In the end, you should be able to list the best golf simulator for home use so as to be able to determine which would take your game to the next level

With the continuous battle of trying to have a few strokes from your game just like the great (Tiger Wood) Avid Golfer would do anything to become better at their game

Even if it means buying a simulator, range finder, or just about any gadget, or training aid to help them achieve that

One of the great gadgets that anyone can own as a golfer is a simulator, a Golf Simulator is a very important piece of equipment that can help you lower your scores

With this gadget, you will not have to visit the course every now and then as they make it easy to play from the comfort of your homes

This gadget is are so powerful as it comes pre-installed with the most famous courses in the world to help you play virtually without visiting the course for real and it feels so real

A few years ago this was all imagined, all thanks to the fast rise of technology and innovation which have made this possible.

Making a choice on golf simulator for home use can be quite overwhelming and pretty daunting as there are all too many of them available on sale on the market

There has been a rise in demand for this gadget especially because of the COVID 19 Pandemic which the world is still suffering from today

The good news is that we have done all the heavy lifting for you as we present to you the best golf simulator

We also show you how to choose if you were left to do that on your own at any time any day



Is Golf Simulators Worth It?

With a golf simulator, you can practice golf from the comfort of your home, a simulator for golf is a high tech system that gives you the leverage of having to play your games in a virtually simulated environment

I know what you are thinking right now, you probably are in a fight with your mind over the question if it is worth spending your hard-earned money on a simulator for golf

Let’s get this simple and straight, Golf Simulator is worth every bit of the money spent, there has never been a high demand for a simulator for golf like the COVID 19 Pandemic

These instruments are God’s sent if you could remember the Pandemic restricted movement and gathering like never before but with this gadget, you can practice from home

Professional golfers look to dial in their game and improve their numbers thus improving and becoming better in their game

Without further delay, we bring to you this list


Best Golf Simulator For Home?

  • Flightscope Mevo + – Portable Personal Launch(Best On Review)

Best launch monitor golf  for home

The FlightScope Mevo+ is one that is absolutely loveable as they are easy to use and setup

If you are looking for a simulator that does come with a stroke play and five free courses through e6 for iOS devices then this is it

This is an incredible product as it is not just cool but displays a high level of accuracy, though it is not cheap for the quality and product it holds an AA+ certificate

You get to choose from 17 golf practices range and a mini-game straight out of the box at no extra charge to you

Note: You are not just buying a golf simulator, you are buying quality and this is what matters!!!

You get a 16 unique data parameter which includes important information like the spin loft, angle of attack, spin axis, roll, flight time, total distance, shot shape, lateral landing, horizontal launch angle, club head speed, smash factor, spin rate, ball speed, spin angle flash time and height

Amazingly s if this is not enough this device does have swing video capabilities by synchronizing to your mobile device to record automatically, clip, and save video of every shot with an overlay

Note: Can be used both indoors and outdoors 


  • Brand: Mevo 
  • Weight: 1.02 Kilogram
  • Dimension: 6 x 3 x 12 inches
  • Color Option: 1( White/Red)
  • Practice range: 17
  • Swing video capabilities
  • Unique data parameter: 16



Flightscope Mevo + Video Review By Breaking Eighty



  • Highly accurate and easy to set up
  • Great for both in and outdoor
  • Lots of practice range option
  • Very quality and lightweight
  • Comes with video capabilities that can be shared via social media, text, or email.


  • Expensive



  • Phigolf Mobile Golf Game Simulator

simulator for golf best for home use

The Philgolf Mobile Golf Game Simulator is one as its name suggests, ”designed for gaming”. so if you are looking to buy a simulator strictly for gaming purposes then this is a great place to start with

The Philgolf is one that is called the 3-1in 1 golf simulator as it features 3 amazing golf applications in one place

These 3 amazing apps include the Philgolf, WGT and E6 connect, with this amazing 3-in 1 app you get to switch between various function

Philgolf is designed to include a multiplayer game, 3D swing analysis, and many more, and with the WGT you can combine with your swing various asp that you love

Last but not the least we have the E6 connect you are exposed to courses that are not just of high quality but also offer driving ranges option and mini-game tournaments and other features included

And do not forget, they are also easy to set up and a great option for people with low budget

With the head to head multiplayer mode, you can challenge your friend anywhere in the world by simply connecting with them 


  • Brand: PHIGOLF
  • Weight: 2.09 Pounds
  • Dimension:26.18 x 4.92 x 2.76 inches 
  • Color Option
  • Simulator Option: 3 in 1(Philgolf, WGT & E-connect)


Phigolf Mobile Golf Game Simulator Video Review By Golf Duff



  • Multiplayer for head to head challenges with friends wherever they are in the world
  • State of the art sensor and swing stick which allows you to practice in the best courses in the world
  • A great option for people with a low budget
  • Three amazing apps for better function and experience
  • Great quality and packaging at least for the price
  • Very clear graphics 



