In the end, you should be able to review the Mizuno T20 Golf Wedge

Todays golfing offers the best on sale Golf Wedge and one of such is no other than the one brand Mizuno has in offer

In this blog post of today, we are going to be giving you reviews on the Mizuno T20 Golf Wedge, the Mizuno being a well known and excellent brand made famous for its quality and classic golf iron

Have many great wedges to its name and 0ne of such is the T20 Wedge being reviewed in our post today, the T20 is an unspectacular wedge option even though it does have an average spin but very consistent which is what matters the most

In this reviews you will find out why the Mizuno T20 is so unique, this uniqueness boils down right from the look, sound, and feel plus performance

Having highlighted these differences we are going to treat them one after the other



Reviews Mizuno T20 Golf Wedge

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The Mizuno T20 offers an exceptionally classical look full of attraction and splendor, this means your colleagues will become wedge envy as you use them on course

This wedge is available in different color options which include a traditional satin chrome, Raw and very beautifully and eye-catchy blue ion

And you will never go wrong with them as the blue ion is awful, this iron when it comes to shaping, they are well-shaped for ease in propelling the ball

Being quite straight and compact, it does have a boxy toe a bit, it would have been much more classic had it been the loft is one the sole and the running bird logo the back of the wedge

Feel And Sound

The Feel and Sound you get from using the T20 Mizuno is surely out of this world, its feel will be highly dependent on your swing force

For shorts about 50 yards which is regarded as shorter shots, the ball will usually feel heavy and firm off the surface

For it to be more clicky at impact you will have to apply more force you will notice that instead of the ball sitting on the face it would rather jump off as quick and spontaneous as possible



The most common reason for most golfers purchasing a new wedge is so that they can get more spin, the Mizuno T20 offers exceptional spin which is consistent even though they aren’t very high, in comparison to other offerings currently available, the T20 spin is an average to slightly average spin

However, it is a plus worth noting that this wedge offers one with consistency which makes them very well appreciated and valued by many

This is a pure blade wedge and does not offer forgiveness like the OEMs, it will usually fall off-target when mishot

This wedge from Mizuno is designed with ”Bounce Specific Sole Grind, this helps each sole to easily and quickly match the amount of bounce it does have

For a skilled player on testing, it was discovered that the sole is highly versatile and very favorable for them and this is usually the opposite for higher handicap or less experienced golfer due to creativity which it involves which the beginner or amateur have not mastered

The Suryln- Shredding Spin rate is great but what makes golfers true master of their game wedge game is no other than consistency which has been emphasized greatly in this post

With this came the introduction of the Hydroflow Microgroove on the T20 wedge and this makes no difference in its performance whether in a wet or dry condition as they perform significantly well


What The T20 Stand For And Its Overview

T20 Golf Blade Wedge

The T20 acronym for this wedge stands for ”Teardrop”, this golf wedge signals a bit of reorganization, this better player wedge has been released with the MP Product in the same year being 2020

As said earlier the T stands for Teardrop of which perfectly and accurately describes the shape of the head of the club

Which makes it blends itself nicely with the MP 20 Iron range, the biggest and most unique innovation which makes this wedge a unicorn is the Hydroflow Micro Groove

This is a Forged Wedge which is made of carbon steel and manufactured in Japan, the Mizuno is well known with the slogan, ”Nothing feels like the Mizuno”

To help force water or humidity off the surface this wedge is designed with a series of grooves that are vertically designed of which helps keep spin rate in maintenance

When it comes to forgiving process, Mizuno is well renowned and known for that, higher up in the club more weight has been focused through what is called the ”Spin Weighing Technology” and this helps in producing greater forgiveness and more spin on off-center shots but most importantly with great consistency


Spec, Mizuno T20 Wedge

Reviews Mizuno T20 Golf Wedge

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  • Brand: Mizuno
  • Loft: Wedge
  • Grip: Rubberized
  • Flex: Wedge
  • Orientation: Right-handed
  • Weight: 132
  • Style Name: 46 degree, 6-degree bounce
  • Material: Blend


Mizuno T2o Golf Wedge, Its Pros

  • Fantastic and attractive look
  • Laser-etched microscopic groove so that water can be channeled away for a maximum spin in all conditions whether wet or dry
  • High placed weight and discreetly so that spin is increased with vertical stability
  • Precise CNC Milled groove
  • Variable finish option to choose from
  • Great for improving your short game
  • Vast degree and lofting
  • Available for both hand orientation

Mizuno T20 Wedge, It’s Cons

  • Not aggressively forgiving so might not be the best fit for beginners


Is This A Full Club With Grip?

The Mizuno T20 Wedge is a Full Club with Grip


How Many Grind Do Mizuno Offer

Brand Mizuno Offers 3 Grind options for their wedges, one being the Standard, M & C, and the loft and bounce is well determined by the Grind


What Is The Best Wedge Combination?

When making a choice on your wedge for golf, you should bear this in mind that there are different types of wedge available for sell in the market today

Each of this wedge is well suited for a particular condition or situation, as an example, the Sand Wedge just as its name suggest is designed so that you can easily and quickly hit your ball out of the sand

Looking for a great Sand Wedge, For Great Sand Wedge Please refer Here: Best Sand Wedge on Sale

A whole lot of golfer finds it a great challenge and often as the question on what is the best wedge combination or which wedge combination is right to carry

It’s really an issue of choice or preference, while some prefer a 3 wedge others are comfortable with a 4 wedge, as instance lets assume you have a 3 wedge with a pitching wedge of degree 46

Its most likely and probably you will like a 50 or 52 and a 56 and 58 so that yardage can be kept close, and on the other hand in the assumption that you decide to go for the 4 wedge with a PW of 46 then you should be ok with a 50 or 52, 54 or 56 and a 60

Check of the Mizuno wedge reviewed video above.

