In then end you should be able to list the best left handed blade putters for men

Finding that putter best for left hand can be tricky and difficult, this is the focal point of this blog post, we will be listing the left handed blade putters that are best for men today

Before giving the list here are some few things that we ought to know about the club called putters, putters as we all know is the last hitting club in a round of golf

It is used to hit the golf ball slowly so that it goes into the hole, this makes it one of the most important club you will be needing as they are usually one of he most frequently used golf clubs

Types Of Putter

There are basically two types of putters in the sport called golf, we have blade putters or mallet putters, the name blade putter is gotten from the design shape of the putter which looks like a blade

It does have a simpler design than a mallet putter, that being said mallet putters have a more elaborate design and usually have a larger club head which comes in various shapes and sizes

In this article we are going to be focusing on the best left handed blade putters for men that will help them to sink more putts and improve on their game

There are more right handed golfer in comparison to left handed golfers, this makes it difficult and quite daunting to make a selection on putters or any other club for the lefties as manufacturers tend to focus their attention more on right handed putters and other clubs in generally

The story is quite different now as the demand on leftie putters is ever on an increase and now making a selection on left handed putter, whether blade or mallet have not being easier than ever

Our picks are based off intensive research, reviews and feed back all with an effort to bringing you the best for male lefties today

Without further delay we bring the list to you

Best left handed blade putters for men

Odyssey Works 2020 Putters(Bes For Forgiveness And Responsiveness)

golf putters, left handed, best left handed, men's puttersGreat and amazing golf putters with the best of alignment features and made available for bot right and left hand orientation,  take your putting to the next level al made possible with this very forgiving and easy to hit golf putters

It does come wit a micro hinge insert which does offers un-matched roll for he best of ball spin and rolls which will eventually lead to great putting even on a mishit

This putter does come with a head cover for club protection, They are easy to hit with the bests of alignment features, get maximum feed back and feel on your ball as they are well balanced with proper weight distribution on club face

You will hit straighter shots and with more consistency but most importantly you will get better control on your ball and distance which is important for doing a great putt


Easy to align for then best of putting accuracy

Highly forgiving due to high MOI and well placed low CG

Micro face hinge insert for unmatched roll and ball spin

Comes with a head cover for club protection

Highly responsive due to perfect weight ratio to balancing

Very quality for long lasting durability

Best for left hand


Might take some time getting used to



Tayormade Golf 2017 Tour Preferred Collection Soto Putter(Best For Feedback And Forgiveness)

To the left handed male golfer looking for great blade putter that is fit to perfection then in no doubt this is your club, as they are well made with optimum forgiveness and responsiveness due to a well structured nd designed high MOI and weight positioning

This putter does have an adjustable sole weight his ensures playability, you will be well pleased with your with it as they are easy to hit brought about by then easy alignment features

The present of a new milled pure roll insert helps produce truer roll for an improved consistency and better ball control

If you use a moderate to slight arch putting style stroke than this putter is well suited for you,  they are very easy to set up and line brought about by the well strategically alignment system for more accurate putting even on a mishit


Made from premium material for the best of quality

Truer and more ball roll and spin with consistency

Highly forgiving due to high MOI and strategically Placed CG

Alignment lines for quick and easy line up

Pure roll milled for exceptional feel and response

Made of quality, Insanely responsive due to weight distribution




Cleveland Golf 2019 Huntington Beach Soft Putter(Best For Forgiveness And Ball Control)

leftie putter, men lefties, best putter, golf puttersSpeed optimized face technology makes produces accurate shots consistency even on a mishit, it does have the softest feel for the best of comfortability and comfort

The putter feels very smooth an easy to control this makes the a great choice for someone out here looking for a club putters that will help control ball distance and speed yet without sacrificing the best of forgiveness

They are very quality and you will be pleased with it as I does deliver exceptional feed back and response brought about by the strategic weight distribution which does also provides solid feel and first class stability

The optimized CG location helps for a better target with the best if of precision tendencies for an accurate putting, this putter will suit virtually the putting stroke of every golfer as it does have a 6 tour proven shape

Get the best of fee back distance and un-matched feel all made possible with this easy to hit and golf putters that makes ball get off surface easily and quickly with the best of spin and rolls, its time to take your putting skills to the next level


6 tour proven shape to fit every golfers stroke

Highly forgiving brought about by speed optimized face technology

Strategic weight distribution for the best of feel and response

Very stable through impact for better target precision

Highly responsive and forgiving as a result of perfect weight to balance distribution and low CG

Easy to hit as they are very easy to align and set up

Very quality for the sake of durability

Comfortable and soft grip for the best of feel on contact with ball


Someone complained of a short grip



Wilson Staff Infinite Putter Windy City(Best For Feedback And Feel)

Best lefties, golf putter, best left hand, men's puttersThe Wilson Windy city is utterly designed for he leftie golfer, no version for right hand and can be used by both men and women

Features 6 classic head shapes and each featuring the technology well known as counter balance technology for a more controlled putting stroke and with consistency

This version of putter was engineered in a way that the balance point is moved to the hand this helps for better, smother and controlled putting stroke

The doubled milled face does also provide amazing roll and spin which leads to a more classic and accurate putting

Very stable feel and comfortable through impact  due to oversize construction on, your putting will improve beyond your imaginations and your strokes will reduce

The dark colour which does contrast with a red accent help for visual attention on putter, looking for a very forgiving and extremely responsive and easy to align golf putter, then you’ve got one


Counter balance technology for more controlled and putting with precision

Six classic head shapes

Consistent impact roll and distance for ease

Better ball control and spin brought about by strategic CG placement

Double milled face for un matched response and feed back

More optimized ball control with calculated distance all made possible thorough proper weight distribution and balance

Highly forgiving and easy to align

Very quality and great for lefties


Be the first to review



Odyssey White Pro 2.0 Putters(Best For Forgiveness And Ball Control)

Quality putters for men and available for both and orientation this club helps you improve thoroughly and faster, this means better playability

Keep putter face on line easily this can help for a solid feel that will impact on your game, if you are in search of putters with best of control and fee back

For improved distance and feel it dos have a re-engineered whit face hot insert, you will hit straighter and ore consistent shots with this well designed and aligned putter

The presence of the heel/toe weight placement does help for unmatched forgiveness and feed back and they are properly balanced and weighed for the best of response at impact

They are very accurate even on a mishit brought about by the contrasting  alignment aid for the best of quick and easy alignment


Improve ball spin and roll for a greater and better putting accuracy

Easy to hit and accurate this is due to well structured contrasting alignment aid

Well balanced and weighed for the best of responsiveness

Very forgiving and extremely effective due to high MOI and low CG placement

White face hot insert for then best of feel and feed back

Maximum feed back with exceptional ball control

Soft and comfortable grip for the best of feel at impact

Made of quality for long lasting life span


Still waiting to se the cons



As a golfer you are either right handed or left handed, this calls for the production of right and left hand putter clubs, however there are more golf putter for right hand and the reason being the number of right hand golfers well outweighs that of left hand

Nevertheless as the number of leftie golfers grew it became necessary that the club producing company paid more attention on left hand putter to meet he ever growing need of the lefties

The story is quite different now as today’s golfing offers the best on sale left handed putter for men, if you are a leftie golfer this putter is best suited for you and with them you will become a better and more efficient putter in no distant time







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