In the end, you should be able to list the features which do come with the Everlasting Pride Wheeled Caddy Unisex Bag

Bags, as Golferscostume will always say, is an important prerequisite for your game, as a matter of fact, you wouldn’t be regarded as a serious golfer if you have no bag

The need for a golf bag cannot be overemphasized, this is because your bag serves as many benefits for your clubs

You will not be allowed to play on some courses if you do not have a golf bag, in today’s blog pose we have on review the Everlasting Pride Wheeled Caddy Unisex Golf Bag

We all pay serious and rapt attention to the kind of club we choose and pay less attention to our golf bag

This ought not to be so, here are the reason why you should choose your golf bag wisely, there are about three important reasons why you should carefully and smarty make a choice on your bag

  • As a means of protection

Your bag serves as a means of protection, this is because it is a storehouse for all your gears and equipment, since it serves as a storehouse for your gears then it makes sense that you chose wisely

  • As a means Of Togetherness/Oneness

Your bag serves as a means of togetherness for all your equipment, without your bag your equipment might be kept haphazard and this could mean you losing part of them as they are scattered but with your bag, these items are kept together and secured

Today’s golfing do have in great offers different golf bag from which the golfer can c0omfortably make a choice from,

This bags differences span from brand to type to styling, etc, even though the Everlasting Pride golf bag brand might not be one of the most favorite names out there, but one thing is sure, this brand is true to quality and efficiency

Other great golf bag brand out there like the Everlasting Pride would include the likes of the reputable and a well-established brand-Taylormade, Titleist, Callaway, etc

Having spent a whole lot 0n your club and other equipment wouldn’t it be wise that you spent even more for its protection as this guarantees that they are well secure and kept together

Note: The better your golf bag the more protected and secured your equipment can be.

The Everlasting pride Wheeled Caddy Unisex Golf Bag is one that offers a massive number of spacing and pockets, this bag is designed for that traveling golfer looking for the most advanced and well quality golf bag which guarantees maximum protection on all their equipment

The Everlasting Pride Wheeled Caddy Golf Bag is a Unisex golf bag, i.e they are made for both males and female, this bag stands out as it is beautifully and attractively crafted such that your colleagues would become ”bag envy”

This bag really stands out among the crowd and they really look nice, they are available in different color options from where you can comfortably make a choice from

The Everlasting Pride Wheeled Caddy Golf Bag does come with a nice and roller-friendly 4-inch smooth wheel for easy and quick maneuvering especially around the airport

If you are looking for a very handsome bags with wheels then the Everlasting Pred Wheel Caddy Unisex Golf Bag stands out

This bag features 8 pocket which means that you have enough storage space for all your belongings, it does also come with 8 number of dividers for thorough and classical organization of all your belongings so as to prevent club crowding or entanglement

The bag is made of Faux leather and polyester material, this makes the very quality and exceptionally efficient

I love this bag as it does come with a well built and attractive front-facing pocket, they are also very wide enough so that you can easily and quickly put in or remove your gears as it  does have a dimension of 12 x 16 x 36 inches

If you are looking for high quality environmentally friendly leather golf bag and which does come with a premium gold-toned sturdy zippers then this one is just right for you

The shoulder strap is one which is very well built and padded for the best of comfort and feel, this shoulder strap is also adjustable so that it fits a wide range of body size, you also get a matching padded rain hood cover in case of a sudden downpour

The Everlasting Pride golf bag amazingly does come with height support for short clubs and putter such that you would need not be afraid of the putter falling down

The 8 pockets which are known to come with this exotic bag include a large apparel pocket, a deep shoe pocket

As you will expect this bag is heavy as it weighs 10 pounds but with its wheels and adjustable handle you would have nothing to worry about


Everlasting Pride Wheeled Caddy Golf Bag Review, Its Specification

Golf caddy bag wheeled Everlasting pride reviews

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  • Brand: Everlasting Pride
  • Type: Cart
  • Strap: Single
  • Year:2021
  • Material: Faux leather/ Polyseter
  • Weight: 10 pounds
  • Top Diameter: 12 x 13 x 16


  • Pocket: 8
  • Large apparel pocket
  • Deep shoe pocket
  • Waterproof pocket for cell phone
  • Electronic safe


Video Review On How The Everlasting Pride Wheeled Bag Stand Out With Its Leg


Everlasting Pride Wheel Unisex Golf Bag, Its Pros

  • Comes with a wheel so that you will no longer have to carry the weight all you do is simply roll
  • Lots of pockets and dividers for all your belongings
  • Quality as they are made of Faux leather
  • Easy to maintain and very attractive looking golf bag
  • Adjustable shoulder strap with matching ran hood
  • Good for the money
  • Matching rain hood cover in case of a sudden downpour