  • More of a game only kind of simulator
  • Nichole S a one time buyer complained on Oct 29 2019 of an extremely touchy sensor 



  • Smart Golf AI Simulator(Best For Low Budget)

Golf simulator home best

The Smart Golf AI Simulator is a professional golf simulator with A. I club as its name suggests

They are compatible with lots of devices like your phone, tablets, and even TVs, this simulator is one which is made unique and classic as it does help to analyze your swing with the use of its inbuilt Artificial intelligence (A.I)

With this A.I it is able to provide sophisticated and accurate analysis of seeing and coaching guide to help you become better at your swings

As if that is not enough it also helps to analyze your posture using 3-dimensional data using 3D modeling and this helps to determine your swing outcome

Note: this is a highly portable product that you can take anywhere in the world 

Easily and conveniently connect with all your devices using its BlueTooth features and through its coaching guide which seems to be accurate you are assured of a great improvement in your overall performance

If you are really interested in learning golf then this is a great purchase, with its smart swing button you will be able to enable the swing analysis button


  • Brand
  • Weight: 70 gram
  • Dimension: 31.06 x 2.44 x 2.4 inches
  • Color Option
  • Smart swing button
  • Weight ring



Smart Golf AI Simulator Video Review By TruGolf Inc.



  • The weight ring does help for adjustment of the club head weight
  • Artificial intelligence (A.I) for better  and more precise analysis
  • Provides sophisticated analysis and coaching guide for better game improvement
  • Bluetooth speaker for easy linking to various device 
  • Analyses swing posture and habit using 3D modeling 



  • Still waiting to see the cons 



  • Aikeec Indoor Golf Simulator 

Simulator screen for home use

If you are looking for a golf simulator impact screen that is built with utmost precision and quality then the Aikecc should be a great choice

Its a guarantee you will love it as it is easy to set up and perfect for use in the home, experience how easy it is to stretch out with no wrinkles as a result of the screen being squared

You won’t be disappointed as it is a great option for the price, even the edges are made f good material which makes them really strong and is able to hold up

Note: Iron the screen before hanging it up

Even without any simulator, you will be able to hit golf balls at it, and with the presence of a hole around it becomes way easy to have it hanged up 

They are available in varying size options so that you choose which is best suited for you and your budget


  • Brand: Aikeec
  • Weight: 0.01 kilogram
  • Dimension: ‎3.54 x 3.11 x 0.91 inches
  • Color Option:1
  • Size Option: 5 


We sincerely apologize as we couldn’t find a video review for this product, however people who have used it confessed is great.



  • Strong and durable
  • Several size options to choose from
  • Squared screen for quick and fast stretching without wrinkles
  • Great for the price
  • The screen can be ironed 


  • This is just the screen that you hit into, to simulate ball travel then you need a monitor as a supporting equipment 



  • Obokidly Indoor Golf Ball Simulator Impact Screen

Best impact screen for simulator affordable

If you have got a simulator and looking for an impact screen that promises to deliver quality and is highly functional then the Obokidly is a great place to start with

This Simulator impact screen is one that is guaranteed and you will come to love and appreciate

Made of impact-resistant weft material and this gives full play to the real impact of the golf ball

Note: To prolong the life span of this impact screen it is highly recommended that you install a baffle net or panel behind the golf batting screen 

We love the fact that this impact screen is made to project a clearer project image for the best experience

Whether you plan to have it used indoor or outdoor, it is all your choice as they are designed to function effectively in both scenario


  • Brand: Obokidly
  • Weight: 2.09 kilogram
  • Dimension: 17.49 x 12.06 x 2.48 inches
  • Clearer projected image 
  • Impact-resistant wefty material 


We sincerely apologize as we couldn’t find a video review for this product, however, it is worth giving a try as review is positive 



  • Impact-resistant material for great longevity
  • Can be used both indoors/outdoors
  • Quality product and at a well affordable price
  • Machine washable but you should add a laundry bag for safety before washing



  • You will require a simulator to use as this is just an impact screen 


Looking for a simulator golf projector screen? please refer here 


How Much Does A True Golf Simulator Cost?

If you are looking for a true golf simulator complete package then you should know that they can be really expensive

A true golf complete simulator package will cost anywhere from $9000, although the price varies depending on the frame, size, trim+ finish, installation, and more

All these components really add up and make it expensive when compared to buying them in bits


Are Home Golf Simulators Accurate?

Simply put golf simulators are accurate, this is because these instruments are backed by rigorous testing and technology 


What Size Of Room Is Needed For A Simulator?

Golf simulator varies by size, so the kind of space required is highly dependent on the size of your simulator

However, the minimum space required to have your golf simulator is 10’W x 10’L x 8.5’H

The player height and arm length are other factors that must are usually considered, the taller you are the more space you will need



How High Does Your Ceiling Need To Be For A Golf Simulator?

