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In the end you will understand the term Affiliate Marketing and know what it takes to make serious money online as an affiliate marketer either blogging about golf sport equipments or just about any thing online

The opportunity to make substantial income blogging online is now easier than ever, however it’s way well complicated to the uninitiated, despite this being said, it does take time and technical “know how” which will be revealed in this article

You can make money online with the right strategy blogging just about anything you can think of, However this money is only made possibly by helping someone out there solve a problem

What do i mean by that? It simply means you giving vital and quality information that helps someone solve a particular pressing need

For instance, if i start up a blog into “how to cook a delicious meal” what i should be doing is writing quality, well structured and understandable information/content as regard to “how to cook a delicious meal” this will help someone solve the problem of not knowing how to cook

Note to be visible on goggle search your content must be of quality, as you write continually, gradually you get recognized as an established brand well into  what you do,

You can actually make serious money online creating quality content for your audience, but it is not a rich quick scheme so take note

To be able to make serious money it takes takes diligent, hard-work, determination, concentration and perseverance but it is actually too possible to say it’s impossible

So bear in mind before delving into any niche, remove the quick money mentality, just keep on writing high quality SEO optimized content for search engine and bam in no time you will start making real money out of what you do

Why you will never make money online blogging

Do you know why your chances of making money online is too slim, yes, it is too slim because 90 percent of people crying I want to make money online give up too soon, they start a blog and before you know it they move on to another or abandon the previous

There are a hundreds of millions of website out there but do you know well above 70 percent of this sites are in active, no update, no post, it’s just dormant because of this give up too soon category of people

The world wide web(w.w.w) is all clogged up with Junky site/blog which would have turned out to be a great and powerful site/blog massive wealth creation site had it been it’s owners were patient and positive enough to nurture and with believe watch it grow

Many site are in active because this “give up soon” kind of individuals who creates this site ends up doing any of this 3 things

  • Creating a blog/website, writing few post and then they give up writing all because they expect money  to roll in just after their first post
  •  They do not know what to write about, and for those who claim to know what to write about they either write shabby content that doesn’t solve any problem
  • They know nothing about Search engine optimization(SEO)

This thing called money making online just as in the offline business model, takes energy, mental focus perseverance and a positive mind

Many people, I not excluded when I was way new into blogging had the “quick money mentality” it seemed to me that on my first post the money would begin to flow, until I did understand the art of patient and continuity

In summary 95 percent of people will not make a dime online because of this following reasons

  • Giving up too soon for whatsoever reason
  • Putting on the money mentality first instead of focusing on creating great quality (SEO) optimized content to solve the need of someone out there who you might never come in contact with all your life
  • Writing shabby content that is not helpful in anyway

if you are free from this above 3 mentioned reason then you can make serious money on line whether blogging golf sport equipment or just about anything you can think off

This post was meant for all who have that strong desire to make money on-line and not just for those who wants to make money selling golf sport equipments, in as much as you want to make money online this article is targeted toward’s you

To make money blogging about golf equipment is simply, you do that by writing high end quality article that solve the problem of your audience

As stated earlier, remove the quick money mentality from your mind and write articles on your site as though you don’t even think of making money from it, ( that is the #1 secret) and a big one at that, and the reason why we never recognize secret is because it is always clothed in a simplistic nature yet it does have the power to immensely transform our lives, This simple but immeasurably power secret will fuel you with the ”power grease” to keep on writing even without yet seeing your first pay check

For instance, do you get paid chatting on Facebook, Whats app and probably Instagram? No, at least not for the most part of the people

But does that really stop you from chatting, hell, no, at the slightest opportunity given you are found online isn’t it? Oh yea,

And why is it so? It is made so because you do it for fun and the money making mentality is little or in no way associated with your chatting

That is the exact same mentality you need to put on firstly, before you start making money online, create a website, begins to post relevant content, think think think of how to stand out from other sites, keep on post, keep on learning, keep on posting until you start making money

And this point I must note, you see this online thing, there are more money to be made in it such that has never been recorded in all of man kind, not even the Oil of the whole world can be compared to it, and so this is now just the right time to identify with such great opportunity

How do you make serious money online as an Affiliate Marketer blogging about golf sport equipment?

