In the end you should be able to distinguish between blade putter and mallet putter club and then identify the most wanted blade putter club  for men for the year 2019, this blade putter are well light and easy to use

Firstly before delving into the different types of putter and then listing this most wanted men’s blade putter we will firstly explain the term putter

Putter is one of a club in a set of club specifically used in the game of golf to do putting, Putting, all right, I know that sound complicated to someone

Putting in the game of golf can be seen as the process of using a putter to hit the golf ball into the golf hole, this club called putter are usually the last club to hit and are used when the ball get’s closest to the hole

Putting is practiced on a putting green, most golf courses have putting green and most golf courses do have putting green

Players are advised to do some practice before a round of golf to get a feel of what the green look like

What are the two types of Putter for doing Putting? Actually there are two types of putter in the game of golf, these two putters are Mallet Putter and Blade Putter

What is the difference between a blade and mallet putter?

Blade Putter: A blade putter ha a simplistic design than a mallet putter

The name blade putter is derived because this putter has a blade like club head shape design attached to the shaft, the club head takes a straight 

The shaft is attached in the centre of the blade or to the heel of the blade

Mallet Putter: A mallet putter does have a more elaborate design and do have larger heads that comes in different shape, such as square, semi circle or abstract

Looking at the mallet putter you discover that most of it’s weight is away from the club face thus making it have a lighter club face

Finding the best putter for your game shouldn’t be so complicated but with an overwhelming amount of choices in the putting world how o you figure out the best

There are a whole lot of choices out there when it comes to putters, in this article we re going to break down the most wanted blade putter for the year 2019

The particular model style have been decided on how each manufactured putter are chosen for the most wanted blade putter

The largest fully independent test for blade putter is the 2018’s prediction which took place at MGS test Facility

In this participation were made up of 20 testers and a whooping sum of 26 blade style putter underwent the testing protocol

Testing time was approximated at 7200 minutes equivalent to 120 hours with a total putt of 14,695 in total record

These 20 testers used the Bridge stone Tour B-RX Golf Balls

Testing protocol for the most wanted blade putters

The top picks of the most wanted blade putter here went through series of comprehensive testing  before we were able to generate the putters that make the list

It is no one man assertion, this was made possible by testing 20 people using 26 of this blade putters

This test consisted of several putts from 5, 10 and 20 feet distance by testers who did at least 18 putts on holes with each of these putters

This putters experimental result followed recording at the immediate,

The next step was to quickly identify top performing putters for each tester. Then, for each golfers, using a 90 percent confidence interval then identify any other putter which the total number of putt is not suitably different from best performers

In this top statistics the number of putters are different between testers

There is a mono-statistical significant best for some testers while for others the field more than half of the field is shown unreliably different from from any individual top performer

The most wanted putter is figured from the top statistical top group of the greatest percentage of testers

The final order is called a True Rank, a measurement that indicates the position in which they finish(Rank)

Coupled with the numbers of golfers for whom each club was shown to be in the statistically top group

Complete parameter for the test of the most wanted blade putter for this year

Tester’s count:20

Range for handicap:+3-20

Location of test:MyGolfSpy testing facility

Ball type:Bridgestone B330-RX

Test Distance: 5, 10 and 20 feet

Completed holes for each distance:18 (per tester)

Putt test summation:14,695

 What Are The Most Wanted Blade Putter Club For Men In 2020

Wilson Staff Men’s The Bean Infinite Golf Putter(Best Lightweight And Responsive)


Blade putter, putter club, golf putter, most wanted, golf sport putter, best for men, 2020 best putterWilson Staff Men’s The Bean Infinite Golf Putter club is highly favoured anytime there is a putter review this is due to how well it serves the audience

Envroll claimes 1st spot in my 2018 most wanted blade putter test with its new ER3

Congrats to the Envroll brand for snagging another most wanted

Everybody says they are fantastic, pros mainly use Scotty cameroun, Ping, Odyssey but the Envroll is destined to change this statistics

Whoever have not used the Envroll is missing out, Envroll is still a fairly small company compared to Scotty cameroun or Odyssey and need sponsors so they can use the names of winning players


No 1 in my 2018

Extreme forgiveness

Moderately heavy for optimum impact

It is price friendly in comparism to function

Strong, sturdy and durable

Mishit corrector

Standard grip and head cover


Not that popular

  • Odyssey Hot Pro 2.0(Best Forgiving And Easy)

2018 most wanted, most wanted blade putter, top blade putter, reviews on most wanted putter, 2018 top most wanted blade putter,

Odyssey hot pro is listed among the most wanted blade putter for 2018, it is no doubt that the Odyssey hot pro 2.0 blade putter is one of the leading edge in the of club design

This putter with its softer insert will definitely work best for you

It has a much better feel on down hill putts, Odyssey hot pro 2.0 you can more firmly strike the ball

