Golf course Nigeria-IBB International course Abuja, Geographical reviews 2018


in the end you should be able to tell what a Golf Course means with quality information on the IBB Golf Course located in Nigeria with its exact location

What is a Golf Course?A Golf Course can simply be seen as the playing ground of golf

The IBB international golf course is located at 41 Udi Hill Street, Off Aso Drive, Abuja.

This is the state of the art golfing and recreational facilities with world class services and honourable members

It is World standard 18 hole golf course with all the flora and fauna to make you not want to go

Golf Course Abuja is one of the few courses in the country with beautiful terrains, very lovable and a pleasant place for your perusal

In the lovely restaurant and bar, Get to feel the taste of a typical rural but classic food and drinks in an urban environment and get to meet and connect with new friend/people who have the same dream with you and will make you feel at home and entertained in

Your local food, the one you enjoy eating you will find there, enjoy continental meals and get to experience a new taste of great undiscovered(by you) but amazing meal

The golf course at Udi hill, off Aso drive, is  crafted with beauty and presents a great view where you can watch and see all the beautiful and mind blowing captivating serene of the city of Abuja

Taking consideration of it’s ever green golf course it’s  far into the international standard

You will love this place due to its breathe of fresh air and naturally explicit habitat

Love golfing, then you are pretty much missing out if you have not visited this amazing golf course

Get to interact with down to earth people in a nice environment, not rowdy at all

When night falls, you just can’t imagine how the IBB International golf course turns out to be, its like a haven

Come show your expertise and get to be known as a great golfer at the challenging but wonderful, superb course

Get there relax and enjoy your golf game which is popularly known as the game of the “Made”

This course is well maintained and is one of the best the country has ever own, open to all, why not you pay a visit

I mean just a single visit to the IBB Golf course and you will have lots of stories to share, it doesn’t end there, you will always want to be there in a hearth beat

The IBB Club house is a golf club all rapped in anything golfing_food, restaurant, resort, amazing course, pro shop and many more

There is a hole 19 pro shop where you can comfortably get all your golfing gear

Everything there is classic and the green fees charges are very well price friendly, it cost about 10,000 NG to play on the green

You can buy anything you want at reasonable price, visit this club and get thrilled, for there is no course for regret here

Nicon Hilton cater for food here and you did be assured of a nice meal, it does have a double tennis court as well and well maintained which gives you the advantage of playing variety of games and not just golf alone

Looking at the terrain and topography its perfectly suited for golfing activities

To play golf or even tennis membership is required, but one cons about the IBB International golf club is there arent enough packing space for vehicles so probably that is where the need more improvement

Their motor says “everything under one roof” get to know if really everything is under one roof by simply visiting and engaging

A prestigious and tourist attraction and typically opens by 9am and closes by 8pm

How about learning to play? Someone might ask, oh yes wether kids or seniors, you can learn and become a pro in the IBB golf club, all what is needed is time, dedication and willingness to learn


The IBB  international golf club is a place for all, wether you want to play, learn how to play, relax, eat, go on vacation, meet people, buy you club/gears It can always be done there



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