In the end, you should be able to list the features and benefit of the Forb professional Putrtung mat so as to determine whether they are right for your or maybe not

It can be very frustrating especially when you have to visit the course every now and then for some round of golf putt practice

It can even be more frustrating when it is inconvenient for you-maybe a cloud or hazy day, a sunny day or you might not feel like visiting the course yet you want to do some practice

Putting green is a small area of short grass on which people can gently hit the golf ball into a series of holes

Note: You Get Free 5 quality tour golf balls when you buy this Professional Putting Mat, this is amazing

One of the very crucial aspects of your game is putting, every round of golf is known to end with putting, this means that you will be doing a putt most of the time

Golf putting mat is one of the very piece of equipment required for indoor golf, Putting mats are designed so that you can practice on your putting so that you can improve on your game

There are lots of golf putting mats on sale today these mats cuts across different brands which include the likes of Dura-Pro, Big Moss, Forb mat, and many more

In today’s blog post we have on review the Forb professional Putting Golf Mat review, with a golf putting mat you will be able to practice on your putt without having to visit the golf course

Prior to this era, there was little to no options on your putting mat, all thanks to technology and innovation as there are lots of golf putting mat from where the golfer can comfortably make a choice

To practice putting golfers had to visit the golf course but with a putting mat it doesn’t have to be that way

Simply practice on improving your putting skill right from the comfort of your homes, office, backyard, balcony without having to leave for the actual course

The term indoor golf became even more prevalent especially during the Covid 19 pandemic where all courses were closed as no one was allowed to play on the course

The alternative now is a putting green, yes!!! the course was closed to curb the spread of this deadly disease but one thing is for sure, golfers had to practice no matter what

If you had no putting green/mat chances are that practicing on your putt is something you wanted to but couldn’t

In order to practice to perfect your putt skills, you will be needing a putting mat and a Putter

A Putter is a club specifically and specially designed to help you perform a putt using your putting mat

Putters are used in the sport of golf to ake relatively short and low-speed strokes with the intent of rolling the ball into the hole

For your golf putter club please refer here, Best putter club on sale 

Note: This putter is greatly recommended for the Forb Professional Putting Mat

In this blog post, whether you are bent on knowing the features and benefits of the Forb Professional Putting mat or you want a guide on how to make the best selection on your putting green, you have come to the right place

In this article, you will have an extensive guide on what it takes to make the right selection on your putting mat

Many golfers especially newbies make mistakes when it comes to the right choice of putting green but with this guide, you will be better equipped with what is ahead so that you will never make such costly mistakes again

Note: Every golfer no matter your playing level or abilities need a putting green as it further enhances your practice as you do not have to visit the course every now and then 

In today’s blog post we have the Forb Professional Golf Mat On Review without further aduo let’s get down to what this mat is made of, its features, spec, and benefit

Another putting mat with great review and is worth an investment is the Boburn golf putting green review

More advanced putting mat features targets, alignment aids, visual storage aid, and more, and the Forb Professional mat on reviews give you all of this

Forb Professional Putting Mat Review

Professional green Forb review

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One of the very compelling reasons why the Forb Professional golf putting mat/green is worth investment is stressed from the fact that it is a professional golf mat so it holds the best for quality and they are highly efficient having been manufactured from a number of hard-wearing material, this mat is built to last

The Forb putting mat is one that can be rolled out anywhere and where ever is deem fit for you, the ability to roll out anywhere is one that is uncommon and this makes it unique

If you are looking for a quality golf putting mat from a great and well-trusted brand then the Forb putting mat is a place to go

You get a free 5 tour golf ball when you opt for this mat, this means that you are going to save some money for something else

Whether it is at home, office, balcony, or backyard. the Forb professional mat is a good investment as they are designed for all whether indoors or outdoors

This mat is available in three different sizings which include the Standard, XL, XXL so you get a lot of sizes options to choose from, this is amazing!!!

