In the end you should be able to identify the most comfortable and durable golf shoes for wide feet in 2018

Everyone loves comfortable no one love to entangle themselves with uncomfortability, as it is in everything so it is in our foot wears, how about durability? oh, yes! we all want to identify with anything that will serve us for a long time, as it is in everything so it is in our foot wears

Golf shoes has become an important consideration which ensures improved and better accuracy in golf games

Without a proper golf shoe I bet you will not be getting the best out of your swing, your shoes determine how well or bad your game will appear and so it’s of great importance than one considers greatly the shoe specimen they use while golfing

Our top 10 shoes picks are designed with comfort and durability with the aim of helping you perform better on course

These shoe picks are specifically designed for comfortabilty and durability and for wide feet golfers

What Are The Most Comfortable And Durable Golf Shoes For Wide Feet?

When playing golf you need a comfortable and durable shoe whether you have a wide feet or narrow feet

Comfort-ability means better playability, if you aren’t comfortable with a golf shoe then you get hindered from doing the best out of your swing,

This shoes have undergone different test protocol and so with minute accuracy we present to you the top 10 most comfortable and durable golf shoe for wide feet in 2018

How about durability, what does it mean? durability simply means the ability to withstand wear, pressure and tear, this golf shoe in this article are not just comfortable but highly durable as well, if a shoe is comfortable it does make much sense if it is durable as well

Comfortability alone means nothing if an item isn’t durable so enough time have been dedicated to figuring out this durable shoe cloned in comfortability and durability to help you get the best out of your every game

  • Skechers Performance Go Golf Blade Golf Shoe(Best Flexible And Quality)

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Features a rubberized sole to withstand wet conditions and a removable insole for better maintenance

What an amazing pair of golf shoe for anyone, they a very durable with great breathability

One amazing fact about this shoe is that it is lightweight and very durable with a well grounded gripping system because of the molded spike that is all over the shoe

This is an amazing pair of golf shoe with very soft spikes, it is one of the best choice you can ever make as a person with wide feet

Skechers performance, go golf blade nice and captivating look and a great lacing system your every needs

You will love this shoes, for it ensures your legs is not too loose or tight and you will get all the ventilation that is needed to keep your leg healthy and comfortable

Looking for a durable shoe?look no further both durability and comfortability this shoe offers


Soft spikes

Nice and captivating

Great lacing system

Light weight and highly breathable

Removable insole with a classic gripability system

Cost effective

It is durable due to waterproof

Specially designed for wide feet golfers


Might not be the best for people with high arch


  • Adidas Golf Men Tour 360(Best Quality And Solid)

Comfortable shoe, golf shoe, wide feet, wide feet shoe, durable and comfortable

Rubberized sole gives the Adidas Golf Men’s Tour all the traction and flexibilty it needs to keep you wide feet comfortable and happy

With the rubberized sole you will never be afraid to work on moisture or wet conditions, this rubber sole prevents water from wetting shoes

The Tour 360 boost gives you optimum performance, it also gives you an incredible cushioning to make your feet pleasant and comfortable from it full length midsole foam

For improved stability and grip where most needed, there is a 10 cleat pure motion of dual density and a TPU outsole with cenTraxion and Thintech cleats


As for independent flexibility and control between heel and forefoot the new TORSION TUNNEL makes that possible

This shoe will not disappoint you, it’s a promise, it is a great recommendation for people with Planters flashiatious


Its upper is made of water-proof

Excellent blend of comfort traction and weight

Highly fexible and breathable

Specially designed for wide feet golfers

Great lacing system to lock up your leg firmly onto shoe


Limited stock

Not for narrow feet golfers


  • Adidas Men’s Tour 360 EQT Boa Golf Shoe(Best Comfortable And Fit)

Wide footed, golf shoe, comfortable golf shoe, comfortable shoe, wide footed shoe, durable and comfortable

The Torson Tunnel provides independent flexibility and control and you can beat it

The new TPU top plate raps higher in the saddle and heel thus givibg you an increament in stability and unmatched performance

The full length boost midsole gives you unrivaled cushioning plus energy at the great

You will love the custom fit with the Boa device, leather is soft and very breathable

It world clasd breathability keeps your feet dry and warm all the time

And the 2 year warranty is something worth going crazy for,

Tour 360 EQT fits just fine, looks great and is glaring and did i forget to include comfortability and durability?

