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In the end you should be conversant with golf club statistics information and findings

Hey, want to know the performance of golf club statistics world over? Want to know facts and findings, analysis and observations on golf club round the globe

This is what this article is all about, it was crested to give you the best of information on the performance of golf club round the world, let’s get started

What is statistics? Statistics is seen as the science of collecting and organizing numerical data in quantum numbers

From this definition of statistic we can rightly say golf statistics is the collection, organization, interpretation and presentation of golf sport information for better understanding


The need for golf club statistic

What is the use of Golf club statistics?

We need golf club statistic to summarize past number of manufactured golf club for better understanding then through this summary predict the future of golf sport clubs

Without statistics we would have more difficulties in predictions and this difficulty would further close our eyes to opportunity that may come on our way

Golf statistics put the number of golfers in the US in the staggering sum of 29,000,000 of which 77.5 percent are males while 22.5 percent are females

And this number gets increased on an everyday bases as the game of golf gets rapidly popular

This popularity outburst on golf sport makes golf club even way more popular as more people would have to buy golf clubs to play golf sport

Golf has been a major spectator sport since the 1920’s, this makes it one of the few sports with major impact

The every increasing intrest of people in golfing gives room for more production of clubs

For instance in mexico as at 2006 the direct economic output of golf reached an all time high of $481,000,000

This statistics show the revenue chart of golf equipment/apparel companies in 2017

These stastistic shows that Nike golf a division of Nike in 2017 made $579 million in revenue selling golf clubs and other golf equipments

The golf equipment companies/industry is yet to groom more start up companies who would grow into millionaires and possibly billionaires in the billion dollar range simply producing clubs

There is more opportunity in the golf industry now than ever and only those wise enough could have their fair cake

This statistics displays the annual sale value of golf clubs and other equipments from 2008 to the year 2016

Of which UK manufacturers sold a whooping sum of 113.8 million pounds

Golf club statistics, statistics on golf club,
Golf club annual sale revenue in the UK

Although this statistics keeps on fluntuating and is never constant but yet still the production and consumption of golf club is always on an increase

This statistic depicts the domestic shipment of golf club specifically in japan from 2013 to 2017

Japan club statistics, golf club statistics
Shipment statistics on golf club in Japan

This statistics shows the total salary and wage cost of country club from 2012 to 2016_Canada

country club wage cost,
Total salary and wage cost of country club

Total salary and cost of wages amounted to the staggering sum of  992.3 million CAD

This statistic reveals the domestic shipment volume of hybrid clubs from 2013 to 2017

It amounted to 660 thousand in 2017, see the statistics below

hybrid club, shipment volume
domestic shipment volume of hybrid club

Golf sport continues to thrive, looking at golf club/equipment it is revealef that the wholesale of golf club and equipment amounted to a staggering sum of 1037.4 million dollar just in the US alone


Although there have been an upward and downward statistic movement of golf club and equipment sale yet statistically golf club production and usage is still ever on an increase















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