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In the end you should be able to list the best golf iron set for beginners and mid handicapper in 2020

Today’s golfing offers the best of golf iron set of club for beginner in 2020, Looking for the best golf iron of 2020 for beginners and mid handicapper?

Here in this article we have got you covered, we have the best of this club irons set for 2020, they are very great and would help you become better at your golf games

Prior to this era there were little to no provision of club irons for the amateur golfer and now the story is different as there are great and amazing collections of golf iron set of club from which the beginner or novice can comfortably make a choice from in 2020

The goal of a golf iron is to help you propel the ball towards the hole, They are generally two type of iron, one is high lofted and the other is low lofted


Irons with higher loft than the numbered iron is popularly known as wedges, What is a loft? A loft can clearly be seen as the angle of the club face that controls trajectory

Golf club irons are one of the most important must have clubs in your club set, the golf club called irons are called that way because of the metal used in making their club heads although woods too of recent are made of metal but long ago it wasn’t so

From front to back the club head of irons are always thin and the club faces are constructed for spin impart on the golf ball, Irons are of two styles namely muscle back or blade style and cavity back style.


beginners the cavity back style is preferable in fact the recommended kind for them this is so because the cavity back style rear club head is hollow to a certain degree.

This hollowness creates perimeter weighting an effect which is really helpful for beginners and amateurs, As a beginner or mid-handicapper who aspires to get the best out of your golfing experience, you must choose irons that will help improve your game.

Do you love playing golf and are probably confused on what choice of golf irons is best fitted for amateurs and mid-handicappers? Worry no further.

As a newbie and an average golfer choosing the best suited club iron is difficult unless someone enlightens you, exactly what this article will do for you

Irons are generally under the classification of long, mid and short. The 2, 3 and 4 are long irons. 5, 6 and 7 mid irons. 8 and 9 including pitching wedge are short irons.

The short irons are generally easier to hit than the mid or long irons and this makes it the best suited kind of iron for golf amateurs due to the fact that when there is an increase in loft and decrease in shaft clubs become much faster and quicker to master.

You can check out for the top 10 best club set for beginners.In a golf set there are usually several numbered irons each having a unique number and performing different function.

Golf irons are labelled with numbers such as 6-iron, 3-iron, 5-iron, 9-iron, 8-iron, 4-iron, 2-iron and so on.

Loft angles increase the spin of the ball which increases the angle of trajectory. Amateurs need an iron with higher loft angle like 10.5 degree loft and above so as to help increase accuracy of the hit ball.

Hybrid clubs have recently replaced most of the pure irons because of their hard and difficult to hit nature.

A beginner golfer or average golfer must first consider what best iron can give him an advantage of a more accurate trajectory when he hits the ball, an iron that would be more forgiving, an iron that would give him an advantage of a farther distance ball travel even with the barest hit.

Being an amateur/beginner or mid-handicapper signifies imperfection and you are just trying to get acquainted with the game so you need something that would aid you the best of positive result by making you hit better and more accurate.

Amateurs can easily get tired and frustrated in the game of golf especially when it is going against them, so the best of irons serves as an encourager and a motivation.

It says you can still do better can’t you see? Just a little more effort and you will become better.


What Are The Best For Beginners And High Handicapper Golf Iron Set In 2020?

You need the best of golf iron whether as a starter or as an average golfer to perform better at golfing

Our top picks of the best iron for beginners and mid-handicapper are primarily based on this three distinct feautres_forgiveness, durability and easy to use,

this are the three core characteristics for selecting the best iron for beginners/average golfer and the reason being,

  • A beginner would definitely unknowingly use their club roughly so therefore it must be made of high quality to help withstand this pressure
  • It most be highly forgiving since you aren’t an expert and therefore you will be needing ab iron that will help compliment your effort
  • It must be easy to use because newbies or average golfer needs something easy not complicated


  • Adams Golf Blue Combo Irons(Best Responsive And Forgiving)

best iron, beginners iron, mid handicapper, mid handicapper iron

Adams golf blue combo is known for its easy to hit nature as compared to many other types making it a good recommendation for beginners. The Adams blue combo operates on a technology known as velocity slot technology.