It has a larger head which is more stable through impact and the longer shaft allow you to stand up straighter which greatly helps your back

After a few round of golf you will find this a well balanced putter with great accuracy but dont forget that the person putting makes more difference than the putter


Highly cherished by top golf pros

Well balanced with accuracy to the optimum

Larger head for better and improved forgiveness even on mishit

Has a softer insert

Quick delivery on order

Grip are comfortable with great feel

Light weight

Shipping restriction

  • Odyssey 2017 O Works-Putter(Best For Response And Feedback)

Most wanted putter, 2018 best putter, top rated putter for 2018

The Odyssey O Work is a balanced and superb putter with a great alignment aid which you love

Using the Odyssey O Works you will see less jump at impact and a smoother longer role on your putt

All Odyssey putter for sure comes with a head-cover which helps protect your club against rust, dirty or scratch

A lot of amazing technology has been part of the reason this putter is one of the most wanted putter out there

Such technology is the new micro hinge insert incredible gains in top spin and impact not minding your stroke

This putter does have a two grip option, the first is a super-stroke slim 2.0 with counter core technology and the second super-stroke pistol GT tour with counter core technology

Odyssey 2017 O Works is known as the number one putter across major tour due to their consistency in work with the best players in the world to develop and tweak shapes for the best of performance

It is most certain you will love it, give it a try and you be happy and thank your heart you did


Improved roll

Versatility of grip option

Revolutionary  high contrast versa alignment

No 1 putter across major tour

Well streamlined for improved accuracy

Improved micro hinge insert for incredible gains in top spin

Head-cover for club protection

Easy to line up and ball comes off face consistently


Shipping restriction


  • Callaway Works Odyssey 2017 Steel V Line Fang CH Winn(Best For Forgiveness And Control)

2018 best blade putter

No one mentions this Callaway Works Odyssey 2017 Steel V without giving it attribute as the most wanted putter in 2018

considering its CG placement, it is perfectly positioned in an absolute point where it ensures full forgiveness on a hit

Great technology accompanies this club because of the intensive research carried out in the manufacture of this club by top golf club manufacturer expert

Though looking at this club as at the time of writing has no review, probably because you have not gotten the opportunity to have a feel of this such an amazing club

Nevertheless, it is a club to be proudly owned for golfers who wants to absolute improved performance on their game

This club has an unmatched roll due to the new micro hinge face insert coupled with a mind blowing and boggling new and improved versa alignment technology for more precise and accurate trajectory

You will love this club, it is light weight and comes with a head-cover to protect your club from scratch

As a matter of fact its price will double the moment it gets at least 5 positive reviews

A very consistent club brought about by its tank counterbalance coupled with high MOI and increased forward rolls

If you dont buy it now then it most certain you will a short while from now but most likely double the price


Insanely forgiving due to perfect positioning of CG

Tank counterbalance for more consistency

New and improved versa alignment

New and improved micro hinge face insert for better unmatched roll

High Moment of inertia (MOl)


No reviews as at time of writing

  • Wilson Staff 8002 Milled Putter(Best For Forgiveness And Feedback)

most wanted, blade putter, mens putter

The Wilson Staff 8002 Milled Putter  feautres a Classic head shape which revives the famous 8802 played by many major winners, designed with modern head weighting (335 grams) for today’s greens

It has a Double milled face which offers the ultimate in precision, feel & feedback, they are a great putter and way well easy to use and lightweight

Well designed and built to last with a classic finish and an appealing look With the same heel-shafted head shape, the new 8802 is milled from 304 stainless steel for the ultimate in precision

You will love this blade putter for the milled face is flawless, and the shaft, grip, and head cover look great

This putter was originally designed in the sixties by Arnold Palmer when he was still with Wilson


Very high quality

Stylish head cover

Double milled face which offers best of precision, feel and feedback

True Temper Head Speed Shaft for outstanding feel

Very forgiving

Responsive shaft


A little difficult to master

  • Odyssey Callaway Golf 2018 White Hot Pro 2.0 Putter(Best For Control And Response)

mens putter, best blade putter, mens blade putter, most wanted

This Putter is no doubt among the most wanted blade putter for men seeing how forgiving and easy to use it is

With the Odyssey Callaway Golf 2018 White Hot Pro 2.0 Putter your putting becomes very easy, they are accurate and lightweight

This putter comes with a head cover and can be returned within 7 days of purchase if it does not suit your playing style

You will love this putter, if you have arthritis and Dupitins the Jumbo grip and longer shaft are a Godsend 

They come in the right size for you and at a fairly good price, it has a  Design, weight, white head surface which will suit you well

It has an amazing feel, balance and are highly durable, looking for a well designed and classic putter? then in no twinkling this is sure the right one for you


