In the end, you should be able to list the best left-handed center shaft putters on sale so as to determine which one is rightly suited for you

Today’s golfing offers in great collection of left-handed center shaft putters on sale

Center shaft putter has been made available for a long, but after the introduction of the face and heel balanced putter, Center shafted putter were also upgraded for the better

Though its popularity might be in great dwindle yet many amateurs can still yet benefit from using it due to its very simple to set up and easy alignment nature

Looking for a left-handed centre shafted putters, We’ve got you covered as this article is bent on giving you the true and updated list

Before giving you the list it’s great we discuss the benefit of using a center shaft putter

Benefits of Center Shafted Putters

According to tour pros, there are many great benefits of using a centered shaft golf putter of which will be discussed briefly

Center shaft putters were known as one of the face balanced putters, a perfect example of a putter set up this way is the old Bullseye

Due to the invention of the double bend shaft mallet putter and crank neck blade, the Center shaft putter is not much on demand as it once used to be

Statistically, it has been a proven fact that 5 to 10% of golfers prefer a center shaft putter in comparison to the other 90% who prefer face/hell balanced putters

One of the very benefits of this kind of putter is that it does help to promote an easy stroke similar to a pendulum

This putter though not face balanced but close to being face balanced makes them easy to set up, it does help to maintain the correct loft at impact for players who do not enjoy setting up to the ball with hands pressed forward

And thirdly it does have an obstructed view for players due to the shaft inserted directly behind the face

Without further ado, if you are looking for the best center shaft putter utterly designed to meet the need of the male golfers you are at the right place

Left-handed Center Shaft Putters-

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center shaft, golf putter, best center shaft, for menOne of the very well-designed center shaft putters is the Seemore FGP, the Seemore has been a winner of two major champion

They are very easy to set pp and align for the best-putting accuracy brought about by the precision milled face and Riflescope technology  alignment system(RST)

If you are looking for a perfect club that does offer in-matched alignment then the Seemore one you should be considering

They are face balanced and due to well-distributed weight and balance do offer the best responsiveness and feedback

Note: Comes with a headcover included as a bonus!!!

Hit consistent and straight strokes with un-matched consistency all made possible by using this center shafted putter

Thus centered shafts are of great quality thus the fear of durability is well eliminated

The feel and balance plus confidence you get using the Seemore putter is one you have not experienced before

Offers the best sound and feel, it’s worth checking the reviews and seeing for yourself how amazing and efficient this club is well known for

You will definitely love them as you will put much better and easier, it’s time to take your putting prowess to the next level


  • Brand: See more
  • Weight: 1.2 Pounds 
  • Dimension: 35 x 6 x 3.25 inches
  • Shaft Length Options: 4
  • Hand Orientation: @(Left & Right)


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  • Good solid, sound and feel at impact
  • Quality centered shaft putter and great for golfers with a fairly straight stroke
  • Easy to hit due to the RST alignment system
  • Perfect face balancing for true roll and spin
  • Highly forgiving with maximum feedback and feel brought about by milled face and high MOI


  • Someone complained of a cheap red rubber pistol grip


  • Odyssey Stroke Lab Versa Putter(Best For Forgiveness And Responsiveness)

center shaft, golf putters, best men, men's best, best center shaft, center shafted puttersAll hail the Odyssey as one of the best all-round makers of golf putter clubs, but you see this one

Oh no! they are built with the best alignment technology one of these is a new and unique method of weight distribution this is led by a new stroke lab shaft for a better lineup and more targeted putting

Note: Comes with a whopping 2 years warranty 

For sure and surely you will greatly improve your putt and with consistency, it does come with a thicker grip which is very comfortable and soft for an amazing feel

If you are looking for a club with a better feel for a distance you have come to the right place and this is right for you

Very quality and with an updated insert and this does help it to be firmer and truly balanced than the White hot and O Works Insert

Very forgiving with great feedback and response on impact, they are well weighted and balanced for a precise and accurate shot dispersion


  • Brand: Callaway
  • Weight: 0.66 kilogram
  • Dimension: 33 inches
  • Size Options: 3( 33′, 34′ & 35”)
  • Shaft Style Type: 2( Oversized grip & Pistol Grip)
  • Style Name Options: 3