This technology gives the face an additional flex which in return grants the ball an advantage of an extra speed move. With this hybrid iron balls can be easily managed and for long distance travel you wouldn’t have to bother.

Adams blue combo iron have an excellent eye catching features and is solely designed by its manufacturers to meet a beginners own demand. It has a cavity back design with longer higher and straighter shot tendency to help minimize the effect of a poor swing. It has a stiff shaft flex with an 85 and 55g shaft weight.


  • Low CG
  • Extreme ball speed
  • Greatly forgiving
  • Eye catchy


  • Less compact.
  • Shipping restrictions.
  • Wilson staff D300 irons(Best Responsive And Forgiving)

mid-handicappers, beginners, golf iron, best golf iron, golf club, club

 The D300 is highly recommended for golfer of all level be it a beginners, mid-handicapper or low handicapper for it is an iron with great reliable and undoubtable accuracy with distance control and forgiveness. Wilson staff D300 possess great features like D2 swing weight, cavity back design, Wilson new generation of FLX(flex) face technology and urethane power holes. A friendly iron to beginner golfer and a reliable and thrust worthy friend at all times.

Wilson operates on FLX technology, this technology minimizes the point of contact between thin face and head of club for the best face flex upon impact and its power holes are filled with TE031 urethrane.

Wilson operates on FLX face technology. A technology that minimizes the point of contact between thin face and head of club for the best face flex upon impact.

the increased MOI is made possible through the perimeter on the club head to give you advanced distance

One thing limits this extra forgiving, well balanced and three times extremely durable iron the the average golf iron _the price, not everyone have such to spend on an iron

For those who can afford it, why not, its durability span is thrice the average irons of $100 each


  • Distance control
  • Excellent hit accuracy
  • Exceptional and outstanding swing performance
  • Ease in loft.
  • Highly durable with exceptional forgiveness even on a mishit
  • For all golf levels


  • A shiny reflection on sunny days which might cause a negative effect to the eyes.
  • Pricey
  • Taylor made Men’s M2 Golf  iron Set(Best Quality And Responsive)

Best golf iron, mid-handicapper, beginner golfer

The Taylor made M2 is a king for beginners who wants the best of golf iron. It is customized to meet a beginner owns demand. M2 has great distance control, great play-ability and an amazing forgiveness.

Taylor made M2 irons is really a good fit and start for beginners who soon one day aspires to be golfing champions.

For an accuracy and longer distance travel with a lesser swing speed then you cannot omit this iron in your ideal list.

Taylor M2 irons features steel and graphite shaft types, regular and stiff shaft flex, multi material high density tungsten. Go for it and your hearth will thank you


  • Low centre of gravity
  • Face slot technology
  • Great play-ability
  • Nice club at great and affordable pricing


  • Limited in stock
  • Quite expensive.
  • Callaway X2 Hot Irons(Best Quality And Forgiving)

Best golf iron, 2018 best iron for mid-handicapper, beginners golf iron

As a newbie, this should be one of your top priority irons. It’s very easy and control of a long distance ball hit cannot be over stressed.

It is a top notch so why wait until it is out of stock. This club has a crispy pleasant sound and feel due to the deep central undercut technology.

Callaway have a great response to time giving you great advantage over other golfers who do not use it.

One beautiful thing about this iron is that it is just not an only beginners iron but can be used by professional as well, this means when you own one you wouldn’t have to buy some other iron as you get better until there is need for one.

Its forgiving spirit is one like no other hiding your in accuracy and increasing your ball speed. It has a cavity design for increased accuracy trajectory.

This iron has deep central undercut, regular and stiff flex, and a cavity back design. What more can a beginner or professional golfer asks for when a great arsenal like this to help you win is presented before you.


