt if you have ever undergone an injury or wrist pain then there are some mats which will help you overcome such pain and make you become better at your golf game

  • Club Type

Have the club that you hope to practice with in your mind, most decent golf hitting mats are able to handle chipping and driving but not all is able to handle iron

  • Do You Plan On Having Or You Own A Golf Simulator

Not all golf mats are well suited for golf simulators, there are specially designed golf mats for simulators

If you plan on owning a golf simulator then a 5 x 6” or larger golf mat sizing can be one of your best best

This size will allow for plenty of room as well as give you the space you need to swing your longest

  • Surface You Plan To Use Your Golf Mat On

When buying a golf mat the surface you plan on using is very important and should be put into consideration

While some mats are best for all surfaces whether the grass, wood, concrete, grass, tile, and carpet some are suitable for hard flat surfaces like concrete, wood, and tile


Is Practice Golf Mat Worth It?

Dura pro octagon feet premium turf mat


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If you want to practice indoor golf without having to visit the course every single here and there then a golf hitting mat can be one of the most valuable investment

Golf Practice mat gives you the opportunity to practice on improving your swing and away from the course

So it’s up to you, are they worth an investment or not? the answer is simple and very straight forward, yes golf mat is worth every penny invested into it


Is Hitting Off A Golf Mat Bad For Your Game?

Hitting off a golf mat can hurt your clubs especially irons, real grass gives the golfer an opportunity to create a divot of which golf mat do not possess, simply put, its impossible for golf mat to give you a divot without using a tee

Another common problem with golf mats is the fact that they cause soreness and pain in the wrist of the player, arms, and shoulder


Why Is Hitting Off A Golf Mat Easier Than A Grass?

Hitting off a mat means that you aren’t going to be having contact with the soil rather ball bounces up off the ground slightly


What Is The Material Used In Making A Golf Mat?

For the most mat, they are made from highly durable nylon surfaces and rubber base, this helps them to handle the repeated beating of club overstrikes


Do You Loose Distance Hitting Off Mat?

the choice of mat you make can have an overall impact on your game, it can affect the total distance of your shots

After several testing and experiment, it was discovered that mat was shown to affect the distance of your shot by about 2 to 8% as compared to grass


Mat VS Grass, Its Differences

The differences between hitting these two surfaces Mat or Grass comes from the fact that you can’t take a divot out of a mat

Club interaction with the hitting surface would be slightly different, you will notice it yourself

Hitting surface is slightly different because your club bounce off the surface instead of digging through the ground or better put going through the surface


Why Is It Easier To Hit A Golf Ball Off A Mat?

Hitting your ball off a mat and off the grass is not the same thing as they both have a different feel and feedback

Because you are on a mat and not on grass your golf club doesn’t have the ability to dig into the ground, what it does is that it simply  bounces up off the ground slightly


Golf Simulator

Octagon commercial dura pro mat review


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A golf simulator is a technical system of advanced technology that allows golf to be played on a graphically or photographically driving range or golf course

Golf simulator is one of the very important pieces of equipment that you will be needing for a complete indoor golf setup

A complete indoor golf setup involves a different piece of equipment which include net, mat, projector, simulator, putting green

The Dura-Pro Ocragon Commercial Mat is one that is perfectly suited for golf simulator

While some golfers would prefer getting just a single piece of equipment for their indoor golf like mat or putting green, etc. others prefer getting a complete set which as earlier said includes

A golf hitting net-For your golf hitting net please refer here best golf hitting net

A mat: There are lots of golf hitting mats which include the Dura-Pro Octagon which is being reviewed

For a robust list of golf mats on sale please refer here best golf mat to invest in right now 

A Putting green: One of the very core basics of golfing is putting, this is because it is usually the last activity in every round of golf

For your putting green, we recommend this best putting green to buy right now

A Projector: A projector helps to project the ball flight and simulator onto the screen, there are lots of golf projectors on sale today

For the most recommended golf projector, this is what we recommend Best golf projector on sale 




Dura-Pro Octagon Commercial Golf Mat, Its FAQ

Octagon commercial dura pro mat review


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  • Q: How well does this mat last in weather?
  • A: They are great for all-weather and are very durable 


  • Q: Does it come rolled up or is it on a hard surface that doesn’t bend 
  • A: The rubber backing is quite thick so that it doesn’t roll up tightly 


  • Q: Can A Tee Be Used On This Mat?
  • A: This mat comes with a rubber tee of different sizes that are inserted through a hole from the bottom, i don’t think regular tees can work



The Dura-Pro Commercial Golf Mat is one which is built for both indoors and outdoors, they are likely nicknamed the top-rated commercial golf mat and one worth your investment as they are very quality and highly efficient

With this mat comes a free tee, this  entry-level mat does have a pre-punched hole for rubber tees

If you want to hit the ball consistently this mat is a great choice for you this was according to a one time buyer

They feature a dense layer that is 30% denser than ordinary mats for the best of feedback and feel

If you are looking for a mat that offers the true feel of the course then you cannot go wrong with this one

How about the thick base pad which provides you with the perfect golf stance on any surface


If you find this very helpful please do endeavor to share!!! Have a lovely day

















































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