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  • Well balanced and weighted for a more precise and targeted shot dispersion
  • Easy to hit yet very forgiving brought about by high MOI and alignment features
  • New weight distribution for the best responsiveness, feedback, and feel
  • Straighter and smoother ball rolls and spin
  • The combination of the legendary white hot feel which does come with dozen of micro hinges helps for top spin  promotion and smoother roll



  • Is not a super stroke oversized grip described rather it is an Odyssey oversized grip


  • Odyssey Works 2020 Putter(Best For Response And Feedback)

center shaft, golf putters, best center shaftOne of the amazing and lovable unique features is the micro face hinge insert which does offer un-matched rolls

Note: Does not come with the super stroke putter grip, it comes with a standard grip 

This micro hinge face insert gives the putter certain unique characteristics which help create a better putter for true and great alignment which will definitely lead to a great putting accuracy on every single hit

Lightweight and sleek like for the true ball roll and spin and you will be able to control your ball speed and distance

Note: Comes with a two-year warranty, That’s crazy!!!

It does offer a great mix of balance and feel as a shaft-centered putter club, offers the best design in the market which dos help golfers cut off stroke

They are very well balanced for easy, quick, and accurate ball roll and spin all this does help increase accuracy even on a mishit


  • Brand: Callaway
  • Weight: 0.61 kilogram
  • Dimension: 35 x 6 x 3.25 inches
  • Color Option: 1(Black)
  • Size Options: 2( 34” & 35″)
  • Shaft Style Type: Pistol


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  • Well weighted and solid the best feedback and response
  • Easy to hit brought about by well-placed and structured alignment features
  • Adjustable weight system for the best feel and ball control at impact
  • Quality for long-lasting durability
  • Soft feel with consistent distance



  • A little pricey


  • Odyssey Exo Putter(Best For Ball Control And Feedback)

left handed, Centered Shafted, Odyssey putter, best for men, Best Center ShaftedThis putter is a combination of three technology packed into one, firstly the Exo construction which is responsible for incredible high MOI for un-matched forgiveness

The micro hinge technology combines with a white face hot insert this creates immediate forward rolls for more consistent accuracy and distance control

New stroke lab helps to save weight and this result in a smoother and more accurately streamlined putting

They are very well balanced and solid for the best of straight shot dispersion and with awesome consistency

You are bound to get total control of your distance by using this Exo putter designed for aggressive response with feedback


  • Brand: Callaway 
  • Weight: 0.64 Kilogram 
  • Dimension: 48 x 5 x 5 inches
  • Hand Orientation: 2(Left & Right)
  • Size Option: 3( 33”, 34” & 35”)


  • Allows for straighter putt as they are well balanced
  • Great and exceptional feel at impact
  • Incredible high MOI for more forgiveness even on a mishit
  • Very quality and solid for more streamlined putting target
  • Easy to hit since they are easy to line up
  • Provides both face and toe hang option


  • Someone complained of a little discoloring on the putter grip


  • Odyssey Hot Pro 2.0 Putter(Best For Forgiveness And Feedback)

center shaft, best putter, This one with the softer insert is sure to work best for you since you can firmly strike the ball  and with a large head that is more stable through impact you will have better putt targeting even on a mishit

You do not need to bend when trying to hit using this putter as it is long enough and this will greatly help your back

You will notice that the green is much easier to read than ever as a result of the club being portable and not bulky

Your putting will improve greatly as this works like magic, offers maximum feedback and will you to fine-tune your putting

You will find this putter to be well balanced and weighed for the best response and feel

Grow your confidence will improve as you are in for hitting straighter shots with better ball rolls and spin

They are very easy to align and line up this is made possible through the centrally placed line


  • Easy to hit and align due to center line for better-targeted putting
  • Very forgiving with well-distributed weight and balance
  • Ultimately responsive with the best of feedback and a softer feel
  • A larger head which is more stable through impact for a more optimized spin and ball roll
  • Made of quality and does come with a head cover for club protection
  • Straighter shots and with consistency



  • Still waiting to see the cons



From the word center shaft, a center shaft putter is a club which does have its shaft at the center of the club

Center shaft putters are built so that they fit perfectly into different stances and strokes

With a center shaft putter lining up over the ball becomes very easy while your eyes are placed directly over the ball

Today’s golfing offers great center shaft putters on sale for the left-handed,  man

If you seek one for better alignment and accurate setup for the best putting strike and accuracy then one of these is best suited for you





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