Oh yes! They are the best durable and comfortable golf shoe for wide feet one might simply get in the market

I am very sure, this is what you are looking for and


For wide feet

Extremely flexible

Removeable insole for better and improved mainteinance

Breathable and rubberized sole

Comfortable and light

Multi-purpose shoe

Durable and light

Good for the price


For some people, it runs a little long at the toe area


  • Adidas Men’s Tour 360 Knit Golf Shoe(Best Quality And Flexible)

Wide feet shoes, comfortable shoes, durable and comfortable, golf shoes

If you do not want comfortable golf shoe which is highly durable then do not buy this shoe

This shoe depicts comfortability and durability and anything less it is not the Men’d Tour 360 Knit

However if you love comfort, durability, flexibility and extremely sturdy golf shoe with un-rivaled gripability then this is the number one shoe picks for you

The Torson Tunnel takes cares of flexibility and control related issues

It is a “test and see” shoe, use it and for sure you will write to me thanking me for this

This shoe have a water resistance technology with a soft comfortable feel and this means great durability on the long run

A technology known as TPU top plate helps to increase stability and performance

Just one use of this comfortable and durable shoe for wide feet and in a hearth beat you will always want to buy repeatedly


Rubberized sole

Flexible and offers great comfort

Well ventilated

Great laxing system

Increased stability and performance

For wide footed golfers

Durable and light-weight


Not for narrow feet

A little bit expensive but worth more than the price


  • Ecco Women Biom Hybrid Golf Shoe(Best Solid And Quality)

Wide feet shoe, most comfortable shoe, comfortable for wide feet, most comfortable, durable

Do not mess with the Ecco, i repeat do not, Ecco has been one of the few golf shoe known greatly for comfortability and durability

As a matter of fact you will not be telling the truth if the “Ecco’s”(shoes) are missing out in the most comfortable and durability topic relating to shoes

Great lasting shoe with extra ordinary cushioning(comfortability)lacing system and flexibility for wider footed golfers

This “Ecco” is a go, go shoe for eveyone with wide feet and looking for a comfortable golf shoe

Weather resistance, naturallt soft, breathable and strong yak leather which is treated with hydromax and an anti stain formulae from superb protection

Try out this shoe ans there will be no cause for regret, no, not at all

Made of leather and of a synthetic sole, all the uncomfortability you have ever suffered will be a thing of the past as you get this shoe for yourself or probably for someone


Breathable and very well flexible

Comfortable and moderately light

Multi-purpose shoe

Great lacing technology which ensures a tight feet

For wide footed and moderately narrow footed golfers

Rubberized sole and water resistance

Durable and sturdy


A little expensive

Preferably for wide footed people


  • Ecco Men’s Biom Hybrid 3 Gortex Golf Shoe(Best Solid And Comfortable)

Wide feet shoe, wide feet comfortable, durable, top most comfortable, golf shoe, widd feet golfers

Exceptionally fitted for the player looking for comfortable and sporty golf shoe

This shoe is a classic and is great for wide footed golfers, most importantly aside comfort it is extremely durable, meaning you will not be getting another too soon as a result of quick spoilt

It does have a directely injected PU Stablizer which helps support the heel and foot during swinging

Biom hybrid 3 Gortex is indeed built to last, the Gortex waterproof technology combines optimized breathability and protection against element

The natural motion of the Biom brings player to the ground using an anatomical last

It is hundred percent waterproof and its gripability system is one of the best in present

The innovative outsole of the hybrid 3 Gortex is divided into three_one for durability, one for stability and one for rotation


Light weight and extremely durable

Gortex technology makes it highly breathable and comfortable

Great lacing system which ensures you feet are properly locked in the shoes, they run true to size and you will love them

Made of synthetic sole

Water proof

Boa closure system for effective closure and adjustment

Classic cushioning with UN-matched balance

Quick delivery


Limited stock

Specifically for wide footed golfers and narrowly average footed golfer but certainly not for people with narrow foot


  • Ecco Women’s Biom Hybrid 2 Golf Shoe(Best Fit And Comfortable)

Shoe for wide feet, wide feet shoes, most comfortable, comfortable golf shoe, wide feet

Biom simply meaning Bio-mechanical Optimization this does simply mean that the technology in this shoe enhances the foot ability to move more naturally and freely

