In the end you should be well able to differentiate between a golf sport blade putter and golf sport mallet putter and then be well conversant with the top 10 picks of the most wanted golf blade putter club for women in 2020

Golf sport gives you a choice to choose from blade or mallet Putter(Club) but firstly before rushing into the clear and precise explanation on this two different types of golf putter clubs we must first get acquainted with the term Putter club as relating to golf sport

What is a golf Putter? In golf sport a Putter is simply a club in a set of club(usually 13 to 14) used to do a putt

I here someone saying what does a putt mean? not to worry, it will be properly explained

A putt is the process of using the club called putter which is specially designed to hit the golf ball softly inside the hole when the golf ball get’s well closer to the golf hole to hit the ball so that the ball get inside the hole

A putter is used to push the golf ball slightly and not with force into the golf hole, it is usually the last club to be used in a round of golf after finally getting closer to the hole

So therefore it is one of the most important club in your set and because of this reason you have to choose carefully to avoid making the wrong choice

As a golfer, no matter how good you are everyone wants to see a final result and your putter determines the finale result, I bet you if you have a bad putter than be rest assured that your putt is going to be bad


How does it sound after using your Club_driver, wedges, irons and finally all your effort becomes simply because you do not have a good putter to help you get finally into the hole


And so for this reason you must choose wisely and carefully, having been cured on the ignorant on what a putter club is, it’s high time we get to explain the two types of putter club as regarding the game of golf

Selecting a putter for your game provides you with a number of options, some started golfing with a mallet putter, others started golfing with a blade putter without being aware of the differences 

This article will present the differences, you will see the differences boldly winking at you 

Finding the best putter for your game shouldn’t be so complicated, but with an overwhelming amount of choices in the putting world one might easily get confused

What are the differences between a Blade Putter and a Mallet Putter club

Blade Putter club: The name, ”Blade” can easily make one discern what the feautres of this putter might look like

Ok, to make thing much easier, A blade putter club is much more simplistic in design, this putter style get’s it’s name from it’s straight, blade style club head with narrow body 

Blade style putter are usually heavily toe weighed with the shaft connecting with the club head at the heel of the blade and sometimes closer to the blade center 

This weighed kind of distribution makes the blade putter well suited for people with an arch stroke

Mallet Putter club : A mallet Putter is well known for it’s elaborate design and large club heads, though the head of the mallet and blade are similar but one thing must be noted with minute accuracy, ”Mallet putter do have larger heads in comparison to blade putter”

And the mallet putter heads comes in different shapes and design, the mallet putter is more weighed at the club face but since it does have an extended club head this weight can be easily adjusted to other parts of the club

The difference in weight distribution gives you a different feel when using a mallet putter as compared to a blade putter, mallet putter due to it’s larger it does have a larger sweet spot as well in comparison to blade style putter

In this article we will be focusing on the most wanted blade putter for women today, this our picks are the most wanted because they are lightweight, easy to use and very forgiving

What are the most wanted golf blade putter clubs for women in 2020

As portrayed earlier, Putter is one of the most important club you will be needing since they determine your final result

As a matter of fact according to statistics, Putters are the most manufactured club in all the clubs used for golfing

Here are the most wanted blade putter for women in the year 2020

Ray Cook Golf-Ladies RC PT 02 Putter(best for the money)

With the Ray Cook Golf-Ladies RC PT 02 Putter you are assured of a consistent improved putt and a better roll

putter club, most wanted, women blade puttrThis blade putter was designed to meet the woman’s own body specification

The new Ray Cook Ladies Putter has everything going for it, it does have a beautiful look and fabulous feel all geared to giving you an unforgettable and un-regrettable  experience

The Ray cook has over 200 tour wins and all four major , thanks to it’s Engineers who payed rapt attention to details all in an effort to present to you a putter un-matched

The Ray cook feautres a premium cast head, heel toe weighed for better balance and a rare feel

The unique vibrant colour scheme is one of a kind with a glaring look and classic finishing and in a grand style

One beauty about this putter club, despite how great at efficiency is that it is in expensive, very durable and easy to use

It does come with a beautifully and well designed head cover to help prevent your putter from getting dented

They are relatively lightweight putter and so easy to control, you can putt the ball exactly the spot you want


Consistent and improved ball roll

Durable and easy

Comes with a matching head cover

Very affordable

Aggressively forgiving

Classic and appealing look

Fabulous feel and pleasant sound at impact

Multiple award winner


Might take sometimes getting used to




Odyssey Hot Pro 2.0 Putter(most valued)

The Odyssey Hot Pro 2.0 Putter is one un-matched, for you days of a bad rolls are over, this putter gives you great edge over many other putter

Since it does have an improved and not just improved but consistent roll to help spice up your golf game

They are made from high end material which makes them well durable and a great pick for any lady looking for a blade putter to last her very long

The improved feel as you do a hit is one un-compromised, you get an exceptional pleasant feel and crispy sound that you will absolutely love

They are well forgiving and will help at it’s optimum best to correct your swing due to it’s strategically place sweet-spot

New and improved White Hot Pro insert is highly engineered for more consistent sound, feel and performance across the striking surface