Everlasting Pride Wheel Caddy Bag, Its Cons

  • Weighty


Types Of Golf Bag

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Having seen many golfers rush into purchasing as they allow their excitement for a new golf bag becloud their sense of reasoning, it ought not to be so, to efficiently and widely make a decision in your bag, certain criteria has to be observed as this definitely would help in making the right choice/decision any day/anytime

Note: Do not be all caught up with the frenzy and excitement that comes with buying a new bag that you forget that there are different types of bag and to whom they are the best suitable for

There are five categories of the golf bag, this include-Staff Bag, Cart Bag, Stand Bag, Carry Bag, and Travel Bag

  • Staff Bag

The Staff bag is known to be the most luxurious and spacious golf bag, no wonder they are often referred to as tour bags as they are common among tour pros

Staff bag does come with more number of spacing and pocketing and as you will expect they are very heavy and bulky, this is why they are designed for the caddy rather than carrying

If you have got a Caddy or plan on owning one then the Staff bag can be a great option for you,

Staff bag offers a generous amount of spacing as much that there is usually the provision of spacing for your tees, balls, shoes, etc

You should expect a typical Staff bag to weigh at least 10 pounds, for your staff bag please refer here Best staff bag on sale 

  • Cart Bag

Cart bag also know as trolley bags as that is what they are designed for, to sit on the trolley aka traditional cart

The Cart bag just as its name suggest or implies is designed to sit on the Cart, this bag is second to the Staff bag in everything-spacing, number of pocketing, sizing, weight, and even pricing

The Staff bag is made different from other bag types as it does come with a non-slip base or rubber which prevent the bag from slipping off the cart when a cart is in motion

The Cart bag does also have spacing for your apparels, tees, ball, shoes, etc you should expect a typical Cart bag to weigh at least 6 to 7 pounds

Please refer here for your most recommended cart bag Best Cart bag on sale today

  • Stand Bag

the Stand bag is designed so that bag does come with a stand, this bag is quite distinctive as it does come with an in-built stand which gives it all the support and balancing it neds

The Stand golf bag is known t be the most stable golf bag across all-terrain as they are known to come with a dual stand, amazingly this stand can be retractable and retractable

The Stand bag can also be very spacious and comes with lots of pockets but definitely not as the staff bag or Cart bag

If you are a golfer who prefers walking down the course rather than using a Cart then the stand bag is a great option

They are great as well  for the golfer who is looking for a bag that offers moderate spacing/pocket yet still carry friendly

One of the distinguishing characteristics of the stand bag is that it does come with a well developed and comfortable carry strap system which makes them very easy and convenient to carry

  • Carry Bag

The Carry bag is the most lightweight and portable bag this is because it does come with a very limited number of pocket and spacing

Carry bags are designed so that they are 100% carry-friendly, little to no wonder it does come with a very well designed strategically placed dual carry strap for the best of comfort and feel when carried on the shoulder

The Carry bag is also known as the pencil/Sunday bag as they are simple and designed to be slim so that they are extremely portable this bag type is  a great option for the golfer who wants to focus on a particular aspect of their game one at a time without the need to focus on the whole aspect of their game

Since they come with a limited number of pocket and spacing they are designed for but your essentials instead of your whole clubs, although there are some exceptions which are able to carry as many as14 clubs

The Carry bag is also a great option for the senior golfer due to weighing and for the beginners as they would only be focusing on a particular aspect of their game

You should expect the typical carry bag to weigh at least 3 pounds or below

Lots of carry golf bags flooded today’s market, thus making a choice more difficult than ever, looking for a carry golf bag? here is what I recommend Best Carry Golf bag to buy right now 

  • Travel Bag

One of the most recent categories of golf bag is the travel bag, for years there have been no bags that perfectly protects your gears and equipment while you embark on a journey

Until the travel bag was created, as you can see just as its name suggests, this bag is designed for the traveling golfer who wants or desires to play golf at destination

The travel golf bag is designed in such a way that it generally does have a rigid outer casing and a soft, well-padded, and foamy inn for maximum protection on your gears and related items while you travel

With this bag, the golfer can comfortably travel without fear of damaging any equipment due to the gliding and sliding of gears from one side to another

The Travel bag does also come with inbuilt wheels for easy mobility and movement especially around the airport

For your travel golf bag for airlines please refer here Best Travel Golf Bag For Airlines


Things To Consider When Buying A Golf Bag

Everlasting pride golf caddy wheeled

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Having known the different type of golf bag and to the golfer to whom they are best suited here are the factors that you should be aware of when making a choice on your golf bag

These factors boil down from general factor to personal preferences with no specific order