I strongly recommend this putting mat as it does feel like the real course, a rare trait which isn’t common for many putting mat

They feel so real like the course as a result of its 40mm rough and 12mm green created using quality artificial turf

Looking for one of the sharpest training aid to help sharpen your skills on the green this mat is one that offers that in full and with these in your locker you will be able to practice whenever and wherever

The standard sizing which is 12ft features 2 holes, while 13ft XL and 21 ft XXL features 4 holes each which are strategically placed for the best of performance and easy alignment

Amazingly they have one of the fastest shipping times, this is a plus, as you order yours today, you have it shipped within the next 24 hours

Note: This mat are created using high artificial turf so that you have the real feel of the turf thus giving you the best experience on your putt

Note: Chipping from the range is great with the ball rolling well on the putting surface

There is a flag include which indicates the position of each hole, this helps for the perfect and precise alignment

Note: If you leave anywhere with unpredictable weather, you do not have to worry as this mat is an all-weather golf mat

This professional golf mat can be used for both short and long-range putt at a number of angles and with the highly visible plastic flag you will find it very easy and precise to aim at your target(The holes)

It simulates the golf green as well as the rough grass making them one of the most found on top-level golf courses

Note: Every hole features a high visibility flag to help aid putting aim

The simulated golf grass is made from 40mm polyethylene and polypropylene which blend so that it replicates the rough grass

Forb Putting Mat, Its Features

Forb mat putting green reviewed

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  • Grass: Two realistic grass variations for ultimate golf green simulation(rough and smooth grass)
  • Holes: 2 holes for the standard sizing and 4 holes each for the XL and XXL
  • Simulated rough grass material: 40mm Polyethylene 
  • Golf putting green material: 12mm polyethylene
  • Ball: 5 tour quality balls 

Forb Professional Putting Mat/Green, Its Spec

  •  Brand: Net World Sports
  • Weight: 77lb(35kg)
  • Dimension: 9ft x 20ft (2.68m x 6m) [W X L]- For XXL and for XL 13ft(4m)  x 6.5ft (2m)

Note: Each hole has its won mini flag increased visibility 

Forb Putting Mat Video Review By  Net World Sport

Forb Professional Golf Putting Mat, Its Pros

  • Mats are created using high-quality artificial turf for a replica of the real-life golf green
  • Easily rollable and stored
  • Free quality tour golf ball
  • Available in varying sizing for a robust choice selection
  • Highly visible flag for an easier and precise aiming
  • Great for all weather conditions

Forb Professional Golf Mat, Its Cons

  • Quiet on the heavy side

Can I Install My Own Putting Green?

Forb mat putting green reviewed

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Yes, absolutely, you can have your own putting green installed, with a backyard putting green which is made of synthetic turf you can work on your game anytime you want

The DIY is the best budget-friendly and less expensive putting green as it does have a single hole for practice, you can create multiple holes in a larger yard

How To Make Green For Your Backyard

Making putting green in your backyard is now easier than ever, to make a backyard putting green, here are the procedure which will help you achieve that

  • Select a portion or site where you want to have your green
  • Start digging, but you do not need to go very deep
  • Add some contour
  • Have proper drainage installed
  • Cap it with sand
  • Seed it or Sod it
  • Do final touches
  • The long haul

For a detailed explanation on how to go about making your own backyard putting green, please refer here How to make your own putting backyard green in just 8 step

Why Are Putting Green So Expensive?

Putting green is so expensive the reason being the turf which is more expensive than the artificial grass installed on the lawn is constructed and finished differently

An example is that you want a lawn that is soft and fluffy and the bad news is that it is no good for putting

To allow your golf ball to roll smoothly and properly at any given speed the blade of golf turf are sheared

Is Backyard Putting Green Worth It?

Putting green has always and will always be worth it, firstly to know if buying a putting green is worth it, you must have to check its utility or function

As earlier started putting green helps you to practice on improving your putting skills, putting mat are worth it because it gives better feedback on your putting stroke

What Makes A Good Putting Mat?

Forb puttng green on review

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A good putting mat is first one that offers great quality and is highly efficient so that it imitates the real turf

Your mat should be large enough and not that thin else you aren’t going to get the best of experience and it should come with the standard holes as smaller holes would require more precision and this already becomes a problem

Can You Iron A Putting Mat?

Straight to the point, the truth is that you can have your putting green ironed if you want however it will take some time, like 24 hours for it to be flattened

One of the greatest benefits of having your mat properly ironed is the fact that it offers faster and true roll

Instead of using a golf kind of iron, you can make the process look faster by using an iron

Why Do Putting Mat Go Uphill?

Leaving the putts short is one of the things that many golfers struggle with, you will be trained to hit putts a little harder if your putting mat has a ramp or other uphill or incline features

With this when you get to a flat putt your muscle memory will take over and the result is you getting to the hole easier and faster

Putting Mat, Is It Better Than Carpet?

Putting mat is better than Carpet as you are able to putt straight, every put you take on the golf course is a straight putt

On like standard home carpet which when played upon the golf ball is likely to weave and bobble despite hitting with a very true stroke

What Are The Things To Look Out For When Choosing A Putting Mat?