How about the tour proven and inspired shape that is geared towards a more consistent sound, feel and performance across the striking surface


Brushed steel finish for a more appealing look


Lightweight and balanced

High MOI

Improved and consistent roll


Take a little time getting used to



PRGR Silver Blade HV Putter

Excellent in rolling straight, the PRGR Silver Blade HV Putter is a great pick for women looking for optimum forgiveness on a hit

Silver-Blade HV has a head weight of 400 grams, which is heavier than regular putters all with the intent of creating which excels in holding a straight line and making the ball roll cleanly

The stainless section on the face reaches to the lower part, so that loss on rolling is minimized

It does have a wide balance thus making it much easier for players to be targeted at audience

They do have a pleasant feel and are well balanced and built to last, you will love them

They are designed to feel great and perform better, the putters have multiple density areas in the micro-injection face insert and an alignment aid for accurate putts

The great bounce even make it more classy, the alignment is great and they are well forgiving


Durable and lightweight

Soft feel and classic looking

Improved roll and consistency

High MOI

Very affordable


A little bit difficult to get used to




TaylorMade Big Red Daytona Putter(best for maximum feedback and control)

putter club, most wanted, blade putter, women's putterEffortless alignment beautiful finish, Over-sized heads increase stability at impact, keeping you more on line and into the hole more often

And the vertical, Deep-milled insert allows for better ball gripping for improved roll, sound, and feel

This putter comes with a head cover and is made from high quality architecture and engineering so they are well durable

They are very forgiving and well easy to use, If you are searching for a nice name brand putter and a SuperStoke grip, this is a good deal for you

The grip are not too slick so they are very good offering the best of feel at impact


Price friendly

Very forgiving

Classic and appealing look

Durable and easy

One year guarantee

High MOI


A little heavy




Odyssey 2018 Black O-Works(great for beginners)

The Odyssey 2018 Black O-Works Putter is a unisex golf sport blade putter club, it will suit your playing style be you a man or a woman

This blade putter club is built to last with one of the best versa alignment to help aid you do a more better and improved putt

The new micro hinge face insert offers unmatched roll, the new tour proven head shape is geared towards suiting a wide range of player profiles

They have a very classic and stunning appearance and are highly durable to the core

It does have two grip options, Grip option 1 is a Superstroke Slim 2.0 with counter core technology

Grip option 2 is Winn AVS Mid-Size Pistol, this two grip option are all geared for a pleasant and highly responsive feel

The hinges on the Microhinge plate flex and rebound at impact to create topspin, this helps the ball to get the ball rolling more quickly

The club does everything it promises and is Very easy to line up, the balance and weight of the putter is quite remaarkeable as well


Made of high quality material

Responsive feel and more consistent roll

Very forgiving

Pleasant feel

Well balanced and very attractive

Easy to use when get used to

Adjustable mechanism and comes with a head cover


A little bit difficult to get used to

Quite expensive




Wilson Staff 8802 Milled Putter(best for simplicity and response)

Though the Wilson Staff 8802 Milled Putter is for men yet it is one of the most wanted for female golfers who are looking for the nest of durability and forgiveness as well

They are built to last due to the high quality material used for it’s construction, one of the distinguishing difference between this putter and the typical women’s putter is it’s weight

However women who are strong enough to make the most efficient use of this putter is can use it

This putter offers everything a woman needs to be a better golfer at putting, the doubled milled face offers the ultimate in precision, feel & feedback

Make your own history with the new 8802, the red, white and gold logo’d head cover perfectly complements the vintage design and protects the putter head from cosmetic blemishing

Looking for  classical putter with great styling coupled with the best of grip feel then in no doubt this putter is for you


Easy to use

Classical and stylish look

Better grip feel

Improved and consistent ball roll

Price friendly

Comes with a head cover to prevent malware


Quiet heavy




Argolf Blade Putter (very responsive)

The Argolf Blade Putter is a smart option for women who are in search of an insanely forgiving putter club

The ARTHUR is designed from a traditional blade putter style, yet performs in a way that is far from that

It does have a precisely milled face from solid block, they boast a much higher MOI when compared to others in the market

It’s designers were smart enough to expand the heel and toe weighing with the intent of better stability and consistenct through putting strokes

 It’s outstanding and unique milling process and enhance features contains the ability to adapt itself to the game of a beginner or professional alike

They are well durable and one most lovable trait of the putter club is it’s easibility to use


Built to last you for long

Classic and stylish

Comes with a headcover

Easy to use

Very affordable

Extremely forgiving 


Great and improved feel

Consistent ball roll


Not among the well famous brands


Today’s golfing have been so advanced that there are a lot of great putter club whether blade or mallet from which the female golfer can make a choice from

Prior to this millennium there were little to no provision of great blade putter for women and no things are different as there are way more better, sophisticated well constructed golf putter for the female folks today

Looking for the best golf blade putter clubs for women? the seven above mentioned are the best picks of the best blade putter clubs for women

They are highly durable, insanely forgiving and easy to use, have a take on them and notice an indisputable improvement in the way you roll your ball down into the golf hole



























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