In the end you should be able to list the Best Golf Irons for Beginners so as to determine which is rightly suited for you.

An Iron is simply a type of golf club used to propel the golf club towards the hole, they are known to have shorter shaft and smaller club head 

As a learner who knows next to nothing about golf, manufacturers of golf equipment have you at hearth.

They do not want to simply make club irons for professionals and intermidiate golfers but for people starting out.

This iron clubs are designed to help you launch your shots higher and accurately for better distance and an improved result

Note: Golf irons for beginners are often very different from that designed for pros or intermediate golfer

One of ther very key characteristics of iron set for the newbies is that they are often very forgiving even on a mishit

As you improve and become better at golfing it becomes mandatory that you upgrade your clubs to a less forging one as that confarms to the golfing standard and rules.

Note:To make this irons more forgiving, manufacturers simply made its heating area larger(club head)

Today’s golfing do have in great collection lots of iron club set specially targeted at the newbies

Here in this article we have got you covered, we have the best of this club irons set for 2022.

If you dont mind take a peep into the 10 best club set for beginners. this club set contain everything that a beginner needs- Iron, Putter & Putter


Best Golf Iron Reviewed For Beginners?

You need the best of golf iron whether as a starter or as an average golfer to perform better at golfing

Our top picks of the best iron for the beginner and mid-handicapper are primarily based on this three distinct feautres_forgiveness, durability and easy to use,

This are the three core characteristics for selecting the best iron for beginners/average golfer and the reason being,

  • A beginner would definitely unknowingly use their club roughly so therefore it must be made of high quality to help withstand this pressure
  • It most be highly forgiving since you aren’t an expert and therefore you will be needing ab iron that will help compliment your effort
  • It must be easy to use because newbies or average golfer needs something easy not complicated(Best Responsive And Forgiving) and having said that we will have to list this iron set

19 Piece Men’s Complete Golf Club Package Set(Best Newbie Friendly)

Best Golf irons for beginners

The Men’s ccomplete set golf pack set is made up of whooping 19 piece golf clubs which imcludes all the complete iron set that you will be needing

Note: This golf club iron set are designed for people that are extra tall judging from its symbol +1

Note: With this 19 Piece you are far ahead of newbies like you as most do not have a set so complete as this

Note: Iron feels pretty good at impact, that’s awesome!!!

And when it comes to great ease of use this one scores an AA+, they are so so easy to use that ”Easy was great its review

With this set come wityh an increased head speed from industries leading aerpodynamics, this is amazing!!!

Note: You arent just buying a golf iron but you are buying one which comes with all the clubs from Driver to Putter and to Irons

”I am a tall guy and a casual golfer who finally used this set to replace my previous club I bought in college”

So said a buyer by the name Zulu from the United State on July 19 2019(Great review )

How about its beautiful and well design carry bag, this clubs are good to start with although there have been a complain from Tag by name that putter broke after only a  few uses

Precise Co Piece Complete Golf Club Set Video Review By #GolfBestBuy


  • The ease of use is really impressive
  • Decent for the price
  • Designed for tall people
  • 100% complete set
  • Iron are great at forgiveness
  • Nice and comfortable grip for an enhanced feel 


  • Ory H. a one time buyer complained of scratches put of the box, we are sorry about that, Ory H. we hope you were made happy at the end of the day.

  • Wilson staff D300 irons(Best For The Money)

mid-handicappers, beginners, golf iron, best golf iron, golf club, club

The D300 is one which is higly recommended if you are looking for an iron with the best flex face 

With this club amazingly you will see a significant increase in your carry distance, you are assured of increased MOI(Moment of Inertia) due to the heel and toe weight pod positioned on the primeter of the club for better accuracy 

And when it comed to the feel and satisfaction you get from its well designed and friendly shaft you couldnt be more satisfied

Note: Great for golfer at all levels, So Versatile!!!

Wilson operates on FLX technology, which minimizes the point of contact between the thin face and head of club for the best face flex upon impact, and its power holes are filled with TE031 urethane.

Wilson operates on FLX face technology. A technology that minimizes the point of contact between the thin face and head of the club for the best face flex upon impact.

The increased MOI is made possible through the perimeter on the club head to give you advanced distance

One thing limits this extra forgiving, well-balanced, and three times extremely durable iron the the average golf iron _the price, not everyone have such to spend on an iron

For those who can afford it, why not, its durability span is thrice the average irons of $100 each

Wilson Staff D300 Irons Video Review By #Mark_Crossfield


  • Distance control
  • Excellent hit accuracy
  • Exceptional and outstanding swing performance
  • Ease in loft.
  • Highly durable with exceptional forgiveness even on a mishit
  • For all golf levels


  • 4-GW. 
  • Pricey


Taylor made Men’s M2 Golf  iron Set(Best Quality And Responsive)

Best golf iron, mid-handicapper, beginner golfer

The Taylormade M2 is undoubtedly a great choice for beginners to intermidiate offering you good visual to line when addressing the golf ball for better forgiveness and accuracy even on a mishit 

And with the launch of the golf balll using the club you will see a huge improve,en in your distance and higher ball launch

They are incredible ”and if you look for a great club to improve ypur gam, this is it”

The Taylor made M2 is a king for beginners who wants the best of golf iron. It is customized to meet a beginner owns demand. M2 has great distance control, great play-ability and an amazing forgiveness.

