In the end you should be able to list the best golf club for male and female golfer kids of 2020

What is a golf club? in case someone might ask, a golf club is a club used to hit the ball in golf, with a heavy wooden or metal head on a slender shaft, a golf club is simply a long and slender instrument used to hit the golf ball, with the absence of a club as golf is designed, there is no acceptable way you can hit the ball, so therefore golf clubs are a top instrument to play the game of golf

Golf club can either be right handed for right hand players or left handed for players that play from left hand positions, knowing full well that a player can only play from two position, ”Right or left” wing position

Here in this article we are going to be focusing on the most cherished left handed golf clubs for kid boys and kid girls to enable them become better, play like a pro and enjoy the game of golf to the extreme

There is always a best club for every hand position, golf club are either constructed for right or left handed golfers, this is the reason making the best selections based on your hand position is of utmost important and would ensure better and more highly efficient golfing experience when selected rightly

This clubs are left hand position golf sport clubs for all kids gender, that is, they are designed for both males and female kids golfers provided these kids play from the left hand position

Left hand golf clubs are designed specifically for golfers that play from left wing position, this is because some players are more comfortable and efficient playing from the left while others are more productive playing from the right

Without further ado, what is the best golf club for left handed kids

Best kids left handed and forgiving unisex golf club of 2020

Precise Golf Co. Precise X7 Junior Complete Set

best left handed unisex golf club, for kids, kids unisex left hand clubWhat a great left handed golf club for both your male and female kids golfer, What club do your kids need other than an easy to use and lightweight club with exceptional forgiveness? Just as the name goes, this is the smartest club choice you can make for your kids, this equipment are properly designed to aid the kid golfer better play golf with fun and joy

They are lightweight, very forgiving, and easy to hit, what choice can be more that that? your kids do not need a too heavy or difficult to hit club and so this can be the best choice out there for them

They are very sturdy, balanced and built to last, you can hardly go wrong with them, the result of this club include high launching and a better and precise shot which ensures a win-win scenario for your kids

They are super quality and be rest assured your toddler will love it and thank you


Easy to hit

Low CG for better and precise shot accuracy

Built to last

Very forgiving

Extremely attractive and glaring

Sturdy and well balanced


Might be a little heavy for some kids

Paragon Red Kids

left hand club, golf club, kids club, best golf clubGreat and efficient golf clubs for all left handed kid golfer out there, it doesn’t matter whether your are a female or male, it will serve you, No one does it better than the Paragon Red Kids golf club, they are built with all technology to meet the kids golfers own specific demand and make then better at their games. they are very sturdy and durable

With this club every child is sure to become better at golfing, they are easy to use  and very forgiving, with this club at hand for your kids you will be building a better and professional golfer, the club CG are well placed for easy ball flight and for greater and precise shot

Though the bag may not have a stand, however they are very spacious and well designed to accommodate all your golf accessories,  your kids will love them


Built with all precision

They are very sturdy and well balanced

Low CG placement for better ball shots and dispersion

Very easy to use

Exceptional forgiveness

Moderately weight

Price friendly


Might be a little bit on the heavy side for some kids

Intech Lancer Junior Golf Set

LEFT HANDED KIDS, KIDS LEFT HANDED CLUBS, BEST CLUB FOR LEFT HAND POSITION, BEST UNISEX LEFT HANDED GOLF CLUB FOR ALL KIDSThis is a perfect match for all kids gender out there who are obsessed with golfing and wants to take their golf game to the next level, as a matter of fact they are designed with the beginner golfer in mind to help them while they learn

You can hardly go wrong with this club set for it is complete and contains every perquisite club your child or ward will be needing, this set contains all the latest technology as far as golf sport is concerned

This technology facilitates better forgiveness and accuracy on hit, faster ball travel and speed and they are easy to hit, there are graphite shaft in all woods and iron thus this result in an improved feel and comfort ability

The putter on the other hand is highly designed for better rolls, with the Intech Lancer Junior Golf Set, your kids with settle for greatness on the green


Resistant to twisting

Well balanced and sturdy


Perfect colour combination

Extreme forgiveness and high accuracy

Better rolls


Might take some time getting used to

Paragon Rising Star Kids Set

kids, golf club, left handed, unisex club, all kids club, best unisex goolf clubBest unisex golf clubs for left handed children golfers with Perfect fit and quality, the name says it all, for it has presented itself before you, This paragon kids set was built with the touch of perfection, ensuring your kids gets the feel of what it means to play like a pro

You cant beat this one, its set of designers came up with one of the most outstanding club combination to suit every kids needs, made up of five essential club combination for your children with a durable charming bag that your kids will fall in love with


Made of quality

Perfect colour combination

Lightweight and appropriate height

Bag comes with rain hood

Extreme forgiveness

High MOI


Someone complained of broken bag out of the box

Precise M7 Junior Complete Golf Club Set

left handed club, kids left handed clubAll hail the Precise M7 Junior Complete Golf Club set for its utmost forgiveness, it does have a lightweight club head with extra loft which is why it well recommended for kids for easier, quicker and faster launching into the air

This club is coated and made with a stainless steel club head which makes it to last longer and avoid rusting, worry no more if you seek the best golf club for your kid that is left handed for this is the right choice for you

With this club, kids will do more putt, drive more distance, launch higher and more accurate distance, hit with ease and get the best of result

It does come with a lightweight junior stand bag with back strap shoulder, the proven technology behind this club is to notch and with your kids are destined for greatness on course


Well balanced and weight

Very forgiving

Built to last and resistant to rusting

Easy to use

High MOI for better exceptional accuracy


A little expensive


Today’s golfing world offers great and amazing golf club for kids both male and female, it hasn’t used to be so and now there are assorted collection of great golf club for both male and females

Due to the massive production of more and more unisex club, selecting the best unisex club becomes more daunting and difficult now than ever, Looking for the best unisex golf club set for kids, this listed above are the best unisex golf club for kids in 2020








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