  • Stitching

Stitching is all about the structural soundness of your golf bag, look for a bag which does offer double stitching around then too and bottom cuff of the bag, certain companies use the loop and lock stitching

This loop and lock stitching is great in the sense that if one side comes apart it will lock thus preventing the rest from popping out

The loop and lock stitching is often used by so many companies due to this reason,

  • Branding

For some people, they are die-hard fans of a particular brand and for some others, it rarely matters, but one thing I know for sure is that ”A good brand speakers for itself”, there are lots of great golf bag brands out there to choose from

Whether you are a die-hard fan of a brand or you aren’t connected to a particular brand, make sure you have quality in mind as this determines how long-lasting and efficient your bag is going to last

  • Pricing

As seen in today’s market, there are lots of golf bag on sale, these bags are available in different sizing quality and styling

The choice of bag would depend on the price and as you will expect the ore quality the bag is the more expensive it can become

Look for a bag that offers great to moderate quality as they would last longer than one which is of low quality

There are lots of affordable golf bag on sale in today’s market and amazingly this bag is of quality and also at an affordable pricing

  • Dividers

Everlasting pride caddy wheeled reviews

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Just as there are different of the bag so is its dividers, there are bags which offers few dividers and there are bags which offers lots of dividers

If you are a golfer looking for a bag that offers better and classical organization of your gear and equipment that you should be considering an option for the bag which offers many dividers

If on the other hand, you are looking for a simple and portable bag then you should consider bags that offer but few length dividers

This divider for your golf bag is available in both full length and half, there are bags which offers its dividers in both full-lengths and had length there are lots bags which offers its divider all in full length

The full-length divider just as its name suggests runs the bag full length and the half-length divider runs the bag halfway

  • Pocketing

Wheeled caddy bag 1.0 Everlasting pride reviews

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Golf bag offers you a different number of pockets, this pocket ranges from very few to many pockets, bags which does offer lots of pockets gives you an option to pick up more of your belongings and items

On the other handbags which offer few pockets give you the option to pick a limited number of gears and other golf-related items

These bags are also available in different shapes, today’s bag for golf has been so advanced that their lots of versatility have been added to your bag

  • Features

Golf bag would come with different features, there are bags which offers more features than other

Some of the features which are quite common among your golf bag are the hook for stuff, holder for umbrella, rain hood, and many more

A perfect example of a bag that offers lots of amazing features would be the Everlasting Pride Wheeled Caddy on reviews

Look for features that best resonates with you and your equipment and gears

  • Graphite Shaft Protection

One of the very important consideration when making a choice on your gold bag would be graphite shaft protection with the most common type being the fur

Thanks to advancement and technology as there are better forms f graphite shaft protection which has replaced the fur this method include the felt, fabrics, and treated rubber lining

  • Defective Policies

Well trusted companies are known to offer defective policies/ guarantee, this is usually an important factor

It is always best if the manufacture offers replacement or repair on your bag



Everlasting Pride Wheeled Caddy Golf Bag, Its FAQ

  • Q: What Bag Category is the Everlasting Pride Wheeled Caddy Golf Bag
  • A: This is a Caddy golf bag just as its name suggests so they more of a Cart bag


  • Q: Does this bag comes with a headcover
  • A: Oh yes! the Everlasting Pride Wheeled Caddy Golf Bag does come with a matching headcover


  • Q: Is this golf bag easy and quick to maintain
  • A: Yes, this is easy to maintain and keep clean golf bag as they are made from Faux leather so when they get dirty simply sprinkle water on a towel and clean


  • Q: Who is this bag designed for 
  • A: The Everlasting Caddy wheeled bag is a unisex bag which means it is designed for all, whether you are a male or female



Bags are an integral part of your game whether you agree to it or not, this is because it serves as a storehouse for all your belongings, with your bag your gears/equipment are well protected and also kept in togetherness/oneness

The Everlasting Wheeled Caddy 1.0 is a great bag to invest in as it is made unique as a result of its rollable wheels which makes weighing insignificant, all you do is bring the bag down and simply roll

Due to its rollable wheels, this bag is a great one for the traveling golfers or a golfer who wants to travel

The Everlasting Pride Golf Bag is a high quality environmentally friendly synthetic leather bag built for optimum durability

Features 4-inch smooth wheel for easy movement and maneuvering, a pull-out handle that can be adjustable, a matching rain hood cover in case of a sudden downpour, premium golf-toned zipper for added protection, 8 pockets which include a large apparel pocket and a deep shoe pocket

The bag weighs 10 pounds but wouldn’t be a problem as they are rollable, and in case I forget, they are very easy to clean

A perfect gift for your friends, family, and golf lover, you will see how well they appreciate you just by gifting them one of this




















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