  • A crispy pleasant sound
  • Very good at percentage accuracy
  • Affordable pricing
  • Best in shape and feel


  • Quite expensive
  • Limited stock
  • Restricted shipping
  • Mizuno Golf Men’s JPX 900 Hybrid(Best For Quality And Feedback)

Best golf iron, beginners, mid-handicapper, 2018 best iron

The launch trajectory of this iron is easy and delivers amazing feeling through Mizuno’s harmonic impact technology (H.I.T) Mizuno has a dual pocket cavity and design with thick face for optimum ball speed. Its forgiving spirit is one to be reckoned with. No one bits it so hard like the Mizuno.

Shoxk wave sole makes it easy for club head to contrast and expand on impact

This is the first Muzino adjustable hybrid, equipped with a quick adaptor for loft adjustability provision

Never mess with the Mizuno when you talk about accuracy and durability, its forgiving nature is such that you have never seen or probably heard of


  • Dual pocket cavity
  • Designed with amazingly amazing forgiveness
  •  Ease of launch trajectory
  • Low centre of gravity


  • Longer time spent on delivery
  • Not a too popular brand
  • Callaway Steel Head XR Irons(Best Solid And Easy)

Golf iron for beginners, golf irons for mid-handicapper, best 2018 iron, golf iron, best club(iron)

This wonderful steel head XR Iron won an award in 2017.

Callaway is a god in great speed travel, forgiveness and distance control. Who doesn’t know this iron. An iron that has made more names than any ever heard.

I remembered a story of a amateur golfer who this iron saved by giving him all the forgiving needed to defeat an opponent, this made him advanced to the final round and was thus crowned the champion.

Steel head XR iron of the Callaway is a great hit on the list and deserves the position it holds .

the excellent ‘bore-thru’ hosel technology helps to improve the MOI, more over the sweet-spot improves hit shots and is best for those who loves classy and style.


  • Great iron for ultimate forgiveness
  • Delivery on time
  • Ping G Black Dot Iron(Best For Forgiveness And Maximum Feedback)

Mid-handicapper iron, best golf iron, golf iron, iron

Well suited for average golfers but even more for a Pro,

Ping G700 iron couple of years replaced Ping Gmax this is due to some drawbacks ping Gmax has. The G700S is known for its great forgiveness, king of long distance travel and prince of super extreme high launch.

Many mid-handicapper/Pros have testified the efficiency of this iron and they all said positive things concerning it.

the iron makes a slight and pleasant sound at impact. It has a hydro pearl that is satin and sassy and a great iron for those who like good things.

It is expensive and best of the best for pros and very well recommended for mid-handicapper, honestly it’s forgiveness is unmatched and is made from the best material so its extremely durable

Become the favourite, step up your game, be the most preffered, all possibly with hardwork and the Ping G700


  • They have satin finish and clean design
  • Makes a slight pleasant sound at impact
  • Over powering distance and over sized head.
  • Extremely forgiving due to large sweetspot positioning
  • Durable to the extreme
  • Easy to use and flexible
  • High MOI
  • Increased accuracy and consistency
  • Amazing glare and beauty finish


  • Not a good fit for lower handicap golfers
  • Expensive
  • Callaway Men’s XR OS Individual Iron(Best For Speed And Distance)

Best iron, 2018 best golf iron beginners, mid-handicappers

The Callaway Men’s XR OS is an amazing iron such that you have never seen

It does Has a unique pattern for long distance travel with an outstanding weightless and strong exo-cage which helps to position weight rightly so as to give forgiveness to the maximum

It also help to produce a faster ball speed for the next generation 360 face cup which allows the ball to fly off the face so easily.

You will love it due to it’s simplistic and easy to use nature, the progressive length and loft helps you do a better hitting and farther

The lower and further back CG(Centre of gravity) makes it easier to get ball flight that leads to more distance and with a wider sole for more forgiveness


  • Ball flies off face easily
  • One buyer said he received all his club on time
  • Promotes long distance travel uniquely
  • Has an outstanding weightless and strong exo-cage.


