In the end, you should be able to list the features and benefits of the Dura-Pro Perfect Reaction Golf mat(5×5) on review

One of the very important pieces of equipment that you will be needing to practice indoor golf is a golf mat, with a golf hitting mat you can practice on your swing right from the comfort of your home, balcony, office, backyard, or where ever deem fit for you

Today’s golfing do have in great offer lots of golf hitting mat which gives you a robust option to choose from

In the early day of golf, it wasn’t really so as there were noting of the sort called indoor

Indoor golf is an umbrella term that governs indoor golf as it gives you the option to practice from me inside of visiting the course when it is not comfortable for you

Complete indoor golf would include

In today’s blog post we have the Dura Pro-Perfect Reaction Golf Hitting Mat reviews, which list all its specs and features so that you can determine whether they are right for you or not

There are lots of golf mat brands which include the likes of the Dura-Pro on reviews, True Strike, Country Club, etc

Having been in the manufacturing business for very long they know and have what it takes to make the most comfortable and efficient golf hitting mat that will meet your needs

Amateurs and pros use golf hitting mat to practice their swing so that they can improve on their game

A golf mat with real turf like feel which simulates playing outdoors is highly appreciated by golfers whether they are practicing long drives, chipping outdoors, or iron swing in a simulator

With a game of golf hitting mat you will have the option to visit the golf course or play from your comfort

Golf mat which is part of indoor golf became more prevalent especially during g the Covid19 pandemic as there the course were closed and golfers had no option but to practice from distance, all thanks to technology and innovation which has made this possible

Having said this we look into the review of the 5 x 5 FT Dura Pro-Perfect Reaction Golf Mat


Dura-Pro- Perfect Reaction Golf Mat Thorough Review

Perfect reaction dura pro mat review

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Firstly, the Dura-Pro is a very well established and known golf brand for your mat, this is a plus, as you are buying from a well trusted and established brand

This golf is known as one of the top-rated golf outdoor mats, this makes them very quality and highly efficient

If you are looking for one of the most recommended 5 x 5 Golf hitting mats with the most affordable pricing then you cannot go wrong with the Dura-Pro Reaction Golf Mat

This mat is versatile as it can be used in golf courses, ranges, and schools nationwide, amazingly, this is a professional grade mat for Country Club

Note: They are a great option for your golf simulator

You will see how quality and very efficient it is as they are able to take extreme abuse from irons and other clubs

Note: Comes with a free golf tray for that truly professional feel

If you are looking for a golf mat that is made of 100% nylon fiber then you cannot go wrong with this one, It is also 30% denser than the ordinary mat, and this helps it to absorb club shocks thus making it easy on the elbow and wrist

Note: The Dura-Pro Perfect Reaction Golf Mat is easy on the elbow and wrist

This golf mat accounts for a 5/8” thick base gives it the perfect stance and balancing it needs

Also, slip and stain-resistant and thermally bonded for turf mat so that they are going to last you for a very long

Note: You can use wood tees on it,

How about the 3D fiber which absorbs shock and solves the bounce problem which is common among many mats

The Dure-Pro Perfect Reaction Golf Mat is designed for all clubs including drivers, wedges, and irons just like the real course

Note: The golf mat is thermally bonded not glued, that’s awesome!!!

All-weather resistant and they are designed to have an 8 year UV sun protection, tear-resistant, fading curling, and separation


Note: The Perfect reaction dura pro golf mat is rated 5 star


Dura-Pro Perfect reaction Golf Mat Review, Its Spec/Features

  • Brand: Dura-Pro
  • Weight: 3 Pounds
  • Package dimension: 61 x 15 x 14
  • Density: 30% denser than other golf mats
  • First available: 2015
  • Sizing: 5 x 5 
  • Material: 100 Nylon 3D turf fiber
  • Thickness: 5/8”


Dura-Pro Perfect reaction Golf Mat Review By  Gavyn Page

Dura Perfect Reaction Golf Mat, Its Pros

  • Very quality and highly efficient
  • Solves the bounce problem
  • Very thick so that they are durable and comfortable and feels like the real turf
  • Trusted and established brand
  • Resistant to weather and fading this makes them great for indoor or outdoor golf


Dura-Pro Perfect Reaction Golf Mat(5 x 5), Its Cons

  • They are quite heavy


What Should I Consider When Making A Choice On My Golf Mat

pro perfect reation golf mat

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Making a choice on which golf mat is best suited for you would mean you putting so many factors into consideration so as to prevent you from making the wrong selection

These factors boil down to budgeting, space for storage, golfers height, installation location, quality, etc

  • Budgeting

Yes there are lots of golf mat in today’s market and as you would expect, they aren’t of the same price while some are cheap and less quality other are very expensive as they are very quality and exceptionally efficient(Having a real feel of the course)

