By the end you should be able to tell the best golf ball for kids in 2020

When I was a novice in golf sport, I had thought that all golf balls are the same, I could barely think that there are special golf ball designed for kids, now I know and the reason behind kids having their own golf ball

When I came in contact with such topic for the very first time, ”Best golf ball for kids”, frankly speaking, it sounded weird, not until i made research and found out for myself that there are golf balls designed to meet the child golfer own playing style

This great discovery was quite fun and fantastic and thus I decided to share the article on the best golf ball designed for kids to help them get maximum result on their game

Before going further, I ask you, what golf ball is best for the junior golfer? sound surprised as I was, right? well here in this article we are going to be listing this kids best golf ball and the reason for that

There are some technicalities that is involved when trying to make a choice of golf ball for the junior golfer, the best golf sport ball for juniors is quite different from the ball used by the Tour pros due to swing speed difference

Kids have slower swing speed as we all know and as a general rule they will be needing a golf ball with slower spin, this article will present you with information that will help you make the right choice of golf ball for your junior golfer

What must you consider before making a selection of junior golf ball for all kids?

Distance, feel and control must be well considered before making a choice on golf sport ball for children, a ball with the best distance and at a low spin should be highly considered as one of the core characteristics

One of the factors that must be considered is


For Junior golfer who are looking for more distance and having a swing speed below 85 mph, such kid golfer should look out for golf balls with low compression/low spin, most low compression ranges from 70 to 80, even though we can still find compression as low as 40

Golf ball with compression of 90 are usually used by professional golfers with high swing speed, Golf ball are often marked with the compression of the ball

Now lets consider two different golf ball as an example here, ”The Titleist Pro VI and Pro Vix, the first one, ”Titleist Pro VI is a ball averagely compressed, its compression rating is in the 80’s , whereas Pro Vix is at 100(higher compression) this make the Pro VI golf ball more suited at the best choice pick for kid golfers

This talk on compression rating is only a source of guideline and should not be completely relied upon with the fact being it is not an absolute measure of the best golf ball for kids

There is no absolute compressing rating since it is driven by  its construction, with that being said, Golf ball can be of two construction category

It is either two piece construction or multi layer, in the 2-piece ball, a single large solid core is surrounded by an outer layer, the 2-piece are great golf ball for slower swing speed

Example of well known 2-piece balls are the Titleist AVX, Titleist Tour Soft, Top Flight Bomb, Top flight XL and the list goes on,

The multi layered golf ball for most junior golfer is generally shorter off the tee, but have better feel and control than the 2-piece, consider the multi layered ball type if junior are playing where stopping the ball quickly is very important

multi layered are considered as more of Tour proven and used more frequently by pro golfers, e.g of such might include, the Titleist Pro VI, Callaway 2018 chrome soft, Srixon, Z-Star Tour and the list goes on and on

One of the very newly introduced ball into the market that is well fine tuned as a very good ball for junior is the Wilson staff Duo Urethane due to its very low compression with plenty of spin

Look and feel

Just as there is always an exception ton every game, golf ball are not that different, Another aspect that must be well considered is the look and feel, does your junior golfer likes the way the ball feels and look? if they love the look and feel, then that’s fine you can get them such golf ball, this is why this second reason is not a technical consideration like the first


Junior golf ball fitting is also an important aspect that must be considered,  a good fitting can provide exceptional feedback on ball speed, spin and so on

You can do a basic fitting and try hitting them on an out door launch monitor, this launch monitor is there to tell you on which ball performs the best on full shots

Lets have a quick recap, there are golf ball specifically designed for junior golfer to enable them have better impact and feel on their games, , this mots suited golf ball for the child golfer is more often than not  low compressed golf ball since on a general rule they have low swing speed

What are the best low compression golf sport ball for Kids

Perfect for the kiddos, this kids best golf ball have been carefully and thoroughly considered before every publishing, with this golf ball in your kids possession they will perform better and have a greater feel when hitting on course

Fanovo Foam Golf Ball

kids, golf ball, best, kid ballGreat golf ball for children, they are ideal for practicing swings, this golf ball is safe, soft and lightweight and it won’t hurt your glass window, furniture and animal, let your kid practice with them and watch them grow into a better and more efficient hitter


Injury free child entertainment

Gentle yet durable

Very colorful and attractive and your kids will love it

Perfect for teaching a toddler how to putt


Limited stock

Coast Athletic Brand Aviat Multi Colour Over Size Foam Golf Ball

golf ball, kiddie ball, golf, gameAnother great low compressed  golf ball with low spin and highly designed for the kid golfer, this kiddies golf

ball will be of great entertainment to your child as they are safe and harmless, thanks to it designers, finally they made one of the ball that fits to perfection the child who plays golf

They are highly durable, fanciful and surprisingly price friendly and be rest assured that your kiddies will love it and thank you for probably gifting it to them and with the bright color, they are easy to spot


Highly fanciful and colorful

Lightweight and foamy

easy to use with exceptional feel

Large and soft



Emoji Universe:2-Ply Professional Practice Golf Ball

golf ball, golf, children ball, toddler, This golf are so funny and they play just like your regular golf ball, and your kiddos will love them, made of high quality and durable, the bright and attractive color also make them well suited for kids

It is a must give gift for a child who loves playing, adorable and very noticeable, watch your kids improve with them


Very funny ball

Attractive and easy to hit

Quality and durable

greater for starters


Someone complained of it being as hard as rock

Jef World Of Golf Foam Practice Ball

The Jeff World Of Golf Foam Practice Balls is a multi colored golf ball, very attractive and your kids will love them, this ball does simulates the flight of a real golf ball and will help your child golfer improve on their game

This golf ball are very foamy, thus preventing them to be harmful, hits well and are very durable, the flight trajectory of this kiddos golf ball have a flight trajectory that are very accurate, when you order for this, you will get exactly what you expected


Very quality

Good for the money

Multi coloured, so very attractive to children

Great for the range


Might be affected by the wind but fly pretty straight

Nitro Eclipse 12-Pack Golf Ball

The great Nitro Eclipse is a great golf ball for all, when you hit, there is a great visibility in flight it is very easy to putt with this ball due to its well structured easy putting alignment

It is an easy to spot golf ball on the green and are highly colour attractive to encourage you junior kids on their golf playing game, you will love the soft feel and the way it they look when they are being struck up into the air


Easy to spot on the green

Very colourful and attractive

Great soft feel and rotation

Harmless and durable

Easy putt alignment


Someone complained of it splitting in half after few attempt


There are golf balls utterly designed having the kid golfer in mind, this balls are usually know as low compression golf balls, kids have weak swing speed and so they need a golf ball to compliment their playing style

This golf ball on the list were thoroughly and carefully picked, knowing fully well that we want the best for our kids and hope they do extremely well in their games


















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