  • Some buyer complained of paying for a set and received only a pitching
  • One buyer bought a set but received only 9 iron.


  • Taylormade M4 Iron Set(Best For Distance And Responsiveness)

golf iron, best, amateurs and average golfers, best of the best, durable

Optimized heel and toe weighing provides increase on MOI vs M2 17, result in  more forgiveness, welcome to a new whole generation of straight and optimized distance, consistency and accuracy with the Taylormade M4 Iron Set

more energy is transferred to the golf ball via the brand new technology known as the RIBCOR Design by making the perimeter of the club stiff then focus on flexibility when contact is made

the optimized heel and toe weighing boost MOI(Moment of Inertia) and forgiveness simply by adding weight to club head perimeter

this is an ideal club for golfers who wants to consistently hit long distance and in a grand style, the extremely thin leading edge with speed pocket structure  is unison to increase speed on shot hit low on face they can come with mid grip size

you will love this club, take you golf game to the next level with the More DistanceA Fluted hosel and 360A undercut cavity which disperse mass low in the head of club for better launch plus consistency


Great forgiveness and feel

Stronger loft for increased distance and control

RIBCOR Design for more energy transfer to golf ball

Optimized heel and toe weighing for an increase MOI(Moment of Inertia)

Face slot to protect ball speed



  • Callaway Golf 2018 Men’s Rougue X Individual Golf Iron(Best For Quality And Control)

Best iron, iron for amateurs, iron for mid-handicapper, 2018 best iron

In comparism to the rogue standard, this is undoubtedly lighter(weight), stronger(loft) and longer (length)

Rogue X will increase your short game and iron plays, have reliance and confidence on the Rogue X as its very forgiving nature, easier to get airbone with great accuracy and consistency will insure you victory

With a wide sole that pulls the Center of gravity(CG)deeper and lower for more accurate and easy high launch and carry

This is a go, go, club for every beginner or mid-handicapper

The 360 face cup technology expands the face portion responsible for delivering fast ball speed

In this technology called face cup you will find a flexible and shallow rim just around face perimeter and release at impact for fastee ball speed

How about the Tungsten weighing which allows for optimal flight plus control and precision


360 face cup tecnology for more speed distance

Lower and deeper centre of gravity(CG) for eash high launch

Tungstein weighing for optimal flight and control

Phenomenal sound and feel




A little bit difficult to get used to


What Are The Best Golf Iron?

If a golf iron does have this features and characteristics then it may be well referred to as the best iron for golfer, if each shaft is up to 55 gram with high launch and high spin shaft


Beginners Golf Irons, What To Look Out For

As a beginner, you aren’t a good golfer due to this reason, golf irons for high handicapper or beginners is designed in such a way that they come with lots of recent technology to help make golfing easier and more fun for the beginners even though they can be quite bulky

This irons are usually excessively forgiving with large head to help support the amateur even on a mishit


Can A Mid Handicapper Use Blade

Blade is no restriction to a mid handicapper even though they are not that forgiving so may not perform very well as expected but however o you like the way they feel without worrying if you are a beginner or scratch golfer then you can go ahead

One of the very benefit of a blade putter is that it feels great and very comfortable in the hand as they are lightweight as well

The Most Difficult Golf Club To Hit, Which One Is It?

Irons, especially the one’s referred to as long irons are the most difficult to hit among golfers, these long irons are iron 1 through 4, this is one of the most challenging irons for golfers brought about as a result of long length which makes it difficult to control and loft of club

Low lofted clubs can be hit much easier with the use of a hybrid club, one of the favorite hybrid is the rescue 3 as you can hit it more accurate and high



Golf iron is one of the very essential club needed to play golf and your golf performance is in a unique way tied to how good your club can be, as a beginners, starter, novice, newbie or mid handicapper, todays golfing world offers the best on sale golf iron that will help your improve dramatically on your game

Looking for the best club irons set for 2020? This list above conveys the best for amateur and mid-handicapper in 2020, with them your game performance would definitely turn out to be better and enhanced


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