Taylor made M2 irons is really a good fit and start for beginners who soon one day aspires to be golfing champions.

For an accuracy and longer distance travel with a lesser swing speed then you cannot omit this iron in your ideal list.

Taylor M2 irons features steel and graphite shaft types, regular and stiff shaft flex, multi material high density tungsten. Go for it and your hearth will thank you

Taylor made Men’s M2 Golf  iron Set Video Review By #Mark_Crossfield


  • Low centre of gravity
  • Face slot technology
  • Great play-ability
  • Nice club at great and affordable pricing


  • Limited in stock
  • Quite expensive.


  • Callaway Golf 2021 Apex DCB Iron Set

Best iron set for a begnner

If you are a golfer who have loves classic and attrcation, then the Callaway Apex is what you should be considering

With this Iron set you are bound to recieve lots and lots of compliment as this will make your friens and colleagues become ”Club Set Envy”

Note: Avilalable for both the left hand and the right hand orientation, that’s hosiptality!!!

They are designed to deliver the looks, feel and performance of a player head club which is forged with a deep cavity back kind of forgiveness

Note: No headcover so you are going to be buying one seperately

And for easy launch and better interaction with turf it does have a highly engineered deep cavity back

Note: Deliver great and pleasing sound at impact that everyone loves!!!

Svailabe in there flex options which include Light, Regular and stiff for wide range of golfers

With the present of the forged 1025 mild cardbon still body and a patented urethane miscrosphere you are assured of a pleasant sound and feel at impact

Note: Clubs are generally great for people with high 80’s to low 90’s swing speed 

And the improved facing on the other hand helps for feel enhancement through the turf.

Note: Very easy to contact the golf ball

Amazingly, APX CBD is one of the most popular and forgiving iron made by this company

We love the fact that it allows for easy and higher ball launch via its deep cavity and enhaced sole width

Note: This is made of steel shaft 

Callaway Golf 2021 Apex DCB Iron Set Video Review By #2nd_Swing_Golf


  • Very forgiving and offers more distance 
  • Well shaped to improve feel through the turf
  • Easier and higher ball launch for more distance and accuracy
  • Produce a pleasant sound when it comes in contact with the golf ball
  • Great for varieties of lies


  • Does not come with a headcover 

  • Callaway X2 Hot Irons(Best Quality And Forgiving)


As a newbie, this should be one of your top priority irons. It’s very easy and control of a long distance ball hit cannot be over stressed.

It is a top notch so why wait until it is out of stock. This club has a crispy pleasant sound and feel due to the deep central undercut technology.

Callaway have a great response to time giving you great advantage over other golfers who do not use it.

One beautiful thing about this iron is that it is just not an only beginners iron but can be used by professional as well, this means when you own one you wouldn’t have to buy some other iron as you get better until there is need for one.

Its forgiving spirit is one like no other hiding your in accuracy and increasing your ball speed. It has a cavity design for increased accuracy trajectory.

This iron has deep central undercut, regular and stiff flex, and a cavity back design. 

Callaway X2 Hot Irons Video Review By #Rick_Shiels_Golf


  • A crispy pleasant sound
  • Progressive offset for better precision and shot control
  • Affordable pricing
  • Thinner hot face for a larger sweetspot 


  • Limited stock


Game Improvement Irons For Beginners?

Yes, an absolute yes, game improvements are designed having the beginner in mind, if you are a rookie, this is the best choice for you 

They are known or called game improvement iron as they offer more forgiveness than other club types, resulting a larger sweet spot to prevent mishit

This game imporovement iron also helps to improve ball distance and trajectory of the ball, this means less effort better result on every swing

If you do not mind take a peep on how to hit golf irons for beginners by watching this Video 

How To Hit Golf Iron For Beginner Video Review By #Scratch_Golf_Academy

Golf Iron For Beginner, How To Choose?

It is often very overwhelming as beginner go in search of their iron set because of the saturated market out there 

Iron for starters are usually game improvement irons with lots of forgiveness and high MOI for better result on every single hit

When choosing a golf iron set as a newbie golfer you should consider this factors as it will aid you in making the best of choice 

  • Iron Type
  • Full set or Individual Piece?
  • Used Or New
  • Shaft?
  • Length?
  • Iron Type?