Types Of Golf Wedge

When choosing or making a choice on your wedge for golf, you will be met with four option, this four wedge options include

Gap Wedge, Sand Wedge, Pitching Wedge and last but not the list Lob wedge, each of these different types of wedge does have varying loft options and as a result, they serve different purposes

Many times golfers are fond of calling wedge by their degree of loft instead of by its name, in order to have a precise and clear understanding of the subject of wedge you must well understand loft

Having said this we take into consideration the different types of wedge available in golfing

  • Gap Wedge

Just as its name suggests, this wedge type feel in the gap between the Sand Wedge and Pitching Wedge, they usually have the second-lowest loft falling between 46 and 54 degree.

This wedge type is great if you want to cover the distance of 90 to 110 roughly, Wedges, any of them unlike Driver or Wood is used to achieve particular yardage.

When it comes to approaching the green, Wedges are very useful and cannot be neglected,

Gap Wedge also known as ”approach wedge” is designed so that it hits a short with a higher and shorter trajectory in comparison to a Pitching Wedge and on the other hand longer and lower trajectory than a Sand Wedge


  • Sand Wedge

The Sand Wedge just as its name suggest is designed for hitting out of the bunker/sand, when your ball gets into the sand, the Sand wedge is used to hit out of the Sand

They are designed with a higher loft so that you can easily and quickly hit out of the bunker, this is why they usually have a loft of between 54 to 58 deg

Covering a distance of 80 to 100 yardage, this is usually the shorter club than a y other club type and this enables the ball to spin

For Sand Wedge please refer here: Best Sand Wedge for better game Improvement

  • Lob Wedge

Lob Wedge which is also referred to as ”Lofted Wedge”, and designed so that it produces the most loft than any other wedge type

There are a lot of Lob Wedges you can choose from in today’s market, for Lob Wedge please refer here 7 Best Lob Wedges Review

If you are looking for a wedge that is useful around the green then you should be considering the Lob Wedge, Lob Wedge does have a loft deg of between 60 to 65 and they are great if you have a distance of 80 yards to cover

If you want to get up and down from the green, rough, or fairway then this would be a great club to help you achieve that

This Wedge type does help in the production of very high arch shots and due to its high arch they are used for shots over hazard and obstructions

The Lob Wedge is quite new in the market as they are one of the newest addition to the collection of recent or modern clubs

As a perfect example, the Mizuno T20 Wedge on review is a Lob Wedge type

  • Pitching Wedge

Pitching Wedge of all the loft has the least and this mechanism makes them travel the longest and father distance when used to strike a golf ball

Pitching Wedge fall between the loft of 44 and 50 deg, if you are trying to hit the green then the Pitching Wedge is the best investment

Pitching Wedge covers distance as far as 110 to 140 yardage,


Things To Consider When Making A Choice On Your Golf Wedge

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When making a choice on your wedge for golf there are certain criteria that must be considered so as to avoid making the wrong club selection anytime any day

When making a choice on your wedge here are some of the things you should be putting into consideration

Wedge covers a wide range of loft from about 40 deg to 60 and they are often referred to as ”Scoring club”, for your wedge to play a lot of shot it requires for them to be versatile

  • Pricing

While there are a countless number of wedges to choose from, they are however available at varying prices, while some are quite affordable some can be expensive

But it always best to go for quality and that is directly related to the amount of money you are willing to dish out, an excellent golf wedge will cost around $100 and above.

  • Number Of Wedges

While there are many types of Wedges available in the market some golfers like to make combinations, for the most part, golfers carry between 2 and 4 wedges in their bag

  • Gapping And Loft

The number of Wedges you decide to pick will have a direct impact on lofting and gapping, for example, let’s say you decide to stick to a Pitching Wedge then all you do is simply work out the loft of your next wedge which will usually be a gap Wedge

Too big Gap has no doubt been created if you have changed your Iron and have not changed your Wedge

  • Bounce

When Club is grounded neutrally, the angle which is created between the lowest part of the sole and the leading edge is what is well-referred to as bounce

This is as important as loft itself even when considered properly it is even more important, 4 to 6 deg means a low bounce and this is well suited for firm condition as the leading edge is situated very close to the ground

And for a high bounce, you should be considering roughly 10 to 14 deg and this is best suited for lusher conditions, if you are a player who digs a little more it also great

And for Mid Bounce they are best suited for normalized turf condition as they are fairly versatile, it will be great and highly advisable that you have varying bounces available at your disposal and this is because there are many courses we play at where we are presented with varying turf

  • Finish

It is a well known and recognized adage which says,” Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder like our life is in the hand of Jehovah”

When it comes to how your wedge looks are largely due to preferences and choice, the most well-known tour finish which is well accepted is the tour satin or black color


Do Shaft Matters On Wedge

Only when you want to hit the ball near the pin do shaft matter, shaft is very important due to the fact that it does help to produce more consistency, higher spinner, and tighter dispersion regardless of abilities


Are Mizuno Wedges Good?

When it comes to the act of Forgiving the Mizuno brand is well renowned and this is no exception, Nothing feels like the Mizuno as they are known to produce one of the best Golf Iron in today’s golf market



The Mizuno T20 is a great wedge to invest in if you are looking for a Golf Wedge which offers unmatched consistency. this Wedge offers everything you will be needing for maximum game improvement

T20 Wedge does come with a Hydro Flow Micro Groove so that moisture is easily channeled away so that even in wet condition you are assured of maximum spin

How about the Grain Forged HD for grain density increase for consistency, solid feel, and soft feel on every single hit

You are assured of an increased spin and stability brought about by the weight which is placed high and discreetly


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