The low to the ground kind of construction pattern allows the foot to react naturally to the ground this in turn improves stability ratio, the anatomically shaped in lay sole with light weight cushioning foam gives you incredible level of comfort such that you’ve never known with any shoe

Even on an uneven terrain the Biom hybrid 2 Golf shoe gives you an enhanced feel, the “M” in size simply means medium size

This shoe is of great quality and comfortable to the extreme, right inside the insole there is a silicon circle which prevents foot movement inside shoes

If you have always got sore when you golfed, this shoe technology will bring that to an end because of it’s Biom technology which ensures you foot are safe and properly locked up

Talk stability, flexibility, durability it is all available with the Ecco Women Biom Hybrid 2 Golf Shoe


Highly flexible and durable

Very stable with exceptionally grip technology

Multi-purpose in nature

Top notch lacing system to keep your feet firm

Highly ventilated mesh

Unmatched comfort


Specifically for wide footed golfers

Limited in stock


  • Adidas Men Adipower 4orged S Golf Shoes(Best Fit And Quality)

Wide feet shoe, comfortable golf shoe, durable and comfortable, most comfortable shoe, shoe for wide feet

With this shoe, “Adidas Adipower 4orged”, your days of uncomfortablility and quick spoil “shoes” is over

Enjoy a whole new level of comfortability and durability that you have never experienced all with this shoe

Great for wide footed individuals looking for best quality and comfortable shoe

Highly breathable and is water repellent, they are light weight ti aid better comfort and fit with a boost midsole that offers responsive cushioning on every swing

It is a “go, go” shoe for any who knows quality and highly flexible shoe, if you don’t need them, try presenting it as a gift to someone who knows quality and watch the most amazing thank that you’ve never seen being offered to you

Just a suggestion though, give it a try and let me know how well it feels, it certainly great and it’s a bet you will love it


Rubberizes sole for long last

Forged micro fibre leather and textile upper

Pure motion spikeless outsole

Extremely flexible and durable

Well ventilated

Balanced with UN-matched grip technology

Easy to use

Attractive and glaring


No reviews yet


  • Puma Men’s Tt Ignite Premium Disc Golf Shoe(Best Quality And Balanced)

Golf shoe, comfortable and durable, shoes for wide feet, wide feet shoes

You will love the Puma Men’s Tt Ignite Premium Disc because of it’s revolutionary and proprietary new foam which provides great energy return, responsive comfort, stable cushioning and super step in comfort

The fast, easy and consistent feel brings comfort to a new whole level such that you’ve not known about

This is the best golf shoe you have aver had that will fit perfectly and extremely comfortably

You will be boomed because they look awesome, its waterproof leather is excellent in wet conditions

The disc system in this golf shoe is a system that allows for an exact lace adjustment for comfort and stability

Th Puma Men’s Tt Ignite was built to last, it does have an unmatched cushioning coupled with well constructed breathable mesh to keep your legs warm, happy and dry


Well breathable

Specially for wide footed golfers

Sturdy and stable

Comfortable and stylish

Durable and light

Great lacing technology


Limited edition

Sometimes runs a little small


  • Adidas Men’s Climaproof BOA Golf Shoe(Best Study And Solid)

Wide footed shoe, for wide feet, golf shoes, shoe, most comfortable shoe

Very well built and you can be used to golf in rain, they are extremely comfortable on feet

The mechanism/ button which tightens and looses the laces are extremely strong, durable and stunning

You will love this shoe, especially those who wouldn’t mind golfing in rain

This golf shoe is highly recommended for golfers who love durability and quality, you will be amazed and would want to do a repeated purchase of this shoe, tested and proven

Hip hip hip hurry, your days of fear of golfing in the rain due to the anxiety of your shoes getting spoilt is over for with the Adidas Men’s Climaproof BOA you can confidently and comfortably golf in the rain

Absolute cushioning for comfortability, classical lacing for technology for foot stability and un matched breathable mesh for enough ventilation to help keep your feet dry and warm, this shoe depicts perfection and the smartest choice for wide footed golfers


Extremely durable and sturdy

Comfortable and light

Mulit-purpose golf shoe

For wide footed golfers

Highly breathable mesh for feet comfort

Attractive and stunning


Limited stock

Specifically recommended for wide footed golfers

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