I hope it dosen’t come as a shock to you that golf iron varies by type and function as well 

Most iron set will include 

  • 4 iron
  • 5 iron
  • 6 iron
  • 7 iron
  • 8 iron 
  • 9 iron 
  • Pitching Wedge

Note: Newer set of club have begin to include the approach or gap wedge too. 

Approach wedge are simply wedge which fits between your sand wedge and pitching wedge 

This kind of wedge is also a grat one as it does help to lift your ball higher into the air making you easily get out of tough lies 

  • Full Set Or Individual?

One of the frequently asked question for the beginning golfer is what Irons are right for me? is a complete set right for me? or maybe an individual piece?

Well, lets us mke it clear, it isnt a necessity for beginners to have a complete set, however, nothing feels like complete

What is most importane for is figuring out which one fits well for your game or one you are best comfortable with

If you begin with just the seven on our list including a pitching wedge that shoud be more than enough for starters 

Note: Most golf irons for a beginner wil usually come with 6-Iron or 8-Iron including the pitching wedge 

  • Used Or New Irons

When you go on a hunt for your club iron you will often have a choice to choose between new and used

Used golf club iron can be a great choice for beignners as you can always get a new one when you become better at your game

But however, nothing feels like new, whether you shoudl use a Used or New Iron set, it is bt a matter of choice and which feels more comfortable for you

  • Shaft

The shaft is one of the most valuable thinsg to consider as you go on a hunt for your golf iron 

This is because having making the wrong choice on your shaft can make it difficult to learn 

They are 

  • Steel Shaft
  • Graphite Shaft
  • Steel Shaft

The Steel Shaft just as its name sugest are made of ”Steel” which makes them heavier than graphite

To use a Steel shaft you will have to have a great swing speed and strength to be able to hit using this

They can be much more accurate than graphite but isusually difficult to hit, tghis shaft are desigend for younger golfer or those strong enough to hit 

  • Graphite

The Graphite Shaft as its name suggest is one which is made of graphite material, this is usually much lighter and easier to hit 

Because of its ease of hitting they are usually a great option for a slow swing speed, they are usually lightweight and helps you to hit the golf ball quiet further with less effort.

  • Flex

Golf clubs are available in five different flex which include

  • Extra Stiff (with a symbol X)
  • Stiff
  • Regular(With a symbol R)
  • Senior(With a symbol A or M)
  • Ladies(With a symbol L)

Note: Ladies Flex which is denoted as L is the most flexible and the Extra Stiff denoted as X is the stiffest shaft

Graphite Flex only are offered in Senior and Ladies flex while the rest gives you an option between Graphite and Steel

And for a beginner the Regular Flex(R) seems to be one of the most popular choice, however to make the right of choice you need to have your swing speed tested 

  • Length

Clubs are available in varying length with the standard length being the default, however the goodnews is that you can alsway have your iron set customized to your preference

People who are taller than 6ft and shorter than 5”5ft would often require a custom fit club

  • Grip

Grips are both available as oversized and undersized, the undersized grip are a great option for golfer with smaller hands while if you have got big hand then an oversized golf grip can be your best

One of the often common problem after buying a golf club as a beginner is the problem of how to hold a grip

Do You Use The Same Grip For Driver And Iron?

The answer is a resounding yes, you should use the same grip for your driver and iron and with the excpetion of a putter club

It is very important that you have a solid grip, one that returns the club face to square especially when your are Putting, Chipping, Pitching, making full swing or hitting from the bunker

Are Nine Iron Good For Novice?

Nine Iron are simply good for beginnrs as they are easy to learn and master and when they become better at golfing they can usually add more clubs

9 iron is a great choice for beginners due to the amount of loft it offers which makes it very easy to launch the ball and quick to launch the ball into the air

Note: Try a 9 Iron and a 7 Iron especially if you are buying just a few to start yourself in the game 


Why Are Golf Irons For Newcomers So Important? 

Golf iron set for beginners are designed to be easy and very forgiving, this helps to give the golfer a sense of belonging, fun and ease thus helping them improve on their game without giving up or seeing the game as boring



Irons, especially the one’s referred to as long irons are the most difficult to hit among golfers, these long irons are iron 1 through 4, this is one of the most challenging irons for golfers brought about as a result of long length which makes it difficult to control and loft of club

Low lofted clubs can be hit much easier with the use of a hybrid club, one of the favorite hybrid is the rescue 3 as you can hit it more accurate and high


Irons is a type of club that is in the game of golf to propel the ball toward the hole, they are designed to have a shorter shaft and a smaller club head

As a newbie in golf, the good news is that there are irons specially design for you, all thanks to technology and innovation as these irons are built to offer more precision and accuracy on every single hit 

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