What is Affiliate Marketing?In the simplest form it is defined as the process of Mr. B marketing a product for Mr.X and when Mr.A buys the product because Mr.B was able to persuade him, Mr.B gets a cut of the money Mr.X made through Mr.B who brought Mr.A into buying

Mr. X is known as a merchant, who is a Merchant? A merchant simply put is a person who buys or sells goods in large quantities, especially one who imports and exports them, he owns the goods and Mr.B markets it for him(Mr.B is an affiliate marketer)

It’s like saying you bring customers for someone who sells a golf equipment and when the person brought by you buy’s the golf equipment, you get rewarded by getting a cut of the pay from the merchant

To blog about golf equipment you must firstly create a blog that focuses on the sale of golf sport equipments, here is the trick just focus on blogging golf equipments and nothing else(focus on a single niche) click here on how to start a blog

after creating one, then at the immediate write your first post that talks about golf sport equipment view example

write at least 20 articles about golf sport equipment to get accepted into any affiliate program that sell the product you promote, for this article we are focusing on golf sport equipment

remember your golf sport equipment site is new and so you must have a reasonable amount of content before being accepted into any affiliate program, there are a whole lot of affiliate program out there example of such are amazon associate program, link share affiliate program, Jumia affiliate program, share and sell affiliate program and many more, how to join an affiliate program

From the vast selection, choose which one suits you best, then read through their terms and conditions, make sure you read through, before joining any when done and satisfied with their policy, follow the quiet simple step by step instruction to register

for clarity purpose and better understanding in this article we will be considering how to join Amazon affiliate program, before delving into the”how to do this” we might as well firstly discuss briefly what Amazon is all about

Amazon is an E-commerce site founded in USA 1994 in a garage Jeff Bezos rented in seattle, Jeff Bezos indisputably the richest richest man on earth as the time of publishing this article, he is well past the well known Billgate with over $50B monetary value worth, this Amazon guy, “Jeff Bezos” started Amazon as an E-book site and gradually he got better ideas, an now Amazon sell over 400 million different product

Amazon sells golf equipments, Shoes of any kind, cloth, electronics, he sells virtually anything you might think off, just a mere E-book site has turned out to be the largest E-commerce site in the whole wide world, we picked amazon due to the fact that they are the largest site where you can get assorted types of golf equipment and accessories and attire of virtually all kind

to become an affiliate marketer who makes serious money blogging golf sport equipment you might for an example head to amazon website by simply clicking the link

When you get to the site, scroll downward to the end, right there you will see something this

Under the ”make money with us” there, ”become an affiliate” is found, tap it then you will be redirected to a page that looks lie this

amazon registration process. step by step

click join now for free, when you click it you will see

amazon associate, registration process

click sign in if you already have an amazon customer account, the customer account is used to purchase a product from amazon, this simply means the first time you ever try purchasing a product from amazon, you will be prompted to submit your email and your user name before you can purchase an item

but in assumption that you have no account with amazon, in this stage you will see the  sign up button at the top most part of the image above and then there you register after registration you will see thisaffiliate, account ,information

feel in this details one after the other, as you finish one process the ball like orange icon on top of the Account information moves to the next level(Website and mobile app list) as you finish that stage it moves to identity verification then finally to start using associates central

you are now an affiliate of amazon and at this stage the merchant(amazon) sends you a code for each item you promote for them from your site, what you simply do is embed this code below each of the product you talk about(each product have it’s own code number)

affiliate program, picture, how it works
this picture shows how to promote a product, by simply persuading visitors to buy, tell them about what they stand to benefit if they should buy into such product, tell them the cons if any then use the call to ”action button” in this case check price at amazon, when someone visits the  site and after viewing this shoe and having read what they stand to gain or loose and finally that person buys the shoe, by clicking clicks on the link, the person gets redirected to amazon from your own site now at amazon site that person purchases this shoe, from his purchase you get a cut of the commission on each sale by the merchant

Each item recommended must have an affiliate code embedded underneath by the affiliate marketer with a call to action button,(i.e the action you want them to do take after reading through) some say ”buy now @merchant store name,

when a purchase is done, the merchant decides in percentage how much you get paid, some pay as high as 50% and some 10% respectively depending on the item purchased, but generally digital product are the highest cut for an affiliate

take for instance if someone successfully purchase a golf club worth $100 from the merchant site through your own blog site, You might get a 5%-10% cut from the  product sold  as an affiliate marketer

Let’s do the math, 10% of $100 will equal $10, so Such affiliate marketer makes $10 for every single purchase of that particular item

now as an affiliate marketer, imagine selling let’s say 500 piece of the golf equipment worth $100 each and getting $10 for each sale, if you sum this up correctly it’s going to be $10*500=$5000 quite a substantial sum

how about selling a thousand of that equipment or ten thousand pieces of this $100 equipment each, you can do that math your self, the trick is convince your visitors into buying, that does not mean lying to them

Give a perfect description of the item, in this case “golf sport equipment” tell them what they stand to get when they purchase this equipment, for example best men’s wedge for high and mid-handicapper

After reading from the example used above they are convinced into the buying process, they buy and you get paid by the merchant


Affiliate marketing is sweet but not so many people have an idea on how it works, this is not a ”get rich scheme” it’s a get rich process that takes time, better effort and a sound strategy

You can actually make serious money online blogging about golf equipments, it quite simple and easy, at least from my own point of view and it could be from yours too if you put your mind and faculty to work

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