There is no direct answer to that as it all depends on how tall you are and your golf swing as well

However, in most case scenarios the minimum height for your golf simulator sits around 8.5 to 9FT 

But for a more comfortable and efficient option 10Ft seems to be the real deal, this is because you need enough space to be able to swing freely without managing space 



Where Do You Put A Golf Simulator?

A golf simulator can either be designed for an indoor specific purpose, others are designed for outdoor purposes, however, there are also simulators that can be used both indoors and outdoors

If you have got an indoor simulator then the basement or garage can be a great place to have it installed



Can You Fit A Golf Simulator In A Garage?

Absolutely, the garage can be one of the best places to have your simulator for golf installed as it does offer more than enough spacing 

Because of lack of space in your house or to prevent disturbance, many golfers might want or prefer a full setup for their garage 

The garage does not just offer enough spacing but it also prevents you from disturbing neighbors or family members 



What Are The Things I Need For An Indoor Golf Simulator?

To have an indoor simulator properly setup, there is some equipment that is needed, this equipments include a launch monitor with simulation, a golf mat, golf simulation screen, projector, and a computer or Ipad if you plan on running the simulator software

And for the manual which is a more popular and cheap option is removing the simulator screen and projector, then having them replaced with a golf net 



Do Pro Golfers Use Simulators?

If you want to improve on your golf game, simulators are a great way to start, we all know the negative impact of the pandemic

The Covid 19 Pandemic restricted our movement as people were restricted to staying at home instead of visiting the course 

Simulators aren’t restricted to anyone and yes pros use Simulators as it is a means of practicing 

Full swing, high definition, and trackman simulators are the most known and popular, with this pro can practice frequently so as to get better at their game




How To Choose A Golf Simulator Home?

Choosing a golf simulator that is right for you will depend on some key factors, you do not want to buy a simulator for the home that isn’t able to meet your demand or expectation

For this reason, it calls for careful and thorough consideration so as to avoid buying and having them returned because they did not meet your specification

As you go on a hunt for your home golf simulator here are criteria that you should consider

  • Height & Size
  • Space/Storage
  • Cost/Budget
  • Features/Functionalities


  • Height & Size

When choosing your golf simulator you will have to consider height and size as not all humans are the same 

Some are taller than others meaning you will be needing a simulator that is of a taller height

In most cases, your simulator usually sits between 8 to 9Ft and in rare cases for the taller individuals 10ft

This allows you to perform freely more swings without the need to manage space.


  • Storage

One of the often underrated considerations for people is that they tend to forget whether they have enough storage space for their simulator

To cut the story short, you need a storage space where your golf simulator would be installed

It is more convenient to have them installed in your garage as there isn’t just enough space but it prevents you from disturbing the neighborhood 

Take the measurement on the amount of space you have in your garage or wherever you want it installed to avoid getting the wrong size 


  • Cost

No matter what you buy, there is a cost attached to it, whether you choose to settle for the cheap or expensive simulator for golf, it becomes all a matter of choice or what you are willing or able to afford

The higher your budget, the more quality your golf simulator can be, there are simulators that cost as much as $60,000

But for the sake of people with a low budget, this article was crafted to help you get the best out of your purchase


  • Features

Since there are lots of simulators for home use and are of different price ranges, it is safe to say this gadget offers varying features which make them unique

Some of these features include video swing capabilities, Bluetooth, Wifi, data parameters, simulated golf course, etc.


Where Can I Buy A Golf Simulator?

There are many outlets or channels where you can get your home simulators, firstly you can visit a traditional golf store where simulators are being sold close to you

The other alternative is to use the online route, there are lots of e-commerce stores where you can have a lot of home simulator options to choose from

These stores will include Amazon, E-bay, Jumia, Alibaba, etc. 


Who Should Use A Golf Simulator?

To get better at anything, be it a skill, field, or course, you need constant practice, with constant practice comes mastery

And golfing isn’t an exception, with this device you can 

  • Improve your game 
  • Play against any whether 
  • Choose from popular golf course
  • Play against your favorite player, friends, and colleagues around the globe from the comfort of your homes



Do You Need A Projector For A Golf Simulator?

Absolutely, a golf simulator isn’t complete without a projector, you need a projector as  golf simulation is usually done on a large screen 

A projector is an output device that takes images and displays them on a screen, wall, or another surface

Note: the short throw projector screen is the best for simulator 

For the most recommended projector for your simulator, here is what we recommend best projector for simualtor 




Golf simulator offers you countless/amazing benefits to help you improve your game 

A golf simulator gives you the freedom to golf all year round without the fear of the weather

The rain, snow, or cold weather cannot stop your round of golf, with this device you can figure out how far you hit your ball, they also show you the shape of each of these shots 


Thanks for engaging, tell us if there is/are any simulator that you think makes the list and isn’t included, if necessary, we have them included

If you find this piece helpful do endeavor to share, have a wonderful and blissful day from team legit Cushion!!! 





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