Very durable

Classic and appealing look

Extremely forgiving and lightweight

Easy to use

Comes with a head cover to prevent scratches

Soft and better feel


Someone complained of head cover having hole in it

  • TaylorMade Big Red Daytona Putter(Best For Forgiveness And Easy)

Putter, blade putter, most wanted, mens best, best putter, best blade putter, male putter club

The TaylorMade Big Red Daytona Putter is the best club for your super stroke,the effortless alignment makes it extreme forgiving

The beautiful finish is a classic and makes the putter very attractive and appealing

It does have a raised, high-contrast sightline which helps makes alignment much easier

With the Oversized heads you are assured of an increase stability at impact, which helps to keep you more on line and into the hole more often

And with vertical, Deep-milled insert you get a better ball gripping for improved roll, sound and feel

It comes with a very nice, quilted, lined cover with velcro closer that goes around the heel to help support you as you play

Looking for a putter with great feel? this is such a great one. ball roll exceptional well off the face


Improved ball roll

Better feel

Durable and easy to use

Lightweight and balanced

Fair price

Over-sized head for best of forgiveness


Someone complained of putter face extremely closed on address

  • Wilson Sporting Goods Harmonized Square Heel/Toe Golf Putter(Best For Forgiveness And Feel)


blade putter, men's putter, putter club, most wanted, 2019 best

The Wilson Sporting Goods Harmonized Square Heel/Toe Golf Putter is a well designed and balanced putter club

They are in no doubt the best recommendation for anyone looking for a blade putter with soft feel and the best of forgiveness

Built to last due to make from high quality material, the are lightweight and easy to use

The eye catching vertical seam grip is designed with a slightly larger diameter to improve feel and give you better golfing experience

And the all new cosmetic for 2013 coupled with the Harmonized Putters provide responsive feel and precise accuracy on and around the green

The putters have multiple density areas in the micro-injection face insert and an alignment aid for accurate puts

This is a great putter for the money and it’s large grip gives the best of feel thus making it much lovable

Very cheap

Pleasant feel

Extremely durable


Very forgiving

Classical look and appearance

Well balanced and stable


Very affordable

All-weather, oversize three piece paddle grip for great feel and control

Multiple density micro injections on the club face

Pleasant and soft feel

Durable and easy to use

Soft and comfortable grip 

Light and easy to use

Exceptional and excellent ball roll


Someone complained of having no bounce on the insert

  • Cleveland Golf Men’s Smart Square Blade Putter(Best For Response And Easy)

putter, putter club, male putter, most wanted, best blade putter, 2019 best

Experience a more putting stroke than ever as you watch your putting becomes more accurate

The Cleveland Golf Men’s Smart Square Blade Putter offers you a classical putting with this putter and in a grand style

The Smart Square putter will help players of all abilities discover easier, more consistent alignment for a better improved putting experience

The advance head design of the Cleveland Golf Men’s Smart Square Blade Putter does maximizes Moment of Inertia for minimal distance loss on off-center hits

They come with a head cover to help protect putter from scratch or unfavourable weather condition

Balance is another area where this putter stands out, it is very easy to swing back & through online


Well balanced and easy to swing

Comes with a head cover

Great look and feel

Price fantastic coupled with fast delivery


Consistent and improved roll


Still waiting for a negative review

  • Odyssey 2018 Black and Chrome O-Work Putter(Best For Control And Forgiveness)

2019 putter, best putter, putter club, blade putter, most wanted

Get ready for an improved roll with consistency with the Odyssey 2018 Black and Chrome O-Work Putter

They are well streamlined to help increase your putt and offer you a better golfing experienced

This putter do come with a head cover to help protect your club from scratch or harsh conditions 

They are well balance and lightweight for a better feel on hitting, built with the best of material, they are highly durable

Thanks to it’s Engineers for the time spent in trying to figure out one of he most forgiving game improvement putter for male golfers

This putter face gives a good roll, easily aligned and with a great comfortable grip

You will love them, it’s perimeter weighting helps off center strikes keep their speed

For those in love with centre shaft, this putter is the best recommended for you anytime of the day

This is a great face balanced putter with soft feel insert and a pleasant crispy sound at impact, moreover it does have a great and bounce when on contact with ball


Soft feel at impact

Durable and easy to use


Great bounce and an excellent roll

Comes with a head cover for protection

More distance control


May not have the dots for alignment



Today’s Golfing offers great and amazing collection of insanely forgiving golf putter, looking for the best golf putter in 2020, here in this article we have got you covered, we have the updated list of the most wanted golf putter for the females golfers of 2020

This putter is the most wanted due to how well they serve the female golfer, they are very durable, easy to use, lightweight and extremely responsive and forgiving as well

 These picks are the most wanted blade putter for men in 2020 because of its uniqueness and exceptionalism on course, Get any of this and watch your rolls into the hole happens like magic each time you handle a putter to do a putt


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