Spending on a golf mat can be very rewarding and encouraging but not everyone can afford the high-end golf mat which cost up to $1000 or more

When looking for a mat look for one at the best budgeting, the more quality for your golf mat the more your budgeting

  • Space For Storage/Storage Space

Am sure you are not going to buy a mat and then find out that you do not have space to install it or probably you have little space

Before opting in for your golf mat, take into consideration where they are going to install, look for one which matches the spacing, or make provision for more spacing if need be

Am sure you know how frustrating and annoying it is when you discover that having bought your mat you do not have a place to have them installed


I hope this should not come as a surprise that one of the very important considerations that one must put into account when making a choice on your golf mat is your height

Your height should be taken seriously as golf mats are available in different sizes


Height                                                                                                  Mat Sizing

  • <5’3                                                                                            3’x 4”, 3’5” or 4′ x 4”
  • 5’3” -6”                                                                                      4′ x 5” or 5′ x 5”
  • >6′ or for use with simulator                                                5′ x 6” or 5′ 10”


  • Quality

Whether it is buying a golf mat or anything, quality seems to play a big role as it determines how efficient and long-lasting your mat is going to be

When making a choice on your mat you should as well consider quality as this saves you from buying another golf mat all too soon

The more quality your golf mat the more expensive it can become, however, no matter how long your budget, look for one which offers the best of quality for its price category

  • Elbow and Wrist

Golf mats are of different texture and responsiveness, while there are mats that aren’t friendly to the elbow and wrist there are also mats that do not harm or cause you injury on your elbow or kneel

As an instance, the Dura-Pro Perfect Reaction Golf Mat is one that is very well suitable if you want to be free from elbow pain and injury

  • Practice Shots

There are different shots in golfing, this shot can include chipping, driving, and others, there are golf mats that are best suited for a biased shot and there are mats that are great for all types of shots

Any legitimate golf mat should be able to handle chipping and driving but not all can handle iron so you should choose your practice goal in mind

  • Feel

After al having bought your golf mat, it’s all about feel, you want a mat that does feel like the real course, mats that are able to mimic the actual feeling you get from hitting from the green

the more realistic your golf mat the better experience you get from practicing and this definitely would have an overall impact on your game

You can evaluate your mat by looking into these four things

  • Are you able to hit down and through the mat
  • Is there any features that offset unnatural bounce and shock
  • Is there variation in the hitting surface
  • Does it allow for a wooden tee?


Is Golf Mat Worth An Investment?

Perfect reaction dura pro mat review

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Golf mat can cause you injury on your elbow and joint, it is a hard task to hit any appreciable number of golf balls, however, they are mats that have proven to be gentle on your shoulder and elbow

Golf mat is very worth it especially if you want to have an option to practice on your swing without having to visit the course whenever you want to

With a golf mat, you can visit a golf course whenever it deems fit for you as you do have an alternative


I can Hit Off Mat, Why Not Grass?

You can take a divot out of a golf mat, that is the difference, no matter how real it feels like then course the way your club will interact with the course and your mat would be slightly different

This is because your club will bounce off the surface instead of going through the surface as usual


Which Golf Mat Great For Golf Simulators?

Golf simulator can be seen as a whole of a device and not just a part, Golf simulators, A golf simulator is a high tech that enables you to practice golf indoors in a virtual golf simulated environment

The simulator usually contain a large projection screen and a video projector that emits the image of the course and the data from the computer

Indoor is an umbrella term that governs the practice of your game indoor or not from the course

Whether you talk about Putting green or driving range mat, simulator, etc. this is all an aspect of indoor golf

Indoor golf can be purchased in full as it comprises of so many pieces all combined in one

A game of complete Indoor golf would often include






There are a lot of golf mats on sale in the market today and knowing the best for your golf simulator would be a very vital and important information

This is so true as there are lots of golf mats and not all of them are great for golf simulators, with this its best to choose wisely

Some of this golf mat includes the likes of Country Club Golf Mat Elite or the Original Reel Feel Golf Mat, etc


Golf Hitting Mats. Are They Bad For Your Clubs?

There is this constant notion that says mats can damage your clubs as true as this may sound it can be mild from mat to mat

Mats are usually built to have mats or concrete underneath them and your club may come in contact with the mats depending on your swing

Mats are known to cause deterioration on your clubs however they can hurt especially iron clubs


What Materials Is The Dura-Pro Perfect Reaction Golf Mat Made Of?

Most Golf mats are made from highly durable nylon like the Dura-Pro Golf Mat on review which is made of 100% nylon 3D Turf fiber, this material helps them to handle the continuous beating of the club strike over time or in the long run

Is there a provision of a hole for rubber tees?

