Golf club parts_typical component for seniors 2018


In the end you should be able to identify the different components that makes up a golf club

What are the component of a senior golf club

Actually wether seniors or juniors golf clubs do have the same components

So wether you are a senior or junior this are the components of a typical golf club

A golf club is made up of three basic distinctive components, these basic part are the shaft, grip and head

Each of this very distinctive component have its own basic function

And cannot function on its own except they are merged together

Before delving further, what is component?

Component of anything can simply be reffered to as a part of the larger whole. I.e the different less significant part which comes in unity to form a whole

In relation to golf, a golf club part is the different part which are assembled together as one in order to become a whole club that becomes useful for golf sport plays

Many golf stores offer these different golf club for sale, whether as a whole part or in bits depending on choice

What you simply do is go to where it is sold in your locality and simply tell them the golf club part you will be needing


Why golf club is sold in parts

Someone might be forced to asked why is golf club sold in parts?

Golf stores sell golf club parts because of two main reasons

Golf club parts are sold seperately because you might have a sound club with one un-functional part

Instead of going to buy a new one you can simply order a new part to replace the un-functional or simply buy a new whole

but not every one have enough cash to get another club due to a slight problem they might be having with the previous

Another reason for the sale of different golf club part is for customization

What is Golf club customization? It simply means the act of modifying a golf club to suit a particular individual or perform a particular task as intended

You might buy a golf club and there might be something you do not like about it, with customization you could remove that part you do not want based on your own reason and replace it with another part to suit your taste

Now lets look at Golf club parts

As said earlier golf clubs are made up of three important parts, they are

  • The Grip

The grip or simply put the “handle” this is the point or part in the golf club where the golfer holds to play the golf ball

The grip is a welll important part of a golf club because it is a “connector” between the golfers hand and the club

The grip for further understand is should be understood as a point of contact from the hand to the club

This is why it is an important parts that cannot be treated with lieniency or laxity

The feel of the grip is a big prediction on how well you will perform with a particular club

If the grip is soft, well balanced with a pleasant feel on the hand it simply means your swing will be complimented

The grip is a complementor. It complements your swing when it feels good

In accordance to golf rules, the grip must be round and smooth

Not having lumps, bumps and hollows

For comfortability sake some grip are made of leather or rubber with a lot of tiny holes and grooves

Golf club grip comes in different sizes, the reason being not everyone have the same hand size

Some have a thick big hands others might have a light small hands and vice versal

There is always you grip size in the market


  • The shaft

The shaft is the connector to the head and the grip and must be round in cross section

Shaft of the modern age are usually made of resin composite and carbon fibre or steel

In light weight comparism carbon fibre is way more lighter than steel, the only cons with carbon fibre is its more expensive purchasing power when compared to steel

There is usually a different feel when you hit with a steel made shaft and a carbon fibre kind of shaft

This difference in feel is brought by their difference in vibration transmission

In grip make selection, it is more of a personal preference and not a rule

Shaft do have various stiffness degrees and some golf manufacturers indicates the intensity of this stiffness using a symbol

In accordance to standard stipulation, manufacturers of golf club rate stiffness in six levels, these levels are

  • L_Ladies
  • A_Senior
  • R_Regular
  • F_Firm
  • X_Extra firm
  • S_Stiff

But on a general golfers prefer stiffer shaft to any other and with these manufacturers produce more of it

The stiff and extra stiff are best recommended for golfers with great energy

It is recommended for strong energitical golfers so as to enable all swing energy to get to ball, instead of it being absorbed in a flexible and bendable shaft

On the other hand, golfers with less or weaker swing speed and strength might consider going for a more flexible shaft


  • Head

The head of the golf club is usually the primary contact with the golf ball, it is were all the energy of your swing is being transferred to

Golf club has more variation than any part of club and its functionality is dependent on the shape or design of the head

The head of a golf club falls under three major

click here for the List of different types of golf clubs and their uses categories, this categories are

The heads of wood, iron and putter

Wood type are identified by numbers. There are the 1-wood also known as the putter used for putting(hitting) the ball into the hole from short range distances. Note, putter is for short range hit

3-wood, 4-wood and 5-wood are known as fairway wood, they are used to hit the ball out of obstacles like the bunker, trees or fairway

Iron are categorized as 3-iron through 9-iron or pitching wedge, irons are the most common type of club in a golf set


Golf clubs are made up of three basic components, these components include the shaft, grip and head

Each of the golf club parts can be bought and sold seperately, this components of the golf club helps for costumization or a specific part replacement without having to change every part


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