In the end you should become familiar with the list of senior golfers different types of club and their uses

Golf club are of different kind and each having its own specificied use

What You Must Consider Before Ever Buying A Club

When buying a club, what you should ask yourself is what would i be needing a club for or better still why do i want a club?

The moment you profer an answer to this difficult question then the solution begins

Yea, its actually a difficult question because most people don’t know why the are out there buying another club

Couple of times you hear some golfers say, its been over six months since i last used that club, this statement was born out of the nedlessness to buy a club

You don’t just buy a golf club, because every one is doing that, you buy a golf club(s) because you need it

club are meant to help solve a particular challenge you might be having, golfing

Every right thinking golfer does not just buy a club, they do that with a purpose and not simply for fun, buy a club because you will be needing it and as for fun you can make that a secondary

No two types of club have exactly the same function, though they might have similar functionalities and some have multiple function but they can never be the same

Every club has its own purpose for which it was made,

some were constructed with a primary purpose that your chipping might be made easy,

some were made that your ball might travel longer distances,

some where made that you might easily putt the ball inside the hole from short range distances,

some were made that your loft might be higher

Identify your weaknesses and look for a complimentary club, for instance someone wanting his ball to go much higher on a hit, will have to compromise distance over launch angle and vice versal

Someone who wants an extremely forgiving club will look for club with larger heads and lower CG’s

This means you will be needing a high lofted club to help you achieve that and for longer distance with faster speed ball travel you will be needing a low lofted club

The need for a specific club is depended on the situation that warrants its use

In the game of golf, there are several clubs with different uses, these clubs and their uses are listed below


What Are The List  Of Different Golf Clubs For seniors And Their Uses

One of the common physical distinguishing factor of clubs is the head size and shape, the length of the shaft and the loft, these differences in physical build up is to help serve to  the optimum a particular/specified purpose


  • Woods

Woods have the longest shaft and larger rounded head in comparism to any other club type, a wood typical design intent is to be used to hit longer distance than any other club

They are known as “Wood” because they were originally made of wood although now made of metal heads but it still retains its original name “Wood” since that is where it evolved from

Golf club woods include Driver or 1 wood, 2-wood, 3-wood and 4-wood

Woods generally fall into two categories_Driver or 1 -wood, the other_2-wood, 3-wood and 4-wood fall under fairway wood, but the most common type of fairway wood is the 3-wood and 5-wood


Types of Wood

  • Driver

The Driver or 1-wood is usually the longest club in a golf set, and is used to hit for long range distance as mentioned earlier

Commonly made of light weight titanium so as to avoid becoming too heavy

The primary objective of a driver  is to drive your ball “FARTHER” than any other club will do, maybe that’s where the name “driver” was coined from

A driver compromises loft range over distance and is always the first club to hit, off the teeing ground(golf club start up)

The term tee and teeing are synonyms, the teeing ground is the point where the game of golf begins

The tee is a small piece of equipment used to raise the golf ball out of the ground when you play the first stroke of a hole from the teeing ground, it looks like a peg, usually two to three inches in height

The driver also known as the 1 wood is used to start of the tee, it is structured in a way that it encourages longer distance ball travel even on the slightest swing hit at any given point in time

According to research a typical golf club for men have an average distance travel of 230 yard and for women 200 yards

No club beat this distance statistics, the one that comes closer is the 3 wood which travels 210 yard for men_as an average and 180 as an average for women

  • A typical driver has a loft angle of 8-11 degree
  • Average distance ball travel of 230-250 yard
  • Accuracy: not the best but good

  • Fairway Wood

Woods with higher numbers are usually fairway woods, its name depicts what it is used for

“Fairway” woods are woods designed for off turf shots from the fairway still requiring long distance

For example the shots(second shot) of a par 5 or par 4 long hole

The distinguishing factor between a driver(wood) and a fairway(wood) is that the fairway is used to hit long distance but from a hazard or obstacle,

A fairway wood has a higher loft for easibility in lifting the ball out of the turf and over low obstacles, it is also designes to have a shallow face height, allowing golfer hit using the middle of the club


  • Putter

When you hear the word “putter” it should tell you something, “Putting” a Putter which used for putting the ball into the hole is the most precise aspect of golf club

It is so seen that way because that’s the reason you ever step out to go play golf, putting is the primary objective of golf, after the struggles and challange all you want to see is the ball go as many times as possible into the hole

The word Putter suggest to putt, a Putter is a club used to putt the golf ball into the hole from a short distance range

A putter was designed for relatively short and low speed strokes with the intent of getting the ball into the hole

Without a putter, it becomes more difficult for the ball to get into the hole

The structure of a putter was designed in a way that is usually not perpendicular to the ground

The small amount of loft in a putter is to simply enable it lift the ball easily out of any depression

The loft of a Putter falls between the range of 5_6 deg

A Putter has a very distinguishing feautres not common to other club type

It is the only club without a grip that is not perfectly rounded

It is also the only club with a bent shaft, toward the mounting area of the club head where the shaft is bent to, for an increase in stability and accuracy


  • Wedges

Wedges are further classified, there are different types of golf wedge, namely

Gap wedge

 Gap wedge_ also known as an all wedge is used to hit a short with higher and shorter trajectory than a Pitching wedge

Lob Wedge

Top 7 Best lob wedge reviews_2018 editionLob wedge also known as a lofted wedge or L_wedge, it is the shortest hitting club in the game of golf and provide the most loft on shots

Customized specifically to produce shots with a very high arc, “lob wedge” its name suggest that, these wedge are commonly used in times of challange, when there are obstacles such as tree, water or bunker which tries to obstruct the ball

The lob wedge is like a saviour to the golf ball on tetms of anything “hazard” it high arch launching capability makes the ball fly high over obstacle

Pitching wedge

A Pitching Wedge  is used to hit higher and shorter trajectory than a 9 iron and lower and longer trajectory than a gap wedge

Sand wedge

A The best sand wedge/7 top picks_2018 sand wedge also known as sand iron is type of club, open faced used for getting out of sand

Its name suggest, its functional values, “Sand wedge” for getting out of sand, it sole is the widest when compared to any for a bigger better bounce


  • Iron

Iron when compared by physique, it does have shorter shaft and smaller club heads than wood

The head of an iron club is made of a steel or solid iron, looking at the head it has an appearance of large, flat and angles face commonly scored with grooves

Irons are diversified in term of useability, such situation that involves the use of an iron is the fairway or rough as players get closer to the green

It can also be used to extract the ball from hazard like the bunker and trees

They are usually the most common set of club in a golf bag

A wedge though falls into the family of iron in general but they do have more higher loft than the numbered iron and so that is the reason they are classifed differently


  • Hybrid

The term “hybrid” means to merge. When you merge to seperate thing to become one, that is “hybrid” of whatsoevee it might be

In golf sport a hybrid club is simply referred to as a club created through the merging of iron and wood together

Hybrid are one of the most important club in golf sport, because of it dual exhibition nature

It does have the ability to function like an iron and a wood all at the same time, this is why it is know as “rescue club”

Hybrid simply put is the mixture of two different species to five you one single specie with dual functionalities, characteristics and trait for the best of forgiveness, accuracy and stability

The hybrid golf club is meant to be a balancing point between the iron and wood, this make them much more expensive than any other single club

When you think a hybrid club, think a club which can display the trait and characteristics of both an iron and a wood club type


This is the list of different kind of senior  golf clubs and their uses

In the game of golf, there are different kind of club for seniors and each having its own specific use and purpose for which it was made

Looking for the best list of the different types of golf clubs, here is the list

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