You can stick a rubber tee into it as they are very thick and amazingly it doesn’t have to be in a hole


What Golf Mat Do Driving Range Use?

pro perfect reation golf mat

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Your driving range according to golfers is judged by the appearance and performance of your practice area

And when it comes to a first-class professional look and feel the True strike driving range mat offers the best alongside giving the golfer an outstanding experience as they give the feel of a fairway


How Thick Is A Driving Range Mat?

Driving range mats are regarded as one of the best golf mats as they feel like the real course

This golf mat offers exclusively the feel and feedback of the real golf course for the best of golfing experience

In the USA, where it is manufactured, The Premium Commercial Quality Grade Golf practice Mat has a whooping thickness of 5/8” shock, that’s amazing!!!

Grear for commercial driving ranges, golf simulator use, and even at your backyard or where ever you want it to be


My Golf Mat Is Sliding How Do I Prevent My Mat From Sliding?

One of the disadvantages of some golf mats is that they do slide, if they do, this can hurt your game

Golf hitting mats that are prone to sliding are often those which are usually of less quality and lightweight

On the other hand quality and very well efficient golf mats does not slide, this is why you should always aim for quality as you usually get the best for your money and in a long run

If you worry about any mat that moves you should adhere the mat to the floor using a high-quality rubber vinyl glue


Note Its best to contact your local hardware store for the best rubber, they would help you determine whether it is a silicone glue or vinyl


Why Can’t I Hit Off Golf Mat?

Perfect reaction golf mat dura pro review

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Hitting off a golf mat would definitely have a toll on the way you hit the golf ball  itself so bear this in mind

And here is the reason for that: Because you are on a mat and not on grass the club does not have the ability to dig into the ground like when played on the real course so instead it bounces up off the ground slightly


Note: You can use all clubs for this golf mat: Driver, Wedge, or Irons


How Do You Keep Anti Fatigue Mat From Sliding?

Very few hitting golf mats will grip well to polished concrete, to provide the grip you need in this situation laying down a few strips of anti-slip tape will provide the grip it needs when the mat is placed over it

There is also another option that involves layering a bid of Sikaflex adhesive at the back of the mat


Can You Put A Golf Mat On Carpet?

Absolutely, a golf mat can be kept on the carpet as you wish even though there are some which perform best on a firmer pile carpet


Can I Make A Golf Mat?

Yes, you can make a golf mat, one of the greatest benefits of making a golf mat is that you are able to customize your mat to prefer

To make a golf mat you must first assemble the item which is needed for making a golf mat

All the items needed for making a driving mat will include, plywood, artificial turf, hand saw, knife, bonding spray/glue, and carpet padding


How Do You Store A Golf Mat?

You do this by stacking the hitting surface vertically against a wall and stack as deep as 5-8

You are not supposed to stack the hitting surface horizontally on top of each other as this will flatten the nylon rubber


Dura-Pro Perfect Reaction Golf Mat, Its FAQ

Perfect reaction golf mat dura pro review


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  • Q: Can you wash this golf mat?
  • A: Absolutely yes, this can be hosed off when used outdoors if needed


  • Q: How Does It Withstand Rain?
  • A: Simply put, it is not affected by rain as it does not soak up liquids


  • Q: Is this golf hitting mat rollable and how easy is it to roll?
  • A: Yes, the Dura pro reaction golf mat is very rollable however this will require some effort as they are heavy


  • Q: Is this mat able to stand up
  • A: Yes, amazingly this golf mat is able to stand up and especially as they are heavy


  • Q: Is this golf mat industrial bounded or glued?
  • A: The perfect reaction golf hitting mat is industrially bounded not glues and this makes them very quality and highly efficient  
  • Q: Is this golf mat affected by the rain?
  • A: Absolutely not, the perfect reaction golf mat is great for all weather conditions, whether indoors or outdoor, it does not soak up liquid as they are water-resistant


  • Q: Is this golf mat affected by the rain?
  • A: Absolutely not, the perfect reaction golf mat is great for all weather conditions, whether indoors or outdoor, it does not soak up liquid as they are water-resistant



Golf mat is a piece of items that falls under the umbrella term, ”Indoor golf, Indoor golf, involves participating in golf not from the course but from the comfort of your homes, backyard, office or balcony

With the need for indoor golf being popular especially during the Covid19 pandemic which prevented the course to remain closed for a very long period, it has come to stay

As more and more golfers embrace the idea of indoor golf, one of the very important pieces of equipment to set up indoor golf is your hitting mat

While some would want a perfect or complete indoor golf set up others might just prefer a particular aspect, a single piece or two

One of the very great for the quality golf mat brand is no other than the Dura-Pro, one of which we have on review and it is the Dura-Pro Perfect Reaction Golf Mat

This mat does boost a shock-absorbing perfect reaction 3D fiber this helps relentlessly to absorb all your shots

They are great at solving the bounce problem which is common among many golf hitting mats

You can use them in any condition as they are weather-resistant, they are also easy to dry as well




























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