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How Much Money Can You Earn Online Today From Affiliate Marketing-2018?



In the end you should be able to tell how much money can be earned online today from Affiliate Marketing in 2018

Affiliate marketing is long existing though we cannot over rule the fact that there are individuals who aren’t familiar with the term ”Affiliate Marketing” and because of such people we will explain what Affiliate Marketing is all about

Do you know anyone around you who sells/market a product for someone and each time he/she does that he/she gets paid a commission after such sales? that’s simply Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing simply put is the process of being rewarded a cut from a sale initiated by a marketer based on the percentage agreement between the affiliate marketer and the Merchant

Affiliate marketing was introduced when Merchants discovered that it cost more to do an advert so they devised a means of making people send out the message of their product and in return pay the people who eventually help them make a sale

Affiliate marketing is fun and can be very rewarding in as much as you observe the rules/tips and tricks that enable you make a sale, The heavy lifting have been done for you by the merchant, there is a back office where the product you refer visitors to are properly explained and interpreted, your duty is to persuade them to visit the merchant site where they are further convinced into the buying process

there is plenty of money to be earned today online from Affiliate marketing of 2018, imagine building a site that promotes golf shoes and each golf shoe goes for $150 and you end up selling a thousand of the shoe and lets say per sale you are being offered 10%, this means at the end of the day your payout will be $10 *1000=$10,000 that’s a huge some of money

that’s how affiliate marketing can be, your paycheck is determined by how well you are able to convince visitors to buy a product or not able to convince them

How much can you earn Online from affiliate marketing?

This is a question and a strong one at that, How much can you earn online from affiliate marketing? well, you can earn as much as you think you can earn pending on sound strategy and concencration

Sounds complicated, right? No it is in no way complicated, it’s quite simple, there is no fixed ratio of earnings you can make online from affiliate marketing, the question goes back to you, How much do you want to earn online from affiliate marketing?

Only you can answer that question, no one will help you do that, there are absolutely no rules limiting what you earn, you are the only limitation to what you earn, so pick up the Biro and write your cheque

As an affiliate marketer wanting to make money online, you can make $1M, $10m, $100M, $1B, $10B, $1, $10, $1000 or even $0, your convincing spirit hold the key

In Affiliate marketing you are the captain of your financial destiny, remain poor, live averagely or become rich, its absolutely up to you and that is why creativity is very important as you try to convince a prospect to buy from you

My favourite Inspirational Book, ”Think big and Grow Rich” made me remember the guy who was into selling life insurance, he said, ”I never stop because men say No” what am I trying to say here is Affiliate marketing is similar, you might not have made a dime, never stop because men say No

If it’s not working than change tactics, use your head, be creative, oh yea! I just discovered am sounding more often than not like a motivational speaker, right? not to worry that just a little stimulation

There are absolutely no amount specified that you can make online from affiliate marketing in 2018, adopt difference strategies and observe which works best for you

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Affiliate marketing can be quite rewarding and fun, It can also be frustrating and boring if you do not know how to play it very well, and as portrayed earlier, There are absolutely no barricade to what you can earn as an affiliate marketer, the only barricade is you and yourself

So do what you loving doing, adopt every strategy, figure out the ones that worked best and the ones that didn’t then stick aggressively to that which works best and you will roll in tons of money

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