There are lots of putting mat on sale today and making a choice on which is best for you can be a challenge, with this reason there are some factors that you must put into consideration if you want to avoid the mistakes that others make

When making a choice on which putting mat is best suited for you it is best you put this criterion into consideration as it helps you to make the best buying decision

  • Spacing

Before buying your putting mat think about spacing, do you have the required spacing to have your mat installed

This is very important because you will be needing some spacing to have your mat installed, to avoid buying mats that you might not be able to use as a result of spacing

It’s best to measure using a tape or any measuring the amount of spacing available where you wish to have your mat and then use that measurement to determine which mat would fit in

  • Material

No matter what you buy, quality is everything, quality determines how efficient and how long-lasting a product is going to be

You need a quality golf mat to have or experience the real feel of the course and this will definitely enhance your golfing experience

Golf mats are available in varying quality and choosing the best for your budget would set you at an advantage

Higher quality mat will feature thicker constructed mat making it feel that you are standing and putting in an 18 hole

Quality putting mat also ensures that the turf would not damage the most important club in your bag

The lower quality mat feels more like a carpet instead of the putting green, so this is why you should consider quality as an important metrics

  • Portability

Forb putting golf mat review

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Remember these are indoor mats, so they might require you to move them without too much an effort

When it comes to portability of your mat, sizing is the biggest factor in determining how portable your mat is or can be

It is more difficult to roll longer and wider mats than it is to roll shorter and less wide mats

One of the greatest disadvantages of a putting mat that features a ball returner is that it is not able to fold or reduce as a result of the elevated surface at the end

This automatically will affect its portability features due to an awkward storage shape and size

It all depends on you, if you consider portability as an important metric then you should avoid golf putting mat which features a ball returner

As an example, the Forb professional putting mat ios free from ball returner makes them a well-favored mat when it comes to portability

Note: The Forb putting mat on review is portable even though they can be quite heavy, being heavy makes them very stable and balanced so that it does not shift as you perform your putting

  • Ease

Golf mat varies by ease, while some are easy to use others are a lot easier to use, you might consider this factor especially if you are a beginner

Overly complicated distances or alignment marks may be a great challenge especially for newbies

How quickly it can go from stored to putting is another important metric, a lot of parts need to be connected before some mats are ready to be used whereas others might not need lots of connection

You might also want to consider the rollback function, as well as not all golf, offers this incentive

You might not want to pull out let’s say two dozens of golf balls or hit putt by walking back and forth

But with the rollback mechanism, you rest assured that comes back directly so that you only need 1 or 2 golf balls for consistent practice of your strokes

  • Training Aid

As a golfer, you need to appropriate your training aid if you are looking for a great indoor/outdoor putting mat to perfect your stroke

Putting green comes in a variety of different training mechanisms with the most important being alignment lines, distance markers, and realistic roll

You will be able to hit putts from different distances if your indoor mat comes with a measured stimp reading

With the right training aid, you will be able to maximize your training and perfect your putting stroke without taking professional golf lessons which will cost you extra bucks

Forb Golf Putting Mat Review, Its FAQ

Forb putting golf mat review

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  • Q: What is the difference between 1-3 squares?
  • A: The difference is that the 3 square is bigger than the 1 square
  • Q: Can this mat be easily moved especially if you have got a guest?
  • A: They are very easy to move
  • Q: Can this work on carpet?
  • A: Absolutely yes, the Forb mat works great on carpet
  • Is this an all-one piece green and rough?
  • Yes, this mat is all one piece and rough with the exception of the flag and the holes
  • Is this mat rollable?
  • Yes, it is rollable except for the fact that it is quite heavy
  • What is the speed at which it rolls?
  • It does not roll that fast, the speed it rolls at sits at 8 or 9 on the stamp meter
  • Q: How wide is the XXL putting green?
  •  A: The XXL putting green is about 7′ wide
  • Will turf drain if it is installed outside?
  • Yes of course turf will drain if it is installed outside 
  • Q: Does this standard mat come with a flag?
  •  A: Yes this mat comes with a flag


Forb mat putting green reviewed

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If you are looking for one of the best professional golf mats on sal today then the Forb putting mat is one that you should be investing on

This putting mat is great for both indoor and outdoor, I love this mat as it replicates the real course as they are very quality and highly efficient

With this mat come with a free 5 tour quality golf ball and this is awesome, this mat is available in three sizings which are the Standard, XL, and then XXL

This mat features 40m thick rough and a 12mm putting green and they are created with high-quality turf

Please do endeavor to share if you find this very helpful, have a wonderful day Golfers!!!

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